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VIDEO: Fracking Our Way to Energy Independence

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

We live in a world where we take countless conveniences for granted.

We heat and cool our homes with the turn of a knob or press of a button. We turn on the lights for as long as we like with the flip of a switch.

What makes all this modern ease possible?

Reliable, affordable energy. And much of that is thanks to hydraulic fracturing, aka “fracking.”

Check out CFACT’s latest “Conservation Nation” video which highlights the importance of fracking in our daily lives.

Of course, not everyone recognizes fracking’s importance. Many on the Left view the affordable energy fracking provides as something to be attacked, not praised.

And attack they have. Fracking has come under criticism from the media, activists, and liberal politicians at all levels.

Can fracking, and the many small family-owned operators within the industry, survive?

That’s what Gabriella Hoffman investigates on the latest episode of CFACT’s Conservation Nation YouTube series. Hoffman gets the perspective straight from the operators and rig workers themselves.

Watch the new segment.

While the first segment explores how fracking works, “Part 2” takes on the purported claims of environmental harm it causes as well as the impact regulatory assaults are having on the industry.

This winter, whenever you shuffle to the thermostat and turn it up a couple degrees, remember to think of the workers who are out in the field harvesting the energy we all take for granted.

They deserve to be thanked and appreciated – not vilified by politicians and the media.

Watch the latest episode of Conservation Nation here and learn the facts.

WATCH PART 1: Drilling into the truth behind fracking.

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Renewable Energy Experts Cast Doubt On Biden’s Wind Power Plans

By The Daily Caller

The Biden administration’s aggressive plans to transition away from fossil fuels to a decarbonized electric grid may be impossible to achieve, according to energy experts.

To achieve President Joe Biden’s net-zero emissions by 2050 goal, for example, the U.S. would need to triple its existing transmission line infrastructure, according to a 2020 Princeton University study. The U.S. would also need to invest $3.4 trillion in transmission line expansions, including lines connecting new solar and wind energy generation to the grid, the study concluded.

“The current power grid took 150 years to build. Now, to get to net-zero emissions by 2050, we must build that amount of transmission again in the next 15 years and then build that much more again in the 15 years after that,” Jesse Jenkins, a Princeton researcher and co-author of the study, said, E&E News reported.

Since Biden took office, he has pledged to cut U.S. emissions 50% by 2030, have a 100% carbon-free grid by 2035 and have the economy reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. As part of the president’s clean energy agenda, the Department of the Interior unveiled plans to fund up to seven offshore wind farms nationwide with a total capacity of 30 gigawatts (GW) by 2030 in October.

However, the 30 GW of power proposal falls far short of the 300 GW that offshore wind farms on the East Coast would need to produce to achieve net-zero, Tufts University environmental engineering expert Eric Hines said, according to E&E News.

“Once we get beyond that first 30 GW, we are really going to have our hands tied as an industry,” Avangrid Renewables president Bill White said during a recent conference, E&E News reported.

The Oregon-based Avangrid is a major developer of renewable energy technology that owns a 50% stake in a wind project off the coast of Massachusetts. The project, which is under construction and is on pace to be the first of its kind in the U.S., will consist of 62 wind turbines and generate 800 megawatts per year.

Overall, there are just 14 offshore projects in development along the East Coast, E&E News reported. While the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) continues to coordinate with a number of states on several projects, the agency has noted that the U.S. will need more wind projection to reach its energy goals.

“We will indeed need more capacity,” BOEM’s head of renewable energy, James Bennet, said, according to E&E News.

Wind and solar generation, though, have been criticized for being unreliable sources of energy since they almost never produce the amount of power they are capable of. Offshore wind, for example, produces just 45% of its energy capacity because of its intermittent production capability, Energy Information Administration data showed.

“We’ve supplanted geographically-specific policies for a general policy that wind and solar are generally good and fossil fuel is bad,” American Institute for Economic Research senior faculty Ryan Yonk previously told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “And that puts the ability to consistently produce energy at a reasonable price in jeopardy.”



Energy and environment reporter.

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The Covid, Climate Alliance

By Joe Bastardi

Maybe it is all just a big Coincidence — Covid and Climate.

I have 2 chapters in my book on this matter. The book was written in March and April of 2020 so it predates the evolution of what you see

(btw it is available here and it is stocking stuffer size, sort of).  Keep hawking it, as unlike some things one writes where they are current, then in the past, this book is just as current now as when it was written)

In any case, I have to question whether this is all a  coincidence.

Think about it. What does Marxism seek to do? It is a top-down authoritarian form of governance where control of the free will and freedom of the individual is a must. This force’s dependence on the state, and in the spiritual aspect, forces a person to choose between that dependence and one’s religious belief.

So what are you seeing here? Covid policy is a tactic to control. The Virus is GOING TO NATURALLY MUTATE TO GET AROUND ANY TYPE OF ARTIFICIAL RESISTANCE. Nature does that all the time. But think what the reaction, no matter what the intention, has done. It forced a sense of fear and almost blind reliance, and outsourcing of one’s freedom, to someone who will take care of you. The age-old question of is it better to be safe or strong enough to resist a threat comes to mind. Those seeking safety first will trust someone else rather than themselves. How else can you explain an almost blind allegiance to someone who has not actively treated a patient in a practice for over 30 years, over doctors on the front lines offering suggestings on how to stop this? Dr Fauci, who is now floating the trial balloon of renewed lockdowns. Right in time for the holidays.

They want to talk math and science right? Okay. Tested positives are near 50 million. It is hugely telling that the people pushing a vaccine have not set up antibody testing stations around the country with the availability of testing or vaccination sites, You can get the shot anywhere, but you can’t tell if you have Covid antibodies in the same ratio, It is common knowledge now that natural immunity ( and for goodness sakes.  This should be intuitive)Why isn’t the French vaccine available here? It uses the tried and true method of prevention, stimulating your body to create its own antibodies and then becoming more mutation resistant.

Nature is a stronger and longer defense against COVID. So why would you not want to get an actual count of people with antibodies?, rather than a tested count? THAT MAKES NO SENSE. And it is baffling how people don’t see that.  Or don’t ask why vaccines like the one above are not available.  Dr  Fauci says it spread 5x faster than flu. By HIS IDEA the whole country should have had it by now. But no matter let’s take how many people have been vaccinated. It is over 230,000,000 million, You have 50 million immune and if the vax is so powerful that it is our patriotic duty to get it, even though there is a risk.

Now given the recent surge, if all this vax talk was true, then how is it we are seeing such a surge with so many fewer people that are supposedly the ones that are responsible. There are only 50 million “unprotected”. Something is wrong here with what we are being told. My suspicion is what many of us know, the man-made vax simply fades. And a lot of vaxed people are walking around not understanding that they are likely no better off than an unvaxed person and certainly not better off than someone that had covid ( of which I believe there are many more). They are actually at risk from a false sense of security.

Covid is dangerous. It is a blight. But either the people that are pushing all this are  incompetent, or they are purposely hiding the examples above I gave

Why shut down frontline doctors aggressively treating this with therapeutics?   Why isn’t the more classic French Version available here? There are countless questions, and they get blocked with an aggressive campaign to isolate, demonize and destroy, the classic Marxist tactic.

Now to climate. FORCED ADHERENCE IS HERE. You are seeing it in the form of price rise. Biden has created the mess and now has decided we need to look at those evil energy companies for raising prices. There is a calculated step up. Arrogant elitists tell us we can afford an extra dollar a pound for turkeys. Meat prices rise, so more people have to figure out what else to eat. An energy secretary laughs at the problem on the video, saying she wished she had a magic wand to force the now all-powerful again OPEC to lower their prices. And so people, the poorest especially must react. Just like Covid, a form of class warfare and chaos develops.  Quite frankly I can not believe this is an accident. Nor do I believe Joe Biden hatched this. His history proves he is incapable of such things, but more than willing to adapt such things ( please just look at his record). However, those that wish to take down the freedoms of this country or who have written books supporting the redistribution of American wealth as the penalty for what we have done ( gee I wonder who THAT is) are smart enough and also are ENOUGH OF A LEADER, WHERE THEY WILL KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT FOR THE BIGGER CAUSE, can do it. They use setbacks such as Trump’s rise to power to regroup and come on stronger. So for whatever reason, they have a Covid and Climate alliance, along with the other chaos they crave to gain control, that is the wave we are facing.

Can you see the link? ITS DECEPTION ( or put it this way, a designed plan to hide all pieces of the puzzle). We are told it is getting worse all the time, yet there is no time better for living on the planet than now. That is why life expectancy has surged. Because of that, Covid can claim more lives.  The argument that more people are dying is absurd. 1) of course more people are dying there are more living. 2) There should be more people dying from natural disasters ( which of course are now blamed on man) because more people are living in harm’s way. Yet this graphic blows all that out of the water without having to argue over the polar bears or whatever or listen to Bill Nye and Greta drop F-bombs.

So if it’s worse than ever how were there 28x more deaths with 1/4 the population of today in 1930? It’s flat out false to assert man’s influence is ruining life. The earth is greener than ever in the satellite era, more people are living longer, more people are living in disaster-prone areas, YET THE ATTRIBUTED AMOUNTS OF DEATH ARE DROPPING.

We are in big trouble as far as what this nation was founded on. That the population as a whole is so uncurious about things like this, and not only accept what they are told but become agents for the deception by trying to force what they are told on others who actually look at these things, is the biggest problem. The devil’s biggest tool is to drive wedges into what we love the best. Our families, our friends, our way of life. To destroy what God has given every person and is so wonderfully spoken in the words of the founders. Whether you think the whole thing is a fairy tale or not is your business, but the old adage the road to hell is paved with good intentions is backed up by Mencken’s ”the urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule” rings loud and true today. Whoever or whatever is behind all this, and perhaps it is just plain dumb luck, is capitalizing on it. Be it Covid, Climate, or whatever, there are just too many common links to ignore what is an almost otherworldly design to destroy the American experiment.  And no matter what the actual cause, the erosion of our foundations is evident. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. If the nation falls, it’s because we became comfortable and complacent rather than virtuous and vigilant.

I think Paul Harvey nailed it back in 1964.


This article was published on November 29, 2021, and is reproduced with permission from CFACT, The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.

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Environmental Impact Study Must Precede ‘Build Back Better’

By Michael Cutler

Bill’s immigration amnesty would devastate U.S. ecology and U.S. economy.

The leaders of the Democrat Party claim to be concerned about the environment.  It was the Democrats, after all, who have been pushing The Green New Deal, a major element of the disastrous legislation known as “Build Back Better.”

However, as we shall see, hypocrisy is never difficult to find.

Before America is pushed off the proverbial cliff by the lunacy of Build Back Better, I propose that an all-inclusive environmental impact study be conducted first to explore the intended and unintended consequences of this bill.

