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Did You Know That Charles Darwin’s 10 Children Were The Products of An Incestuous Relationship?

By Dr. Rich Swier

There are many who have embraced the works of Charles Darwin. His man “came from apes thing” is believed by many academicians who teach it in public schools, colleges, universities globally. Therefore his man from apes is believed by many ordinary people today who have been taught to believe his theory of evolution as the truth. These same people refuse to believe in “creationism”, which the religious belief of Jews, Christians and Muslims that nature, the universe, the earth, life, and humans, originated with supernatural acts of divine creator.

What many do not know is that Darwin’s ten children were the products of inbreeding.

Doing research for this column we found an article that asked: Is it possible for humans and chimpanzees to interbreed? The author’s answer was yes, stating “Genetic analysis suggests there may have been a long period of cross-breeding between early ancestors of the humans and chimpanzees, before they finally split into the Homo and Pan (chimp) genera around six million years ago.

However, those who believe in Darwin, as a scientist, need to understand that all of his children were born due to an incestuous relationship.

In a January 18th, 2009 The Guardian article titled ‘We ought to be exterminated’ Steve Jones wrote,

Charles Darwin had worried about his plans for marriage. Perhaps the whole idea was a mistake because of the time that would be wasted on domestic life at the expense of science. His diary records how he agonised over the pros and cons, and his decision to “Marry, marry, marry!” And marry, in the end, he did.

His spouse was his cousin, Emma Wedgwood. In falling for a relative he stuck to a clan tradition. The Darwins, like many among the Victorian upper crust, had long preferred to share a bed with their kin. Charles’s grandfather Josiah Wedgwood set up home with his third cousin Sarah Wedgwood. Their daughter, Susannah, chose Robert Darwin, Charles’s father. Charles’s uncle – Emma’s father – had nine offspring, four of whom married cousins. The evolutionist’s own marriage was in the end happy, with 10 children (and when his wife was in her 40s he wrote that “Emma has been very neglectful of late for we have not had a child for more than one whole year”). Even so, in Queen Victoria’s fecund days the Darwin-Wedgwood dynasty did less well than most, for among the 62 uncles, cousins and aunts (Emma and Charles included) who descended from Josiah, 38 had no progeny that survived to adulthood.

Six years after his wife’s last confinement Darwin began to think about the dangers of inbreeding, in particular as they applied to his own choice of spouse. His concern was picked up from another of his cousins, Francis Galton, the founder of eugenics, who had pointed out the potential dangers of marriage within the clan. [Emphasis added]

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In a May 3rd, 2010 article titled How Charles Darwin’s family paid the price of inbreeding Fiona MacRae for the Daily Mail reported,

He is the father of evolution, whose discoveries revolutionised our understanding of genetics.

But even Charles Darwin was not exempt from the vagaries of DNA.

Three of Darwin’s 10 children died in childhood, while another three never had any children of their own, despite being married for years.

A study of the scientist’s family tree suggests inbreeding was to blame, with frequent cousin to cousin marriages lowering immunity to disease and raising the odds of infertility.

Darwin’s mother, Susannah, was the daughter of third cousins, one of which was Josiah Wedgwood, the founder of the pottery dynasty of the same name.

Darwin’s wife, Emma Wedgwood, was his first cousin, while the Wedgwood family tree contained several other marriages between cousins.

The couple had ten children – four girls and six boys – between 1839 and 1858.  But only seven survived to adulthood.

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Best Glitz reported this about Charles Darwin’s children,

Many of his seven children, who had survived into adulthood, would lead a different life, as George Darwin became the professor of astronomy and experimental philosophy at Cambridge University, or Leonard Darwin, the president of the university became Royal Geological Society. Their most notable contribution to science, however, was less than something they did.

Starting with his first son, William Erasmus Darwin, Charles Darwin began to make detailed notes about the development of his children. Certainly he did not go out to see how they responded to deliberate abuse or neglect, but the tone of his notes would be so distant that he called at least one of them “it.” He published his observations in 1872 as part of the book The expression of emotions in humans and animals. The experiments carried out on William, Anne and other Darwin children were vigorously quoted by such giants in the burgeoning field of psychology as Sigmund Freud.

It’s interesting to understand that the man who created the erroneous idea that man was evolved from animals was married to his cousin Emma. It appears that his emotions got the best of him. One might even say Darwin’s “emotions” were similar to an animal who mates with one of their own family like mice, sand lizards and some shorebirds and black-legged kittiwake chicks who are much more likely to die if their parents are closely related to each other.

Those who forget Darwin’s sad family history are doomed to repeat it. There’s an attempt today, in 2023, to make child marriages, incest, pedophilia, pederasty and even incest normal behaviors.

Today there are some academicians who wish to rebrand pederasts, pedophiles, perverts as “minor attracted persons.” Incest is one of the key factors in promoting abortion. It’s easy for a father to get rid “it”, a.k.a. his daughter’s baby.

There are many examples of fathers impregnating their daughters and then taking them to a Planned Parenthood facility to get rid of his problem called “it”.

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