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Crush the Deep State Fraud Republican Maggots on November 5th, 2024

By Geoff Ross

It’s bad news for our constitutional republic as 86 members of the socialist Republican Party working in tight unity with the Communist Democrat party is continuing to follow the same path of the Communist Venezuelan Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) and the General Directorate of Venezuelan Military Counterintelligence.

The Republican controlled Congress has recently re-funded the unconstitutional spying on American citizens without a warrant much like the Venezuelan government. The Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela like the Republican controlled Congress in Washington DC also redirects millions of dollars to spy on its Venezuelan citizens.

The Maduro Communists in Venezuela use Italian and Russian technology to monitor emails, keywords and telephone conversations and internet surfing of its citizens.

The National Security Agency (NSA) and the corrupt FBI leadership in Washington DC use AT&T telecommunications software and hardware. Same corrupt system using different platforms.

The SEBIN Communists in Venezuela operate from two headquarters. The first is El Helicoide where the Communists spying on its citizens originated and the second more modern facility is in Plaza Venezuela. This building has a close resemblance to the NSA listening post in New York City.

The secretive members of the Communist Venezuelan SEBIN agency are rarely seen in public wearing their full black uniforms; they could be compared to the secretive duties of the NSA or FBI perhaps even the Men in Black operating under deep state surveillance programs.

These Communist Venezuelan federal officials can be sometimes seen providing protection for dignitaries within a few federal buildings throughout Venezuela. But they are rarely seen.

In Plaza Venezuela Maduros political prisoners are held for interrogation much like the J6 Biden political prisoners in the USA are being held in prison.

The Venezuelan political prisoners are shackled five stories underground of the SEBIN headquarters. The cells are permanently kept at freezing temperatures with no ventilation, sanitation, or daylight.

One of my Venezuelan wife’s close friend’s were executed with a bullet to the head by the Communist regime in Caracas. My wife was granted asylum in Colombia for 10 years as she feared for her life after she denounced Maduro before relocating to the USA to be with me.

The 86 republican traitors to our constitutional republic who voted yes to continue the Bush, Obama / Biden 4th Amendment violations on Americans must be removed from our Congress sooner rather than later. They are of the same mindset of the Communist legislature in Venezuela.

It must be noted that the Communist government of Venezuela led by the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro also “maintains a network of spies in the United States, formed by supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution” according to former Communist SEBIN officials.

We Americans must continue to publish articles that offend the Biden Marxist regime, while we protect our internet surfing history, protect our phone calls etc spied on by AT&T technology, where our Emails etc being read unconstitutionally by the NSA and FBI without a warrant. We must also be wary of the Communist dictatorship of Venezuela operating in our republic.

The first step to disrupt the NSA and FBI from spying on us as conservatives is to immediately delete your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Change your phone company from AT&T to something else. Stop traveling with your IPhone, delete as many applications as possible from your phone. Disable the microphone in your iPhone.

Reduce your phone contact list to only close associates reduce your circle to only close friends. Create un breakable passwords on your g mail accounts and online banking.

We must not allow this Republican weasel led Congress to continue funding Biden’s weaponized FBI and NSA programs. They are traitors, they are bottom feeding maggots they are UnAmerican scum that live in a recycled septic tank of Marxist crap.

Vote these evil politicians out of office both republican and democrat. Replace them with constitutional conservatives. Vote for Trump in November 2024 and crush these deep state Marxists. Crush them like fleas. Crush them at the ballot box, stop funding their campaigns. Do it.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.