The “pro-environment” Democrats should be delighted to have an independent study done to make certain that we safeguard the environment that they claim to be ever so concerned about!

In 1973 the Endangered Species Act was enacted to protect endangered species of flora and fauna from extinction.

Frequently  major construction projects require that environmental impact studies be conducted before work can begin, to safeguard the environment.

Having brought up the Endangered Species Act it is worth noting that on August 31, 2021 the Center for Biological Diversity issued a press release, Historic Accomplishment: Snail Darter Recovered Fish Made Famous in Tellico Dam Controversy No Longer Endangered that began with the following excerpt:

WASHINGTON— The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed today to remove the snail darter from the endangered species list due to recovery. Thanks to government and collaborative efforts, the little fish is no longer in danger of extinction.

The 3-inch-long fish — named after its primary food source, small riverine mollusks — gained fame in the 1978 U.S. Supreme Court case Tennessee Valley Authority vs. Hill. The court upheld the newly passed Endangered Species Act at the request of conservationists and others who sought to protect the fish and its last free-flowing habitat in the Little Tennessee River, along with 300 family farms and countless Cherokee ancestral sites, from the construction of the Tennessee Valley Authoritys highly controversial Tellico Dam.

The press release went on to note:

Thanks to the persistence of many people, the extinction of the snail darter was ultimately avoided, and today we can celebrate its recovery,” said Zygmunt Plater, the attorney who wrote the citizens’ petition to save the darter in 1975 and represented the fish and the farmers in the Supreme Court victory. But the uneconomical Tellico project was a boondoggle from the start. The snail darter, like many other endangered species, signaled that human values are also endangered when their survival is threatened. The destruction of the Little Tennessee River shows that bad ecology is usually bad economics and its safer to save an animals natural habitat in the first place.

Today America’s middle class should be placed at the top of that Endangered Species List and should be given as much concern as the snail darter was accorded in 1975.

This past June I wrote an article about the disastrous impact that Biden’s immigration policies are having on the environment, Biden Administration Advances Environmentally-Unsustainable Immigration Policies.

The amnesty provision contained within Build Back Better would also potentially lead to the influx of tens of millions of immigrants as I outlined in my article, Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ is BunkDems’ plans to import tens of millions of immigrant children prove it.

Each person who is present in the United States needs much more than a pillow on which to lay his/her head at night.

Each person present in the United States creates a significant ecological footprint.

Each person needs food, water, electricity, sewerage, clothing, housing, transportation, health care and, in the case of minors, eduction.  Food required acreage of land be set aside to grow food for each person.

While Build Back Better promises to provide clean water, water shortages are becoming more pronounced, especially in the American West.

Consider this worrying report from CBS News’ 60 Minutes, Southwest states facing tough choices about water as Colorado River diminishes.

Water is not just used for drinking but to prepare food and grow crops and sustain farm animals.  Water is also essential for sanitary purposes.

While the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that 6.5 million illegal aliens would benefit from the amnesty provided in Build Back Better, the realty is that there is no way to really know what number of illegal aliens would participate.  The requirement that these aliens had to have entered the United States prior to 2011 is utterly meaningless.  Because the numbers of aliens are so huge there will be no interviews and no field investigations. Additionally, speaking from direct experience, I spent one year as an adjudications officer during my 30 year career with the former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) it is far easier and quicker for an adjudicator to approve an application for an immigration benefit than to deny it.

An application can be approved in less than 30 minutes while denials could take days or longer.

Denials are likely to be followed up by appeals by the aliens.  No one appeals an approval!

Furthermore, no record of entry is created aliens who enter the United States without inspection.  Many aliens use multiple false identities and so there would be no way to reliably determine whether an alien entered the United States ten years ago or ten days ago.

Considering the checkered background of Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro “Get to Yes” Mayorkas, adjudicators will likely be pressured to approve all of the applications they are assigned and it is also likely that there will be no efforts to verify the familial relationships between the legalized aliens and their supposed children and spouses for whom the newly legalized aliens will most likely have the authority to file petitions to grant them immigrant visas.  The outrageous claim that “only” 6.5 million illegal aliens would be granted lawful status could easily explode into tens of millions of lawful immigrants.

Each person has an economic footprint as well.  Flooding America with millions of aliens would have an adverse impact on inflation, the national debt, education, unemployment, jobs and wages.

Meanwhile, flooding America with millions of immigrants would lead to more inflation as they require food, clothing and shelter.  The cost of housing will rise dramatically while the value of labor would plummet, leading to more homelessness.

Our roads and our cities would suffer from far more congestion which would lead to more pollution.

The inability to properly vet millions if aliens would irrevocably undermine national security and public safety and send that very dangerous message to aspiring illegal aliens from around the world that in the United States violations of laws will not just be tolerated but rewarded, essentially firing the starter’s pistol for this race to the borders of the United States.

It is important to be clear that the United States has the most generous immigration policies of any other country on this planet.  Indeed, generally the United States admits more than one million lawful immigrants each year.  They are provided with “Green Cards” and are immediately placed on the path to United States citizenship.

This is more than all of the other countries from the rest of the world combined.

Additionally the United States admits tens of millions of aliens on various temporary (non-immigrant) visas- again, more than the rest of the world combined.

However, I fear that the lunacy of Build Back Better would discourage highly qualified immigrants to seek to enter our country as the situation spirals out of control even as America’s adversaries lick their chops in anticipation of the self-destruction of our nation at the hands of those We The People elected to protect the Constitution, our nation and our fellow Americans.

There is nothing “Anti-Immigrant” about securing our borders from the un-inspected entry of aliens who may pose a threat to national security, public safety, public health and the jobs and wages of Americans.  Indeed, the entry of such aliens poses a threat to Americans and lawful immigrants alike.

As the title of one of my previous articles noted, Biden’s Immigration Bill Would Be an Act of National SuicideFigures don’t lie – but liars can figure.

©Michael Cutler. All rights reserved.

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Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions Newsletter: We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

By John Droz, Jr.

Welcome! We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

Note 1: Here is the link for this issue, so please share it on social media.

We hope that the Newsletter format makes it easy to scan and read.

Note 2: Please see our major new website ( which has dozens of quality, science-based COVID-19 reports.

— This Newsletter’s Articles, by Topic —

COVID-19 — Repeated Important Information:

My webpage ( with dozens of Science-based COVID-19 reports

COVID-19 — Therapies:

Study: Top Israeli Doctor Says Ivermectin ‘Really Has Antiviral Activities

Study: Ivermectin — multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to exceed expectations

Study: Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection

Study: The mechanisms of action of Ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2

Study: Determination of the Effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID-19

Study: Early ambulatory outpatient sequenced antiviral multi-drug COVID-19 treatment for high-risk children and adolescents

FDA Panel Backs First Pill for COVID-19 by a Small Margin

COVID-19 — Injections:

To be euthanized, people must show proof of having their COVID-19 injections

Why is Vermont, the Most Vaccinated State, Grappling with a COVID-19 Surge?

Study: Naturally Immune People at Little Risk of COVID Reinfection, Severe Disease

Short video: Patterns Of Deployment Of Toxic Covid Vaccine Batches

Some Doctors are paid for every COVID-19 injection they do

COVID-19 — Some Side Effects of Injections:

COVID-19 vaccines cause prion diseases

Physician: Stillbirths Increasing Across Canada in Fully Vaccinated Mothers

Study: Trends in ambulatory cardiology consultations for suspected myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination

Smoking gun confidential Pfizer document exposes FDA criminal cover-up of Injection Deaths

World’s First Vaccine Murder Case filed in India’s High Court

Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

COVID-19 — Injection Mandates:

Study: Mass vaccination fails to halt COVID-19 transmission rates

WHO Says There Is “No Evidence” Booster Shots Offer ‘Greater Protection’ Despite Countries Like The U.S. Pushing Them

The Great Vaccine Mandate Scam

How fear fuels the vaccine wars

CDC withdraws fraudulent PCR testing protocol that was used to falsify COVID-19 “positives”: “10% diagnostic accuracy”

COVID-19 — Some Lawsuits Against Injection Mandates:

Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks COVID Vaccine Mandate for Health Workers in 10 States

Heritage Foundation sues Biden admin over vaccine mandate

One Biden Vax Mandate Down, 3 to Go

Federal Judge Rejects DOD Claim That Pfizer EUA and Comirnaty Vaccines Are ‘Interchangeable’

COVID-19 — Omicron:

Could OMICRON be the CURE for COVID? Highly infectious strain with “mild” symptoms could deliver worldwide natural immunity and make vaccines obsolete

Is the World Over-reacting to the Omicron Variant

Doctor who raised alarm about omicron variant says symptoms are ‘unusual but mild’

Dr. Cambell video: Omicron in the US, increased transmissibility confirmed

“EU must consider mandatory COVID injections”

Study: Omicron does reinfect after natural infection

Short video: Omicron, first case report from SA

COVID-19 — Models and Data:

Excellent: More Than 400 Reports on the Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions

97 Reports Questioning Mask Effectiveness, plus 61 Reports Concluding that Masks can be Unsafe

Disturbing Study Finds that Face Masks, etc Responsible for Causing 23% Decline in Children’s Cognitive Abilities

[Study: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Early Child Cognitive Development: Initial Findings in a Longitudinal Observational Study of Child Health]

PANDA: Pandemics Data & Analytics

Associate Editor of British Medical Journal: COVID-19 vaccine trials cannot tell us if they will save lives

COVID-19 — Fauci, et al:

**A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas’s Masterpiece on the Covid Disaster

Book Review: Fauci and the Great AIDS Swindle

The Frightening Secret of Anthony Fauci’s Survival

COVID-19 — Misc:

Big Pharma Hunts Down Dissenting Doctors

WHO Meets To Craft Global Pandemic Treaty With Teeth To Punish

Short video: Governments are methodically stripping away our human rights, shall we talk about it?

