Weekend Read: Soul Dysphoria [A Trans and GenZ Disaster]

By Spencer Klavan Understanding the “trans” phenomenon means recognizing it’s about more than gender. In 2013 the DSM-V, an authoritative diagnostic manual for therapists and clinicians published by the American Psychiatric Association, defined gender dysphoria as “the distress that may accompany the incongruence between one’s experienced or expressed gender and one’s assigned gender,” where “gender” […]

Study Shows Government’s Family Leave Mandates Have Thwarted Women’s Wage Gains

By Rachel Greszler Men and women alike should be able to take time off from work for family and medical needs without the risk of losing their jobs. Unfortunately, when policymakers turn something that should be voluntarily offered by employers into a rigid legal mandate, unintended consequences ensue. In the case of family and medical […]

WEF Is Partnered with 47 CCP-Controlled Entities (Rogue Review)

By Catherine Salgado The World Economic Forum, which plans a world where you “own nothing, have no privacy” and enjoy it, is officially partnered with at least 47 Chinese entities, with five of those officially owned by the CCP and at least three others directly tied to the CCP. Since all companies in China are […]

SHEILA NAZARIAN: It’s Time For Jews To Take Advantage Of The Second Amendment

By Sheila Nazarian If you are Jewish and live in America, now is the time to carry a firearm. Thanks to a recent National Rifle Association victory in NYSRPA v. Bruen, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment protects our right, any law-abiding American’s right, a Jew’s right to carry a handgun for […]

Anti-Semitism Worst Among Blacks and Young Adults in Poll Released Ahead of MLK Day

By Madeleine Hubbard The two groups were far more likely than Republicans or conservatives to believe negative stereotypes about Jews. Anti-Semitism is worst among black Americans and young adults aged 18-29, according to a new poll. Three out of ten blacks agreed that “Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the […]

‘Cripple Children’: Parents Protest Against Gov. Katie Hobbs’ Move To Scrap Key School Choice Program

By Reagan Reese With signs reading “education for all” and “support for all students,” a coalition of about 150 parents protested Tuesday over newly-elected Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs’ plan to dismantle the nation’s largest school choice program, parents told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Hobbs’ executive budget released Jan. 13 called on state legislators to […]

How to Stop School Shootings

By Lee Williams My heart sinks every time I see breaking-news graphics announce another school shooting. It’s like a gut-punch – the lost lives, the suffering of the wounded, the horrors the First Responders must encounter, and the families that will never again be whole. The blame and blood-dancing usually start before the bodies are […]

Impossible Freedom

By Katya Sedgwick I blame Free to Be…You And Me. The children’s book and song collection, which many upper middle-class Gen Xers absorbed with their mother’s milk—or formula, I don’t take sides in mommy wars—recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The well-intentioned, feel-good compilation taught children that they can be anything they want to be, provided […]

Only Spiritual Brotherhood Can Save Men In The Job Crisis

By Mark Warren There’s a strange thing happening in the American economy right now — what we read in the newspaper or see on TV doesn’t match what we’re witnessing with our own eyes. Job numbers reported in the media seem wonderful. Amazingly low unemployment that hasn’t been witnessed in 50 years! Hundreds of thousands […]

Study Finds 4.5x Higher Psychiatric Illness Rate for Transgenders

By Catherine Salgado The medical journal Transgender Health recently published a study that revealed transgenders are 4.5 times more likely to have psychiatric illnesses. Of course, the journal tried to claim this is because of discrimination and all that nonsense, but the reality is that it is extremely difficult to be in business or the […]

AmericaFest 2022

By Ellie Fromm AmericaFest was an event hosted by Turning Point USA in Phoenix, Arizona on December 17-20, 2022. Attendees of AmericaFest totaled 10,800 people, making this event the largest multi-day conservative event in history. Live conservative media productions were presented outside the main exhibit hall in which the speeches occurred. Shows and platforms such […]

How an Occupied Twitter Ruined Countless Lives

By Jeffrey Tucker From the beginning of the Covid panic, it felt that something was very wrong. Never had a pandemic, much less a seasonal pathogenic wave, been treated as a quasi-military emergency requiring the upending of all freedoms and rights. What made it more bizarre was how alone those of us who objected felt […]


By Bruce Bialosky Many Americans believe that Thanksgiving is the time to express gratitude.Families go around the Thanksgiving table and talk about what they are grateful for at that particular time. Gratitude is something that should be expressed all year long. And, during the “holiday season,” even a little more. I am truly fortunate to […]

Why So Many Families Are Uprooting and Fleeing to Freer States

By Kerry McDonald Emily Burns had every intention of staying in Massachusetts. A longtime Boston resident, she, her husband, and three children left the city to settle in the upscale suburb of Newton in January 2020. What followed were two years of ongoing disruption and frustration. Prolonged school closures and continued coronavirus policies such as […]

A Midterm Reality Check

By Paul Gottfried The Nov. 8 midterm election, which was preceded by early voting that invariably favors the Democrats, has come and gone. On the basis of what we now know, the Republicans have a small majority in the House of Representatives and—since their misfortune increased Tuesday through Hershel Walker’s loss to Sen. Rachael Warnock […]

There’s No Natural ‘Carrying Capacity’ for the Human Population: An Essay Inspired by the Happy News that the Human Population Has Reached Eight Billion

