JetBlue Jihad: The Great Press Cover-up

By Pamela Geller Under Islamic law (sharia), any criticism of Islam of Muhammad is punishable by death. Anyone who questions the violent and genocidal Islamic texts and teachings that exhort and incite to jihad (holy war) are targeted for death. These sharia speech restrictions are now very much part of the media/ Associated Press Stylebook, […]

Afghan refugees: Do we know what we’re getting into?

By Robert Spencer October 24, 2021/0 Comments/in Immigration, National Security, News, Policy, Politics, Religion, Waste, Fraud and Abuse /by Robert Spencer Today at the Young America’s Foundation conference at the Reagan Ranch Center.  RELATED ARTICLE: Ilhan Omar Wants State Department to Fight ‘Islamophobia’ EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch video is republished with permission. ©All […]

TAKE ACTION To Impeach Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin – Sign The Petition

By Robert Spencer Instead of fighting the enemy, he was fighting Americans. Sign the Freedom Center’s petition to Remove Secretary Austin NOW! –  CLICK HERE. Americans are dead and our credibility is in ruins. Meanwhile the man at the top of the military chain of command is blaming everyone else while using the dead for […]

Putin Warns Wokeness Is Destroying The West: It Happened In Russia, It’s Evil, It Destroys Values

By Pamela Geller Russia schooling America on freedom and democracy. You can’t make this stuff up. WATCH: By Ryan Saavedra • Oct 22, 2021 • Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed during a speech on Thursday the far-left woke ideology that he said is causing societal ills throughout the Western world, saying that it is […]

Besides All the Crime in Chicago, There’s Also Jihad Terror Plotting

By Robert Spencer My latest in PJ Media: Chicago under the misrule of its woke mayor Lori Lightfoot is already a sinkhole of gang violence, drug abuse, and vaccine tyranny, and it’s even worse than you think. On Monday, the Justice Department announced that “an Illinois man pleaded guilty today to attempting to provide material support to designated […]

Biden on Energy Crisis: Begging Others to Save Him From Himself

By Tim Murtaugh Editors’ Note: We agree very much with the sentiments in the article to follow, but we caution about too much emphasis being placed on the bungling of “Bare Shelves Biden”.  This is a crisis of policy more than the shortcomings of a simple political hack. It  extends well beyond the President who […]

The Real Crisis Is Closer To Home

By Sohrab Ahmari China is a serious rival to the United States, as demonstrated by a recent hypersonic missile test, but war in the Pacific will not solve America’s problems. The Twitter barbs wrote themselves: While U.S. generals dabbled in critical race theory and fretted about nail polish online, China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile […]

Biden Administration Plans To Protect Immigration Fraudsters

By Michael Cutler It’s all about mind over matter – and if Joe doesn’t mind, it doesn’t matter. America’s borders and immigration laws are its first and last line of defense against threats to national security, public safety and public health. A review of the relevant section of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) 8 U.S. […]

A Mad Rush for Coal As India and China Suspend Climate Correctness

By Vijay Raj Jayaraj Editors’ Note:  Conservatives are generally split into two camps regarding global warming. Some feel that man’s activities have little or nothing to do with natural changes. Others feel we are contributing but feel money is better spent addressing specific problems with targeted solutions (sea walls, more air conditioning, nuclear power, water desalinization, […]

Muslims hack Trump’s website, leave message ‘Do not be like those who forget Allah’

By Robert Spencer Not exactly a winning appeal, but the hacking is intended to convey the impression that the hackers and the cause they represent are the strong horse. As Osama bin Laden famously said, people prefer the strong horse. Hackers Deface Trump’s Presidential Website, Urge Readers to ‘Not Forget Allah by Solange Reyner, Newsmax, October […]

China’s New World Order

By Save America Foundation The world has changed. The U.S. is for now the military top dog in the world, and that’s not a good thing. ( From Fred:- You see – there is always someone looking to knock the top dog down! ) It was reported a few days ago that China is now […]

Arab Violence – Root Causes and Red Herrings

By Martin Sherman If difficult socioeconomic conditions in the ultra-Orthodox community have not produced the rampant crime that afflicts Arab society, why should this be assumed to be the case among Israeli Arabs? The homicide rate in Israel generally is low by international standards, but what has emerged in Israel’s Arab streets is an alternate […]

VIDEO: China’s New Missiles Could Signal a New Arms Race

By Family Research Council In a throwback to the arms race of the Cold War era, U.S. intelligence was surprised to learn last week that China had conducted tests on a new nuclear-capable hypersonic missile that circles the globe before heading to its target. American officials might have underestimated the advancements of China’s military. Given the rising […]

January 6 Update: Five Things You Might Have Missed

By Kevin Downy JR Things are happening in regards to January 6. You might not know it because a lot of it hasn’t gotten much press, especially from the likes of media milksops Rachel Madcow and Don Lemon. And for once, it isn’t all bad news. 1) Two Washington D.C. officials have been held in […]

Pentagon Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Vaccine Mandates From All 5 Branches of U.S. Military

By Pamela Geller Pentagon Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Vaccine Mandates On Military, Federal Employees And Contractors Service members from all five branches of the U.S. military, federal employees, and federal civilian contractors have joined in a class-action lawsuit against the Department of Defense over its COVID-19 vaccine mandates. By Mimi Nguyen Ly of The Epoch Times, The 24 […]