Short video: Anatomy of an Epidemic

How Sweden avoided COVID disaster

Florida’s Dept of Health COVID-19 page

Rapid COVID-19 Tests Will Soon Be Covered by Insurance in US

Wearable Fitness Trackers Could Detect COVID Before You Do

Video: Inside Australia’s COVID-19 internment camp

Video: Making a Killing — The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

Wind & Solar Energy:

A green paradox: Deforesting the Amazon for wind energy in the Global North

Quantifying the hurricane risk to offshore wind turbines

Green Technologies Have A Glaring Problem Of Scale

NY Utility Bills to Rise 10± Percent due to Green NYC

Lake Erie wind turbine project subject of upcoming Ohio Supreme Court hearing

Pennsylvania Bill Solar and Wind Decommissioning Introduced

Fire fears over huge battery storage plants for wind project

NC Commissioners rebuff request for 574-acre solar project

Nuclear Energy:

Key Facts about Spent Nuclear Fuel

Closing California’s last nuclear power plant would be a mistake

Nuclear Bans Tumble as Once-Skeptical States Seek Carbon Cuts

Fossil Fuel Energy:

Multistate carbon tax scheme on gasoline collapses

Germany urges US Congress not to sanction Putin’s pipeline

Biden lacks understanding of oil’s contributions to civilization

Inconvenient realities about net-zero

Fifteen States Respond to ‘Woke Capitalism,’ Threaten to Cut Off Banks That Refuse to Service Coal, Oil Industries

China is mining much more coal again and that’s boosting its factories

Elizabeth Warren Goes to War Over Natural Gas Prices She Helped Create!

Michigan Governor voluntarily dismisses pipeline lawsuit

Misc Energy:

Contempt for the Middle Class at Heart of Energy Politics

Why the Energy Transition Will Be So Complicated

There’s an enormous geothermal pool under the Latrobe Valley that can provide cheap, clean energy

UK: Blundering blindly into an energy emergency

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:

The Profound Junk Science of Climate

India’s Net Zero Pledge: What Does It Really Mean?

Honestly, is climate change really humanity’s greatest threat?

The Real Threat to Banks Isn’t From Climate Change — It’s From Bankers

CEI’s New Anti-Carbon Tax Study

Climate ‘scientists’ admit to lying, cheating & fraud

Why We Must Quit Worrying About Uncertainty in Sea Level Projections

Manmade Global Warming — Misc:

The World’s Climate Is Changing, so What Should We Do?

New Climate Study: Arctic Ocean Warmed Before Human CO2 Emissions

Dr. Will Happer: How to Think about Climate Change

Arctic Sea Freezes Early, Trapping 18 Ships in Ice Near Russia

US Election: (10 major election reports by our team of experts, plus much more!)

Election Reform Is a Winning Issue for Republicans

Lindell Punts on Supreme Court Filing

Attorneys Reveal, Explain and Discuss The U.S. Supreme Court Complaint

Harvard’s ‘Lawfare’ Programs Are an Omen of Elections Decided in Court

US Election — State Issues:

Virginia’s Election Integrity Laws Are The Best Tools To Protect Voting Rights

Georgia Governor’s Election Audit Report Admits Massive Fulton Errors

North Carolina: A True Tale of Absentee Vote Fraud

NC General Assembly recently passed two pieces of election integrity legislation

US Politics and Socialism:

How Democrats are using multiculturalism and immigration to destroy America

Biden’s failures continue to mount as Americans suffer. What a missed opportunity.

The Frogs Have Begun Fleeing The Government’s Boiling Pot

Start Paying Attention! It’s Long Over Due!!!!

Short video: Everything You’ve Ever Seen About Cuba is a Lie

The Communist Plan To Overthrow America From Within

Religion Related:

COVID trauma seems not to have shaken American Christians’ faith

The Supreme Court will probably uphold the Mississippi law limiting abortion after 15 weeks

Education Related:

Matt Walsh Wants To Beat The Left At Their Own Game

Alumni Withhold Donations, Demand Colleges Enforce Free Speech

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VIDEO: FEMA Whistleblower Exposes Globalists’ War Against The Sun. thumbnail

VIDEO: FEMA Whistleblower Exposes Globalists’ War Against The Sun.

By Jamie Glazov

In a March 25th, 2021 New York Times article titled “Should We Block the Sun? Scientists Say the Time Has Come to Study ItChristopher Flavelle wrote:

WASHINGTON — The idea of artificially cooling the planet to blunt climate change — in effect, blocking sunlight before it can warm the atmosphere — got a boost on Thursday when an influential scientific body urged the United States government to spend at least $100 million to research the technology.

That technology, often called solar geoengineering, entails reflecting more of the sun’s energy back into space through techniques that include injecting aerosols into the atmosphere. In a new report, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine said that governments urgently need to know whether solar geoengineering could work and what the side effects might be.

“Solar geoengineering is not a substitute for decarbonizing,” said Chris Field, director of the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University and head of the committee that produced the report, referring to the need to emit less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Still, he said, technology to reflect sunlight “deserves substantial funding, and it should be researched as rapidly and effectively as possible.”

Read the full article.

This new Glazov Gang episode features Celeste Solum, a former FEMA operative. Visit her site at ShepherdsHeart.Life.

Celeste exposes Globalists’ War on the Sun, revealing how and why the Deep State is working on “restructured” light[a.k.a. geoengineering].

RELATED VIDEO: Blocking Out the Sun to Fight Climate Change


A Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun. What Could Go Wrong?

Harvard Scientists Begin Experiment To Block Out The Sun

EDITORS NOTE: This Jamie Glazov Productions video report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden’s Climate Power Grab Via Trillions of Dollars in Annual Federal Procurement thumbnail

Biden’s Climate Power Grab Via Trillions of Dollars in Annual Federal Procurement

By David Wojick

Spending by federal agencies is governed by the extensive Federal Acquisition Regulations or FAR for short. In response to a Biden executive order, the FAR Council is conducting a silly public inquiry as to how climate change should be factored into federal spending. The Federal Government spends over $6 trillion a year so this is a very big deal.

The concept is ridiculous and some of the ideas are illegal but this foolish agency action deserves serious attention. The FAR Council has issued an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule Making (ANPRM) titled “Federal Acquisition Regulation: Minimizing the Risk of Climate Change in Federal Acquisitions“. Comments are due by December 15. I urge people to comment.


Advanced Notices like this are asking for ideas prior to proposing regulations, including that the whole idea is nuts. One of the worst things mentioned is that in competitive procurements agencies should give preference to bidders who are cutting their emissions. I cannot believe this is legal but there it is.

The ANPRM includes this list of leading questions:

(a)How can greenhouse gas emissions, including the social cost of greenhouse gases, best be qualitatively and quantitatively considered in Federal procurement decisions, both domestic and overseas? How might this vary across different sectors?

(b) What are usable and respected methodologies for measuring the greenhouse gases emissions over the lifecycle of the products procured or leased, or of the services performed?

(c) How can procurement and program officials of major Federal agency procurements better incorporate and mitigate climate-related financial risk? How else might the Federal Government consider and minimize climate-related financial risks through procurement decisions, both domestic and overseas?

(d) How would (or how does) your organization provide greenhouse gas emission data for proposals and/or contract performance?

(e) How might the Federal Government best standardize greenhouse gas emission reporting methods? How might the Government verify greenhouse gas emissions reporting?

(f) How might the Federal Government give preference to bids and proposals from suppliers, both domestic and overseas, to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions or reduce the social cost of greenhouse gas emissions most effectively?

(g) How might the Government consider commitments by suppliers to reduce or mitigate greenhouse gas emissions?

(h) What impact would consideration of the social cost of greenhouse gases in procurement decisions have on small businesses, including small disadvantaged businesses, women-owned small businesses, service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses, and Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) small businesses? How should the FAR Council best align this objective with efforts to ensure opportunity for small businesses?

The questions imply proposals that clearly make federal spending an instrument of alarmist policy. Suppliers are required to report their greenhouse emissions and to take steps to reduce them. The result can only be to drive up the cost of goods and services, which taxpayers pay for.

I see no statutory authority for this nonsense. Surely only Congress can make rules like this. Agencies cannot just decide what to buy based on Biden’s climate power agenda.

Some of this is truly far out, like asking procurement officials to measure the life cycle emissions of products and services. Complex products up to and including warships can have components, sub-components, etc., from all over the world, and lead long complex lives. In fact, the Defense Department is a lead agency in this ANPRM, as is NASA.

Imagine trying to measure the life cycle emissions for $6 trillion a year’s worth of products and services, and then basing procurement decisions on these measures. This is truly absurd.

There is also this vaguest of concepts: the “climate-related financial risks” to the Federal Government, which are supposed to be both mitigated and minimized. The real risk here is doing silly stuff in the name of climate alarmism.

And of course, there is the nutty “social cost of greenhouse gases”. This goofy number is claimed to measure to the dollar the damage done over the next 300 years by a ton of today’s emissions. I am not making this up!

The Biden Administration is trying to grab power it does not have, using regulations that have no statutory authority. I urge people to comment, especially saying how stupid and dangerous this proposed rule-making really is.


This article was published on November 26, 2021, and is reproduced with permission from CFACT, The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.

15 States Threaten To Pull $600 Billion From Banks That Won’t Give Equal Service To Energy Industry thumbnail

15 States Threaten To Pull $600 Billion From Banks That Won’t Give Equal Service To Energy Industry

By Tristan Justice

Fifteen state financial officers sent a letter to U.S. banks last week noting $600 billion in assets they pledge to take elsewhere if the financial institutions embrace corporate wokeism and prohibit financing to the fossil fuel industry.

Led by West Virginia Republican Treasurer Riley Moore, the group promised “collective action” in the form of an “economic boycott.”

“Just as each state represented in this letter is unique in its governing laws and economy, our actions will take different forms,” they wrote in the letter obtained by The Federalist. “However, the overarching objective of our actions will be the same – to protect our states’ economies, jobs, and energy independence from these unwarranted attacks on our critical industries.”

Signatories to the letter putting banks on notice include chief financial officers from Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Alabama, Texas, and Kentucky, in addition to West Virginia.

“How can we as states get dollars from severance taxes and then park it in banks that are at the same time trying to diminish those dollars by trying to boycott our industries?” Moore said in an interview with The Federalist. “This is just more of the same from these woke capitalists, globalist interests out there when it’s them trying to dictate to us the way we need to live our lives.”

Asked why more states haven’t joined the letter, considering at least 22 state financial offices are run by Republicans, Moore said it was a consequence of standard hesitancy.

“I do believe there are going to be more states that are going to join this coalition effort. I think they want to see a little bit of how this plays out,” Moore said. “How long are we just going to take it in the face and not do anything?”

President Joe Biden has been aggressive in quickly curtailing oil and gas development as promised on the campaign trail. Beyond the illegal suspension of new leases on federal land, the prohibition of new drilling sites on major untapped reserves, and higher fees in the pipeline for new energy exploration permits, however, it’s the administration’s pressure on Wall Street to refuse investment in the capital-intense industry that’s dealt the biggest blow to producers, spiking prices at the pump in the process.

“We can’t get capital because they’re putting so much pressure on banks not to lend to us in the name of climate change,” explained Kathleen Sgamma, president of the Denver-based industry trade group Western Energy Alliance.

Biden’s nominee for an important regulatory role at the Treasury Department however, shows no sign of an administration easing up on Wall Street. Cornell Law Professor Saule Omarova, who was tapped to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, has said she wants fossil fuel industries to “go bankrupt.”

