Do Not Sell Your Gas Vehicle Yet! Read: The Electric Vehicle Scam

By Dr. Rich Swier We have written about the issues with all electric vehicles (EVs) and the current push to build 500,000 EV charging stations (EVSEs) by 2030 at a cost to taxpayers of $5billion. America Out Loud published an article by Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris on January 15th, 2022 titled “The Electric […]

Florida Has Record $20 Billion Budget Surplus

By The Geller Report If only the rest of the country was governed like Florida. If only our POTUS was like Governor Ron DeSantis. #DeSantis2028! And the evil party says: DeSantis is ‘creating havoc’ in Florida, Democratic candidate for governor Demonic nuts. By keeping the economy open, maintaining a low tax environment, and being fiscally responsible, […]

Karine Jean-Pierre Stumped On Her First Day When Peter Doocy Asks How Raising Corporate Taxes Lowers Inflation

By The Daily Caller The new White House press sec. Karine Jean-Pierre appeared to dodge a question from Fox News’ Peter Doocy about a tweet from President Joe Biden regarding inflation. “Karine, congratulations, it’s nice to see you up there,” Doocy began. “The president’s Twitter account posted the other day if you wanna bring down inflation, […]

California Admits that 65,000 Students in its Community Colleges Are Fake – Costing the State Millions

By The Geller Report These fake students get financial aid. And the poor, beleaguered, abused American taxpayer foots the bill for all this graft, corruption and treachery. And no doubt these ‘fake students’ also voted for Biden and Newsome in their last respective elections too.  California Admits that 65,000 Students in its Community Colleges […]

The VA Bought 10,000 Smartphones during the Pandemic. 85% Were Never Used

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) There’s a right way and a wrong way to help homeless veterans. The US Department of Veterans Affairs wasted $1.8 million in data plan costs for unused phones, according to an inspector general’s report released on Wednesday. The Veterans Health Administration had spent $7 million to purchase 10,000 phones […]

VIDEO REPORT: Afghan Refugees Given $400,000 To Purchase Houses In Florida As Americans Go Homeless

By Dr. Rich Swier The WarRoom published this video report on relocating Afghan refugees. On September 7th, 2021 USA Today in an article titled, “White House asks Congress for billions in emergency funds for Afghan resettlement” Joey Garrison reported: WASHINGTON — The White House is seeking billions in emergency funds this month from Congress to help resettle […]

The True Cost of Government ‘Pay More, Get Less’

By Dr. Rich Swier Americans for Prosperity has release a video and a free eBook titled The True Cost of Government – Pay More, Get Less. Watch this short video on the True Cost of Government:  The True Cost of Government – Pay More, Get Less asks: Do you feel your paycheck isn’t going […]

Watch: Joe Biden Mocks Americans, Laughs at Rampant Inflation at White House Correspondents Dinner

By The Geller Report This is the POTUS for the middle class. Laughing about everyday Americans who are struggling to make ends meet because of his policies. Watch below. Joe Biden thinks it funny that the American people are struggling to pay for groceries, gas, and their rent. It’s not funny. It’s a crisis hurting […]

College debt belongs to those who signed for it!

By Save America Foundation Mentally challenged usurper “Sniffer” Joe Biden renewed his desire to cancel college debt for those who took it upon themselves to take the money, by up to $10,000! Libtards and no good commie members of the New Socialist Democrat Party have been calling out for $50,000 to be forgiven. Let me […]

U.S. Economy Shrank 1.4% Marking Worst Quarter in 2-Years

By The Geller Report How do President Trump’s tweets look now, America? Under President Trump the American economy was booming in all sectors. It was the envy of the world. Today, under the Biden Administration socialist economic policies, America’s economy is shrinking, and Wall Street is warning of a recession. Once again, the Biden Administration is a […]

Washington state Congressional candidate wants $30 an hour minimum wage

By Jihad Watch Why not $60? Or $100? Or $1,000,000? Make everyone a millionaire, and all our economic troubles will be over, right? Rebecca Parson, and there are many others who think like this “patriotic, Catholic, and queer” candidate, lacks a basic understanding of economics. If you force businesses to pay more in wages, they’ll […]

Governor Ron DeSantis, ‘Florida is going to hold Twitter’s board of directors accountable for breaching its fiduciary duties’

By Dr. Rich Swier Bloomberg’s Nathan Crooks reported: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the state could take action against Twitter Inc. for launching a poison pill defense to thwart an unsolicited bid by Elon Musk. “Why would you reject the 20% premium?” DeSantis said Tuesday at a press conference, accusing the company of censorship. “I don’t think that was a […]

Top Biden Pollster Warns ‘Most Americans Are Pissed’

By The Daily Caller Top Biden Pollster Warns ‘Most Americans Are Pissed,’ Says Democrats Are Facing ‘Really Sour Environment’ President Joe Biden’s chief pollster John Anzalone warned Democrats about major electoral problems going into the 2022 midterms in an interview released Friday, although he believes that they can still avoid major losses. Anzalone, who also worked on […]

These 5 States Will Have Highest Tax Burdens in 2022, New Analysis Reveals

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) Don’t be surprised if the states topping this new list start losing people to states that don’t take as much of their money. ax season is in full swing, and many Americans are likely grimacing as they crunch the numbers and prepare to open up their wallets. But some […]

Inflation Under Biden Reaches Staggering New Heights

By The Daily Caller The federal government’s latest inflation indicator showed that consumer prices skyrocketed 8.5% in March, the quickest uptick in four decades. “We’re seeing strong inflation momentum across the board, both for goods and services,” Blerina Uruci, a U.S. economist at T. Rowe Price Group, told The Wall Street Journal. “This is a […]

‘Inflation Tax’ Will Cost Families This Many Thousands This Year, Bloomberg Analysis Warns

