Our Open Borders Crisis

By Jerry Newcombe Biden’s border crisis is dangerous enough already, and it may soon get worse. But his Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandra Mayorkas, paints a rosier picture, “We are preparing for the end of Title 42….We continue to enforce the laws of this country.” Title 42 from the Trump era stipulates that until potential […]

How to Assassinate a Former President: Open the Border

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US You may have heard in the news the FBI foiled an Islamic State-connected plot to assassinate former President George W. Bush.  What you might not have heard is how Joe Biden’s open borders policies made the plot possible. The plot involved smuggling four Islamic State-linked terrorists from Iraq across the southern border, a […]

VIDEO: Armed Patriots Patrol The Border

By Graham Ledger VIDEO: Armed Patriots Patrol The Border – Dr. Rich Swier Copyright © 2021 LLC. A Florida Cooperation. All rights reserved. The is a not-for-profit news forum for intelligent Conservative commentary. Opinions expressed by writers are solely their own. Republishing of columns on this website requires the permission of both the […]

‘Total Failure’ — House Republicans Call On Biden To Invoke Clause That Would Provide Protection Against Foreign Invasion From Mexican Cartels

By The Daily Caller Republican Texas Rep. Troy Nehls sent a letter Thursday to President Joe Biden, calling on him to invoke the Guarantee Clause that would require the Executive Branch to protect the states from a foreign invasion. The Daily Caller first obtained the letter that was signed by 32 other Republicans. In the […]

U.S. Census Bureau Keeps Hiring ‘Unsuitable Individuals’ with Criminal Records

By Judicial Watch Thirteen years after a federal investigation blasted the U.S. Census Bureau for hiring criminals to enter American homes to gather statistics for the decennial count, a new audit reveals the disturbing practice continues. In fact, more than a decade after the problem was exposed workers for the 2020 count were not properly vetted and many with […]

Title 42 and Chaos on the Border

By Michael Cutler Mayorkas is not America’s guardian — he’s its innkeeper. On May 15, 2022 Fox News reported, The end of Title 42 will create ‘chaos all across the border,’ former ICE director warns.  That report began with the following: Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan warned on Sunday that the Biden administration’s move to end the […]

Massive Drug Smuggling Tunnel Found Between Mexico And U.S.

By The Daily Caller Authorities discovered a large cross-border drug smuggling tunnel in California, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California announced Monday. The tunnel, linking Otay Mesa, California and Tijuana, Mexico, was 1,744 feet long, 61 feet deep and 4 feet in diameter, and had reinforced walls, a rail system and […]

FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL: Documents Show Biden, Mayorkas Knew Their Border Policies Help Drug Cartels, Hurt the U.S.

By The Geller Report President Biden and his Homeland Security chief, Alejandro N. Mayorkas, are knowingly engaging in policymaking that benefits transnational smuggling cartels and endangers the homeland of the United States, despite both men’s statements to the contrary, Florida officials said Friday.  Treason is now the state of play for Democrats. Florida AG: […]

VIDEO REPORT: Afghan Refugees Given $400,000 To Purchase Houses In Florida As Americans Go Homeless

By Dr. Rich Swier The WarRoom published this video report on relocating Afghan refugees. On September 7th, 2021 USA Today in an article titled, “White House asks Congress for billions in emergency funds for Afghan resettlement” Joey Garrison reported: WASHINGTON — The White House is seeking billions in emergency funds this month from Congress to help resettle […]

Mayorkas Lives Up to Expectations as Zealous Opponent of Immigration Law Enforcement

By Michael Cutler Department of Homeland Security Secretary (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas testified last week before Congress about the immigration crisis and the administration’s plans to terminate Title 42, which would likely amp up the entry of illegal aliens even when such numbers are already at unprecedented levels. As we shall see, no one should be […]

VIDEO: Suspected and Known Terrorists Walking Freely in the U.S.

By Project Veritas *CLICK HERE TO TWEET OUT THE VIDEO* A source within the Federal Government has come forward to reveal suspected and known terrorists are roaming freely in the United States following the Biden administration’s exit strategy in Afghanistan, and subsequent initiatives launched by the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] to shelter fleeing refugees, known […]

2021 Update: How Many Illegal Aliens Live in the United States?

By Federation for American Immigration Reform Click to Read or Download the PDF version of this report As of the end of 2021, FAIR estimates that approximately 15.5 million illegal aliens reside within the United States. This number is substantially higher than FAIR’s previous estimate of 14.5 million in 2020. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC: ILLEGAL ALIEN POPLULATION SINCE 2010 CLICK […]

MAR-A-LAGO: Watch as a solemn and respectful President Donald J. Trump attends a Defend the Border & Save Lives event

By The United West Recently, The United West and JEXIT USA held an event for Tom Homan, the former Director of ICE and author of Defend the Border & Save Lives. During the event a two-minute video memorial was played to honor recently deceased patriots and friends, Barry Fernandez and Roger Gangitano. As the video […]

Former University of Alabama student hid funding of al-Qaeda, lawyers say she’s mentally ill

By Jihad Watch Yes, of course. Authorities the world over have decided that it’s far easier to pretend that jihadis and their supporters are mentally ill than to confront the reality of jihad. Former University of Alabama student sentenced for hiding funding to al Qaeda by Kenneth Garger, New York Post, April 28, 2022: A former University of Alabama […]

Rep. Gaetz to Mayorkas: ‘You Actually Don’t Want to Remove’ Illegals

By Discover The Networks During a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on  Thursday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) confronted Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary and open-borders fanatic Alejandro Mayorkas about the 1.2 million illegal aliens in America who have received final deportation orders. “One point two million people are undetained, free, roaming about the country,” Gaetz began. […]