If confirmed, Omarova would lead an agency tasked with “ensur[ing] banks and federal savings associations operate in a safe and sound manner, provide fair access to financial services, treat customers fairly, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.”

Considering the administration’s crusade against fossil fuels, it’s conceivable Omarova would weaponize the department to deter investment in an industry vilified by Democrats as single-handedly destructive to the planet.

In 2017, Omarova already urged Congress to delegate a “golden share” responsibility to federal agencies, which she defined as “a wide range of legal arrangements giving the government special, exclusive, and nontransferable corporate-governance rights in privately owned enterprises.”

State financial officers who are engaged in the tug-of-war with the Biden administration wrote in their letter last week their taxpayers would not tolerate public funds being managed by institutions that destroy economies and Americans’ health in the name of climate change.

“We have a compelling government interest when acting as participants in the financial services market on behalf of our respective states, to select financial institutions that are not engaged in tactics to harm the very people whose money they are handling,” they wrote. “Any financial institution that has adopted policies aimed at diminishing a large portion of our states’ revenue has a major conflict of interest against holding, maintaining, or managing those funds.”


This article was published on November 30, 2021, and is reproduced with permission from The Federalist.

The Countries With the Cleanest Environments in the World Are Also the Most Economically Free, Research Shows thumbnail

The Countries With the Cleanest Environments in the World Are Also the Most Economically Free, Research Shows

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)

Research shows that countries with the highest levels of economic freedom also have the highest environmental performance.

One of the most frequently raised arguments against capitalism is that it is the primary driver of environmental pollution and climate change. But if we compare Yale University’s ranking of countries with the highest environmental performance with the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, a very different correlation emerges.

For more than 20 years, Yale University has been publishing the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) and ranking countries according to their environmental health and ecosystem vitality. The EPI uses 32 performance indicators across eleven issue categories:

  • Air Quality
  • Sanitation & Drinking Water
  • Heavy Metals
  • Waste Management
  • Biodiversity & Habitat
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Fisheries
  • Climate Change
  • Pollution Emissions
  • Water Resources
  • Agriculture

According to Yale University’s analyses, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and France are the highest ranked countries, followed by Austria, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany. The report states, “One of the consistent lessons of the EPI is that achieving sustainability requires sufficient economic prosperity to fund public health and environmental infrastructure.” The researchers find that there is a clear positive correlation between environmental performance and country wealth, as measured by gross domestic product (GDP) per capita.

An interesting comparison can be made between the EPI and the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, which has been measuring economic freedom around the globe since 1995. The index, which is also referred to as the capitalism index by the sociologist Erich Weede, was most recently published in spring 2021 and analyzes the level of economic freedom in 178 countries. The Heritage Foundation index applies twelve criteria, all of which are weighted equally:

  1. Property Rights
  2. Judicial Effectiveness
  3. Government Integrity
  4. Tax Burden
  5. Government Spending
  6. Fiscal Health
  7. Business Freedom
  8. Labour Freedom
  9. Monetary Freedom
  10. Trade Freedom
  11. Investment Freedom
  12. Financial Freedom

The ten most economically free countries in the world in the 2021 index are:

  1. Singapore
  2. New Zealand
  3. Australia
  4. Switzerland
  5. Ireland
  6. Taiwan
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Estonia
  9. Canada
  10. Denmark

The countries with the lowest levels of economic freedom were North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Sudan and Zimbabwe. The 178 countries are all grouped in five categories: Free, Mostly Free, Moderately Free, Mostly Unfree and Repressed. The Heritage Foundation’s researchers compared the two indices – Yale University’s Environmental Performance Index and their own Index of Economic Freedom – for the year 2020 and found that the countries with the highest levels of economic freedom also had the highest EPI scores, averaging 76.1, while the “Mostly Free” countries averaged 70.2. There is then a big gap to the “Moderately Free” countries, which were rated much lower (59.6 points) for their environmental performance. The “Mostly Unfree” and “Repressed” countries registered by far the worst environmental performance (46.7 and 50.3 points in the EPI, respectively).


Image Credit: 2021 Index of Economic Freedom (page 26), Heritage Foundation

To smooth out the dynamic developments in the Index of Economic Freedom, it makes sense to take each country’s average score over 15 years from 2006 to 2020. This compensates for the kind of one-off effects that can result from short-term policy measures. These averages can then be compared with the Environmental Performance Index’s scores from 2020. The data reveal a clear positive correlation (the correlation coefficient is 67%). A regression analysis also confirms that for every one-point increase in the Economic Freedom Index there is a 1.06 point increase in the Environmental Performance Index. Such a high coefficient, combined with the very strong correlation between the indices, suggests a clear statistical relationship. This correlation can be explained by the causality between increased capitalism and greater technological progress and prosperity.

The economist Daniel Fernández Méndez addressed the potential objection that countries with greater economic freedom “are ‘exporting’ their polluting industries to the less free third world, while keeping non-polluting industries in their country.” However, this is clearly not the case. His analysis of the investments made by countries with high environmental standards reveals that only 0.1% of their foreign investments flow to countries with low environmental standards. The conclusions from these calculations are clear: “With the data analyzed, we can see that capitalism suits the environment. The greater the economic freedom, the better the environmental quality indexes. The ‘cleaner’ countries do not export their pollution by relocating companies.” Clearly, the environment is no different to so many other areas of life: Capitalism is not the problem, it is the solution.


Dr Rainer Zitelmann

Dr. Rainer Zitelmann is a historian and sociologist. He is also a world-renowned author, successful businessman, and real estate investor.

Zitelmann has written more than 20 books. His books are successful all around the world, especially in China, India, and South Korea. His most recent books are The Rich in Public Opinion which was published in May 2020, and The Power of Capitalism which was published in 2019.

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Medicare Ads And Other Inane Policies thumbnail

Medicare Ads And Other Inane Policies

By Thomas C. Patterson

We’ve all seen them, the Medicare TV ads exhorting seniors to apply for enhanced benefits. The government appears to be coaxing often reluctant retirees into greater dependence.

But this is a colossally bad idea, even for those of us who support helping citizens in their sunset years. It stimulates greed (it’s freeeee!) and entitlement in the demographic which government programs have already made into the most wealthy. It expands the reach of government into our lives.

But it’s worse than that. The ads are pitching benefits in a program already teetering on bankruptcy.  Americans were told that their mandatory payroll contributions were put in a fund to finance payouts in retirement, but that was a lie. Politicians raided the trust long ago and today’s retirees are dependent on the (inadequate) contributions of today’s payers – yes, like any other welfare program.

The rational response would be reforms that include reducing expenses where possible. Instead, we spend untold millions to pump up program outlays. Not smart. Consequences to follow.

But screeching Medicare ads aren’t the only government initiative which, partisan disagreements aside, simply don’t make sense. Take electric cars. They’re touted as a big key to a carbon-free future. We’re pouring public funds into subsidies, charging stations and other enticements for owners.

We may disagree over the feasibility of carbon reduction strategies to ultimately reduce climate change, but it doesn’t matter. Electric cars aren’t the answer. They still require energy that must be produced somehow.

The pollutants may come from an electricity generating plant instead of a car’s exhaust, but the damage done isn’t greatly different. The environmental costs of battery production and disposal as well as the extra power sources needed to service a national fleet of autos make EVs an environmental loser.

But politicians use them anyway to bolster green credentials. Buyers like the subsidies, the perks, and driving a cool car. Manufacturers are joining the ranks of the uber-rich. So the beat goes on.

EVs could have some environmental benefit if nuclear generation sourced their electricity. Once again, stupidity intervenes.

The environmental Left decreed long ago that nuclear was off-limits. Nuclear power plants would henceforth be discouraged by excessive regulation and harassment. The strategy has basically worked, but it’s a shame.

It’s still true that nuclear is by far the most environmentally friendly, non-emitting energy source available. Nuclear-producing France pays 50% less for energy with 10% the amount of pollution experienced by Germany, which sanctimoniously exited the nuclear market years ago.

Here’s more lunacy. A year ago, America had finally achieved energy independence, after decades of kowtowing to Arab sheiks and oil-rich autocrats. Within days, the Biden administration returned us to supplicant status. Pipeline permits were canceled, offshore drilling cut back and even the remote ANWR oil deposits were shut down.

Meanwhile, with our consent, Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline was approved, which will dominate Western Europe’s natural gas supplies. Biden unsuccessfully begged OPEC to increase oil production, so US gas prices have predictably skyrocketed and a cold winter looms.

Again, the environmental benefits of our foolishness are nil. Pipelines are the most environmentally safe way of transporting natural gas. The fuels from Russia and the Middle East are no cleaner than ours.

We have more inane policies. Children too young to vote, drink, smoke, or drive are now permitted to change their socially constructed gender by irreversibly altering their bodies-without parental consent.

$450,000 payouts are seriously proposed for illegal immigrants who were separated from their children in a humane effort to avoid mixing children with adults during detention. In spite of causing no known harm, GMO bans limit the amount of food available to starving Africans.

The driving force for these nutty, harmful policies is the relentless pursuit of electoral success by pandering to special interest groups. We’ve come a long way from Thomas Jefferson’s vision of a “wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another…“.

Listen to political analysts uncritically predicting the fate of multi-trillion-dollar spending bills based solely on how the vote would affect legislators’ prospects for remaining in office another term.

It’s disgraceful, but we expect no more, so that’s what we get.


Thomas C. Patterson, MD is a retired Emergency Medicine physician, Arizona state Senator and Arizona Senate Majority Leader in the ’90s. He is a former Chairman, Goldwater Institute

California Effectively Ends Fracking, Cites ‘Urgent Climate Effects’ thumbnail

California Effectively Ends Fracking, Cites ‘Urgent Climate Effects’

By The Daily Caller

California has gradually weaned itself off fossil fuel fracking well ahead of Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s 2024 ban of the oil and gas extraction method.

The California Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM), the agency that oversees new permits, has denied 109 new permits from fossil fuel firms this year, according to Department of Conservation data. State regulators have approved just 12 permits in 2021, the most recent of which came in February.

Uduak-Joe Ntuk, the state’s oil and gas supervisor, said he couldn’t approve new fracking grants “in good conscience” in a September letter to the energy firm Aera Energy, The Associated Press reported. Ntuk cited the “increasingly urgent climate effects of fossil-fuel production” and “the continuing impacts of climate change and hydraulic fracturing on public health and natural resources.”

“Unfortunately, the State of California continues to take arbitrary actions that deliver little positive benefits for our fight against climate change but imposes big impacts on Californians – to our finances, to our freedoms, essentially to how we live and work every day,” Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) President and CEO Catherine Reheis-Boyd said in a statement last month.

