Is Larry Summers Channeling Benjamin Anderson?

By James L. Caton Larry Summers, who served as U.S. Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton, and head of the National Economic Council in the early years of the Obama administration began sounding the alarm on the possibility of inflation several months ago. Until recently, I suspect few would have described him as an inflation hawk. […]

New Study Finds Electric Cars Cost More To Refuel Than Gasoline Powered Cars

By Dr. Rich Swier Anderson Economic Group EV Transition Series: Report Comparison: Real World Cost of Fueling EVs and ICE Vehicles compared the actual costs of fueling normally asperated cars and trucks versus all electric vehicles. Read the full study here. The Anderson study noted that Electronic Vehicles (EVs) are, “often presumed to be less expensive to fuel […]

WATCH: Unions Mostly to Blame for Supply Chain Shortages But Biden Thanks Them

By Royal A. Brown III The real cause of supply chain shortages are the Unions which provide Stevedores to unload ships and Warehouse Workers at our major ports.   Their contract exempts them from working on weekends and they already make well over $100,000 a year but have no fear – Beijing Joe Biden will influence […]

Why the Push Is on to Make Pandemic Life ‘Permanent’

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) COVID-19 is new. But the reaction to the crisis is starting to look familiar. One year after Americans were ordered to close down society for “two weeks to flatten the curve,” Bloomberg columnist Andreas Kluth warned, “We Must Start Planning for a Permanent Pandemic.” Because new variants of SARS-COV-2 are impervious to […]

Why a Capital Gains Tax Increase Would Be a Massive Jobs [and Wealth] Killer

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) Although startups comprise less than one percent of all companies, they generate 10 percent of new jobs in any given year. When discussing the economic growth of a post-COVID landscape, too often the role of angel investors is overlooked. Angel investors, or private investors who are often wealthy, finance small business […]

Biden on Energy Crisis: Begging Others to Save Him From Himself

By Tim Murtaugh Editors’ Note: We agree very much with the sentiments in the article to follow, but we caution about too much emphasis being placed on the bungling of “Bare Shelves Biden”.  This is a crisis of policy more than the shortcomings of a simple political hack. It  extends well beyond the President who […]

Biden Ditches Alaska Oil Drilling Project Which KILLS Thousands Of Jobs

By Pamela Geller There is one common thread running through every Democrat policy – it’s bad for America and Americans. Biden Ditches Alaska Oil Drilling Project That Would’ve Created Thousands Of Jobs The Biden administration abandoned an oil and gas drilling project in Alaska approved by former President Donald Trump, which it had previously defended. […]

Brigitte Gabriel ROASTS Empty Shelves Joe Biden! [Video]

By Brigitte Gabriel Watch Brigitte Gabriel’s response to the Washington Post OP-ED telling Americans to ‘stop whining’, and ‘to not worry about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes’. Biden aims to complete Obama’s demolition of a free and prosperous America. By Lloyd Boyd, Frontpage Mag “The president wants to make fundamental change in our economy and he […]

Student Loan Indebtedness and Social Justice

By Craig J. Cantoni Editors’ Note: Brought to America’s youth by unjust universities and an unjust government. The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story about student loans. It was another story in a long list of stories over the years about the loan scams perpetrated by the bastions of social justice, universities, and by […]

Biden Administration May Take Over Arizona Business Safety Enforcement

By Cole Lauterbach Arizona soon could lose its authority over safety in the workplace. The Biden administration has warned the state, along with South Carolina and Utah, its occupational and safety plan for businesses could be set aside and taken over by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Tuesday’s warning comes as the […]

ACTION ALERT: Demand Visa Choose People Over Profit

By National Center on Sexual Exploitation In case you missed it, Mastercard is taking an important step to confront—and hopefully end—the horrific abuse on sites hosting pornography. Their new policies have officially gone into effect as of October 15, 2021. The new policies require banks connecting sellers of “adult content” (a.k.a. pornography) to Mastercard to ensure that […]

‘Bracket Creep’: Voters in These 22 States Could See Direct Tax Hikes Due to Inflation, New Analysis Warns

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) Inflation is often described as a “hidden tax,” because it is driven by policy decisions and erodes citizens’ real purchasing power. But in 22 states, the high consumer price inflation observed over the last year could trigger direct tax increases as well, a new analysis warns. The Tax Foundation’s Jared Walczak reports that […]

The Left’s Reconciliation Bill Would Raise Energy Prices and Erase American Jobs [+Video]

By Family Research Council During a time in America when the price of basic household goods is rising and when employees across multiple sectors of the economy are facing a vaccine mandate or loss of their jobs, the Biden administration and progressives in Congress are now doubling down on making life even more difficult for the average American household. […]

The Mass Repricing Of Goods And Services

By Pamela Geller “Your savings, investments, retirement, purchasing power, and the quality of life that you’ve spent a life time planning and working is being shredded.” Authored by MN Gordon via, by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Oct 17, 2021 – 09:20 AM Rising consumer price inflation is not going away.  This, of course, is counter to […]

4 Scary Charts Show How Fast the Federal Government is Heading Toward Fiscal Disaster

By Brad Palumbo Every day Americans will ultimately pay the price for the federal government’s recklessness. The national debt is rapidly closing in on $29 trillion. The federal government now owes an astounding $228,999 per taxpayer. All the while, politicians in Washington, DC are bickering over whether to spend $4.5 trillion more or “just” $1.5 trillion. […]

How the Fed’s Easy Money Spurred Today’s Financial Frenzies

By Joseph Mullen Though the effective federal funds rate remains less than 0.1 percent, the reaction of the markets and financial press as the ten-year Treasury yield crossed the 1.5 percent threshold near the start of the month reminds us just how fragile our economy’s underlying monetary framework has become over the past two decades. Regularly at a minimum of […]

Will Ron DeSantis Save Christmas?

