The Unseen Cost of Government Largesse

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) The U.S. government recently hit its $31.5 trillion debt limit after years of careening baseline spending on entitlements combined with emergency COVID-19 spending in the last few years to produce record-busting deficits. The new Republican majority in the House of Representatives, elected largely on economic concerns like inflation and runaway spending, […]

The IRS has Taxpayers Subsidize the ‘Iran Lobby’

By Jihad Watch And the double standard on pro-Israel and pro-Iran groups. During the freedom protests in Iran, #NIACLobbies4Mullahs trended on Twitter. It’s not the first time that Iranian refugees, dissidents and activists have denounced the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and accused it of acting as the ‘Iran Lobby’. But the over 300,000 tweets demonstrated the […]

PODCAST: Biden’s Proposal—Increase National Debt By 57.8%

By Conservative Commandos Radio Show GUESTS AND TOPICS TERRY JEFFREY  Terry Jeffrey is editor in chief of Prior to that, he served for more than a decade as editor of Human Events, where he is now an editor at large. From 1987-91, he was an editorial writer for The Washington Times, which entered his […]

New House Majority Attempts Debt-Defying Feat

By Family Research Council Will Rogers used to joke, “Alexander Hamilton started the Treasury Department with nothing — and sometimes I think that’s the closest we’ve been to breaking even.” Not many people saw the humor in that Thursday when the U.S. bumped its head on the debt ceiling, setting the stage for a titanic […]

VIDEO: Billions of Dollars for Lost Wages During Pandemic Went to Improper Payments

By Open The Books WASHINGTON, D.C. , The National Desk — Billions of taxpayer dollars for the COVID-19 Lost Wages Assistance program went to improper payments that the Federal Emergency Management Agency failed to control. Open the Books founder Adam Andrzejewski joined The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat Friday morning to discuss the money.  “The […]

Newsom Twosome: Siebel Newsom’s Films – Shown In Middle Schools – Feature Porn, Radical Gender Materials, And Her Husband Gavin

By Open The Books California Governor Gavin Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, are the dream team. He runs the state and she’s a nonprofit founder, entrepreneur, and filmmaker. While her husband attends to state business, Siebel Newsom engages in her passion: advancing “gender justice” through her charitable nonprofit The Representation Project. According to tax documents the […]

Trump Says GOP Should Not Cut Social Security As Part Of Spending Deal

By The Daily Caller Former President Donald Trump is urging congressional Republicans to keep entitlement reform off the table as part of debt ceiling negotiations. “Under no circumstances should Republicans vote to cut a single penny from Medicare or Social Security to help pay for Joe Biden’s reckless spending spree, which is more reckless than […]

The Smoke Grinder Government: How Gridlock Can Be Good

By Family Research Council Back in the ’80s, I used to watch a quirky PBS show with my dad on woodworking called “The Woodwright’s Shop.” In one episode, host Roy Underhill introduced an old wooden folk toy called a “smoke grinder,” or “do-nothing-machine.” It consisted of a block of wood with dovetails cut into the top, […]

Migrant Encounters At The Southern Border Hit New All-Time Record

By The Daily Caller U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) migrant encounters at the southern border surpassed 250,000 for the month of December, the highest ever recorded, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) source, who requested anonymity as they weren’t authorized to speak publicly, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The new total surpasses May 2022’s more […]

Carter introduces Fair Tax Act

By Dr. Rich Swier Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA) today introduced H.R. 25, the Fair Tax Act, to replace the current tax code with a national consumption tax known as the Fair Tax. “Cosponsoring this Georgia-made legislation was my first act as a Member of Congress and is, fittingly, the first bill I am […]

Congress’s 4,155-Page Omnibus Bill Is a Symbol of American Decadence

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) An eight-ream bill is no sign of legislative nobility. On December 20th a handful of Republican senators shuffled before an audience of reporters prepared to issue fiery polemics on the year-end omnibus bill which sat, heavy and ponderous in all its eight-ream absurdity on a wheeled cart before the […]

Migrants are ‘Drinking All Day,’ ‘Having Sex in the Stairs’ in Taxpayer-Funded Luxury New York Hotels: Whistleblower

By The Geller Report The Democrats plunder our hard earned money for this! We are funding our own ruin and demise. While people can’t buy food or heating oil, etc., these evil clown do this? An employee at Row, one of New York City’s best-known hotels, became a whistleblower Wednesday after he released video and […]

The Insurrection of General Milley

By Jihad Watch “Okay, I get it, it’s illegal, it’s wrong.” “The riots over the summer, you know, I could make a case that those riots were riots organic to an aggrieved community that perceived that they had various injustices throughout their life,” General Mark A Milley told the J6 Committee. “It was sheer, unmitigated […]

The “360,000 Amigos”

By Center For Security Policy President Biden and his Mexican and Canadian counterparts have been dubbed the “Three Amigos.” We should call the scheme he announced on the eve of their meeting this week the “Three-Hundred-and-Sixty-Thousand Amigos.” That’s the number of aliens expected to be brought here this year from four deeply problematic countries through […]

Radical K-12 Reform: Pay Homeschoolers

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities Governments should focus on funding effective education. What if we just cut through the morass of programs and take all the money being provided at the federal and state level and put it into individual student endowment accounts? The late 1970s in the United States was a time of […]

House Passes Rules Package. Here’s What Conservatives Won

By The Daily Caller Twenty House Republicans who initially opposed a Kevin McCarthy speakership extracted a slew of concessions from the Californian in exchange for their votes, devolving power away from chamber leadership and back toward rank-and-file members as well as themselves personally. On the 12th and 13th speaker ballots, 15 Republicans flipped to support McCarthy. They […]