“Real solutions do not come through arbitrary bans, mandates, and the whim of elected leaders,” she said.

On Oct. 8, the WSPA sued the Newsom administration over the mass denial of fracking permits. One month earlier, the Kern County Board of Supervisors also filed suit, challenging the state’s authority to ban access to oil and gas resources, according to The Bakersfield Californian.

“The decisions (Newsom) has made to unilaterally come after the oil and gas industry in violation of standing rules and standing law, that’s been established by the state Legislature, has been a gross overreach of his power,” Board Chairman Phillip Peters said after the suit was filed in September.

In April, Newsom ordered CalGEM to end new fracking permits by January 2024. He also asked the California Air Resources Board to conduct an analysis of how the state could completely wean off fossil fuel extraction by 2045.

The governor said the state “needs to move beyond oil.”

“In California, this is an industry that is used to getting its way,” Hollin Kretzmann, a senior attorney at environmental group the Center for Biological Diversity, told The San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday. “It is a sign that the tide is starting to turn, and the state is starting to prioritize public health and the environment over the profits of the oil industry.”

While California’s crude oil consumption has stayed level over the last several decades, it has become more reliant on foreign producers, state data showed. More than half of the state’s oil over the last ten years was imported.

Meanwhile, gasoline prices, which are tied to the cost of oil, have surged nationwide to multi-year highs, according to the Energy Information Administration. California has experienced the largest increase with prices hitting $4.79 per gallon on average.



Energy and environmental reporter. Follow Thomas on Twitter

RELATED ARTICLE: ‘Boston Green New Deal’: Boston To Divest From Fossil Fuels, 15% Of City’s Revenue

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Oil Reserves Released By Biden Expected to Primarily Go To China, India thumbnail

Oil Reserves Released By Biden Expected to Primarily Go To China, India

By Dr. Rich Swier

Gas prices for Americans are at an all time high. There are no words.

Oil reserves released by Biden expected to primarily go to China, India

U.S. taps 50 million barrels of oil from reserves in an attempt to tamper spiking costs at the gas pump

By Caitlin McFall FOX Business, November 24, 2021:

President Biden’s move to tap the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve is expected to supply Chinese and Indian oil needs as gas demands have led to global shortages, reports said Tuesday.


The White House said the Department of Energy will release 50 million barrels of oil held in U.S. reserves — 18 million of which have already been congressionally approved for sale.


U.S. President Joe Biden speaks on the economy during an event at the South Court Auditorium at Eisenhower Executive Office Building on November 23, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Biden announced the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the S (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images / Getty Images)

China and India have been actively purchasing U.S. sour crude oil produced in the Gulf of Mexico, first reported Bloomberg.

Sour crude oil contains high levels of sulfur, which reportedly makes it more expensive to process and traditionally turns buyers away.

But U.S.-produced sour crude oil appeals to foreign buyers because of its relatively affordable price tag, the publication said.

The White House’s Tuesday announcement means the U.S. will seek to accelerate sales abroad in an attempt to counter spiking prices at the gas pump.

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks on the economy during an event at the South Court Auditorium at Eisenhower Executive Office Building on November 23, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Biden announced the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the S (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images / Getty Images)

The additional 32 million barrels will be intended for U.S. consumers to alleviate increased demand.

Earlier this month OPEC+, led by nations like Saudi Arabia and Russia, refused to increase production to meet rising demands.

Gas shortages have led to rising inflation and gas prices at the pump not seen in seven years.

“The President has been working with countries across the world to address the lack of supply as the world exits the pandemic,” the White House said in a statement.

In a globally coordinated effort China, India, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom will also tap their reserves to try and bring down gas prices.

“The president stands ready to take additional action, if needed, and is prepared to use his full authorities working in coordination with the rest of the world to maintain adequate supply as we exit the pandemic,” the administration added.

RELATED ARTICLE: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blasts Biden, calls inflation a ‘huge problem,’ pledges gas tax relief

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Biden’s Comptroller Pick Would Bankrupt Energy Companies & Nationalize Banking thumbnail

Biden’s Comptroller Pick Would Bankrupt Energy Companies & Nationalize Banking

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

President Biden should withdraw his nomination of Saule Omarova to be Comptroller of the Currency — or the Senate should reject her.

Omarova, a professor at Cornell Law, said this concerning energy companies: “we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change.”  She would apply that same destructive, heavy hand of government throughout our financial system.

Omarova advocates a radical transformation of banking that is tantamount to nationalization and would leave your relationship with your bank unrecognizable.

Some, such as Senator John Kennedy, have focused on Omarova’s education in the Soviet Union.  This included membership in “The Young Communists” and a college thesis entitled “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in Das Kapital” which she has refused to share with the Senate.  Omarova told Senators at her confirmation hearing, “I am not a Communist.”

CFACT does not hold growing up behind the Iron Curtain against people.  In fact, it is usually an asset.  We often look to those who grew up without freedom and its prosperity to share their hard-earned life lessons with those of us fortunate enough to have been born free.

However, the Left is trying to defend Omarova as the victim of a new McCarthyism (as if they didn’t spend the last five years shouting Russia, Russia, Russia! at people who had nothing to do with Russia).

The disqualifying problems with Omarova’s philosophy stem not from from the Socialist indoctrination she received back in the U.S.S.R., but from her immersion in the unmoored leftism flowing through American academia.

Last year Omarova laid out her philosophy of financial regulation in a law review article entitled The People’s Ledger: How to Democratize Money and Finance the Economy This article is directly on point to the role of the Comptroller and disqualifies Omarova to hold the office.

Omarova advocates for nothing less than the de facto nationalization of the American banking and finance system.

In the financial world Omarova envisions private banks would no longer offer deposit accounts.  We would all have a government bank account instead which the government would easily use to deposit, subtract and redistribute funds.  The feds would be able to observe your smallest transaction.  When the government determines it is time to stimulate the economy, funds could be “helicopter” dropped directly into those accounts deemed worthy.  Omarova describes this as “QE (quantitative easing) for the people.”

Like all bad generals, Omarova is focused on fighting the last wars, the financial crisis of 2008 and the contraction of the economy due to COVID-19 shutdowns.  She is all about pumping money into the economy with an unhealthy dose of left-wing redistribution along the way.  Omarova needs to wake up.  Deflation is no longer the threat, inflation is.

The debate should not be between pumping money into the economy via quantitative easing vs. throwing it out of “helicopters,” but rather how to restrain the growth of the money supply, as we did in the Reagan era, and get inflation back under control.

The Left’s radical plans for banking mirror their government takeover attempts on healthcare.   Omarova’s anti-banking philosophy consists of incremental steps on the road to what might be termed “single banker,” analogous to the Left’s relentless push for “single payer,” socialized medicine.

At a time when the beast of inflation has been released to ravage American savings, the President should nominate and the Senate confirm only reliable central bankers focused on forcing the inflationary beast back into its cage to safeguard our system of economic freedom.

Saule Omarova should not be allowed to serve as Comptroller of our currency.

EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

With Oil Prices Up More than 60% in a Year Beijing Biden Sells U.S. Oil Reserves Overseas to Asia thumbnail

With Oil Prices Up More than 60% in a Year Beijing Biden Sells U.S. Oil Reserves Overseas to Asia

By Pamela Geller

Joe Hoft over at Gateway is reporting that terrible Joe is selling America’s reserves of oil to Asia after shutting down oil production in the U.S. This is the act of an enemy. There is no pushback from quisling GOP ‘leadership.’

With Oil Prices Up More than 60% in a Year Biden Decides to Sell US Oil Reserves Overseas to Asia

By Joe Hoft  November 18, 2021 at 5:20pm

Education Views reports:

Practically overnight, America went from oil independence and being a net oil [exporter], to suffering shortages and, as noted, rising prices. When asked about the problem, Biden risibly blamed OPEC and Russia. Meanwhile, Jennifer Granholm, the energy secretary, simply cackled maniacally and claimed the administration was helpless

Biden is now under pressure to tap the SPR to relieve some of the pressure on fuel prices. (Again, remember that Biden birthed this problem by squashing American fuel production, thereby creating the shortage. There’s also the little matter of his administration working with Congress to print money like rolls of toilet paper—except that toilet paper is more useful than inflationary dollars.) Even Chuckie Schumer wants to lower prices by chipping away at our SPR emergency supply, despite our having vast, untapped resources beneath American land.

It turns out, though, that Biden is already tapping into the SPR; he’s just not doing it to help Americans. A report in investment circles is finally trickling down into the mainstream news: Biden is selling massive amounts of SPR oil…to Asia!

This is based on a Bloomberg report:

About 1.6 million barrels of crude from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve — a monthly record — was shipped out in October, according to data from market intelligence firm Kpler. Three cargoes were loaded onto a supertanker in the U.S. Gulf Coast and are headed to Asia.

“Given the ongoing pace of the current SPR release — 12 million barrels in the last two months and the biggest weekly release so far last week at 3.1 million barrels — it’s fair to assume more SPR barrels are going to leave U.S. shores in the weeks ahead,” said Matt Smith, an oil analyst at Kpler.

Biden gave Taliban terrorists $84 billion in arms and gear and planes and choppers.  Biden opened the Southern Border and more than a million illegal immigrants have crossed into the US.  Now Biden sells the US oil reserves to Asia after changing America from being an oil exporter to dependent on Russia and the Middle East.

Is it time to impeach and remove Biden yet?  If not when will it be enough?

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The Democrats ‘Green New [Very Bad] Deal’ Is a Complete Sham thumbnail

The Democrats ‘Green New [Very Bad] Deal’ Is a Complete Sham

By Dr. Rich Swier

“Forget the CO2. Water vapor is the most important greenhouse gas. It controls the Earth’s temperature.”American Chemical Society, founded in 1876 and chartered by the U.S. Congress.

Biden’s Climate Change Agenda is a Complete Sham.

Currently the federal government spends more than $22 billion a year financing programs to stop climate change. That’s $41,856 every minute!

After the United Nation’s COP 26 Conference the Biden administration went on the offensive to push its Climate Change Agenda.

In a Fox News article Joe Schoffstall reported:

Biden’s Build Back Better plan calls for 185 times more spending on climate than future pandemic preparedness.

Biden’s economic plan involves $550 billion in climate initiative funding and only $3 billion in pandemic preparedness.

The massive $1,750,000,000,000 plan allocates an eye-popping $550 billion for climate change projects, the backbone of the economic plan. Meanwhile, only $3 billion goes towards beefing up future “pandemic preparedness” despite coronavirus‘ economic impact on the country.

[ … ]

The plan calls for significant climate investments valued at $550 billion over the next ten years, including $320 billion for clean energy tax credits and $110 billion in investments for clean energy technology.

Read more.

