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Cry Me an Atmospheric River

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US

Last week, I began to tell you about the people cashing in on green mania, starting with the beneficiaries of federal money from the ideologically overcommitted Biden administration and green investors who have a vested financial interest in getting you to buy into the phony narrative of climate change.

Today, we pick up with environmental groups which, it has long been reported, are taking money from Russia and China to propagate climate change malarkey.  But the problem starts at home.  A new report documents that environmental groups in Massachusetts have taken over $4 million from wind energy developers which compromises their ability to accurately assess the threats offshore wind projects pose to the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale.

Another extreme funding event occurred when a Democrat-connected nonprofit gave $140,000 to a research firm to produce a study claiming ‘climate change misinformation’ mushroomed on Twitter after Elon Musk took over.  The research firm is the parent company of Fusion GPS which was behind the debunked Steele dossier in the Trump/Russia collusion hoax.  I’m not big on hired gun ‘studies’.

Another recent story shows that Mrs. Steve Jobs and another left-wing billionaire have been bankrolling Climate Imperative, a green energy nonprofit that has been working to ban gas stoves.  Climate Imperative has a billion dollar budget, enough to buy oodles of false messaging about natural gas and give grants to other groups working toward the same end.  Climate Imperative has a Chinese government official on its advisory board, someone who serves in the Chinese legislature and on a party-insider committee.  It is in China’s interest to move the U.S. away from reliable energy sources.

Journalists are also cashing in.  I’ve told you previously about some multi-million dollar climate journalism projects at the Associated Press and elsewhere. [Daily Skirmish – 9/30/22]  There are new details about the $8 million effort which enabled the Associated Press to hire 22 climate reporters.  Green energy investors are behind the push, including big left-wing foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation whose endowments are heavily invested in green energy companies.  These investors are paying the media to push the climate change narrative to keep their endowments growing.  None of this is disclosed in AP climate stories.

Journalists around the world are getting scholarships to report on biodiversity conferences.  The scholarships come from the Earth Journalism Network which is funded, by among other others – would you look at this: the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.  Still more grants for climate journalists are available from the Pulitzer Center Rainforest Journalism Fund.  The fund is supported by the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI).  Norway is banking on green energy to meet its future energy needs, so it’s all-in on the Paris climate accord and the climate change narrative driving it.

The recent Los Angeles school strike was partly about cashing in on green mania.  The union demanded, among other things, the district adopt a socialist-backed plan to transform schools into ‘green’ social services hubs.  And, oh by the way, teachers should be paid more – more than the $115,000 a year they’re currently getting – to teach ‘climate literacy’ courses, among other things.

States, entire countries and the U.N. also want on board the green gravy train.  Wyoming’s Governor vetoed a bill that would have threatened a federally subsidized wind energy program in the state.  California apparently wants to spend taxpayer money to give college students $10,000 stipends for climate activism.  The U.N. is demanding billions of dollars to keep global warming at bay.  African countries and Egypt want trillions of dollars supposedly for ‘climate mitigation’.

So there you have the rundown on green grifters, people only in the climate change game for the money.  Remember to follow the money the next time you see screaming headlines about the climate or politicians crowing about how much taxpayer money they’re spending on climate change.  It’s just the Green Industrial Complex at work.

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