In 2022, The IRS Went After the Very Poorest Taxpayers

By The Geller Report And so many of them vote Democrat — Stockholm Syndrome. I am sure they are comforted in their freezing beds in the knowledge that Ukraine is living large on their dime. In 2022, the IRS Went After the Very Poorest Taxpayers By: Liz Wolfe, Reason Magazine, January 5, 2023: (thanks to Van): […]

Here’s What Concessions Were Made in Battle for Speaker of the House

By The Geller Report We shall see, won’t we? But huge props to the Freedom Caucus for getting it done. The 20 restored a rule that allows the House to vote to fire specific federal government employees… — Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) January 7, 2023 Newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) had to make numerous concessions to […]

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Officially Declares Himself A Dictator

By The Geller Report Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky has officially signed a controversial new law expanding his administration’s control over Ukrainian news media, much to the concern of media unions and press freedom organizations who accuse the Eastern European leader of stifling free speech. The terrible consequences of this U.S. funded bloodbath. Ukraine’s Zelensky Signs […]

Biden Flees Winter Storm, Stays at Island Home of Wealthy Donors

By Discover The Networks President Joe Biden escaped winter’s chill with a trip to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he and First Lady Jill are staying at the home of wealthy donors, according to the Daily Wire. The Bidens will celebrate New Year’s Eve in the tropics as much of the country digs itself out […]

In 2019, 40 Democrats Called Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Battalion a Terrorist Org. Now They Send It Billions

By The Geller Report One thing is certain: the full extent of the ties between Ukraine and the posturing, self-righteous, desperately corrupt, hypocritical and self-serving U.S. Democrat establishment is not publicly known, and may never be known. But what we do know should have brought that entire establishment crashing down years ago. First, there was […]

Bidenomics: Nasdaq: -33%; S&P: -20%; Dow: -9%; Bonds: -12%

By Dr. Rich Swier “Americans have lost $13.5 trillion in household wealth.” — Julio Gonzalez, @TaxReformExpert As we approach January 1st, 2023 Americans have now had nearly two years of Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. As a tweet by Carlos Löwenbraü put it, “If U hate Trump after this 24 month shitshow your commitment to stupidity […]

Florida’s Scott and Rubio voted NO—Here’re the Quisling Republicans who Voted YEA on the $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill

By Royal A. Brown III The 4,155 page, unread, outrageous $1.7 trillion Omnibus Bill passed in the Senate with 18 RINOs voting along with all Democrats in Support. McConnel and Shelby lead the establishment Republican charge and both should be totally ASHAMED of this overspending which hamstrings the new Republican House thru Sep. 2023. This […]

Omnibus Spending Bill Secures Border…of Islamic Terror State

By Jihad Watch Omnibus bills are a disaster and this $1.7 trillion pork sandwich is no exception. It does however secure the border. Of every other Islamic country in the Middle East. In another section, the behemoth bill requires $410 million to “remain available” to reimburse Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Oman for “enhanced border security.” At […]

Here’s The List of Sleazebag Republicans Who Betrayed Us and Voted For Obscene Omnibus

By The Geller Report The Senate agreed to the motion to proceed to the obscene omnibus 70-25. Here are the craven quislings in the GOP who voted for this corrupt, crippling crushing debt. GOP in favor: Roy Blunt, MissouriJohn Boozman, ArkansasShelley Capito, West VirginiaSusan Collins, MaineJohn Cornyn, TexasTom Cotton, ArkansasLindsey,Graham, South CarolinaChuck Grassley, IowaCindy Hyde-Smith, […]

‘The Border Is Not Open,’ Says White House Press Secretary

By Family Research Council Hours before the Supreme Court paused the end of Title 42 (scheduled for Wednesday) until the Tuesday after Christmas, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre achieved new levels of Orwellian Newspeak on Monday for insisting, repeatedly, that the southern border was not “open.” And further, she argued that anyone claiming the border was […]

‘F*cking Insanity’: Massive Congressional Spending Bill Says Border Patrol Can’t Spend Funds On Border Security

By The Daily Caller The massive congressional spending bill released Tuesday would bar Customs and Border Protection (CBP) funding from going toward border security as the agency sees record numbers of illegal immigrants. The bill states that the $1,563,143,000 in funds allocated to CBP for “Operations and Support” can’t be used “to acquire, maintain, or […]

Philadelphia Fed: Job Gains This Year OVERSTATED by 1.1 Million, It Was Only 10K

By The Geller Report In the aggregate, 10,500 net new jobs were added during the period rather than the 1,121,500 jobs estimated by the sum of the states; the U.S. CES estimated net growth of 1,047,000 jobs for the period. Anyone who believes anything coming out of government agencies is not just gullible, they’re a danger to themselves […]

Zelenskyy’s Wife Drops $40,000 in Christmas Shopping Spree in Paris

By The Geller Report “Let them eat Medovik!” They don’t even attempt to hide the corruption. The Democrat thieves have taught them well. Today the lame duck Democrat congress are hammering out another billion dollar ‘omnibus’ bill raping the America taxpayer for Ukraine. French Social Media Erupts as Store Clerk on Avenue Montaigne Reports Zelenskyy’s Wife […]

How Migrants Make The Economies They Move To A Lot Like The Ones They Left

By Jihad Watch Ponder the implications of this for mass Muslim migration into Europe. And those implications are by no means solely economic. by Charles Fain Lehman, Washington Free Beacon, December 11, 2022: Imagine that you are a U.S. immigration officer, handing out green cards to the would-be Americans of the world. You have before you […]