Did the Texas Synagogue Jihadi Act Alone?

By Jihad Watch In the wake of the turbulence surrounding the 15 January 2022 Texas synagogue attack, it may be useful to take a step backward to review those events from a broader strategic perspective. John Guandolo at Understanding the Threat has done an excellent job explaining how this attack fits into the overall Islamic Movement jihad campaign […]

Big Tech Strikes Again – Against Research, Science, and Free Speech

By 2ndvote .com On Saturday, YouTube (1.00) banned a licensed therapist for alleged abuse of gay men, following marching orders from graduates of the extreme leftist Southern Poverty Law Center. The group of radicals issued a report which claimed that helping gay men overcome trauma, anxiety, and other mental health challenges is conversion therapy if it results in them […]

Reich Tells Democrat Senators to Give Kyrsten Sinema ‘the Backs of Their Hands’

By Discover The Networks After the Democrat voting legislation was shot down in the U.S. Senate Wednesday night, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich took to Twitter to encourage Democrat senators to give obstructionist Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema “the backs of their hands.” What are Democrats supposed to do to Sen. Sinema with “the backs of their hands,” @RBReich? […]

Democrat Regime: Arrest Warrants Can Be Used as ID for Illegals in Airports

By The Geller Report The coup continues. Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Texas, had sent a letter to TSA after a whistleblower claimed the agency was allowing ‘unknown migrants’ to board commercial airlines in the U.S. TSA Administrator David Pekoske responded explaining that certain Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents may be considered acceptable alternate forms of identification, […]

Shawn Laval Smith Named Killer of UCLA Student Brianna Kupfer, Her Father Blames Politicians

By The Geller Report Heartbreaking. “Los Angeles County Jail records show Covina police arrested him on Oct. 27, 2020 on a misdemeanor charge. He was released on $1,000 bail. The outcome of that case was not immediately clear. Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.” Absolutely […]

Senate Rejects Filibuster Change, Defeats Election Overhaul Bills In History-Making Day

By The Daily Caller The Senate late Thursday rejected a Democratic effort to alter the filibuster in order to pass their long-sought voting bills over unanimous Republican opposition, capping one of the most consequential days in the history of the chamber. The change, had it been adopted, would have established a “talking filibuster,” allowing any […]

“Free to Vote” Should Not Mean “Free to Cheat”

By Jerry Newcombe “The bedrock of the American republic is that elections must be free, fair, accurate, and trusted.” – So states Mollie Hemingway in her important book, Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections (2021). I spoke with Mollie on the radio when her book came out. She told […]

Visa Program for Illegal Alien Crime Victims Approves Forged, Altered, Unauthorized Petitions

By Judicial Watch A controversial program that awards special visas to illegal immigrants who claim to be victims of crimes in the U.S. rubber stamps petitions with forged, unauthorized, altered, or suspicious law enforcement certifications, according to a scathing federal audit released this month. The probe also discloses that the Homeland Security agency, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration […]

The Relevance of Religious Liberty!

By Save America Foundation This blog today was written by my Pastor, Dr. Tony Smart. He was the chaplain of the Save America foundation. I published one of his earlier this year and it was well received. If you want to actually hear the words of a true patriot preacher, a former Airforce veteran, you […]

How to Build Artificial Islands in the China Swamp

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US Many thanks to Laser List member Clare Lopez for her article on the connections between the U.S. government and China’s biological weapons program, cited herein. A book due out January 25th gives new details about how communist China has corrupted American elites.  The author is Peter Shweizer who has made a […]

Biden Frees Alternate 9/11 Hijacker and Military Base Truck Bomb Plotter

By The Geller Report It’s like he wants bloodshed in the cause of Allah. Is there any Islamic terrorist too evil for Biden to release? By: Daniel Greenfield, January 17, 2022 After Obama’s obsession with freeing as many Islamic terrorists from Gitmo as possible, the ones who remained were the absolute worst of the worst. Now Biden […]

The Framing of Patriot Elmer Stewart Rhodes III

By Save America Foundation The Democrats who stole the 2020 election and put in power a mentally challenged and unstable president, whose reputation as a pervert, crime boss and American traitor came with him, have had a bad year. The extreme left of the party has taken control and has continuously helped destroy any vestiges […]

CHOSEN BY THE DEEP STATE: Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett

By Kelleigh Nelson “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” – Ayn Rand “The […]

Clueless: Woke FBI Downplays Anti-Semitic Aspect of Hostage-Taking at Texas Synagogue

By Jihad Watch The jihadi who stormed the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, and took hostages Saturday, demanding the release of convicted jihad terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, is dead, and the hostages are safe. And now comes the real work: whitewashing, downplaying, and ignoring outright what took place, because it doesn’t fit the establishment narrative. FBI […]

Texas synagogue gunman identified as Muslim from UK, Malik Faisal Akram who had ‘mental health issues’

By Jihad Watch Well, sure. All jihadis have mental health issues. Nothing they do has anything to do with Islamic texts or teachings. Don’t you know that by now, you greasy Islamophobe? Feds Identify Synagogue Hostage-Taker as 44-Year-Old British Citizen by Dia Gill, Daily Beast, January 16, 2022: The feds on Sunday identified the gunman who […]

Joe and Gavin’s New Normal — Train Robbery, Looting, Vandalism, Protests = Lawlessness

