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Experts: Biden Administration’s Foreign Policy Is Naïve

By Family Research Council

President Joe Biden’s rapidly shifting Israel policy is taking criticism from foreign policy experts who believe the administration is fundamentally or deliberately misunderstanding the true nature of the situation. “The Biden administration either is not connecting the dots or frankly, they don’t care, which is actually more troubling,” suggested Family Research Council President Tony Perkins.

“The Biden administration fundamentally doesn’t understand the Israeli people,” Center for Security Policy senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs Caroline Glick lamented on “Washington Watch” Monday. “They think they can snap their fingers, and Israel will just salute them and do whatever they tell us. But the Israeli people — particularly since October 7th — understand the implications of the enemy’s calls to annihilate the Jewish people.”

“The Biden administration doesn’t understand the seriousness of purpose, not only of Israel, but of our enemies — of Iran, of Hezbollah, of Hamas, etc.,” Glick continued. “They think that they can just again snap their fingers and say, ‘It’s over,’ and we’re going to get it to a ceasefire. And it never happens that way.”

If Jews aren’t safe in Israel, “Where do they go from here?” Perkins asked. He related an anecdote to demonstrate that “people go to Israel as kind of the last place of protection and safety for the Jewish people.” During a recent trip to Israel, he visited “one of the kibbutz that had been attacked just north of the Gaza border,” where residents told him they had emigrated from Europe “because of the rising anti-Semitism.” The perception that Israel is a safe place for Jews “was shattered on October 7th,” he explained, and “that’s the realization that really encompasses Israelis in Israel right now, that the rest of the world — at least here in America — doesn’t fully understand.”

Glick agreed that even “the Jews in the diaspora in the United States and Europe and in other countries are beginning to realize that” same fact. “The scale of the massacre and the savagery of what was done to Israel by Hamas … on October 7th has empowered and inspired anti-Semites of all kinds in the United States to openly attack Jews on the streets … in a way that nobody had experienced until now,” she said. “The idea that Jews can be safe anywhere if they’re not secure in Israel has just been shattered. It’s very clear that the security of all Jews everywhere is contingent on Israel defeating our enemies in Israel.”

Yet the Biden administration seems slow to recognize this, she complained. “There is a lot of ideological rigidity in the administration that’s very hostile to Israel and willing to accommodate Hamas,” said Glick. Based on their actions, “it’s almost impossible to not reach that conclusion.”

“The Biden administration is falling into the U.N. rhetoric right now of ‘Israel is always the problem,’” Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.) pointed out during Monday’s “Washington Watch.” “If you go to the U.N., Israel is always the problem.”

But Lankford disagreed with that assumption. “The problem is Iran in the Middle East. They are the destabilizing force,” he said. “They’re funding the Houthis, Hamas, and Hezbollah. It’s amazing to me,” he added, “that President Biden is chastising Israel right now for trying to defend themselves from the attacks that come from Gaza, but I hear absolute crickets about Hezbollah and their march to the south right now, and their militarization of that zone that’s supposed to be demilitarized.”

“The problem [is] the Qataris right now, that they’re not using the leverage that they really have” as one of Hamas’s chief financial backers, Lankford continued. “The pressure really needs to be placed on the people that could actually end this war. Rather than demanding Israel has a ceasefire, let’s demand [that] Hamas has a ceasefire, the Houthis [have] a ceasefire, Hezbollah has a ceasefire, [and that] Qatar uses its real leverage that it has to be able to get those hostages out.”

Glick criticized the Biden administration for believing that, “if they can just blame Israel for everything, then Iran will be happy and appeased and they’ll stop bothering America, at least until after the elections in November.” She skewered them for thinking that, “if they just say that there’s going to be a ceasefire, humiliate the government of Israel, [and] try to overthrow the government of Israel by sowing domestic subversion … that all the problem is going to go away.”

“That, of course, is not how things work,” Glick declared. “Nothing happens that way. Nothing.”

“There are people in that region that intensely hate our freedom, that intensely hate us as Americans,” Lankford noted. Radical Islamist extremists often repeat that “America is the Great Satan, and Israel is the Little Satan,” he said. “They’re really trying to be able to come after us and will do that [with] every opportunity.”

“Jews aren’t responsible for what happened,” protested Glick. “We’re not responsible for the hatred of others. We can only do our best to defend ourselves from that hatred. And that’s what we’re doing in this war.”


Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold is a senior writer at The Washington Stand.


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House GOP investigates failures leading to 200,000 deportation case dismissals

By Bethany Blankley

U.S. House Republicans are demanding answers from Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as to why more than 200,000 deportation cases were dismissed.

A new report published by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University found that 200,000 deportation cases were dismissed because DHS employees or Border Patrol agents didn’t file the proper paperwork with the courts in time for scheduled hearings.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement Subcommittee Chairman Tom McClintock, R-California, launched an investigation this week. They sent letters to Mayorkas and to Mary Cheng, acting director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), demanding information.

TRAC researchers evaluated data from January 2021 through February 2024 to determine the number of cases that were dismissed due to Notice to Appear documents not being filed with courts. One of the policies implemented by Mayorkas for which he was impeached relates to changing the detention and removal process. This included mass releasing illegal foreign nationals into the country who were given NTAs and told to appear before an immigration court at a date several years into the future.

By law, DHS is required to file NTAs with the court listed on them. Once filed, removal proceedings officially begin. If NTAs aren’t filed, the removal process doesn’t begin. If a hearing is scheduled before an NTA is filed, the case is thrown out and a new NTA must be filed. According to the report, of the data evaluated, NTAs were only refiled in 25% of the dismissed cases.

TRAC researchers said “the almost total lack of transparency on where and why these DHS failures occurred” is “troubling.”

They also said they weren’t able to obtain information “on just which agency created and issued these NTAs. While we suspect that most are created by Border Patrol agents, and thus should be filed with the court by Customs and Border Protection, we don’t know if the problem is concentrated there, and if so, which sectors and specific locations are most responsible.”

The greatest number of dismissals were in Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, and El Paso, according to the data.

NTAs are filed with immigration courts by CBP Office of Field Operations agents and DHS’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agents. “No information to our knowledge has been publicly released by DHS on why and where these problems occur,” TRAC said.

House Republicans aim to find out.

In their letter to Mayorkas, Jordan and McClintock highlight data from the TRAC report and expressed concern “with DHS’s inaction, which exacerbates the nation’s already backlogged immigration courts and creates additional chaos in the Biden Administration’s immigration crisis.”

They also pointed out that the roughly 200,000 deportation case dismissals due to DHS not filing NTAs were significantly greater than the more than 15,500 DHS “failure to prosecute” cases reported between fiscal 2017 and 2020.

They requested that Mayorkas provide documents and information from Jan. 20, 2021, to the present related to the number of cases EOIR dismissed for DHS’s failure to prosecute; the number of cases described in question 1 for which DHS eventually filed an NTA; and all DHS reports on cases dismissed for failure to prosecute.”

In their letter to Cheng, they highlighted the same data and expressed similar concerns. They requested her to provide the number of cases EOIR dismissed for DHS’s failure to prosecute; the number of cases described in question 1 for which DHS eventually filed an NTA; and all EOIR’s Cognos failure to prosecute reports.

They gave a deadline for the requested material to be provided by April 17.


This article was published by the Center Square and is reproduced with permission.

Image Credit: YouTube screenshot

‘About To Combust’: Republicans Have Golden Opportunity To End Spying On Americans — But It’s Tearing Them Apart thumbnail

‘About To Combust’: Republicans Have Golden Opportunity To End Spying On Americans — But It’s Tearing Them Apart

By The Daily Caller

Intelligence community abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) have gone from a niche issue for libertarian-minded politicos to a priority among the Republican Party base, thanks largely to former President Donald Trump.

Republicans have a chance to put an end to the law once and for all – or at least significantly reform it – but the party has spent months trying to reach a consensus on how to balance national security with the rights of Americans.

“It’s delicate right now. The place is about to combust,” a GOP source on Capitol Hill told the Daily Caller on Monday.

Under Section 702 of the FISA, the government has the authorization to gather foreigners’ communications who have been flagged in relation to national security matters. The communications can be gathered even if the subject was talking about, or with, Americans.

FISA was elevated from a relatively niche issue with the attention of privacy hawks in D.C. to a critical sticking point for Republicans after it was used to spy on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election season. Based on FISA-enabled surveillance, the national security state and corporate media were able to undercut Trump’s first term in office by perpetuating the “Russiagate” conspiracy theory, the former president’s allies have argued in the years since.

The surveillance bill is set to expire on April 19, and after punting negotiations in December, Republican lawmakers, including avowed Trump allies, are now forced to consider the contentious issue.

