The IRS has Taxpayers Subsidize the ‘Iran Lobby’

By Jihad Watch And the double standard on pro-Israel and pro-Iran groups. During the freedom protests in Iran, #NIACLobbies4Mullahs trended on Twitter. It’s not the first time that Iranian refugees, dissidents and activists have denounced the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and accused it of acting as the ‘Iran Lobby’. But the over 300,000 tweets demonstrated the […]

Poll: Americans Say Economy is in Trouble

By Casey Harper Americans think the U.S. economy is in trouble, according to a new poll. Released by CBS News and YouGov, the poll found that 64% of those surveyed said the national economy is doing “fairly bad” or “very bad.” The survey found 56% disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as president. […]

Study Shows Government’s Family Leave Mandates Have Thwarted Women’s Wage Gains

By Rachel Greszler Men and women alike should be able to take time off from work for family and medical needs without the risk of losing their jobs. Unfortunately, when policymakers turn something that should be voluntarily offered by employers into a rigid legal mandate, unintended consequences ensue. In the case of family and medical […]

The Corporate Cancel Club: How 1,000+ Companies Stack Up on Anti-Conservative Bias

By Family Research Council If you’ve been in the conservative movement long enough, getting canceled is almost inevitable. At some point, your beliefs about faith, the climate, marriage, abortion, or transgenderism will put you crosswise with America’s woke CEOs, and a notice will arrive in your inbox: You’ve been dropped. For some, that’s a badge […]

MMT Is Dead. It Must Now Be Buried for Good

By David Sukoff In the late 1960s Milton Friedman clarified his famous quip by stating that “In one sense, we are all Keynesians now; in another, nobody is any longer a Keynesian.” In the first part, we are all Keynesians because the government’s out of control spending has forced us to be. In the latter […]

Insider Trading Bill Returns To Congress Under New Title ‘PELOSI Act’

By The Geller Report Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments (PELOSI) Act. Brilliant. Pelosi got obscenely wealthy trading on  insider government intel. She’s not the only one. Sen. Hawley’s Insider Trading Bill Returns To Congress Under New Title ‘PELOSI Act’ By Brandon Drey • Daily Wire • Jan 24, 2023 • U.S. Senator Josh […]

Our National Debt Crisis – Let’s Begin by Throwing Big Bird Off The Cliff

By Neland Nobel The initial sparring and positioning over the debt limit have begun and not surprisingly, the Democrats are pulling out their past winning arguments that have kept any of the huge entitlement programs off limit to any kind of reform. The past arguments can be summarized as “pushing Granny off the cliff”, a […]

Op-Ed: Social Security’s impending bankruptcy doesn’t resonate with voters, yet

By Brenton Smith I am not a constitutional lawyer, but I see nearly zero chance that funding Social Security out of the general fund would be allowed for any significant length of time. It is at best a fool’s errand to hold out hope that Congress will be able to float the program’s imbalances out […]

Biden Administration Sues Google Over Allegedly Anticompetitive Ad Practices

By The Daily Caller The Biden administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Google, alleging that the tech titan’s dominance in digital advertising was the result of anticompetitive practices. Eight states — Virginia, California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Tennessee — joined the DOJ in the lawsuit, alleging that […]

New House Majority Attempts Debt-Defying Feat

By Family Research Council Will Rogers used to joke, “Alexander Hamilton started the Treasury Department with nothing — and sometimes I think that’s the closest we’ve been to breaking even.” Not many people saw the humor in that Thursday when the U.S. bumped its head on the debt ceiling, setting the stage for a titanic […]

The Long Odds of Solving the Budget Crisis

By Neland Nobel The budgetary crisis in the US has reached a critical phase. The debt ceiling fight about to unfold will simply be the latest phase. Experts say it is irresponsible to “play a game of chicken” with the debt ceiling. In the past, this means, Congress should increase the debt limit without resistance. The […]

VIDEO: Billions of Dollars for Lost Wages During Pandemic Went to Improper Payments

By Open The Books WASHINGTON, D.C. , The National Desk — Billions of taxpayer dollars for the COVID-19 Lost Wages Assistance program went to improper payments that the Federal Emergency Management Agency failed to control. Open the Books founder Adam Andrzejewski joined The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat Friday morning to discuss the money.  “The […]

Orwellian Spy Tools Alert: The ‘Convenience’ Is a Trap

By MERCOLA Take Control of Your Health Big Data, Transhumanism and Why the Singularity May Be Faked. I recently interviewed investigative journalist Whitney Webb about her two-volume book series, “One Nation Under Blackmail.” She’s been on tour, promoting the books in dozens of interviews. Here, we discuss some of her experiences since the release of her books, […]

The Great Reset and Its Critics: The Technocrats

By Michael Watson In mid-2020, after COVID-19 and lockdown policies to (unsuccessfully) stop it had spread across the world, the World Economic Forum (WEF) leader Klaus Schwab, along with the man now known as King Charles III of the United Kingdom, announced the Forum’s “Great Reset Initiative” to guide a state-managed, environmentalist, and corporate-aligned reconstruction […]

What Is Behind the Soaring Price of Eggs?