QUESTION: Will this massive spending make any difference at all in the climate?

The International Environmental Data Research Organization (IEDRO) asked the following in a September 23, 2010 article titled Water Vapor, CO2, and Global Warming by Anita Dotson:

Which gas then is to blame for global warming and should be controlled?

Water vapor accounts for 60-70% of the greenhouse effect while CO2 accounts for 25% —a notable difference when numbers alone are compared. It would seem then that water vapor should be climatologists’ primary focus. However, water vapor cannot be controlled by human intervention; it is simply a product of its environment.

[ … ]

As the atmospheric temperature rises, more water is evaporated from ground storage, such as that found in our rivers, oceans, soils, and reservoirs. The released water vapor becomes a greenhouse gas where it then absorbs more energy radiated from the Earth and thus warms the atmosphere. The warmer atmosphere results in further water evaporation and the cycle continues. This mechanism is known as a Positive Feedback Loop. [Emphasis added]

Read the full report.

It’s Water Vapor and the Sun Stupid

The Environmental Protection Agencies’ Big Lie. The EPA’s website states:

Greenhouse gases trap heat and make the planet warmer. Human activities are responsible for almost all of the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over the last 150 years.1 The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the United States is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation. [Emphasis added]

NOTE: Human activity is NOT responsible for almost all of the increased greenhouse gases.

Founded in 1876 and chartered by the U.S. Congress, the American Chemical Society (ACS) in an article titled “It’s Water Vapor, Not the CO2” wrote:

“Forget the CO2. Water vapor is the most important greenhouse gas. It controls the Earth’s temperature.”

It’s true that water vapor is the largest contributor to the Earth’s greenhouse effect. On average, it probably accounts for about 60% of the warming effect. However, water vapor does not control the Earth’s temperature, but is instead controlled by the temperature. This is because the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere limits the maximum amount of water vapor the atmosphere can contain. If a volume of air contains its maximum amount of water vapor and the temperature is decreased, some of the water vapor will condense to form liquid water. This is why clouds form as warm air containing water vapor rises and cools at higher altitudes where the water condenses to the tiny droplets that make up clouds.

Read the entire article.

So, what causes the earth’s temperature to rise, and fall? Why its the sun stupid.

In 2007, while doing some solar physics research, John Casey stumbled on a curious pattern among sunspots that would prove to be the most important problem he had ever confronted – what causes climate change and what is the planet’s next climate era going to be like? A few months later after completing his research, he made several a startling announcements to the world. In April and May of 2007 Mr. Casey said:

  1. Global warming was about to end, within three years!
  2. The Sun was going to begin a “solar hibernation” beginning with the next solar cycle #24 (which began in 2008). This hibernation would result in a record reduction in the energy output of the Sun.
  3. The Earth’s atmosphere and oceans were about to begin a long term drop in temperatures lasting for decades.
  4. A new cold climate era was beginning that posed a serious threat to all with the potential to bring global crop damage and loss of life through starvation, cold weather fatalities, and social upheaval on a historic scale.

He proposed that a new climate theory which he called the “Relational Cycle Theory” or simply the “RC Theory” should replace the greenhouse gas theory of manmade climate change and asserted that the Sun and not mankind was the primary cause of climate change.

Mr. Casey’s Research Report 1-2008  –  The RC Theory The existence of relational cycles of solar activity on a multi-decadal to centennial scale, as significant models of climate change on Earth clearly links the earth’s changes in temperature to the number of sun spots. The more sun spots the higher the temperature, the fewer or no sun spots the earth cools.

The Bottom Line

Kevin Mooney in his February 25, 2017 column “Group Defends Carbon Dioxide as ‘Elixir of Life’ in Climate Change Debate” reported:

Forget everything government officials, many media outlets, and “activist scientists” have warned about the damaging effects of carbon dioxide, because in reality there’s no cause for alarm, a group called the CO2 Coalition urges.

[ … ]

“Atmospheric CO2 is not a pollutant, it is in fact the very elixir of life,” Craig Idso, a science adviser to the CO2 Coalition, said during a panel discussion at CPAC exploring the benefits attached to higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The CO2 Coalition, founded in 2015, describes its mission as “educating thought leaders, policymakers, and the public about the important contribution made by carbon dioxide to our lives and the economy.”

[ … ]

“Adding CO2 to the atmosphere enhances plant water use efficiency,” he said.

Increased levels of carbon dioxide could boost plant growth and make plants more resistant to droughts, he said. This could lead to increased food production, which in turn could offset projected food shortages. [Emphasis added]

So why does the EPA, the Biden administration and Democrats believe mankind is responsible for the climate changes? It’s simple, scare the people that the earth is coming to an end because of their bad behaviors and you can impose draconian limits on them.

I have learned three absolutes about the climate (a.k.a. weather)

  1. The climate changes.
  2. These changes in the climate follow natural cycles (e.g. summer, fall, winter, spring)
  3. There is nothing mankind can do to change these natural cycles.

The Democrats are now joined by the government of Slovenia. Both want to control their populations using mandates. Biden’s vaccine mandates versus Slovenia’s no jab no gas mandate.

The U.S. State Department currently has a “Do Not Travel” alert for Slovenia. Interesting isn’t it.

Fuel stations across Slovenia are adopting one of the most authoritarian policies to date, requiring consumers to provide proof-of-vaccination, a negative COVID test, or proof of recovery from COVID to fill up their cars.

— The Counter Signal (@TheCounterSgnl) November 17, 2021

In the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill is funding for a Civilian Climate Corps (CCC). This $8 billion budget item was put into the bill to commission a federally funded climate police called the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) who will conduct environmentalist activism on the American taxpayers’ dime (pages 821, and 926).

We already have Climate Czar John Kerry calling for abolishment of fossil fuels by 2035. We have Biden’s nominee for Comptroller of the Currency Saule Omarova wanting to ‘bankrupt’ the fossil fuel industry to ‘tackle climate change’.

Gird your loins. The Democrats ‘Green New [Very Bad] Deal’ is here!

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Is the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) the new Allgemeine-SS?

It’s the Weather, Not the Climate, Stupid!

Why I’m a Conservationist and NOT an Environmentalist

Navajo Nation Slams Biden Oil Drilling Ban, Says White House Violated ‘Tribal Sovereignty’ thumbnail

Navajo Nation Slams Biden Oil Drilling Ban, Says White House Violated ‘Tribal Sovereignty’

By The Daily Caller

The Navajo Nation criticized the Biden administration for banning oil and gas leasing on a large swath of New Mexico land that supported much of its community.

The tribe argued that President Joe Biden failed to properly consult it before issuing the sweeping order earlier this week. Biden and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced Monday that the federal government would review a new rule prohibiting oil and gas leasing within the 10-mile radius around the Chaco Culture National Historical Park in northwest New Mexico for 20 years.

Biden made the announcement during the White House Tribal Nations Summit and said the ban would “protect” the more than 200,000 acres of tribal lands covered by the rule.

“The Biden Administration bypassed previous requests to Congress for field hearings and for leaders to hear directly from our Navajo families affected in the Chaco Canyon region,” Navajo Nation Council Speaker Seth Damon said in a statement Tuesday. “It is important that the federal government consider and work with our Navajo allottees to further advance development.”

“The Administration must respect our tribal sovereignty and what the government to government relationship entails,” Damon continued.

The Navajo Nation previously opposed the ban proposed by the Biden administration, instead advocating for a 5-mile radius around the historic site, according to Damon. Fossil fuel companies return an estimated $90 million per year to Navajo mineral owners, a sum that helps support the largely low-income community, a watchdog report concluded in 2017.

“The White House is ignoring the will of the Navajo Nation, which voted overwhelmingly to support a five-mile buffer that would protect the park while enabling Navajo mineral owners to access their prime oil resources,” Kathleen Sgamma, president of the fossil fuel industry group Western Energy Alliance, said in a statement. “Oil and natural gas development is already done in a way to protect cultural resources.”

Republicans also criticized the administration’s action, noting the indirect harm it would do to Navajo families.

“In the Biden administration’s desperate attempts to appease radical environmentalists, however, they are expanding that protected perimeter to miles outside the park, jeopardizing the ability of Navajo allottees to develop their mineral rights,” House Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Bruce Westerman said in a statement.

Westerman added that the historic park is already protected.



Energy and environment reporter. Follow Thomas on Twitter


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EXCLUSIVE: Internal Memo From Republican Rep. Jim Banks Slams Biden’s Spending Plan As ‘Phase One Of The Green New Deal’

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Watch as AOC Confuses Natural Gas For Oil In Video Explaining Why Pipelines Are Bad thumbnail

Watch as AOC Confuses Natural Gas For Oil In Video Explaining Why Pipelines Are Bad

By The Daily Caller

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confused a number of facts about fossil fuels in a video to her followers explaining why pipelines are bad for the country.

The congresswoman mistakenly asserted that the Keystone XL and Line 3 pipelines were proposed to increase U.S. natural gas exports in the video she posted on her Instagram account Saturday. The two pipelines would transport crude oil, not natural gas, from Canada into the U.S. as an import, according to their operators.

“When you look at Keystone XL, and when you look at a lot of these other pipelines, people say, ‘Oh, this is for energy, you know, independence in the United States,’” Ocasio-Cortez stated during the video which has garnered more than 180,000 views. “We actually already produce enough to power our own country, whether you agree with it or not.”

“A lot of these pipelines are being built so that the United States can export and sell natural gas abroad,” she continued. “And, you know, people make geopolitical arguments as to why that should be the case.”

Line 3 has transported crude oil into the U.S. through Minnesota since the 1960s. Enbridge, the company that operates the pipeline, is currently constructing a $2.9 billion Line 3 replacement, but the company has faced intense resistance from environmental activists.

Ocasio-Cortez said that she believes Line 3 “should not exist.”


The Keystone XL pipeline would have similarly taken crude oil into the U.S. from western Canada. However, the pipeline — proposed as an extension to an already existing line that stretches from North Dakota to Texas — was canceled by its operator TC Energy after President Joe Biden revoked its federal permit.

More than 20 states have accused the president of overstepping his constitutional authority in an ongoing federal lawsuit challenging the permit revocation.

“The President has certain prerogatives to act on behalf of the United States in foreign affairs,” the lawsuit stated. “But as far as domestic law is concerned, the President must work with and abide by the limits set by Congress—whether he likes them or not.”

Republicans and fossil fuel industry advocates have argued that ensuring the U.S. has a steady, reliable supply of oil and natural gas protects national security. They also argue that the U.S. should leverage its own natural resources to be a net exporter of oil and gas rather than rely on foreign powers for energy.

But the Biden administration has hamstrung the U.S. fossil fuel industry, canceling pipelines, abandoning large drilling projects and introducing sweeping regulations, while asking Middle Eastern countries for more oil and Russia for more gas.