By Dr. Rich Swier We are now in an age when robbing and looting stores have become the new normal in California. America is now lawless thanks to Democrats. When you defund the police you empower the criminal. LOOTING, VANDALISM, PROTESTS: On May 31st, 2020 in San Diego, California we witnessed widespread looting, protests and […]

Texas Synagogue Rabbi and Jewish Congregants RESCUED, Muslim Terrorist DEAD

By The Geller Report The best of all resolutions. Don’t mess with Texas. Prayers answered. All hostages are out alive and safe. — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) January 16, 2022 The hostage-taker at Colleyville Beth Israel synagogue is dead. — Matt Leclercq (@Matt_Leclercq) January 16, 2022 Sounds like gunfire, loud bang heard outside Colleyville synagogue as […]

TEXAS: Muslim takes hostages at synagogue, says he will kill people if anyone gets close

By Jihad Watch Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, was in the middle of Shabbat services that were being livestreamed on Facebook, when a gunman burst in and took hostages. As of this writing, the situation is ongoing, but some details have already emerged. Amichai Stein of Kan, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, reports that […]

Iran’s Supreme Leader Releases Video Depicting Assassination of Trump

By Jihad Watch It’s readily available on Twitter, of course: the website of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has released a video showing the assassination of Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the golf course at Mar-a-Lago. This comes as Iran has been issuing a barrage […]

Sinema Doubles Down On Filibuster Support, Dealing Likely Fatal Blow to Dems’ Steal The Vote Bills

By The Geller Report Conservatives – beware. Sinema is no conservative, she’s just not a lunatic. Senator Manchin also announced on Thursday that he will not support a bill to weaken or end the filibuster. This combined with Biden’s defeat at the SCOTUS over COVID lockdowns, made Thursday the most humiliating day for the Biden Administration since […]

Jeffrey Epstein Brought EIGHT Young Girls With Him To See Bill Clinton At The White House

By The Geller Report Visitor logs obtained by reveal Jeffrey Epstein was not always alone when he visited the Clinton White House between 1993 and 1995 Records show he brought along eight women, including his girlfriends Celina Midelfart, Eva Andersson, Francis Jardine, and Ghislaine Maxwell His relationship with the four other women who accompanied […]

Gun Control Comes from a Place of Privilege

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) Assuming we know what’s best for others is rarely a good idea. The concept of privilege gets a bad rap in many circles, and understandably so. Many have taken it way too far, using it as a means of bullying their political opponents into submission. But while the excesses […]

Florida Will Not Enforce Vaccine Mandate Upheld by SCOTUS for Healthcare Providers

By Dr. Rich Swier Multiple news organizations are reporting the Florida will not enforce the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services’ vaccine mandate. It appears that reason is now returned to fight back against the bureaucracy when it comes to mandating getting vaxxed, in spite of what the SCOTUS ruled. Here’s what Governor DeSantis said […]

Howard Dean: Rightwing Zealot Supreme Court is a ‘Threat’ to America

By Discover The Networks Thursday on MSNBC’s The Beat, former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said that the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for large private companies is a threat to America because millions will die. “The disturbing thing about this, of course, is in their right-wing ideological zealotry, they have substituted their […]

FLORIDA: Teen converts to Islam, murders 13-year-old boy for ‘disrespecting his Muslim faith’

By Jihad Watch The murder of Jovanni Sierra Brand should have been the occasion for a national discussion about the phenomenon of converts to Islam becoming violent, which keeps happening, and what should be done about it. Instead, the whole thing was swept under the rug, as always. Note the ever-witless Daily Mail’s headline: “White […]

PODCAST: No One’s Pushing This Sheriff Around

By Martin Mawyer Sheriff Jody Greene is unapologetic and Walking Tall. A North Carolina sheriff is refusing to be bullied into removing a Bible verse from his Columbus County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina. Sheriff Jody Greene sat with Christian Action Network’s Shout Out Patriots podcast to talk about a thuggish atheist group and other challenges of […]

Obama Calls for End of Filibuster to Pass Voting Rights Bill

By Discover The Networks In an op-ed published in USA Today on Thursday, former President Barack Obama urged Democrat Senators to make changes to the filibuster rule so that the upper chamber can pass stalled voting rights legislation. The legislation, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act, passed the House last summer but has […]

Supreme Court HALTS Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Businesses

By The Geller Report EUREKA! Finally! Sanity! Supreme Court Halts Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Businesses By: Newsmax, 13 January 2022: The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday blocked President Joe Biden’s pandemic-related vaccination-or-testing mandate for large businesses at a time of escalating COVID-19 infections while allowing his administration to enforce its separate vaccine requirement for healthcare facilities. The […]

WATCH AND TAKE ACTION: Veterans For Child Res​cue’s Socking Documentary About Child Sex Trafficking In America.

By Dr. Rich Swier Veterans for Child Rescue (V4CR) is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to raising awareness about the epidemic of child rape trafficking right here in the United States by exposing this fastest growing criminal enterprise on earth and putting predators behind bars. WATCH: CONTRALAND: A Socking Documentary about child sex trafficking in […]

White House says Biden plots ‘to sign’ voting bills ‘into law’ despite lack of votes

By The Geller Report They must memorialize and institutionalize the steal or they will never win again. White House says Biden’s ‘plan is to sign’ voting bills Democrats struggling to pass ‘into law’ By Haisten Willis, Washington Examiner, January 10, 2022: White House says Biden’s ‘plan is to sign’ voting bills Democrats struggling to pass ‘into […]