By Dr. Rich Swier Last week, the Florida Ports Council put out a press release telling shippers that the state’s ports are open, staffed, and ready for business. “Florida is where your success comes in, and our seaports are the solution to ensure the cargo shipping logjam doesn’t become the Grinch that stole Christmas,” said […]

Ports Backed Up, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Changing Diapers

By Pamela Geller Clown. They could temporarily halt all transportation regulations and mandates to fix this but instead they do nothing. Democrats want chaos. Transportation secretary acknowledges trucker shortage ‘issue’ as part of supply chain disruptions Bret Baier presses Transportation Secretary Buttigieg on supply chain woes By Angelica Stabile | Fox News October 15, 2021: Buttigieg […]

Social Security COLA for 2022 Biggest since 1982, But Still Won’t Cover Actual Cost of Living Increases for Many Retirees

By Wolf Richter For retirees, 2021 was a nasty year: Red hot inflation and a stingy COLA. In 2022, they might fall behind more slowly. Among the red-hot inflation data released today was the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W), which is used to calculate the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) […]

Biden’s Plan to “Help” the American Family Is to Tax Them More

By Family Research Council How does the Biden administration intend to pay for its proposed $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” plan? By taxing the same hardworking American families the plan claims to help. In addition to advancing a radical progressive agenda, the plan carries a hefty price tag that will affect Americans of all backgrounds, […]

Groceries Feed Gains in the Everyday Price Index in September

By Robert Hughes The AIER Everyday Price Index increased by 0.6 percent in September, the tenth consecutive month of gain.  Over the last 10 months, the monthly increases have been between 0.4 percent and 1.2 percent, putting the 10-month gain at 7.5 percent or an annualized pace of 9.1 percent. Including the two months prior […]

New Inflation Numbers See the Fastest Rise in 13 Years

By Pamela Geller That the American people haven’t stormed the Bastille and thrown this fraudulent administration out on its treasonous ass is a testament to the continuing power of the Democrat propaganda media. Wall Street Journal:  Is inflation still “transitory,” as the Federal Reserve and White House like to say? Not if you’ve been visiting […]

VIDE: CNN Prepares Americans for Socialist Scarcity

By Robert Spencer Robert Spencer on OAN with Kara McKinney. Watch: RELATED PODCAST: Joe Rogan Presses Sanjay Gupta on CNN: “Do You Think That That’s a Problem, That Your News Network Lies?” RELATED TWEET: Is the media supposed to protect you from government abuse or help them get away with it? — Mini AOC (@RealMiniAOC) […]

Judge Rules Against Arizona In Minimum Wage Lawsuit

By Cole Lauterbach A county judge says Arizona cannot extract the additional cost of doing state business in a city that increased its minimum wage, making it more expensive to operate there. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge James Smith sided with the city of Flagstaff about whether a provision in the 2019 Arizona budget allowed […]

The AEI Housing Center’s Critique of “How We Investigated Racial Disparities in Federal Mortgage Data”

By Edward Pinto The Rest of the Story The American Enterprise Institute’s Housing Center released a special briefing: “The Rest of the Story The AEI Housing Center’s Critique of ‘How We Investigated Racial Disparities in Federal Mortgage Data.‘” The call reports on the Housing Center’s analysis of and critiques of a widely-circulated report by The […]

Taiwan’s Wealth Shows Cuba’s Poverty Is the Result of Socialism, Not a Blockade

By Emmanuel Rincon Cuba and Taiwan began the ’70s with similar economies, but today the GDP of the Caribbean island is five times less than that of Taiwan. For decades the Communist Party of Cuba has blamed the United States for Cuba’s misery and poverty, alluding to the “blockade” that the U.S. maintains against Cuba. […]

Tucson Keeps Missing the Bigger Picture

By Craig J. Cantoni That’s especially so on immigration, Amazon, and the minimum wage. The Tucson establishment often misses the bigger picture in the pursuit of transitory feel-good measures. Take the subjects of immigration, Amazon, and the minimum wage—subjects that I don’t have ideological or partisan heartburn over but do care that Tucson is consigning […]

Biden White House Warns American Consumers Of Empty Shelves Come Christmastime

By The Daily Caller American consumers should expect to see higher prices and even some empty shelves during their holiday shopping this year, President Joe Biden’s White House told Reuters on Tuesday. The warning comes as the Biden administration works frantically to push back on skyrocketing inflation and strained supply chains across the country. Economists predicted […]

Navajos Oppose Drilling Ban in Biden’s massive “Human Resources” Bill

By Bonner Cohen A provision tucked into the $3.5 trillion spending and tax bill would ban new drilling for oil and natural gas on and near Navajo land in northwestern New Mexico. Convinced that the ban would cause severe economic harm to tribal members in the affected area, the 24th Navajo Council sent a Sept. […]


By Karen Schoen LIFE WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE IS DEATH IN DISGUISE Remember: The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the REVOLUTION. Have you wondered why so many companies were so quick to go WOKE and destroy America?  Could it be that as companies became GLOBAL, America became irrelevant?  Global Corporate CEO’s and VP’s […]