Mayorkas: 1-in-5 Border Crossers Arrive to U.S. Sick with Illnesses

During remarks at Georgetown University this week, open-borders enthusiast and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that about 1-in-5 border crossers arriving at the United States-Mexico border are sick with various illnesses.

“We are confronted with a population of people that, as a general matter, that have a rate of illness of approximately 20 percent,” Mayorkas said. “When one is speaking of 7,000 or 7,500 people encountered at the border every day, if one takes a look at that the system, it is not built for that in a COVID environment where isolation is required.”

You know what a good solution for that would be? Secure the border.

Days later, Mayorkas conceded that DHS did not test roughly 13,000 Haitian border crossers for the coronavirus before releasing them into the interior of the U.S. In early August, top DHS officials admitted in court briefs that federal immigration officials were seeing “significantly increased rates” of border crossers arriving in the U.S. while carrying coronavirus.

In addition, CDC officials confirmed this month that Afghans brought to the U.S. by the Biden administration have spurred outbreaks of measles, varicella, mumps, tuberculosis, malaria, leishmaniasis, hepatitis A, and coronavirus.

But our children have to stay masked and socially distanced in school.

Alejandro Mayorkas

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Mayorkas Defends Decision Not to Build Border Wall, Despite the Flood of Illegal Migrants

Between September 9 and 24, 2021, approximately 30,000 mostly Haitian migrants illegally crossed America’s southern border and gathered in Del Rio, Texas, where they hoped to be granted asylum. By September 25, approximately 12,400 of them had been released into the U.S. interior with instructions to report for immigration court hearings sometime in the future, while another 5,000 were being processed by DHS to determine whether they would be sent back to Haiti or permitted to pursue their immigration/asylum cases.

On September 26, 2021, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Mayorkas: “You say 30,000 people walked across … into Del Rio in the last 17 days. Question: Why didn’t you stop them?” “We encounter them at the border. That’s where we encounter them, Chris,” Mayorkas replied.

Wallace then asked: “Why didn’t you stop them from coming into the country?” “We did,” Mayorkas stated. “We encountered them, they gathered – they assembled in that one location in Del Rio, Texas, and we applied the laws. We applied the public health law under the CDC’s authority, and we applied immigration –”

“My question is why did you allow them in the country in the first place?” Wallace replied. “Why didn’t you build, forgive me, a wall or a fence to stop them from walking – the flood of people coming across the dam, it looks like a highway that allows them to cross the Rio Grande.” “It is the policy of this administration, we do not agree with the building of the wall,” Mayorkas insisted, explaining that permitting individuals to seek humanitarian relief was “one of our proudest traditions.”

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