Here Are The 17 GOP Senators Who Voted For Unlimited Spending

By The Daily Caller The U.S. Senate passed legislation late Thursday night to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, and the bill is now headed to President Joe Biden’s desk. The legislation passed with 17 Republicans joining 46 Democrats to suspend the debt ceiling until Jan. 2025. Five Democrats broke with their party. Ahead of the June […]

Senate Votes To Overturn Biden’s Student Loan Giveaway

By The Daily Caller Two Democrats and one Independent joined with all 48 present Senate Republicans on Thursday to pass a resolution blocking President Joe Biden’s plan to shift billions of dollars in student loans onto American taxpayers. The Congressional Review Act resolution, introduced in the upper chamber by Republican Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, would […]

The House Just Passed The Fiscal Responsibility Act. Here’s What’s In It

By The Daily Caller The House of Representatives passed on Wednesday night the Fiscal Responsibility Act, which would raise the debt ceiling into January 2025. The legislation, negotiated by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden, allows the federal government to take on unlimited debt through January 1, 2025. Both parties overwhelmingly supported the Fiscal […]

‘Invasion’: Trump Vows To End Birthright Citizenship For Children Of Illegal Immigrants

By The Daily Caller Former president and 2024 presidential contender Donald Trump pledged to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants in a video posted to Twitter Tuesday. Trump vowed that on his first day in office, if he’s elected president, he will sign an executive order that the children of illegal immigrants won’t be […]

The Leftist Climate Hoax Agenda Is Buying Its Way Into The News

By The Geller Report The news is a fiction much like your favorite episodic TV series. They manufacture a story, frame it, bring in the actors to sell it. Until America understands this, we are susceptible to manipulation and thought control. By: Larry Behrens, The Federalist, May 30, 2023 Take a moment to consider the phrase […]

RINO McCarthy Caves On His Debt-Ceiling ‘Deal,’ He Sold Us Out

By The Geller Report Apparently McCarthy was no match for the corrupt, diaper-wearing, cracked, child-sniffing mental patient. WATCH: @RepChipRoy SLAMS the terrible deal to raise the debt ceiling “Not one Republican should vote for this deal — it is a bad deal. No one sent us here to borrow an additional $4 trillion to get […]

The Great American Electric School Bus Boondoggle

By The Daily Caller Washington, D.C. could use another fiscal hawk like the late Sen. William Proxmire of Wisconsin. During his Senate career from 1957 to 1988, Proxmire instituted a regular Golden Fleece Award, with which he mocked “the biggest, most ridiculous or most ironic example of government spending.” Among his infamous recipients was the Department […]

Republicans’ Common-Sense Demands Are Winning The Debt Ceiling Debate

By The Daily Caller Republicans are winning the debt ceiling fight for two main reasons. First, the vast majority of Americans value and understand common sense. The issues being debated are spending decisions not unlike the ones hardworking folks have to deal with at their kitchen tables on any given night. This reality alone has […]

Econ Expert on the GOP’s Debt Ceiling Hand: ‘We’re Holding Four Aces’

By Family Research Council When members of Congress started boarding their flights home Thursday, not one of them knew how long they’d be gone. The possibility of a shorter-than-usual Memorial Day recess looms large as negotiators desperately try to hammer out a deal on the debt ceiling before June 1. “Every hour matters,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy […]

INSIDE LOOK: Photos From Inside ROW NYC Hotel Housing Up to 5,000 Illegal Immigrants in NYC

By The Geller Report One only has to look to history to see the fatal course America has taken under the Democrats, the party of the modern day Barbarians and Vandals. Like Rome, our downfall is a very much a result of catastrophic failures: In Rome, invasions by Barbarian tribes. In America, invasion at the […]

Radical Jayapal Threatens ‘Huge Backlash…in the Streets’ if Biden Negotiates Budget Cuts

By Discover The Networks During ongoing talks to raise the debt ceiling, radical Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) told CNN on Tuesday that any cuts to wasteful spending, including obsolete pandemic funding, would bring a backlash in the streets. Although the White House claimed Biden would not negotiate with Republicans on reducing wasteful spending, the administration engaged with House Speaker […]

Bolting Blue Cities: Major Firms Vow To LEAVE Chicago Amid WOKE Policies, High Crime, Higher Taxes

By The Geller Report Chicago’s new woke mayor is signed in and vows to tax the rich and big business to pay for progressive agenda – as major firms vow to PULL OUT of city (Daily Mail) Mayor Brandon Johnson beat out more moderate Chicago schools CEO Paul Vallas this month to earn the spot […]

No, You Can’t Invoke the 14th Amendment to Raise the Debt Ceiling

By Family Research Council Earlier this month, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned the U.S. could run out of money to pay its bills by June 1 if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling. This has led to a game of chicken between the White House and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. President Biden has […]

VIDEO: Watch as Biden Uses Buses To Transport Illegal Aliens Into America

By Dr. Rich Swier We have been writing about Biden’s not only opening the border but now we have video of buses being used in the dead of night to transport illegals into our nation by DHS. WATCH: Biden’s Border Invasion. Historian and Opinion Editor for the Daily Caller Michele Gama Sosa in an article […]

The Ongoing Californication of America

By Wallace Bruschweiler History is replete with political/cultural movements. For example The Renaissance during the 15th and 16th Centuries. Now, fast forward to today and we are eyewitnesses to a massive out-migration from California due, in large measure to the Marxism that has infected California’s politics since the 1960s. Recall, however, in earlier times, California’s […]