The GOP is divided into two broad camps over various proposed reforms, perhaps most notably a warrant requirement. National security hawks aligned with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have expressed more opposition to the requirement and other privacy-minded reforms — members aligned with the Judiciary Committee are stressing that FISA must no longer be a tool that can be used to spy on Americans, like what happened with the Trump campaign.

In February, negotiations restarted on the legislation, a GOP source explained to the Daily Caller. At the time, the GOP source said, the rough agreement was that the Intelligence bill would be the base while the Judiciary would be given the opportunity to add amendments. The arrangement led to some disagreements over what the base of the bill should be, the source continued.

The battle has since gotten more heated, after Speaker Mike Johnson put forward a compromise reform bill: the Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act (RISAA).

🚨 Of the 56 RISAA “reforms” Speaker Johnson highlights, at least 13 either codify existing practice and procedures, meaning they make NO CHANGES to the warrantless surveillance status quo, or they actively weaken existing protections. #FixFISA #GetAWarrant @SpeakerJohnson #ampFW

— FreedomWorks (@FreedomWorks) April 8, 2024

“I don’t think [RISAA goes far enough] I think that these are a lot of papered over reforms that FBI was doing internally, or were claiming that they’re doing internally,” Republican Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs told the Caller.

“RISAA doesn’t go nearly far enough in protecting Americans from illegal spying by their own government. It is a sham reform, and House Republicans should not vote for any FISA reauthorization that lacks a warrant requirement. Speaker Johnson and the GOP majority have a real opportunity to end this madness, and they should take it,” Rep. Mike Lee told the Daily Caller in a statement.

Ahead of the renewal fight this week, Speaker Johnson put forward RISAA, a bill backed by Ohio Rep. Mike Turner and the intelligence committee. Privacy hawks across the political spectrum have said the legislation doesn’t go far enough.

“Speaker of the House Mike Johnson claims that RISAA reflects a compromise,” reads a joint statement from the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the Brennan Center for Justice and Freedomworks. “In reality, this bill is not a ‘compromise,’ and its 56 ‘reforms’ codify the unacceptable status quo.”

The Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act (RISAA) is an attempt to preserve mass surveillance. Due to a sunset provision in the base text, the bill can undo reforms added via amendment.

Section 702 reauthorization must close the data broker + backdoor search loopholes.

— Due Process Institute (@iDueProcess) April 9, 2024

“Making 56 ineffective tweaks to a fundamentally broken law is not reforming it. Absent significant amendment, RISAA will do nothing to prevent the government’s repeated abuses of Section 702 to spy on Americans.”

“Any member of Congress who supports extending FISA without radical reforms should receive a ‘Deep State-approved’ logo to burnish for their reelection campaign,” longtime D.C. journalist Jim Bovard, who focused on privacy rights and civil liberties, told the Caller.

Buried in the Section 702 reauthorization bill that the House will consider this week (RISAA) is a provision that could result in the *permanent* reauthorization of this deeply-flawed authority—without a single reform. 1/11

— Elizabeth Goitein (@LizaGoitein) April 9, 2024

“If Congress cannot yank in the reins on the FBI and NSA after millions of confirmed violations of Americans’ rights, only a fool would expect Congress to ever give a damn about the Constitution.”

Much of the pressure that is mounting is being directed at Speaker Mike Johnson. Johnson has faced increasing criticism from the Trump wing of his conference, with Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene threatening to oust him from the speakership for helping pass a government funding bill, among other complaints.

The move to put forward RISAA has invited more criticism for Johnson from within his own conference.

“FISA is tricky right now. It’s expected that Mike Johnson will just roll over on this — like everything else he’s done,” a GOP source told the Daily Caller before the Speaker indicated that he would try to bring RISAA to the floor.

“Mike Johnson is a constitutional conservative who was fighting for the judiciary committee six months ago, and now when you look at his actions, since he’s become speaker, it kind of seems that he switched teams. They’re going to deny it and say ‘well you know he’s the speaker now,’” a senior GOP aide told the Daily Caller.

Turner’s office offered an unequivocal defense of the bill, stating it is “not an expansion of warrantless surveillance on American citizens.” Turner has consistently denied that his version of FISA reform constitutes a warrantless surveillance program against Americans.

Some Republicans have gone on the record to question Johnson’s personal record on privacy issues.

