Congress Inches Closer To Unshackling American Nuclear Energy

By The Daily Caller The Senate sent one of the most significant pro-nuclear energy bills in recent history to President Joe Biden’s desk this week, but the bill alone is unlikely to spur a nuclear renaissance in the U.S. The ADVANCE Act passed the Senate on Tuesday by a strong 88-2 bipartisan vote to the applause of pro-nuclear organizations […]

New EPA Rule Is a Death Sentence for American Energy

By The Daily Signal The Environmental Protection Agency plays judge, jury, and executioner—and its newest-issued rule is a death sentence to American energy and energy-producing states. Meanwhile, states like Pennsylvania, which will be disproportionately harmed by the rule because of our abundant natural gas production, hold the key to America’s increasing energy needs, generating immense economic development […]

TAKE ACTION AGAINST: Bidenflation and Broke America — Sinking Hearts and Pocketbooks

By ACT For America! Biden’s War on Energy and Its Catastrophic Impact on America TAKE ACTION TO MAKE ENERGY AFFORDABLE AGAIN! Biden’s war on energy is a war on the lower and middle class, who are always the first to feel the pain of high gas prices and the inevitable inflation that follows. Fox Business […]

AWED MEDIA BALANCED NEWS: Welcome! We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

By John Droz, Jr. Welcome! We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections. Here is the link for this issue, so please share it on social media. Checkout the 2024, 2023, 2022, & 2021 archives, plus asterisked items below. — This Newsletter’s Articles, by Topic — If You Only Have Time to […]

It’s Time to Make a Strategic PR Pivot in Dealing with the Climate Change Issue

By John Droz, Jr. Nothing short of Traditional Science is at stake here. This is a follow-up to my post: Who is Winning the Climate Change War? There have been numerous twists-and-turns regarding the Climate Change/Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) matter over the last 35± years. For those of us immersed in this fight on a daily […]

Who is Winning the Climate Change War?

By John Droz, Jr. Also: proof that the Climate and COVID alarmists used the same tactics… Believe it or not, there is actually disagreement with a few people as to who is winning the Climate Change war: Alarmists or Realists? An accurate response to that question will indicate the best strategy for the Realists (mostly Conservatives) to take […]

Private Property Rights: A common issue when wind or solar projects are being proposed

By John Droz, Jr. At public hearings about industrial wind and solar projects, the issue of private property rights frequently comes up. Almost always it is a claim that a potential leaseholder has the right to lease his property to a wind or solar developer. Like many aspects of these contentious matters, this is a decoy: intentionally inserted by […]

Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Scrap ‘Natural Gas Tax’ Wedged Inside Biden’s Climate Legislation

By The Daily Caller Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is introducing a Senate bill that would repeal a “natural gas tax” proposal enabled by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), President Joe Biden’s signature climate bill. The “Natural Gas Tax Repeal Act” would scrap IRA provisions that deputize the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to impose fines […]

Wind Turbines = Enormous ‘Unintended’ Consequences

By John Droz, Jr. The inevitable result when political science is substituted for real Science. I have written about certain bad aspects of wind turbines before — like here and here. This post is a brief, simple overview of the many widespread adverse consequences of industrial wind energy. To keep it simplified, I’ve even minimized the references — but they […]

‘He’s Not Wrong’: Margaret Brennan Presses Buttigieg On Trump’s Stance Over Electric Vehicles Purchased

By The Daily Caller CBS host Margaret Brennan pressed Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on former President Donald Trump’s stance on the amount of electric vehicles (EVs) purchased, noting Sunday that Trump’s take wasn’t “wrong.” Buttigieg appeared on “Face the Nation” to discuss President Joe Biden’s current push for the adoption of electric vehicles in the U.S., as […]

Biden Regime’s EPA sent $50,000,000 to Climate Justice Alliance, which glorifies Oct. 7th massacre

By Jihad Watch The speaker is Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV). “What does the “Palestinian” jihad have to do with the alleged climate crisis? Nothing whatsoever, except that both are part of the left’s agenda and both, if successful, will result in the advance of internationalist authoritarianism.” WATCH: Senator Shelly Capito Speaks about lack of […]

Biden’s Impeachable ‘Foreign Oil’ Policy

By Jihad Watch One long string of ‘quid-pro-quos’ that have led to international wars and terrorism. Five years after Trump was impeached over accusations that he pressured Ukraine for political reasons, Biden is pressuring Ukraine for political reasons with no impeachment in sight. Recent reports in the UK’s Telegraph and Financial Times suggest that Biden is demanding that Ukraine […]

Young adults losing the climate faith in the U.S. and only one third of voters think the IPCC experts are right

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow Good news: despite 2023 being the hottest year since Homo Erectus, there was a 17% fall in the number of 18 to 34-year-olds who call “Climate change”  a very serious problem. Even though there were hottest-ever-headlines month after month, the punters lost the faith. No one is cracking champagne because 50% […]

Carbon Capture Doesn’t Work, So Why Are They Doing It?

By John Droz, Jr. This is yet again another VERY bad idea… BY: REBECCA TERRELL Rebecca Terrell is an editor of the New American magazine and has written about unscientific foolishness for a long time. As such, I am honored for her to write this Critical Thinking Substack commentary. Carbon dioxide harvesting is the Establishment’s […]

Red States Slap California, Biden Admin With Lawsuits To Halt Electric Truck Push

By The Daily Caller Large coalitions of red states are suing regulators in Washington, D.C., and California over rules designed to effectively require increases in electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Nebraska is leading a 24-state coalition in a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recently-finalized emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles in the U.S. Court of Appeals for […]

Wind Turbine Related Radiation: Wind Energy is NOT Free, Clean, or Green

By John Droz, Jr. This is the last in a recent series I’ve posted about radiation and some of our energy sources. It started with a commentary arguing that there are good reasons to categorize Nuclear power as a “renewable” source of electrical energy. Next was Nuclear Power Radiation — Part 1 (which outlined radiation from normal nuclear power operations, […]

What has Global Warming got to do with the War against Hamas?

