Hamas-linked CAIR Files Suit to Discontinue Terrorism Watchlist

By Jihad Watch Because there is no more terrorism, right? Right? Could it be that the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wants to hamstring the little effort that remains to stop jihad terrorists in the U.S.? Oh, surely not! Civil Rights Group Files Suit to Discontinue Terrorism Watchlist Created After 9/11 by Megan Gates, ASIS International, September 22, 2023 […]

Unintended Consequences: The California Electric Truck Mandate

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities If you own a trucking company that picks up shipments from California ports, you now have to deal with the consequences of a new law designed to reduce your carbon footprint. Trucking is one of the vital ingredients in our infrastructure that virtually all parts of the economy rely […]

Uh Oh, Biden/Harris announce ‘First ever White House office of gun violence protection’

By Dr. Rich Swier “The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly […]

The Biden Administration’s Parole Abuse Amounts to a Parallel Immigration System

By Federation for American Immigration Reform Every administration comes to office vowing to be the “most transparent in history,” only to be more opaque than the previous one. The Biden administration is certainly carrying on that tradition, nowhere more so than in providing information about its handling of immigration matters. From Day One, this administration has […]

The Firebombing of Maui: Part Two

By Cherie Zaslawsky LET’S NOT FORGET THE CHILDREN And where are the 2,000 children who haven’t shown up in school in the weeks since the fire? Are their families keeping them close since the fire was so traumatizing—not just for the kids but for the whole families? Perhaps we’ll see this number dramatically decline as […]

VIDEO: Border Expert Chris Burgard Details Biden’s Border Disaster that is Destroying America!

By Defend The Border Chris Burgard joins the Jason Burmas on America Media Periscope to discuss the release of Death County & the River of Broken Dreams, featuring former Director of ICE under President Trump. WATCH:  RELATED ARTICLE: DHS admits that around 160 non-U.S. citizens on terrorist watchlist have attempted to cross into US […]

Biden Plans To Target America’s Industrial Backbone With New Climate Crackdown: REPORT

By The Daily Caller If President Joe Biden wins a second term, his administration aims to undertake even more climate initiatives that would target key industries, according to The New York Times. Biden, in a potential second term, would target industries he views as heavily polluting, including steel mills, cement plants, factories and oil refineries, according […]

Biden Wants to Shrink Marine Sanctuary That Protects Endangered Whales to Accommodate Wind Energy Factory Owned By Dem Donor

By The Geller Report In case you were still in the dark how evil and full of shit these Democrat environ-mentalists are…… The Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary is a biodiversity hotspot, with a range of habitat types from coastal estuaries to deep sea canyons, and migratory paths frequented by marine mammals such as dolphins and […]

Biden’s Broadband Plan Subsidizes Delaware, Mansions, Vacation Homes, Senate Panel Finds

By The Daily Signal The Biden administration’s $42.5 billion high-speed internet program favors heavily Democrat regions and remote vacation homes, including President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, according to a new report by Republicans on the Senate Commerce Committee. The Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment program, known as BEAD, designated as “unserved” locations places that […]

Florida’s GOP Executive Committee Kills Loyalty Oath—Trump Will Be on the 2024 Ballot

By Dr. Rich Swier On September 15th, 2023 Florida’s GOP Executive Committee during its quarterly meeting voted to remove and revoke their May 2023 rule change which would have, in effect, kept President Donald J. Trump off the Sunshine state’s ballot if he refused to sign the oath. Florida resident President Donald J. Trump will […]

VIDEO: Highways in The Sky – Aviation On The Road Ahead

By DEACON Highway in The Sky  video posted by  Jorj Baker  on  Vimeo. It can now be revealed how air transportation became so flawed  –  that two (2) nominally qualified pilots were so spatially confused, as to literally fly a serviceable, modern airliner into the ocean, despite onboard installation of quote “Terrain Avoidance Warning Systems […]

Hunter Biden Indicted On Three Gun Charges

By The Daily Caller Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has been indicted on felony gun charges in Delaware, according to a partially redacted court filing by Department of Justice (DOJ) special counsel David Weiss. Biden was indicted Thursday on three counts for providing false statements and knowingly possessing the gun while he […]

Appeals Court Affirms Ruling Preventing Biden Admin From ‘Significantly’ Encouraging Social Media Censorship

By The Daily Caller A federal appeals court partially affirmed a lower court’s finding on Friday that Biden administration officials violated the First Amendment by coercing social media companies to censor speech. The Fifth Circuit affirmed a lower court’s judgement that the White House, Surgeon General, CDC and FBI violated the First Amendment while finding […]

Air Force System Exists Just To Track ‘Progress’ In Diversity

By The Daily Caller The Air Force is developing a data analytics tool to track “progress” toward achieving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) goals, according to documents the Daily Caller News Foundation obtained. The SAF/DI DEIA Progress Dashboard generates a “score card” showing where racial, ethnic and gender disparity gaps are closing. “The tool […]

Florida Senator Marco Rubio Releases 40-Page Report On The Crisis Of Working, Non-Working Men

By The Daily Caller Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio will release a 40-page report Tuesday regarding male labor participation that details the problems men face in their role as providers and shares evidence that working-aged men are having trouble finding quality jobs and are dropping out of the labor force at high rates. The Daily […]