By Neland Nobel Price is largely determined by the interaction of supply and demand and the cost of the factors of production.  In the case of eggs, it is primarily a drop in the supply of eggs, while demand has been fairly constant.  However, there also has been a rise in the cost of the […]

Our Smart but Stupid Economic Masters

By Craig J. Cantoni A review of The Lords of Easy Money:  How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy, by Christopher Leonard, Paperback Edition, Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2023, 373 pages. Your neighbors might object to you reading The Lords of Easy Money.  That’s because it’s a book that will make you want to go outside and howl […]

World Economic Forum: UN Chief Urges Ignoring Voters

By The Geller Report There it is. Them against us. World Economic Forum: UN chief urges ignoring voters By: American Military News, January 19, 2023: The top leader of the United Nations urged politicians to make unpopular decisions that may benefit their people in the long run after making a “special address” at the World Economic Forum […]

The Smoke Grinder Government: How Gridlock Can Be Good

By Family Research Council Back in the ’80s, I used to watch a quirky PBS show with my dad on woodworking called “The Woodwright’s Shop.” In one episode, host Roy Underhill introduced an old wooden folk toy called a “smoke grinder,” or “do-nothing-machine.” It consisted of a block of wood with dovetails cut into the top, […]

Tucson’s Biz Community Doesn’t Realize How Deeply Vulnerable Its Anti-Biz Newspaper Really Is

By Bill Sellers Rich liberal socialists & university-types just love lipstick on pigs; the rest of us like BBQ sauce or dry rub. On December 8th the apparatchiks running the corporate umbrella [LEE Enterprises] that owns half of Tucson’s Arizona Daily [Red] Star news-rag, reported from their executive digs in downtown Davenport Iowa—the 4th quarter 2022 results via conference […]

The Rise of the Single Woke (and Young, Democratic) Female

By Joel Kotkin and Samuel J. Abrams Soccer Moms are giving way to Single Woke Females – the new “SWFs” – as one of the most potent voting blocs in American politics. Unmarried women without children have been moving toward the Democratic Party for several years, but the 2022 midterms may have been their electoral […]

‘Evil Salesman’ Claims His Employer is a ‘Scam Lab’

By Project Veritas *CLICK HERE TO TWEET THE VIDEO* Project Veritas released a second video today exposing Teaching Lab’s questionable activities and objectives. Dr. Quintin Bostic, who works there as a Content Manager, revealed he struggles with his organization’s business practices. He even referred to it as a “scam lab.” Here are some of the highlights […]

Woke Corporations: Game On

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US  ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’, the saying goes.  Today’s news brings the story the Texas Attorney General stopped Citigroup from underwriting municipal bond offerings in the state after finding Citigroup discriminated against the firearms sector.  This follows recent actions by states against BlackRock for skewing its investments in favor of left-wing political […]

Arizona Governor’s Plan To Undo Nation’s Largest School Choice Program Will Harm Students, Advocates Say

By Reagan Reese Newly-elected Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs’ plan to undo the nation’s most expansive school choice program could affect thousands of students and families who are already utilizing the state’s voucher program, school choice advocates told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Hobbs’ executive budget released Jan. 13 asked state legislators to reverse the […]

The Climate Money Monster Cabal may be starting to unravel… Vanguard flees GFANZ

By Joanne Nova Only a week after Ron de Santis pulled $2 billion in Florida funds from BlackRock, Vanguard, the second biggest asset manager in the world, has abruptly pulled out of GFANZ. Vanguard has $7 trillion in assets under management, and GFANZ is a conglomerate cabal of bankers insurers and asset managers that has […]

Tentacles of Government Healthcare Extending Their Reach

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US Government healthcare programs are getting bigger, and we are not better off for it.  Things are trending in the wrong direction. First, we have recent news nearly 100 million Americans – one in three – are now on Medicaid.  Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion for childless able-bodied adults transformed Medicaid from a poverty […]

Positive Feedback Loops With Negative Consequences – Part 2

By Neland Nobel Editors Note: Janet Yellen, US Secretary of the Treasury said late last week that the US would be out of money by January 19th, and would begin to take extraordinary measures to keep the government afloat until June. The problem is the previous Congress has already approved massive spending but has to […]

An Intellectual Feast for Contrarians

By Craig J. Cantoni A new book questions the conventional wisdom about immigration, diversity, assimilation, and the causes of prosperity. Caution!  Don’t be seen reading the following book in public. The Culture Transplant:  How Migrants Make the Economies They Move to a Lot like the Ones They Left, by Garett Jones, 2023, Stanford Business Books, 213 pages. […]

Carter introduces Fair Tax Act

By Dr. Rich Swier Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA) today introduced H.R. 25, the Fair Tax Act, to replace the current tax code with a national consumption tax known as the Fair Tax. “Cosponsoring this Georgia-made legislation was my first act as a Member of Congress and is, fittingly, the first bill I am […]

Positive Feedback Loops With Negative Consequences – Part 1

By Neland Nobel Editors’ Note: Debate over the budget and deficit spending has been a staple of American political debate since they became chronic with Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society. Too bad it has in recent years just become background noise for both political parties because the stakes for America are very high. However, […]

Congress’s 4,155-Page Omnibus Bill Is a Symbol of American Decadence

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) An eight-ream bill is no sign of legislative nobility. On December 20th a handful of Republican senators shuffled before an audience of reporters prepared to issue fiery polemics on the year-end omnibus bill which sat, heavy and ponderous in all its eight-ream absurdity on a wheeled cart before the […]