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Biden Blocks Oil, Gas Leases In Large New Mexico Region At Request Of Native American Tribes

Granholm Says Biden Is ‘All Over’ Gas Prices, Can’t List Any Policies To Lower Prices

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Is the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) the new Allgemeine-SS? thumbnail

Is the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) the new Allgemeine-SS?

By Dr. Rich Swier

In the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill is funding for a Civilian Climate Corps (CCC). This $8 billion budget item was put into the bill to commission a federally funded climate police called the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) who will conduct environmentalist activism on the American taxpayers’ dime (pages 821, and 926).

The Republican Study Committee also found in the Democrat Party’s reconciliation bill these “green mandates”:

  1. Pushes Green New Deal in our public schools: Requires funding for school construction be used largely on enrollment diversity and Green New Deal agenda items (page 55).
  2. Pushes Green New Deal in our universities: Democrats include a $10 billion “environmental justice” higher education slush fund to indoctrinate college students and advance Green New Deal policies (page 1,935).
  3. Includes dangerous & deadly green energy mandate: Effectively forces Americans to get 40% of their energy from wind, solar and other unreliable forms of energy within 8 years (page 392). Reliance on these energy sources has proven deadly.
  4. Increases energy dependence on OPEC, Russia and China: The bill prohibits several mineral and energy withdrawals (page 979). It overturns provisions included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that authorized energy production in the Arctic that will result in 130,000 Americans losing their jobs and $440 billion in lost federal revenue (page 983) and the mineral withdrawals it prohibits would, ironically, include minerals necessary for renewable energy sources (pages 934940943).
  5. Chases green energy pipe dreams: $264 million to the EPA to conduct research with left-wing environmental justice groups on how to transition away from fossil fuels (page 1063).

The Democrats also included a legislative hull for Biden’s vaccine mandate. The bill increases OSHA penalties on businesses that fail to implement the mandate up to $700,000 per violation and includes $2.6 billion in funding for the Department of Labor to increase enforcement of these penalties (page 168).

Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) the new Allgemeine-SS?

The Waffen-SS was the military branch of the Nazi Party’s SS organization. Its formations included men from Nazi Germany, along with volunteers and conscripts from both occupied and unoccupied lands. The Allgemeine SS was responsible for enforcing the racial political policies of Nazi Germany, the general policing of the German people and the protection of Adolph Hitler.

It now appears that the Civilian Climate Corps, if funded and organized, will become the “militant branch” of the Democrat Party’s climate change agenda. We can expect volunteers and conscripts, like Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, to join the CCC.

Will the CCC become responsible for enforcing the racial political policies of Socialist Democrats, like AOC author of the Green New Deal, and for the general policing of the America people?

The more  government enforcement agencies, like the CCC, the more control over we the people.

Will we be arrested and sent to concentration camps by the CCC if we don’t comply with the Green New Deal’s mandates?

Is Biden and the Democrat Party Creating a Fourth Reich?

QUESTION: Are there similarities between Hitler’s Third Reich and the Biden Administration?

Since Biden’s election we have seen a dramatic increase in government control. Some are comparing what Biden is doing today as similar to what Hitler did after he took power in Germany on January 30, 1933. Hitler’s regime was called the Third Reich. Hitler fundamentally transformed Germany into a dictatorship.

Are Biden, his administration, Democrats in Congress, at the local, county and state levels all working in concert to fundamentally transform America into a dictatorship?

The following is a brief history of what Hitler did when he took power in 1933. We then compare what Hitler did to what Biden has done since his inauguration on January 20th to date.

The Third Reich

The Holocaust Museum makes these key points about what Hitler did, once elected Chancellor, to create the Third Reich:

  1. The Nazi rise to power brought an end to the Weimar Republic, a parliamentary democracy established in Germany after World War I.
  2. Following the appointment of Adolf Hitler as chancellor on January 30, 1933, the Nazi state (also referred to as the Third Reich) quickly became a regime in which Germans enjoyed no guaranteed basic rights.
  3. After a suspicious fire in the Reichstag (the German Parliament), on February 28, 1933, the government issued a decree which suspended constitutional civil rights and created a state of emergency in which official decrees could be enacted without parliamentary confirmation.
  4. In the first months of Hitler’s chancellorship, the Nazis instituted a policy of “coordination”—the alignment of individuals and institutions with Nazi goals.
  5. Culture, the economy, education, and law all came under Nazi control.
  6. The Nazi regime also attempted to “coordinate” the German churches and, although not entirely successful, won support from a majority of Catholic and Protestant clergymen.
  7. Extensive propaganda was used to spread the regime’s goals and ideals.
  8. Hitler had the final say in both domestic legislation and German foreign policy.
  9. Open criticism of the regime was suppressed by the Gestapo (secret state police) and the Security Service (SD) of the Nazi party, but Hitler’s government was popular with most Germans.

The Fourth Reich

QUESTION: Like Hitler fundamentally transformed Germany into the Third Reich, is Biden also doing fundamentally the same things to transform America into a dictatorship/Fourth Reich?

Let’s compare what Hitler did to what has happened since Biden was elected president on January 20th, 2021.

  1. Biden, like Hitler, is ending America’s Constitutional Republican form of government with a radical expansion of powers under the executive branch of government. OSHA and the CDC are using Covid to reshape our freedoms to choose our job, healthcare and economic futures.
  2. Americans, like under Hitler, are seeing their guarantied basic rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness stripped away. Government mandates are replacing our basic rights. If you don’t obey and get vaxxed you lose your job. As more and more people vote for a living rather than work for a living we can understand how Democrats, like Hitler, gain more and more power over the individual.
  3. The January 6th, 2021 protest in Washington, D.C is being used by Biden and Democrats, just as Hitler did using the Reichstag fire, as an excuse to oppress all political opponents. Those who participated in the Save America peaceful protest have had their constitutional rights taken away. They have been imprisoned, abused and even tortured. The Biden administration, and the Democrats in Congress, are demonizing those who peacefully protested the results of the 2020 election.
  4. Under Biden’s “Build Back Better Agenda” we are seeing the coordination —the alignment of individuals and institutions— with Democrat Party goals. The Green New Deal impacts all major institutions. The vaccination mandates have clearly hit all companies with 100 or more employees. From manufacturing, to healthcare, to law enforcement, to first responders, to our public schools, all are impacted.
  5. Since Biden’s inauguration we are witness a “cultural war” against those who do not agree with the policies and politics of the Democrat Party. If you are a parent and speak out against Biden’s plan to put Critical Race Theory in every classroom, then your are labeled a domestic terrorist by the FBI. If you don’t get jabbed then you’ll be punished. If you don’t obey your family won’t eat.
  6. Propaganda is the foundation upon which the Biden administration is built. The legacy media, social media, the White House press secretary are in full agreement that telling the big lie (propaganda) is the best pathway to keeping power. Anything negative about Biden is either suppressed or spun to make Biden look competent and his opponents look like enemies of the state. Lies are being told by members of the Executive Branch daily. The “big lie” is now the standard operating procedure of Biden and his handlers.
  7. Biden has coopted many Jewish, Catholic and Protestant clergymen. Churches fear losing their tax exempt status as Biden weaponizes the IRS.
  8. Biden’s handlers have the final say on all domestic legislation and U.S. foreign policy. Even if those policies are dangerous domestically and overseas. From Biden’s immigration policy of open borders, to kowtowing to our enemies like Iran, China and Russia, to leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan. All are disasters.
  9. Oppression. Biden is using the FBI to go after parents who disagree with what is being taught in our public schools. The FBI is complicit in suppressing opposition to Biden and Democrats. Some even suggest that the FBI is the new Stasi, the Ministry for State Security, or State Security Service, the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic. It has been described as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies to have ever existed until Biden came along, that is.
  10. Biden’s policies are becoming less and less popular with the American people. However, there are hard core groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Democrat Socialists like AOC, Nazi collaborator George Soros and the organizations he funds, and others who embrace Biden’s Fourth Reich.


The Democrats crave power. In his book 1984 George Orwell wrote, “Orthodoxy means not thinking–not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”

Will the CCC be the enforcers of climate orthodoxy? Let’s hope that this reconciliation bill never passes. However, if it does remember what the Declaration of Independence says:

When a government fails to protect the unalienable rights of its citizens, it is the duty and right of citizens to create another form of government.

Perhaps Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) said it best in his book “The Conscience of a Conservative“:

“I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution, or that have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is “needed” before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents’ “interests,” I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty and that in that cause I am doing the very best I can.”

It appears Biden, his administration and the Democrat party aren’t interested in their constituents interests. They are hell bent on inaugurating new programs that do violence to our Constitutional Republican form of government.

Gird your loins. It will most certainly get worse if the CCC is established.

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So, it appears that:

a. The Attorney General committed perjury

b. DOJ used counterterrorism tools vs. everyday parents

c. The Left will exploit almost any means to continue polluting young minds with anti-white CRT propaganda

— Steve Cortes (@CortesSteve) November 16, 2021

Climate Models Overlook Benefits of CO2 and ‘Lukewarming,’ Data Scientist Says thumbnail

Climate Models Overlook Benefits of CO2 and ‘Lukewarming,’ Data Scientist Says

By Kevin Mooney

Rather than relying on climate change models that could be the basis of expansive and costly regulations, policymakers should instead question those models, focusing on the legitimacy of their underlying assumptions.

So said The Heritage Foundation’s chief statistician at a recent climate change conference in Las Vegas that preceded the international summit in Glasgow, Scotland, that concludes today.

While the Biden administration continues to pursue regulatory policies based on a concept known as the “social cost of carbon,” increased carbon dioxide emissions have led to a “greening of the planet,” Kevin Dayaratna, principal statistician and data scientist for The Heritage Foundation said in his presentation at the Heartland Institute’s 14th International Climate Change Conference.

The nonprofit, Illinois-based free-market think tank attracted dozens of scientists, economists, and academics from across the globe to the conference, which ran from Oct. 15 to 17.

The Heartland Institute also hosted a Climate Reality Forum in Glasgow on Nov. 2 and 3 during the two-week United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The Heartland Institute is a co-sponsor of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change, which has brought together scientists, researchers, and scholars from across the globe who dispute U.N. findings that point to catastrophic climate change. Dayaratna is among the researchers who have advised policymakers to refrain from enacting anti-carbon measures in the name of averting climate change.

“Regardless of one’s predictions on the extent of human influence on climate change, commonly proffered solutions by lawmakers here, such as carbon taxes and ‘cap and trade,’ will have no meaningful impact on altering the climate anyway, as we’ve demonstrated in prior Heritage Foundation research,” Dayaratna told The Daily Signal, the news outlet of The Heritage Foundation.