Jayapal to Democrats Against Lifting Title 42: ‘Lean Into’ Open Borders

By Discover The Networks Wednesday on MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart Reports, radical Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) praised the Biden administration for its plans to lift Title 42 border restrictions and said that Democrats who “criticized the previous administration, but [are] now saying, oh, there’s a problem here” have “to lean into the fact that we are a country that […]

Study: Biden’s Policies Fueled One Million New Illegal Aliens

By Federation for American Immigration Reform And added Nearly $10 Billion in Costs During Biden’s First Year in Office. Washington, D.C. — A new analysis by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) finds that during the first year of the Biden administration, the illegal alien population of the United States has increased by about 1 […]

Don’t Wait for November, Let’s Work on Closing the Border Now

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US Calls are growing for the impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas – if Republicans take back the House – for failing to faithfully execute the nation’s immigration laws and leaving the southern border wide open.  Mayorkas, you will recall, keeps yapping about “equity” which, when translated into the immigration context, […]

U.S. Extradites Former Honduran President for Drug Smuggling While Borders Are Wide Open

By Michael Cutler As the Biden administration prepares to end Title 42, a measure implemented by the Trump administration to help gain control over the U.S.-Mexico border, the former president of Honduras was extradited to the U.S. on drug trafficking charges. Here is an excerpt from an NBC News report on the matter: Juan Orlando […]

American Hero Believed Dead At the Hands of Illegal Migrants, Drug Smugglers Whose Lives He Was Trying to Save

By The Geller Report A Texas Army National Guard soldier assigned to Gov. Greg Abbott’s highly touted border operation went missing after trying to save a drowning migrant in the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass on Friday, the Army Times reported. The soldier jumped into the river just after 9:45 a.m., according to documents obtained by […]

American Southwest border sees 6000-8000 illegals a day, expected to ‘quickly double’

By Jihad Watch Not only is the Biden administration a global embarrassment, but it is also destroying America from within. The American Southwest border has seen a whopping 6000-8000 illegals a day enter, and it is now projected that the number will “quickly double” since the announcement of the end of the CDC Emergency Title […]

Person of interest in NYC subway shooting expressed black identity extremism in online posts

By Center For Security Policy UPDATE: Law enforcement arrested Frank James on April 13th in New York’s East Village neighborhood following an anonymous tip. He has been charged under federal terrorism statutes. Law enforcement remains on the look out for Frank James, a 63-year-old man with ties to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who is alleged to be […]

20% of THE AMERICAN POPULATION Will Be Here ILLEGALLY by the End of Biden’s Term

By The Geller Report 20% of ALL AMERICANS will be illegal. In other words, we have no country. Watch: “[Democrats] are allowing this year probably 2 million [immigrants], that’s who we apprehended, maybe another million, into this country,” Patrick said on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show. “At least in 18 years even if they all […]

Biden’s Secret Service Agents Bribed by Jihadis with Iran and Pakistan Visas Pose as DHS Agents

By The Geller Report Four Secret Service employees who were special agents to the Bidens are entangled in an alleged bribery scheme carried out by two Muslim men accused of masquerading as Department of Homeland Security law enforcement agents , reports Real Clear Politics. #Breaking Prosecutors say one of the men arrested for impersonating federal agents […]

Biden Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for New Border-Jumpers

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US  New details are emerging about what will happen at the southern border once COVID restrictions are lifted on illegal immigration.  The Feds are expecting 18,000 border-jumpers a day.  That’s more than a half a million a month. Three states have sued to get the COVID restrictions reinstated.  In addition, Texas Governor […]

VIDEO: ‘Human Tsunami’ Puts Border on the Brink

By Family Research Council Under Barack Obama, 1,000 people a day “overwhelm[ed] the system.” Anything over 4,000 was considered a “crisis.” So what does Joe Biden call 7,100 illegal border crossings every 24 hours? Just the beginning, apparently. The White House, determined to take sole ownership of the “worst administration ever” mantle, has decided to […]

Biden calling Putin a ‘war criminal’ is like the pot calling the kettle black

By Dr. Rich Swier Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. said of Putin’s mass slaughter of civilians by Russian-controlled troops in the town of Bucha, northwest of Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv, “He is a war criminal…This guy is brutal…I think it is a war crime…He should be held accountable.” On Feb. 18, 2022 the New York Times […]

Marxists Are Killing Each Other to Control America’s Cocaine Market

By Jihad Watch The deadliest Marxist guerrilla force is fighting the biggest socialist regime. “Socialism, this is the path to save the planet, I don’t have the least doubt. Capitalism is the road to hell,” Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez told the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference. Rhetoric like that won the socialist dictator the admiration of socialists […]

New Iran Nuclear Deal Will Permit Iranian Terrorists into U.S.

By The Geller Report The Democrats present the gravest threat to this great nation. New Iran nuclear deal could allow Iranian terrorists into US Removal of sanctions on IRGC will permit terror-tied Iranians to enter the country. By Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon The Biden administration’s new nuclear accord with Iran is likely to include a […]

VIDEO: Tommy Robinson Deported from Mexico then Assaulted by Manchester Police

By Dr. Rich Swier Tommy was deported from Mexico at the behest of the British Government because he was deemed a “national security threat”. When he arrived back in the UK Police officer Smith decided to assault Tommy, probably in the hope that Tommy would retaliate and could then be arrested for assaulting a police […]