Watch TPUSA’s Newest Reality Series ‘Reloaded’ with Paige Roux

By Turning Point USA Turning Point USA is excited to announce a new reality show series, Reloaded. Starring TPUSA Contributor and accomplished firearms instructor, Paige Roux! “Reloaded” brings you an intimate first look at Roux and her family’s life in their well-established business Shooters World. She’s a fulltime firearms instructor with an unapologetic mission to inspire Americans […]

California Ban On Standard-Capacity Gun Magazines Overturned

By Kenneth Schrupp Editors Note: For years, the progressive clarion call has been to “follow California.” From auto emissions, treatment of the homeless, criminal enforcement or lack thereof, to gun policy, our oversized state has provided a swagger and arrogance coupled with its immense economic power, to change the political debate. However, overreach has now […]

Race Hustler Sharpton: Lack of Gun Legislation is ‘Arming Bigots’

By Discover The Networks Friday on MSNBC’s Deadline, race hustler and network host Al Sharpton said he believed a “lack” of gun legislation in the United States was a civil rights issue because society was “arming bigots.” Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “Kamala Harris will lead this effort. She spoke today about witnessing firsthand the impacts of gun violence […]

Uh Oh, Biden/Harris announce ‘First ever White House office of gun violence protection’

By Dr. Rich Swier “The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly […]

Hunter’s Gun Charge Is A Big Problem For The Biden Crime Family

By Josh Hammer Thursday’s indictment of presidential prodigal son Hunter Biden on three gun-related criminal counts is the latest twist in the long, winding and rapidly escalating saga that is the Biden crime family. The indictment, served up by U.S. Attorney — and now “special counsel,” despite the fact 28 Code of Federal Regulations Sec. […]

Gun Charges Against Hunter Biden Are Meant To Protect The President, Legal Experts Say

By The Daily Caller The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) decision to bring felony gun charges against Hunter Biden protects both him and his father, legal experts argued. Hunter Biden was indicted on three counts Thursday for making false statements and possessing a gun while addicted to drugs, charges stemming from his purchase of a Colt Cobra revolver […]

No, Governor, Rights Are NOT Government-Issued Privileges That You Can Suspend

By Connor O’Keeffe Editors’ Note: Governor Grisham’s ill-fated attempt to repeal the Second Amendment by decree has not gone well either in the Courts or with the local sheriff. Additionally, while she must have felt she would feel the glow of national media praise, the whole gambit has turned into a public relations disaster. But […]

Hunter Biden Indicted On Three Gun Charges

By The Daily Caller Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has been indicted on felony gun charges in Delaware, according to a partially redacted court filing by Department of Justice (DOJ) special counsel David Weiss. Biden was indicted Thursday on three counts for providing false statements and knowingly possessing the gun while he […]

Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks New Mexico Governor’s Gun Ban

By The Daily Caller A federal judge temporarily blocked Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s public health order banning the carrying of guns in public, according to Reuters. U.S. District Judge for the District of New Mexico David Urias, a Biden appointee, found the order to be unconstitutional, Reuters reported. Grisham issued the 30-day public health order […]

New Mexico Sheriff Stands for the U.S. Constitution

By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. The Sheriff in each county within the United States of America is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of that county. NO ONE outranks the Sheriff! This fact is little discussed nor understood, but it is a true statement. Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (to which I am a Life […]

The Changing Landscape of Gun Control: A Nuanced Debate

By Michael Infanzon Recent shifts in support for gun control measures in the United States have ignited fresh debates among politicians, interest groups, and the general public. The passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act a year ago seems to have become a watershed moment that has resulted in significant changes in public opinion (Congress, […]

BATF To Expand Rules On Who Must Have A Federal Firearm License

By Neland Nobel The Biden Administration, after suffering a string of judicial defeats on gun control, is now attempting to expand the definition of who can have a Federal License to deal in firearms. After repeated judicial defeats on bump stocks, frames, receivers, and braces, the Administration has decided to throw great uncertainty over who […]

This Is the Largest Gunmaker in Arizona

By Samual Stebbins The United States is the single largest civilian firearm market in the world. A recent Gallup poll found that 45% of Americans have a gun in their home. And many of those households have more than one, as the U.S. is the only country with more privately-owned guns than people. Whether for […]

Weekend Read: What Does The Second Amendment Really Mean?

By Charles M. Strauss Let’s take it word by word. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” What is a “Militia”? What is a “well regulated” Militia (as opposed to a poorly regulated one)? What […]

CHICAGO: Democrat Alderwoman Asks Gang Members to Limit Their Shootings and Murders to Evening Hours

By Dr. Rich Swier If it weren’t for Democrat policies coddling criminals and encouraging crime, Chicago wouldn’t be the hellhole it is today. There is a direct connection between decades of Democrat rule (and not just in Chicago by any means) and rampant crime and corruption. How much are the residents of our once-great cities […]

Media, Politicians Chronically Mislead On Total Number Of ‘Mass Shootings,’ Data Analysis Shows

By Lyrah Panarigan and Anne Brown More than 97% of “mass shootings” that have occurred in the U.S. in the first six months of 2023 do not fit the “active shooter” type scenario driving the majority of new legislative proposals, a Daily Caller analysis of the Gun Violence Archive (GVA) shows. Stricter gun regulation favored by […]