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities In early April, an offshoot of the Just Stop Oil eco-activist group calling themselves Youth Demand descended upon the London HQ of the UK Labour Party and sprayed it all over with red paint. Its occupants had “blood on their hands”, they said. Apparently, the Labour Party, who are highly likely […]

Nuclear Power Radiation — Part 2

By John Droz, Jr. Recently, I posted a commentary arguing that there are good reasons to categorize Nuclear power as a “renewable” source of electrical energy, followed by another post: Nuclear Power Radiation — Part 1. That outlined radiation from normal nuclear power operations, waste, and misc. This Part 2 will briefly cover the rest of the well-known nuclear radiation […]

Nuclear Power Radiation — Part 1

By John Droz, Jr. Recently, I posted a commentary arguing that there are good reasons to categorize Nuclear power as a “renewable” source of electrical energy. One reader said OK, but what about the radiation problem? My answer is what radiation problem? I’ll break down this technical matter into two parts, and try to keep it understandable to non-scientists. Part 1 […]

Biden Admin Locks In Regulations Targeting Appliance Owned By ‘Almost Every US Household’

By The Daily Caller The Department of Energy (DOE) finalized regulations Tuesday for a popular appliance that will push the market toward adopting heat pump technology. The DOE’s final energy efficiency regulations for water heaters will apply to common electrical water heaters and significantly increase the share of those models that use heat pumps, according to the agency. […]

Elon Musk May Have Just Dealt A Blow To Biden’s EV Agenda

By The Daily Caller Tesla laid off a large portion of a key team in its electric vehicle (EV) charger division on Monday, a move that could pose problems for President Joe Biden’s broad EV agenda. The company reportedly laid off nearly all of its employees working on the company’s “Superchargers,” which charge EVs quicker […]

It’s coal to the rescue as wind and solar fail to keep German lights on

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow In Germany they call it the “Energiewende,” meaning energy transition, and it doesn’t work. Germans have been forced to come to grips with sober energy reality after binging on more than half a trillion Euros of so-called “alternative” energy, such as wind turbines and solar panels.  This dramatically increased the price of […]

Nuclear Is A Renewable Energy: Wind and Solar lobbyists are fighting this reality!

By John Droz, Jr. As a physicist, I believe that one of the reasons that intelligent energy policies have not gained sufficient traction is that we are allowing those with political agendas (vs independent scientists) to define some key energy terms. [One thing I know from golf, is that a match is usually won or lost […]

Texas Official Says Biden Admin Green Power Initiative Could Cause ‘Significant’ Environmental Damage

By The Daily Caller A Republican official in Texas is opposing the Biden administration’s effort to bring offshore wind to the coast of the Lone Star state due in part to concerns that the technology could have negative environmental impacts. Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham filed comments with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) […]

Top Biden Bureaucrat Consulted With Eco-Activists To Justify Infusing Social Justice Into Wind Program

By The Daily Caller A senior Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) official consulted climate activists about finding legal justification for the agency’s push to get developers to invest in “underserved communities,” according to communications obtained by Protect the Public’s Trust. Marissa Knodel, a senior adviser at BOEM who formerly worked for eco-advocacy group Earthjustice, sought the […]

Proof Positive: The Globalist Left Aligns With Hamas

By Cherie Zaslawsky The Climate Justice Alliance is in “solidarity” with terrorists’ massacre of Jews on October 7th.  From an article in the Washington Free Beacon: In the aftermath of Hamas’s Oct. 7 terror attack against Israel, left-wing nonprofit Climate Justice Alliance expressed “unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian freedom struggle” and blamed the attack on […]

Top Automaker Takes $1.3 Billion Dollar Bath On Key EV Line

By The Daily Caller Top American automaker Ford hemorrhaged over a billion dollars on electric vehicles (EV) in the first quarter, leading to massive losses per vehicle. Ford sold 10,000 vehicles in its EV Model e unit in the first three months of the year, losing $1.3 billion on the line altogether, equating to a loss […]

Biden Admin Used Border Wall Funds On ‘Environmental Planning’ And Cleanup, Government Watchdog Says

By The Daily Caller The Biden administration spent taxpayer dollars meant to fund a border wall to pay for “environmental planning,” according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). At the request of Republican Reps. Jack Bergman of Michigan and Jodey Arrington of Texas, the GAO investigated whether the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) broke the law […]

DAVID BLACKMON: Having Biden Declare A Climate Emergency Is A Crazy Idea

By The Daily Caller I recorded a podcast this week in which the host told me I am an “outlier” for being willing to write the truth about the destructive nature of the Biden administration’s energy policies. It was one of the kindest things anyone has ever said to me, frankly. So, I guess I […]

MARC MORANO: Biden May Declare ‘Dictatorial U.S. Climate Emergency’ Bypassing U.S. The Constitution

By Marc Morano Morano on Fox talks Biden’s access to ‘COVID-like powers’ if he declares a national ‘Climate Emergency’ – ‘Dictatorial Powers’ Fox Business – The Bottom Line w/ Dagen McDowell & Sean Duffy – Broadcast April 19, 2024 Sean Duffy: The White House told Fox Business that it is now considering declaring a national ‘climate […]