By Donald J. Boudreaux The late, great Julian SimonJulian Simon spent decades battling intellectually against biologists and zoologists who were convinced that human population growth, if governments did not hold it in check with draconian measures, would spell doom for multitudes of humans. (I might as well have used the present tense above, because many […]

Post Roe v. Wade: The States Choose Death

By Carmel Richardson What happened on Tuesday was not, by any measure, terribly shocking. The ambitious red wave was a much more realistic red ripple; Republicans will win the House while the Senate will likely be split; the narrow races are yet to be decided (this is apparently now the norm in American politics, vindicating […]

Hillsdale Imprimis: Education as a Battleground

By Larry P. Arnn The following is adapted from remarks delivered on November 3, 2022, at a Hillsdale College reception in Santa Clara, California. If you want to see the problem with American education, look at a chart illustrating the comparative growth in the number of students, teachers, and district administrators in our public schools […]

The Other Thanksgiving Story

By Neland Nobel It really is about being grateful, which is something too few of our spoiled citizens appreciate.  But since the holiday is being weaponized by “woke culture”, there are some other elements of the story to think about. The short version, the way it is taught today, is that greedy Pilgrims landed in […]

Facebook Works to Deliver Us From Truth

By Thorsteinn Siglaugsson This morning, a friend published a short post on Facebook, drawing attention to how it seemed to him the company was not even bothering any more to refer to the so-called “independent fact-checkers” to justify their censorship. He had re-posted a clip where Fox reporter Tucker Carlson discussed the negative effectiveness of […]

As Murders Soar, FBI Buries the Data

By James D. Agresti Overview Based on a misunderstanding of new FBI data, NewsNation is reporting that 14,677 murders occurred in the U.S. during 2021, a supposedly large decline from 2020. In reality, that figure is far from complete, and comprehensive records from death certificates show that about 24,493 people were murdered in 2021. This is about: 1,000 more […]

Demand They Strike Their Colors

By Michael Watson Emily Oster, an economics professor at Brown University, caused a stir with an opinion piece in The Atlantic, the venerable magazine now owned by liberal mega-donor Laurene Powell Jobs through her Emerson Collective. In it, Oster called for a “pandemic amnesty” for those who encouraged ultimately pointless intrusions on life amid COVID-19. This was seized upon […]

We Must Have Accountability

By Editorial Staff By Justin Hart / Brownstone Institute The failures and harms from our pandemic public policies are legion! Fauci-endorsed lockdowns were ineffective (and damaging!); risks from COVID-19 are not uniform for the entire population but directly aligned to your age; the mortality impact on children is almost immeasurable but we burdened them with mandates and school […]

Victor’s Endorsement of Masters Shows GOP is the Best Chance for Liberty

By Ryne Bolick On the first day of November, Libertarian candidate Marc Victor announced his withdrawal from the race for U.S. Senate in Arizona. This was not all that he announced. Victor also announced his endorsement of Republican candidate Blake Masters. This shows that the Republican Party is the best vehicle for liberty-minded individuals to enact change. […]

White and Woke Supremacy

By Craig J. Cantoni The forgotten white supremacists whose descendants pretend to be woke and virtuous.    Below are vile, racist comments spoken by white supremacists about minorities. The supremacists and minorities will be identified after the comments. These races have “crooked faces, coarse mouths, bad noses, heavy jaws, and low foreheads.” They “lack the conveniences […]

CHILDREN: Majority of Americans Believe Transgender Movement Has Gone Too Far

By Susan Berry, PhD A new poll finds 75 percent of likely American voters believe the transgender movement has gone too far by encouraging underage minors to use drugs and surgery to transition to the opposite sex. The survey, co-sponsored by Colorado-based Summit Ministries – which embraces a Christian worldview – and national polling firm […]

Mark Kelly Staffer Caught on Tape Admitting Campaign “Plays Both Sides” on Abortion to Win Over Undecided Voters

By Debra Heine A staff member of Senator Mark Kelly’s re-election campaign was caught on hidden camera telling a Project Veritas Action (PVA) undercover journalist how she lies to obfuscate his position on policy issues like abortion. In the undercover video, released on Tuesday, Evynn Bronson, Mission for Arizona Field Organizer for the Mark Kelly […]

Identity Crisis

By Kelsey Bolar In the early Spring I began working on a documentary series for Independent Women’s Forum called “Identity Crisis.” The project tells the stories of four mothers whose daughters fell victim to gender ideology, two detransitioners who now warn of the harms this movement is causing, and one mental health professional who rails […]

BREAKING: Project Veritas Strikes Mark Kelly’s Campaign

By Jordan Conradson Project Veritas Action Releases Undercover Video Of Mark Kelly Staffer Deceiving Independent Voters By Lying About His Radical Left Views On Gun Control, The Border, And Abortion Blake Masters recently destroyed Democrat Mark Kelly on the issue of our southern border in the US Senate debates, and he is gaining ground on Kelly in […]

Christine Marsh – AZ LD4 Parents and Voters Should Not Send this Woke, Leftist Candidate Back to the Arizona Senate

By John R. Ammon The Prickly Pear recently published an article about Senator Nancy Barto running in Arizona Legislative District 4. Her opponent is Democrat Christine Marsh, also an Arizona State Senator. The Senate race in AZ LD 4 is a consequence of redistricting and pits two individuals truly on opposite sides of the issues […]