“House leadership, including @SpeakerJohnson and @RepJeffries, voted for a FISA 702 warrant requirement in 2018. Now they’re both opposing a warrant requirement. Why do the Intel Bros™️ get to tell House leadership what to do?” Lee tweeted Tuesday.

House leadership, including @SpeakerJohnson and @RepJeffries, voted for a FISA 702 warrant requirement in 2018.

Now they’re both opposing a warrant requirement.

Why do the Intel Bros™️ get to tell House leadership what to do?

— Mike Lee (@BasedMikeLee) April 9, 2024

A failure on the GOP’s part to properly rein in FISA could send a bad signal to Republican voters, journalist Matt Taibbi told the Caller.

“If Republicans don’t vote for extensive FISA reform, it will mean they were never serious about getting to the bottom of the abuses in the Trump/Russia investigation. It would send a devastating message to Republican voters in particular,” he said.

“When I started working on the Russiagate story, I started hearing horror stories from Hill staffers, who apparently were surprised to learn how pervasive the misuse of FISA has been since passage of the FISA Amendments Act in ’08,” he continued. “The unmasking procedure has proved to be a joke with no real safeguards, and parallel structure (i.e. using intelligence illegally obtained from programs like this in ordinary criminal investigations) is probably far more common than we think.”

Johnson did previously vote to extend FISA surveillance in 2018, despite Trump’s opposition, but has fought along Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan to push back on FISA abuses more recently.

Trump has been a vocal critic of FISA abuses, due to the law being used to surveil his campaign during the 2016 election.

“‘House votes on controversial FISA ACT today.’ This is the act that may have been used, with the help of the discredited and phony Dossier, to so badly surveil and abuse the Trump Campaign by the previous administration and others?” the then-president tweeted in Jan. 2018.

During the 2016 election, the FBI used a document complete with opposition research on the former president to earn the approval from a secret court that oversees FISA to secretly monitor Trump aide Carter Page, according to CNN. The document, the infamous Steele Dossier, included unverified claims that the Russian government had compromising personal and financial information on the eventual president.

The former president’s White House later put out a statement undercutting Trump, clarifying that the administration believed Section 702 “is vital to keeping the nation safe” while adding that renewing the bill “is a top priority of the administration.”

It was later revealed in 2023 through court documents that the FBI had been using data obtained through FISA improperly to search Americans, including some who attended the Jan. 6, 2021, riot and Black Lives Matter protests, Newsweek reported.

As a result of Trump’s vocal opposition, and the way FISA was used against his campaign, the issue has become pressing for many of his supporters.

The FISA debate last reared its head in December of 2023 when Congress was considering the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). An extension of Section 702 until April was added to the bill, and nearly 150 House Republicans voted for the package.

When the package passed in December with the inclusion of FISA extension, Trump’s supporters, who blame the legislation for spying on the former president, became enraged. Trump-aligned figures like Charlie Kirk and Kash Patel blasted House Republicans.

Kash Patel provides a great explanation of FISA and blasts the Republicans for reauthorizing Section 702 through 2024 which will allow election interference through the next election cycle.

“The Republican majority rewarded them for breaking the law and allowing this election…

— Zeno Calhoun (@zenoc_oshits) December 17, 2023

Some in Trump’s orbit are sounding the alarm this time around too: “We know that 702 was abused to spy on Americans and specifically to spy on Donald Trump,” former Trump administration official Ric Grenell told the Caller. “The current draft doesn’t fix the abuses and therefore the bad outweighs the good.”

Lawmakers who have aligned themselves with Trump, yet voted for the NDAA with FISA extension within it, include Kentucky Rep. James Comer, Speaker Johnson, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson, South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace and Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup.

Mace, Comer, Boebert and Johnson’s offices explained to the Daily Caller why they chose to vote for the NDAA in 2023. All noted separate issues and funding that were folded in the NDAA that persuaded them to vote for the package, despite the inclusion of the FISA extension.

The NDAA has long been considered a “must-pass” bill by Congress for national security reasons. The urgency to pass the NDAA has resulted in controversial provisions being included before, such as in 2011, when President Barack Obama signed the 2012 NDAA into law and codified the indefinite detention of American citizens allegedly linked to terrorism.

Chip Roy Explodes At ‘Leadership, Both Sides’ Decision ‘Jam FISA Extension’ Into The NDAA

— 1776 (@TheWakeninq) December 16, 2023

Boebert’s office noted that she promised her voters she would get the Pueblo Jobs Act signed into law, and Comer’s office said that his district’s military base needed funding.