Fifth Circuit Says Lifetime Firearms Ban for Marijuana Users is Unconstitutional

By Michael Infanzon Puff, puff, plink? In a recent landmark decision, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals[1] ruled that imposing a lifetime gun ban on marijuana users is unconstitutional. The case of US v. Daniels[2] centered around Patrick Daniels, a Mississippi man who had been arrested and sentenced to prison for possessing firearms as an […]

Second Amendment Foundation Challenges New “Firearm” Definition in VanDerStok v. Garland

By Michael Infanzon The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has taken a bold stand against the Biden administration’s attempt to redefine firearm regulations in the case of VanDerStok v. Garland. The controversy centers around the government’s move to classify unfinished firearm frames and receivers as “firearms,” a decision that SAF believes goes beyond the established statutory […]

How Democrats and Their Media Allies Cooked Up a Phony Supreme Court ‘Legitimacy Crisis’

By Jarrett Stepman The legacy media has signaled that it’s all in on the Left’s cooked-up Supreme Court “legitimacy crisis.” This week, Senate Democrats plan to vote on Supreme Court ethics rules that are clearly meant to give them the ability to hector and harass the court to get the decisions they want. The vote […]

Bank of America Fined $250 Million for Illegal Practices: Are Conservative Lawmakers Holding Financial Institutions Accountable?

By Michael Infranzon The recent news of Bank of America being fined $250 million for engaging in illegal practices has once again raised concerns about the accountability of financial institutions. Bank of America’s Illegal Practices: Bank of America has been ordered to pay a substantial amount in penalties and customer compensation due to a range […]

America-Hating Reid Wouldn’t Go Out on 4th of July Because U.S. ‘is Awash with Guns’

By Discover The Networks Wednesday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, unhinged racist Joy Reid said she did not leave her house on July 4 over fears of mass shootings because “America is awash with guns.” Reid said, “Sadly, there is nothing more quintessentially American than fireworks and gun violence.” Really? Americans who don’t hate this country would say that there […]

11 Defensive Gun Uses Show How Lawful Gun Owners ‘Get It Right’

By Amy Swearer Often lost in conversations about gun violence is the reality of who is responsible for the bulk of that violence. Most gun crimes aren’t committed by lawful gun owners but by a small subset of repeat violent offenders who already are prohibited from legally possessing firearms. At the same time, the vast […]

‘There’s a Remedy for Our Nation — and That Remedy Is Not Gun Control’: Congressman

By Family Research Council Waves of grief continue to break over Texas, as the tight-knit Allen community comes to grip with the weekend’s senseless shooting. As the names and pictures of Saturday’s victims were released by police, hearts across the country shattered at the news that two families had lost multiple loved ones. A six-year-old boy, orphaned […]

Amid Rising Antisemitism, Jews Are Embracing The Second Amendment

By The Daily Caller As antisemitism continues to climb in the U.S., the Jewish community has turned to the Second Amendment to protect themselves, according to several experts that spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation. Tzvi Waldman, leader of the NYS Jewish Gun Club, told the DCNF that many synagogues can’t afford expensive private […]

Armed Teachers

By Dr. Thomas Patterson Americans were outraged to learn of the Nashville school shooting, where a transgender female shot and killed three children and three adults at a Christian school. As always, a fierce political debate broke out after the murders. Gun control advocates, mostly Democrats, again made impassioned and often vitriolic pleas for more […]

Four Underused Tools to Stop School Shootings

By James D. Agresti In the aftermath of school shootings, media outlets often amplify calls for gun control while ignoring or spurning evidence-based ways to protect students. Here are four life-saving tools they are missing or dismissing. Shatter-Resistant Entryways As documented in the academic journal Victims & Offenders, an “immediate and economical” way to protect […]

‘Not A Firearms Expert’: Biden’s ATF Chief Admits He Can’t Define What An ‘Assault Weapon’ Is

By Trevor Schakohl Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Director Steve Dettelbach was unable to define the term “assault weapon” during his agency’s Tuesday budget request hearing before a House Appropriations subcommittee. Dettelbach told Republican Texas Rep. Jake Ellzey that he had expressed support for passing an assault weapons ban in Ohio during […]


By Bruce Bialosky Whenever one blinks these days, there is a new story about which people get hysterical.  Tennessee has always been best known for Nashville country music and Memphis barbeque.  But it has become focused currently on two cultural events that are related, but in their own way completely separate. You certainly are familiar […]

Anti-2A Kamala: ‘Weapons of War Have No Place on the Streets’

By Discover The Networks Thursday on FOX’s Jennifer Hudson Show, epically incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris declared that an “assault weapon” ban is reasonable. Kamala said, “When I look at the tragedies all over our country that have affected so many people so personally, and the senseless nature of it all. Here is the thing: first of all, […]

FACT CHECK: Has One In Five U.S. Adults Had A Family Member Killed By A Gun?

By Charlotte Whelan A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation claims that 19% of American adults say a family member was killed by a gun. They note that this includes death by suicide but fail to add any more context to the gripping headline. So how true or helpful is this claim? The biggest […]