Biden Brags About ‘Strongest Economy In The World’ While 61% Of Americans Live Paycheck-To-Paycheck

By The Daily Caller President Joe Biden bragged Friday that the United States has the “strongest economy in the world,” while a majority of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. The president touted the economy in a Friday address about the August jobs report, which showed the U.S. added 187,000 nonfarm payroll jobs, and the unemployment rate rose to 3.8% over the past […]

Operation Depopulation: Dissecting the Death Dart Series

By Carolyn Blakeman This is the first in a series of columns I am writing on the Covid jab. Most of us have heard reports of the jab injuries coming out. Whether myocarditis, blood clots, the newly discovered “SADS” (sudden adult death syndrome), immune disorders and the uptick in cancers; the Covid shot is clearly […]

U.S. Proposes New ‘Programming’ to Queer Up Foreign Nations

By The Geller Report While Americans struggle to meet their daily needs and obligations, this is what the Democrats are squandering our money, our taxpayer dollars, on. U.S. proposes new ‘programming’ to queer up foreign nations ‘Some countries have experienced significant backsliding’ By WND News Services, August 6, 2023 at 6:23pm The U.S. Agency for International […]

VIDEO: The Five Steps to Force a Nation into Communism

By Vlad Tepes Blog “Communism must be built with non-Communist hands.” — V.L. Lenin This is very good and very simple. May be worth watching a few times and then sending it around with a note as to how this has happened in your area.  EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog post published by […]

The 5 Worst Lies of the Biden Administration

By Family Research Council For the Biden administration, pushing abortion and transgender ideology is a top priority at all levels of government. Sometimes, this priority even overshadows their commitment to the truth. And the Biden administration has told some real whoppers. But don’t take my word for it; consider the facts for yourself. Here are […]

Michigan Investigation Shows FBI Hiding Real 2020 Election Fraud

By ACT For America! The Muskegon, Michigan Investigation In the lead-up to the 2020 general election, an alarming incident unfolded in Muskegon, Michigan, regarding election irregularities in the voter registration process. On October 8, 2020, just a month prior to the election, Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meisch noticed at least 8,000-10,000 suspect voter registration applications […]

Montana Climate Decision No Big Deal

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow Much ado is being made from the supposed win of a kid’s climate lawsuit in Montana. The alarmists call it a victory, the skeptics a tragedy, but it is neither. What was won is almost funny, while the big ask was in fact denied. The climate kids won a […]

PODCAST: Great Reset Menu—GMO Food, Bugs and Solar Panels

By Karen Schoen I am the expert. You will believe me and support me. If you disagree, you will go to jail. Do I tell the truth? NO!  Do I get to make up my own facts regardless. Yes! After all I am from the government and we will now decide your future. You will […]

Biden: Already Declared Climate Emergency ‘Practically Speaking’

By Family Research Council President Biden has “practically speaking” already declared a national emergency on climate change, the president said in an interview with The Weather Channel published Wednesday. “We’ve conserved more land. We rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, we passed a $368 billion climate control facility.” At first, he said he had declared an emergency, but […]

TAKE ACTION: End the ‘ESG War’ on Energy Freedom

By ACT For America! “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” — President Abraham Lincoln Take Action to Abolish Partisan ‘ESG’…It’s Time to End the War on Energy Freedom and Abolish the Partisan ESG Transfer of Wealth and Power TAKE […]

EPA’s New Climate Rule Would Cause Rolling Blackouts In Huge Swath Of America, Analysis Finds

By The Daily Caller Proposed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for power plant emissions could spur blackouts in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) power grid region and cost stakeholders nearly $250 billion in the coming decades, according to comments filed in response to the rule by the Center of the American Experiment (CAE). The […]

Biden’s Build Back Bust: Electric Car Company Proterra Goes Belly-up Bankrupt

By Dr. Rich Swier The center piece of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.’s Build Back Better all electric vehicles GREEN agenda is a BIG bust. Biden’s Build Back Bust economy has led to, among others, the bankruptcy of Proterra the maker of all electric buses. WATCH: During his first two years in office, Biden repeatedly promoted […]

U.S. Authorities On Alert After Discovering New Chinese Migrant Smuggling Route in Florida

By Dr. Rich Swier Federal authorities are growing increasingly concerned about a route Chinese migrants are utilizing to make their way to Florida illegally, according to an internal federal intelligence report obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller News Foundation. The report states that law enforcement lacks information regarding who is coordinating the smuggling between the Bahamas […]

It’s Official! Climate PSYOP replaces COVID PSYOP – Global ‘boiling’ replaces ‘warming’ – NYT declares end of summer vacations

By Marc Morano NYT: ‘Climate change’ May Make Summer Vacation A Thing of the Past! NYT warns of “scorching heat…fires, floods, tornadoes and hail storms”- August 5, 2023: “This year, everything from scorching heat to fires, floods, tornadoes and hail storms driven by climate change have disrupted the plans of travelers around the world. A summer getaway […]

Medical Malpractice Insurance – Everything You Need To Know As A Physician

By Justin Nabity @ Physicians Thrive All content presented here and elsewhere is solely intended for informational purposes only. The reader is required to seek professional counsel before beginning any legal or financial endeavor. For those working in the healthcare industry protecting yourself is essential. Malpractice insurance for doctors is an extra but essential expense […]