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Insane! Communist Psychoanalysts Stand Up For Hamas

By Jihad Watch

No, Elder of Ziyon — who discovered this group — did not make these people up. They really exist. They are psychoanalysts. And the last word on that profession was delivered by the Austrian Jewish writer and aphorist Karl Kraus, who wrote “Psychiatry is the disease for which it is supposed to be the cure.” Oh, and one more thing.

These British psychiatrists are also communists. Not “democratic socialists.” Not “leftists.” The real McCoy: Communists, like V. I. Lenin and Chairman Mao. And they have girded their loins and prepared to wage ideological battle on the side — not so much of the workers of the world, but of the persecuted Palestinians, as they bravely endure the cruelties visited upon them by those terrible Israelis and their apartheid settler-colonial genocidal state.

More on these absurd creatures can be found here: “Insane Communist Mental Health Professionals for Hamas,” Elder of Ziyon, March 27, 2024:

I saw another of the endless open letters from various groups expressing solidarity with “Palestinians” (meaning, Hamas):

We are members of psychoanalytic organisations in solidarity with our colleagues in Gaza, standing with Palestine against the genocide currently being waged by the Israeli state. This current onslaught, which has already resulted to date in the death of more than ten thousand people in Gaza, and many murders by settlers of Palestinians in the West Bank, is being conducted with the support of regimes in the global north that care nothing for human life. The Israeli state and those who deliberately abet it care nothing for those they portray as sub-human, and whom they tolerate, at best, as powerless victims….

The Israeli state does not portray the Palestinians as “sub-human.” It is the other way round: the Palestinians, and not just Hamas, portray Israelis as satanic figures, hook-nosed, with fangs instead of teeth, and with claws instead of hands, ready to sink those fangs into the flesh into the flesh of Palestinian children.

Nor, despite what all those communist psychoanalysts claim, is Israel committing “genocide” in Gaza. There are no “showers” where instead of hot water, Zyklon-B comes out of the shower heads; there are no cattle cars into which Palestinians are locked, only to suffocate; there are no open pits where naked Palestinian men and women are forced to kneel, and then shot in the back of their heads, as one by one they topple into graves as vast as those at Babi Yar, where 33,000 Jews were murdered in two days.

In fact, the IDF makes colossal efforts to minimize civilian casualties by warning them to leave areas, or buildings, that are about to be targeted. After one month of war, the IDF had already dropped seven million leaflets, sent six million messages and made four million prerecorded phone calls, in order to persuade Gazans to leave the north and head south of the Wadi Gaza. Nine hundred thousand Gazans did as instructed, and found safety in Khan Younis and, further south, in Rafah. That is how the IDF minimizes civilian casualties. Meanwhile, Hamas, which embeds its operatives, and hides its weapons, among civilians, tries always and everywhere to increase the number of civilians who are killed, hoping thereby to score propaganda points against the state of Israel.

What these psychoanalysts — like so many others — fail to realize is that the IDF, far from committing “genocide,” has managed, by dint of its extensive warning system, to achieve a civilian-to-combatant ratio of close to 1:1, that is, one civilian killed for every combatant who is killed. That is a lower rate than any army has ever managed to attain in the history of warfare. The UN has said that in all the wars fought since World War II, the ratio of civilians-to-combatants killed has been 9:1. In Afghanistan the Americans managed to reduce that ratio to 4:1, and in Iraq, to 3:1. But no army has managed a ratio lower than that, save the IDF in Gaza.

In fact, the charge of “genocide” flung at Israel, and not only by crazed psychoanalysts, is even more absurd, if we consider the Palestinian Arab population of Gaza, of the West Bank, and of Israel itself. When Israel took over Gaza in 1967, the Strip had a population of 400,000. When the Israelis pulled out in 2005, the population of Gaza was 1.3 million, a more than threefold increase. When Israel took over the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) in 1967, its Arab population was 900,000. Today that Arab population has risen to three million — again, a more than threefold increase. In Israel within the pre-1967 lines, the Arab population in 1948 was 160,000. Today it is two million, a fourteen-fold increase. Genocide? What genocide?

Elder of Ziyon says this about these Marxist psychoanalysts:

Many of their online seminars are centered around “Palestine,” but this one where they advocate abolishing the family altogether pretty much sums up how unbalanced these “mental health professionals” are.

As good communists, albeit psychoanalytic ones, these fellows want to abolish private property, the pursuit of which is a cause of so much strife. No private property, no lusting after wealth. La propriété c’est le vol — Property is theft, said Proudhon, so without property there will no longer be theft. From each according to his…to each according to his…Gosh, I forget how it goes, but it probably doesn’t matter. These Marxist psychoanalysts, or psychoanalytic Marxists, insist we must also do away with the family. Let children be raised, in a scientific and gradgrindian manner, far from their so-called “nuclear families,” and instead let them be raised by the Greater Family of the State. There is no reason why we should either give or receive special affection from children just because they are, in some preposterously bourgeois sense, “ours.” No, in the brave new world to come, we will all be Leibnizian monads, nomads floating in the ether without any ties that bind, so all mankind will be free, so very free, at last. What could be better?

Indeed, I feel better already, knowing that an indomitable group of Marxist psychoanalysts will now be Standing Up For Palestine, and not relying just on the hoary theories of yesteryear, but will be much improved by what they describe as “our efforts to develop a novel theoretical basis for psychotherapy today, informed by Marxist, anti-racist, queer feminist, indigenous, decolonial and radical disability theories.”

And if you cannot remember much else, always remember that one phrase that puts us, as Barack Obama, another Marxist (and a grasping millionaire to boot) liked to say, “on the right side of history.” That indispensable, quasi-magical phrase? “From the river to the sea/Palestine will be free.” For so many, these days, that’s all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.




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