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Job Board Hosting Only ‘Non-Woke Employers’ Gains Popularity

By The Geller Report

Thanks to this viral video….hiring based on merit not left-wing discriminatory polices.


Job board hosting only ‘non-woke employers’ gains popularity with viral video

By: Jenny Goldsberry, Washington Examiner, June 09, 2023:

A job board established after the pandemic is offering job hunters and employers a new niche market.

RedBalloon promises in its Instagram bio that its platform is “connecting serious job seekers with non-woke employers who won’t force employees to compromise their faith or values.” On its website, it promises employers that “finding the right employees shouldn’t be stressful” because “at RedBalloon, we start with values-alignment. Because if a job candidate doesn’t have the right work ethic, nothing else really matters.”

The company shared a video Tuesday poking fun at what some work cultures include. A variety of children are seen sharing what sort of job they want when they grow up, satirically saying they want to be hired “based on what [they] look like” and their “chromosomes” over their “skills.” The children pretend to look forward to a day when they are “offended by [their] co-workers and walk around the office on eggshells and have [their] words policed by HR.”

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