“Congressman Comer fully supports Representative Jim Jordan’s ongoing FISA reform efforts,” Comer’s spokesperson told the Daily Caller. “In 2023, he supported the National Defense Authorization Act because the legislation secured badly needed funding for his district military base Fort Campbell and delivered support to our men and women in uniform by repealing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and providing a boost in pay.”

Mace’s office told the Daily Caller in a statement that the congresswoman did not support the inclusion of the FISA extension in the NDAA, despite her vote for the package in December 2023. The congresswoman’s spokesperson Gabrielle Lipsky noted that the bill included a “variety of priorities important to the thousands of active-duty service members she represents.”

“Rep. Mace did not support the inclusion of a FISA extension in the NDAA and does not support a FISA extension without significant reforms to section 702 to ensure the protection of Americans’ 4th Amendment rights,” Lipsky told the Daily Caller in the statement.

Still, 73 House Republicans, about one-third of the conference, voted against the NDAA.

Stefanik, Jackson and Wenstrup did not respond to questions regarding their previous support for the NDAA and how they would handle the upcoming Congressional vote.

Meanwhile, prominent civil liberties organizations and advocates on both ends of the political spectrum have made an effort to persuade Congress to change its approach to FISA.

“Demand Progress plays a leading role advocating for and organizing civil society in support of Congressional action to rein in warrantless surveillance,” Demand Progress, a left-wing civil liberties organization with a focus on internet issues told the Daily Caller in statement. “We have further driven tens of thousands of contacts to Congress opposing FISA reauthorization absent major new privacy protections for Americans against warrantless surveillance and have conducted exhaustive research documenting FISA abuse.”

“We will go and identify and work with those members to go and reach out and branch into other members of Congress and their offices where we can so like, I’ve met with all different kinds of, you know, different committees that have interests on this topic. We’re always talking with them about what this trade off is, and why it’s so important. We’re certainly pushing very hard as often as we can,” a member of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity told the Daily Caller.

For the time being, Republicans seem likelier to take up the intel committee’s version of reforms, which Turner’s office insisted to the Caller is sufficient to protect Americans.

“It’s the largest reform to FISA and the FBI in a generation. This bill contains over 50 reforms to prevent another Carter Page/Russia Hoax abuse from happening and drastically reduces FBI querying,” Jeff Naft, the communications director for Turner, told the Daily Caller in a statement.



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter.


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Biden Now Offering to Take Houthis Terrorists OFF the Terror List thumbnail

Biden Now Offering to Take Houthis Terrorists OFF the Terror List

By The Geller Report

We are ruled by traitors.

BREAKING: Biden now offering to take Houthis OFF the terror list

By: Right Scoop · Apr. 3, 2024:

It’s been a roller coaster between Biden and the Houthis since he took office. He originally undid Trump’s move and took the Houthis off the terror list and then had to put them back on.

Now he’s begging them to stop attacking ships and offering to take them back off the list again.

Here’s more from Bloomberg:

The US said it would consider revoking its recent designation of Yemen’s Houthis as terrorists if the Iran-backed militants cease their shipping attacks in and around the Red Sea.

“My hope is that we can find diplomatic off-ramps,” Tim Lenderking, President Joe Biden’s special envoy for Yemen, told reporters in an online press briefing on Wednesday. “To find ways to deescalate and allow us to pull back, eventually, the designation and of course to end the military strikes on Houthis’ military capability.”

The comments suggest Washington is once more leaning on diplomacy after a nearly three-month-long campaign of airstrikes against Houthi facilities in Yemen. Those have failed to stop the group’s missile and drone attacks against merchant vessels and warships, though the US says it has managed to degrade the Houthis’ military capabilities.

Asked by Bloomberg News after the briefing if the US was offering the Houthis a quid pro quo to end their attacks on ships in return for revoking the designation, Lenderking said: “We would certainly study that but not assume it’s an automatic thing.”

Biden is such a weak president and they clearly see it. I think if Trump were president, these Houthi attacks on international merchant vessels would already be a distant memory.

Comment Policy: Please read our comment policy before making a comment. In short, please be respectful of others and do not engage in personal attacks. Otherwise we will revoke your comment privileges.

Continue reading.