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) There goes $433 a month from your family’s budget… Another day, another alarming inflation metric. We just got the numbers for the Personal Consumption Expenditures index (PCE), the Federal Reserve’s favored inflation metric, and they’re jaw-dropping. The PCE hit a 40-year high in February, with the measured prices rising 6.4% […]

California Democrats To Cut Gas Tax For 3rd Time, Raise Taxes Instead

By The Geller Report The brutalist party HATES you. They actually raised taxes on gas suppliers to use as rebates (Fox 40). From Republican Vince Fong: Sacramento Democrats gutted a common sense bill to temporarily suspend the state’s gas tax to provide immediate relief & replaced it w/ a massive tax increase on energy producers. […]

Payback Is Coming Due

By Royal A. Brown III Payback is coming due once the Republicans regain Congress and invoke “retribution” for the terrible, dangerous and destructive policies of Pelosi, Schumer and the Obama 3/Beijing Joe puppet administration. Democrats should and will be taken down. No more compromises. No worries about “Civility”. Rules should be changed to facilitate conservative […]

Republicans Help Democrats Pass $1.5T Excessive Omnibus Spending Bill — See The Florida RINO List

By Royal A. Brown III This 3,000 page bill was passed by Congress.  The House passed it in the middle of the night with less than 24 hours for House Members to read – the Senate rushed it thru as well adding hundreds of earmarks to pass pet projects. Unfortunately 8 Florida Republicans in the […]

GOP/Dem Bill Spends Millions for Border Security — in Eight Other Countries But Not America

By The Geller Report This is the act of a hostile actor. They serve their adversarial paymasters not the America. people. We are under siege. GOP/Dem Spending Bill Funds Border Security for Eight Foreign Countries By: John Binder, Breitbart News, March 11, 2022: A Democrat spending bill, negotiated with Republicans, uses American taxpayer money to fund […]

Americans Can’t Afford Gas, Congress Just Gave Itself a 21% Raise

By Jihad Watch The $1.5 trillion omnibus bill has plenty of inflationary spending, and the honorable members of the legislature didn’t leave themselves out. As part of the $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill released Wednesday, the $5.9 billion fiscal 2022 Legislative Branch funding portion would substantially boost the office budgets of House members to pay staff […]

With Americans Unable to Buy Gas, Biden Wants to Spend $2,600,000,000 on Global Gender Equality

By Jihad Watch Americans are struggling to pay for gas, buy bread and meat, but the progressive regime always has money to burn on its political causes. President Biden will request $2.6 billion for foreign assistance programs that promote general equality worldwide, he announced on International Women’s Day on Tuesday. How about promoting the ability of Americans to […]

Federal Reserve Chief Powell, ‘It’s Possible to Have More than One Reserve Currency in the World’

By The Geller Report Surrendering America’s financial dominance in the world.  While everyone screams about Ukraine, the Democrats are blowing up this country. Fed Chief Powell Says It’s Possible to Have More than One Reserve Currency in the World – Diminishing America’s Financial Dominance Joe Hoft, March 2, 2022: Fed Chief Jerome Powell says it’s possible […]

VIDEO: First, Psychological Warfare. Next, Financial Warfare

By MERCOLA Take Control of Your Health STORY AT-A-GLANCE In an interview with Joe Rogan, Maajid Nawaz, a former Islamist revolutionary who became an anti-extremism activist, discusses the manufacturing of consent around things that aren’t true Nawaz believes we’re in a hybrid war where information is the primary weapon Relativism, the idea that truth is […]

Did you know this about Florida’s Sarasota County School Board?

By Dr. Rich Swier A friend sent us an email titled “Did you know this about Sarasota Co. School Board?” This email is important because there is a referendum this month that extends the 1mil special tax on all residents of Sarasota County. It appears, according to The Daily Caller, that the Sarasota County School […]

Covid ‘Stimulus’ Screwed Americans While Boosting The Rich

By The Geller Report “We may seriously begin to ask if leftwing America is a massive oligarchy cloaked in identity politics.’ The left hates you. By: Joe Popularis, The Federalist, February 28, 2022: US. inflation is nearing levels not seen since the 1970s and early 1980s, at 7.5 percent year-over-year as of January, the largest rise in […]

VIDEO: The Plandemic Enters Final Stage, Real Purpose Exposed

By MERCOLA Take Control of Your Health  STORY AT-A-GLANCE February 21, 2022, the Canadian Parliament approved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act in response to the peaceful trucker protest against vaccine mandates Under the Act, Canadian banks can seize the personal bank accounts of anyone suspected of participating in or […]

You’re already paying more for groceries and gas. Here’s where consumers will feel the next round of ‘sticker shock.’

By Dr. Rich Swier FAIRtax’s Market Watch reports: Consumers may already be reeling from higher prices for things like groceries and energy, but S&P Global Ratings says inflation has more surprises in store. “Packaged food and household products companies have yet to pass through all of their price hikes, and so consumers will likely face more sticker […]

Florida Woman Accused of Using Stimulus Funds to Order Hit on Law Enforcement Officer Gunned Down in 2021

By Dr. Rich Swier This shocking story, if proven true, would just be the tip of the iceberg on the federal stimulus’s disastrous, dysfunctional results. Another day, another crazy possible example of our tax dollars being misused. A Florida woman allegedly used money from a federal stimulus loan to hire a hitman to murder a […]

The Magic Pill ‘Baby-Be-Gone’ Scam

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US In December, the FDA loosened restrictions on abortion pills, allowing doctors to prescribe them by telemedicine and customers to receive them by mail at home.  Previously, abortion pills had to be dispensed in person.  In 2016, when Robert Califf was commissioner, the FDA limited the reporting of adverse reactions to […]