Weaponized IRS Removes Entire Team Investigating Hunter Biden

By The Geller Report The more the Democrat party is exposed for their criminal, treasonous actions, the more brazen and emboldened they get. How long does America sit by and watch while the greatest nation on earth is set ablaze? IRS removes investigative team from Hunter Biden probe in move whistleblower calls ‘clearly retaliatory’ By […]

Biden Ends Title 42 – Ramping Up The Immigration Delivery System

By Michael Cutler The goal is obvious. After several reprieves the Biden Administration finally ended Title 42 on My 11, 2023. Just about a year ago as the end of Title 42 appeared imminent I wrote an article worth revisiting:  Title 42 and Chaos on the Border In that article, among other issues I provided information […]

Border Flood: How Did We Get to This Point?

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US The end of Title 42 COVID restrictions today is expected to bring a flood of illegal aliens trying to cross the southern border.  Illegal border crossings have been exceeding 10,000 a day in anticipation.  How did we get to this point? To hear the Biden administration tell it, the […]

The U.S. Marine Corps: Missing in Action

By Center For Security Policy US Marine Corps Commandant General David Berger told a United States Congressional committee the other day that he had let down the “combatant commander.” The United States Marines Corps were unable to have Marines in position to assist US citizens during the ongoing fighting in Sudan and to provide assistance after a recent earthquake in Turkey. But he’s […]

Convicted MAN Who Raped Children To Be Sent to Woman’s Prison After Changing Pronouns to ‘She/Her’ During Sentencing

By The Geller Report A man convicted of the horrific sexual abuse of a 7-year-old girl abruptly changed his pronouns to “she/her” while being sentenced to life in federal prison for the crime. Every convicted rapists will be declaring themselves ‘women.’ America is sick to its very soul. Convicted Pedophile Changes Pronouns To “She/Her” During […]

Saul Alinsky’s Eight Steps to Topple a Nation Matches Perfectly Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda

By Dr. Rich Swier A reader sent us a link to Vassar Bushmills website that listed Alinsky’s eight steps to topple a nation. We realized after seeing them that they match the policies of the current administration and the Democrat Party. According to Discover the Networks Alinsky: Identified a set of very specific rules that ordinary […]

GDP Shows Economy Slowing in First Quarter of 2023

By The Geller Report Economic momentum is slowing, amid higher interest rates and a banking crisis, new gross domestic product report shows. The U.S. economy wobbled in the first months of 2023. But no worries, the Democrat media axis will cheer on these Biden ‘successes.’ There is very little growth in the Biden Administration’s putrid […]

Internal Revenue Service Hiring ‘Armed Agents’ for All 50 States

By The Geller Report “Must be willing to use force up to and including the use of deadly force.” Sick. The Democrats are at war against its own citizens. IRS plans to hire gun-carrying special agents in all 50 states Special agents with the IRS’ Criminal Investigation division are the only IRS agents permitted by […]

McCarthy Proves What He’s Made Of with Gritty Budget Win

By Family Research Council House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) hasn’t had an easy path. After painstakingly working through conservatives’ gripes with House leadership this January, he finally squeaked out the votes he needed to assume the third most powerful job in Washington. But even after that chaos died down, questions loomed. Was he cut out to be […]

Sen. Tim Scott Introduces Legislation Redirecting $15 Billion From IRS To Border Security

By The Daily Caller Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott introduced legislation Wednesday that would redirect $15 billion that was meant to help pay for 87,000 new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees and spend it on security measures along the southern border instead. The Daily Caller first obtained the legislation, which is titled the Securing […]

Report: Annual Costs of Illegal Immigration Soars to $150.7 Billion a Year

By Federation for American Immigration Reform A new report by FAIR, The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration, finds that as of 2022, American taxpayers shell out at least $150.7 billion each year to cover the cost of illegal immigration. Broken down, the data reveals that taxpayers pay $182 billion annually to provide services and benefits to […]

Comer Threatens Kerry’s ‘Powerful, Unchecked’ Climate Office With Subpoena

By The Daily Caller Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky has threatened to subpoena the office of special climate envoy John Kerry, over a failure to disclose documents to the House Oversight Committee, in a letter released Tuesday. Comer slammed the Biden administration for failing to respond to nearly two years of oversight requests from the […]

NYC Mayor Adams Rebukes Biden for Border Crisis, Citing $4.2 Billion in Costs

By Federation for American Immigration Reform New York City Mayor Eric Adams last week issued a sharp rebuke to President Biden for his immigration policies that have left the City inundated with illegal aliens.  “The president and the White House have failed New York City on this issue,” Mayor Adams said during a press conference […]

It’s Time to Separate School and State

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) The public school system is a failure and ripe for replacing. The state-run school system as it stands is a one-size-fits-all monstrosity which crowds out private alternatives and spreads socialistic and anti-Christian propaganda. It’s time to think bigger than Friedman’s school vouchers, it’s time to separate school from state. […]

Plundering Biden Creates New Government Agency, the “Office of Environmental Justice”

By The Geller Report G-d help us. The climate and racial  hoax on steroids. President Joe Biden will sign an executive order directing federal agencies to invest in disadvantaged communities disproportionately affected by pollution and climate change, the White House said. The president, who is preparing to announce his reelection bid next week, will make the […]