Pamela Geller


Hamas Rejects Ceasefire….AGAIN

UK: Islamic Honor Crimes Up 62% in 2 Years, Up 193% Since 2016

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The Houthis in a threatening music video are calling on for death to the Jews and death to the US.

Israel and the US are trembling.

— Open Source Intel (@Osint613) April 4, 2024

-Biden takes the Houthis off the Terror Watch List when he enters office.
-The Houthis go back to attacking throughout the region.
-Biden ignores the attacks until they put the Red Sea in crisis.
-Biden puts the Houthis on a Terror List for just the Red Sea attacks.
-Biden says…

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) April 4, 2024


🇾🇪🇮🇷We have 400,000 fighters at your disposal – the Houthis

The Yemenis have informed Iran that if there is a regional war, more than 400,000 fighters are ready to completely blockade the Red Sea and target US bases in Africa and the Middle East

The Yemenis have…

— Megatron (@Megatron_ron) April 7, 2024

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Biden Regime Upset Israeli Government Hasn’t Briefed It On Invasion Date thumbnail

Biden Regime Upset Israeli Government Hasn’t Briefed It On Invasion Date

By Jihad Watch

I can’t imagine why.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced that Israel intends to go into the final Hamas stronghold in Rafah.

Israel has set a date for the military offensive against the remaining Hamas terror battalions in Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday night.

“It will happen; there is a date,” revealed Netanyahu, adding that he had received a “detailed report” on the high-level hostages-for-ceasefire negotiations that ended in Cairo earlier on Monday.

Matthew Miller, the US State Department spokesman, told reporters on Thursday, “To my knowledge, we have not been briefed on that date.”

I can’t imagine why.

The Biden administration, as the Obama administration before it, may be ready to begin actively sabotaging Israeli ops by leaking intelligence. And even if it isn’t, there are enough enemy operatives in there to make spying unnecessary.

Consider the presence of two Pentagon chiefs of staff with ties to Islamic enemy terror states or terrorist supporters.

In its campaign against Hamas, the IDF has combined decisive strength with mobility and flexibility. It’s a campaign that has impressed retired military professionals even as it has enraged leftists and Islamists. It has been at times confusing because the Israelis have prioritized mobility over holding positions and becoming sitting ducks.

The element of surprise was crucial initially and then was undermined by the need for endless warnings and coordination with Washington D.C.

So far Israel’s biggest achievement in the war came when it took Al-Shifa Hospital by surprise after previously following the Biden administration’s blueprint for multiple warnings and careful humanitarian efforts only to have the terrorists escape.

The Biden administration has publicly turned on Israel and is completely opposed to a Rafah operation. That means the only way it can succeed is, like the Israeli raid on Saddam’s reactor or Entebbe or Al-Shifa, as a surprise.

And maybe it’ll be a surprise for Joe Biden too.




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Canada has become a hub of jihad terror financing

Thanks, Joe! ISIS, driven from Syria in 2017, ambushes and murders eight Syrian soldiers

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Israel Remains Steadfast in Goal of Defeating Hamas despite Pushback, Say Experts thumbnail

Israel Remains Steadfast in Goal of Defeating Hamas despite Pushback, Say Experts

By Family Research Council

After six months of near-continuous battle in the Gaza Strip, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced on Sunday that they were withdrawing the 98th Division of troops from the Khan Younis area, with an IDF spokesperson saying that the move signals “another stage in the war effort.” As the Biden administration continues to call for an “immediate ceasefire” with 129 hostages still believed to be held by the Hamas terrorist group, experts and lawmakers say that Israel must be allowed to continue the fight in order to ensure the nation’s security.

“The war is not over,” said Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, an IDF spokesperson. “War can only be over when [the hostages] come home and when Hamas is gone.” The IDF went on to tell NBC News that the 98th Division had withdrawn in order to “recuperate and prepare for future operations.” The IDF’s Nahal Brigade still remains in central Gaza in order to “preserve the IDF’s freedom of action and its ability to conduct precise intelligence based operations.”

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that “he has decided on a date for Israel to enter Rafah” in southern Gaza, which is considered the last major stronghold of Hamas. In response, U.S. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller reiterated the Biden administration’s opposition to an invasion of Rafah, stating that Israel should use alternative methods of achieving its wartime goals.

Israel’s war against Hamas began last October 7, when Hamas terrorists massacred over 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilian men, women, and children. They also kidnapped 253 people, of which 105 have since been released. Israel has officially said that of the 129 hostages that remain in captivity by Hamas (including eight Americans), 34 are likely dead, with as many as 50 possibly deceased.