By Project Veritas Project Veritas released a new video today featuring an interview with current U.S. Department of Homeland Security [DHS] Insider Aaron Stevenson, who serves as an Intelligence Research Specialist for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services [USCIS]. Stevenson decided to go public with information about a “reasonable fear” loophole that exists in the […]

Cori Bush Defends Defunding Police, Spends $130K on Security

By Discover The Networks Breitbart News reports that the campaign of radical Rep. Cori Bush, a very vocal supporter of defunding police departments, has spent over $130,000 for her personal security services. Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat. In a video from August when Bush was asked about this hypocrisy, she ranted, “They would rather I die? You […]

Mail Fraud

By Thomas C. Patterson A recent cover of The Week magazine proclaimed “Undermining Democracy. The GOP’s blueprint for nullifying Democratic votes in 2024“. The article was another installment of the concentrated effort on the Left to convince Americans that voter fraud is essentially nonexistent, just a hoax used by Republicans as an excuse to deny […]

Iran Successfully Hacked Over 250 Microsoft Accounts Linked to U.S. and Israeli Defense Technology Companies

By Robert Spencer In plain language: the jihadist regime of Iran has hacked into the private accounts of US, EU and Israeli defense tech companies, and however Iran chooses to use this information, no one is announcing what the fallout might potentially be. Microsoft only admitted that the breach “supports Iranian government tracking of adversary […]

VIDEO: Tyranny in Shelby County, Tennessee

By Kelleigh Nelson “Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them.” – Bertrand Russell “It’s not an endlessly expanding list of rights — […]

Taiwan’s Wealth Shows Cuba’s Poverty Is the Result of Socialism, Not a Blockade

By Emmanuel Rincon Cuba and Taiwan began the ’70s with similar economies, but today the GDP of the Caribbean island is five times less than that of Taiwan. For decades the Communist Party of Cuba has blamed the United States for Cuba’s misery and poverty, alluding to the “blockade” that the U.S. maintains against Cuba. […]

Maricopa County, AZ: Over 284,000 Ballots Lacked Evidence That It Was the Original Ballot Received

By Pamela Geller Our mistake was not organizing an insurrection. Over 284,000 Ballots, or 1 Out of Every 10th Maricopa County Ballot, Lacked Evidence That It Was the Original Ballot Received By Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit Published October 11, 2021: Over 284,000 ballots in Maricopa County are missing their original corresponding image. One out of every 10 […]

Communist China’s Aggression in the South China Sea

By Judith Bergman In March, a huge Chinese fishing fleet descended on Whitsun Reef, which lies within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines. The Philippine government called on China to cease “militarizing the area”. Almost eight months later, however, more than 150 Chinese vessels reportedly remain in Philippine waters. Pictured: Whitsun Reef, as seen […]

Targeting American Parents

By Michael Cutler Biden administration finds new ‘domestic terrorists’. My August 18, 2021 article, Biden’s Afghanistan Catastrophe Increases Terror Threat in US: Biden administration, meanwhile, focuses solely on “domestic extremists”, was published just a few weeks before the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 and was predicated on the August 13, 2021 Department […]

Americans Reject President Too Weak to Take on Radicals in His Own Party

By Neil Patel President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are tanking, especially among independent voters. The American people do not like weak leaders, and they do not like the craziness that’s infiltrating their daily lives. Biden campaigned as someone who could bring the country together. Since taking office, he’s made no effort to do that. Instead, […]

GOP Governors: Biden Ignores Meeting Request On border crisis, propose own solutions

By Bethany Blankley Twenty-six U.S. governors requested to meet with President Joe Biden to propose solutions to the ongoing border crisis, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said at a Wednesday new conference. Because Biden did not respond to the request, the governors said they decided to take their message to the American people, proposing their own […]

Tyrants, Tax-Havens and Territory

By Martin Sherman Israel must prepare for a daunting situation, in which, along its eastern frontier, it could face a huge expanse of hostile territory, controlled by radical Islamist warlords, stretching from the fringes of Greater Tel Aviv to the border of Iraq — and beyond.  “…the only certainty is that there is nothing certain”.–Gaius […]

Karl Marx Apropos Frauds and Crooks

By Ann Corcoran n case you missed it, our friend James Simpson was interviewed last week on Glenn Beck’s radio show about his new book I wrote about here in May: Before I send you to the interview at Youtube, know that I was pleased to see that Beck gave Simpson credit for all of Simpson’s […]

Arizona Faces Its Own Border Crisis, With Yuma Seeing Significant Increases In Illegal Crossings

By Bethany Blankley While much of the world watched roughly 15,000 Haitians illegally cross the Rio Grande River from Mexico into Del Rio, Texas, last month, an area near Yuma, Arizona, has become the Grand Canyon State’s Del Rio equivalent. Known as “The Gap,” a well-known break in the border fence near the Morelos Dam […]

Cornflakes for Jihad: How the Jihad Terror Group Boko Haram Began, and how the U.S. Helped

By Robert Spencer A question that is not asked frequently enough is how jihad groups are able to amass so much wealth. This extraordinary article pulls back the curtain on how one such group, Boko Haram in Nigeria, was able to get started. This article is full of illuminating revelations of all kinds. Be sure […]