Dubious Assumptions on Social Cost of Carbon

The social cost of carbon is typically defined as “the economic damages per metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions,” according to Dayaratna’s slide presentation at the Heartland conference.

There are three statistical models the Obama administration used to measure the long-term economic impact of carbon dioxide emissions over a particular time horizon, Dayaratna explained. They are the DICE model, the FUND model, and the PAGE model.

The Biden administration recently reinstituted Obama-era climate-modeling exercises that attempt to calculate the social cost of carbon. But an “honest cost/benefit analysis” of carbon dioxide emissions is not possible under current modeling practices, Dayaratna said. That’s because the assumptions built into the climate models overstate recent warming trends while failing to account for the positive attributes of carbon dioxide, the data analyst told his audience.

“The benefits of CO2 may outweigh the damages,” Dayaratna said.

“In fact, when more realistic assumptions about how sensitive the climate is to carbon dioxide emissions are plugged into the climate models, many of the damages disappear from the forecasts,” he added.

“Is global warming necessarily a bad thing?” he asked, answering his own question: “CO2 in the atmosphere can increase agricultural productivity.”

One of Dayaratna’s slide presentations included a satellite image of “the Greening of the Earth” that occurred from 1982 to 2009. The Heritage Foundation statistician also cited a newspaper article in The Guardian dating back to 2004 that described how Pentagon officials told then-President George W. Bush that climate change over the following 20 years could “bring the planet to the edge of anarchy” and that “nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine, and widespread rioting will erupt across the world.”

The fact that those predictions of a catastrophe have not materialized demonstrates that there’s still much to learn about climate change and that climate models such as those used to calculate the social cost of carbon are “highly sensitive to assumptions” that may not be accurate, Dayaratna warned.

“‘Settled science’ is an oxymoron,” he said. “Science is never settled.”

Understating Benefits of Carbon Dioxide

Dayaratna is the co-author of a peer-reviewed research article that explores “the implications of recent empirical findings about CO2 fertilization and climate sensitivity on the social cost of carbon in the FUND model.”

He and his colleagues selected the FUND model because, unlike the other models, the FUND model accounts for the possibility of agricultural benefits.

Nevertheless, they conclude that even the FUND model understates the benefits of carbon dioxide.

There is “overwhelming evidence that CO2 increases do have a beneficial effect on plant growth, so models that fail to take these benefits into account overstate the [social cost of carbon],” the research article says. “The recent literature on global greening and the response of agricultural crops to enhanced CO2 availability suggests that the productivity boost is likely stronger than that parameterized in FUND.”

After making “reasonable” adjustments to “agricultural productivity specifications” in combination with “moderate warming” forecasts that can be plugged into climate models, Dayaratna finds that there are “social benefits” to what he describes as the “lukewarming” the planet has experienced.

“There has indeed been man-made global warming, but the extent to which humans have contributed to it over the last century has been vastly overstated,” Dayaratna told The Daily Signal in an interview.

To use a term coined by Pat Michaels of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, I like to refer to it as ‘lukewarming.’ The climate models also greatly overstate the amount of warming that is likely to occur going forward. Human CO2 emissions are indeed responsible for some warming, but much of it is the result of natural influences and this ‘lukewarming’ we have experienced, which is fairly mild, has benefits that are overlooked.

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring, colorless, odorless, nontoxic gas. It is a key element of photosynthesis and thus has agricultural benefits, and to consider it only as a pollutant that solely has deleterious effects is a mistake.

Dayaratna offered some advice for policymakers and the public at the conclusion of his Oct. 16 presentation.

“Models are highly sensitive to assumptions, and the Biden administration is using these same models,” he said. “We need to think seriously about the administration’s estimates, and the assumptions that went into producing them.”

If not, Dayaratna cautioned, predictions as inaccurate as those provided to Bush in 2004 could beguile the public into accepting costly regulatory policies that do not square with scientific observations.


This article was published on November 12, 2021, and is reproduced with permission from The Daily Signal.

Environmental Solutions, Not Social Overhaul thumbnail

Environmental Solutions, Not Social Overhaul

By Dominick Sansone

The Glasgow climate summit and recent bold climate proposals are more about politics and do little to actually help the global environment.

The recent climate summit in Glasgow saw world leaders gather together to unanimously declare—as articulated by U.S. President Joe Biden himself—climate change as the “[paramount] challenge of our collective lifetimes.” Calling on the world community to devote themselves to confronting this “existential threat,” Biden cited his own administration’s lofty goal of reducing carbon emissions by at least 50 percent in the lead up to 2030.

“High energy prices only reinforce the urgent need to diversify sources, double down on clean energy development, and adapt promising new clean energy technologies.” This will ostensibly manifest through the type of long-term development envisioned in the massive infrastructure bill currently making its way through Congress.

As previously stated in this publication, the United States—as well as the developed economies of Western Europe—is hardly the primary cause of concern for those who would wish to see lower carbon emissions on a global scale. Substantial growth projected in greenhouse gas emissions is largely due to developing countries, such as India and China, which are poised to continue increasing their reliance on coal. The latter country has already set plans in motion to build increased capacity for the high carbon-emitting fuel, while the former currently sees about 70 percent of its electricity output derived from coal.

That does not mean that the United States needs to simply disregard its levels of carbon emissions. The U.S. still relies on dirtier forms of petroleum for 35 percent of its energy consumption, and coal for 10 percent. Prioritizing a transition to natural gas, in addition to the energy security made possible through independence from imports, would see real movement in measurable reductions to U.S. emissions. Instead, with the price of natural gas doubling in part due to the Biden administration’s policy choices, the use of coal has subsequently increased by 22 percent in 2021. Despite upending U.S. energy independence, the president apparently sees no irony in shamelessly asking for OPEC to increase production in an effort to reduce gas and oil prices.

The attempts of developed Western nations to subsidize policy that radically overhauls the energy landscape have a less than stellar record. Echoes of the Obama-era Solyndra scandal still reverberate in the energy industry. Germany’s attempt to heavily subsidize wind and solar in the 2010s led to a significant increase in burning coal, due to the inability of the former two to provide energy without interruption. Although the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline may imply a more realpolitik approach in Berlin to ensuring a stable and clean source of fuel, coal burning still tops wind as the country’s primary source of electricity.

While U.S. renewable energy investment continued to rise by significant amounts throughout the Trump administration—despite claims that the former president heavily favored the oil and gas industries—frozen windmills in Texas this past winter, although not responsible for blackouts, displayed the danger of relying entirely on fickle renewables. The impact of the weather freezing the turbines led to a 60 percent drop in wind-energy production compared to the previous week.

These facts, however, are all irrelevant to those attempting to place climate as the central axiom around which to enact a new green-centric policy agenda. That is because their true goal is radical social reorganization based on equity-based notions of justice. The acolytes of transformational programs such as the Green New Deal are not interested in pragmatic, if gradual, steps that would allow the United States to practically and effectively become more energy efficient; rather, they are interested in recasting society according to ideological principles.

This is not the rambling of conspiracy theorists who envision an underground lair of technocratic elites laying the foundations for a one-world government—it is the words of the agenda’s own proponents. Vice President Kamala Harris, in collaboration with Green New Deal champion Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, last year introduced the Climate Equity Act (CEA) in the Senate, in order to “center [the fight against climate change] in justice and equity.” Equity, as aptly described  by James Lindsay, is shifting resources and shares in a system so as to ensure that outcomes proportionally resemble the envisioned conception of fairness.

Harris’s cosponsoring of the CEA is not an aberration in an otherwise moderate climate policy; it is rather a testament to the Biden administration’s wholesale buy-in to the radical green agenda. The 46th president has additionally created the new Office of Domestic Climate Policy, headed by chief of staff Maggie Thomas who has previously stated that there is “no role for natural gas” in the nation’s energy mix, short-term or otherwise. Instead, she supports a goal of 90 percent of electricity production coming from renewables by the year 2035. Another new establishment under the Health and Human Services Department is the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity, tasked with the stated mission of “protecting vulnerable communities” from the impact of climate change. It is easy to see how these vaguely defined executive appointments not beholden to an electorate could morph into centralized authorities for enforcing a radical equity-based agenda—in fact, they would likely welcome the task in their mission statement.

During the Glasgow summit, President Biden additionally took it upon himself to apologize for the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords during the Trump administration. Trump had originally withdrawn from the pact under the auspices of its disadvantageous impact on U.S. industry. Citing a commitment to the American workers, Trump criticized the deal as resulting in “lost jobs, lowered wages, shuttered factories, and vastly diminished economic production.” Considering the achievement of (now eliminated) energy independence, the United States becoming a net exporter of oil in 2019 for the first time in its history, a continued growth in renewables, and all while still managing a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, one has to question how exactly participation in the Paris Accord was in the national interest of the United States.

The answer is that it wasn’t. It wasn’t even really advantageous to the interest of reducing global carbon emissions. As previously stated, if multilateral agreements such as the Paris Climate Accord actually wanted to invest resources in the areas which are most crucial to reducing carbon emissions—in other words, where they would receive the greatest return on investment—they would focus almost exclusively on the challenges posed by developing countries.

This, however, is not the concern of those who seek to overhaul the world economy and hamstring western industry along the way. Those interested in a recasting of society are not concerned with actual concrete steps that would practically allow the United States to approach reductions in carbon, as well as more energy efficient solutions, through innovation and ingenuity. They are also not interested in prioritizing energy security for American citizens.

At the summit, Prince Charles called for a “war-like footing” on the climate issue, proclaiming the need of a “Marshall-like plan.” Another Brit, much greater and deserving of our attention, previously stated that there are those who will seek to perpetuate a sense of crisis in times of peace, so as to justify the individual citizen’s subjugation to the state. “The argument…that economic crises are only another form of war, such that we must live our lives in a perpetual state of war…this, of course, is the socialist view.” These words were written by Winston Churchill in defense of the U.S. Constitution, as a response to (ironically) the big-government views of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt.

According to Churchill, once the government found a seemingly just cause that it could utilize to incite the passions of its people, it would then be able to manipulate their desire to do good for its own purposes. After the individual is brought under the “subjugation of the executive government,” Churchill continued, “socialism…[allows] the rulers to demand of him in time of peace sacrifices only tolerable in a period of national self-preservation.”

Those who wish a radical overhaul of society—whether out of a genuine belief in the greater good or from a selfish desire for power—have found an issue that allows them to invoke a sense of moral superiority. What higher duty is there than responsible stewardship of our natural home, the earth? We must be on our guard that our desire to live up to this task does not blind us to the schemes of those who would seek personal advantage from our goodwill.


This article was published on November 12, 2021, and is reproduced with permission from The American Conservative.