Disapproval of Israel’s war effort by the Biden administration has increased in recent days, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken appearing to compare Israel’s war effort with the terrorist tactics of Hamas during a press conference when he said, “If we lose that reverence for human life, we risk becoming indistinguishable from those we confront.” In addition, congressional Democrats have called for U.S. weapons aid for Israel to cease.

In response to the mounting criticism, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) declared on Sunday that “Washington must be united in our support for our great ally, Israel, as they fight for their sovereignty and right to exist.” He went on to emphasize that “it’s time to stop lecturing Israel on how it should best defend itself and begin equipping our friend with the resources necessary to eliminate the threat of Hamas, once and for all.”

Experts on the ground in Israel say much of the criticism is grounded in falsehoods. On Friday, Chris Mitchell, Middle East bureau chief for CBN News, joined “Washington Watch” from Jerusalem to give on how Israel is conducting the war effort.

“[A] lot of [Israelis] feel … there’s no comparison between them and the way Hamas has conducted this war,” he noted. “Israel has been doing … what they can to protect civilian lives, even though there tragically have been Palestinians killed in this war. And I would add that the inflated figure of 33,000 Palestinian [deaths] is inflated by Hamas for propaganda purposes. But to compare the way that Israel has conducted this war by trying to alert civilians to get out of harm’s way, by using leaflets, by sending text messages, by making phone calls to get out of a war zone … many military historians say [it is] unprecedented that the IDF actually telegraphs exactly what they’re going to do and actually puts IDF soldiers at risk. And I know I’ve talked to some Israelis here, and they know that their sons or daughters could be in harm’s way because of the way the IDF conducts its mission.”

Mitchell went on to describe how despite media reports of increased divisions within Israel, the nation remains largely united around the goal of defeating Hamas.

“The political climate here, I would say, is pretty steadfast in … rally[ing] around Prime Minister Netanyahu,” he observed. “[A] number of Israelis on the left side of the ledger may not agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu, but they certainly agree with the war goals that the War Cabinet has. … Benny Gantz, who’s one of the political opposition leaders, he called for a new elections just a couple of days ago. … I would say in the last few days that some of the divisiveness that was before October 7th has emerged a little bit, but I think there are other Israelis that are saying, ‘Listen, we’re in the middle of a war. We can’t afford elections, and we certainly don’t want to be undermined by other countries that want to come in and dictate what happens politically here.’”

Mitchell further underscored how determined the Jewish people are in defeating Hamas.

“I think a lot of Israelis and many Jews around the world think this is a time when Benjamin Netanyahu really has to make a decision for the state of Israel, for the Jewish people, whether or not they’re going to submit to sort of the dictates of the United States or actually have to go it alone. They do feel isolated right now and alone, but I think they also feel resolute in the sense that they believe that there’s no way that they can lose this war. There’s no way they can allow Hamas to remain a viable entity in the Gaza Strip.”


Dan Hart

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.


Netanyahu: “We will continue the elimination of the Hamas battalions, including in Rafah, there is no force in the world that will stop us”

— Mossad Commentary (@MOSSADil) April 9, 2024

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2024 Family Research Council.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

The Most Accurate Summary of Donald J. Trump and Why He Must Win thumbnail

The Most Accurate Summary of Donald J. Trump and Why He Must Win

By Vlad Tepes Blog

If I wanted to quibble, the only issue would be that the left does not actually want the things the speaker claims they want.

In fact these things like equity and so on are really weapons against the United States and the West in general. But in practice this is a distinction without a difference at this stage of the revolution which has taken place. Also, one may suspect that elections mean nothing. That even if Donald Trump is permitted to win, he will be so sequestered that he will only be a target for blame for what the COMINTERN continues to do, and not actually able to do much of anything. In other words, 100X worse than what we saw in his first term.

Still these videos and especially the top one, may be the last word in terms of showing people you know who don’t get it yet, why you are supporting Trump, and why they should unless they genuinely want what the communists are creating.

In the speech “The Hour is Getting Late” below, playwright, writer and speaker Tom Klingenstein explains the need for a wartime President in the upcoming 2024 election.

Tom believes that we are in a cold civil war. The enemy—what he calls the “Woke Comms”—are winning, in large measure because Republican leaders have yet to engage. His essays, speeches and plays all encourage Republicans to do just that— to think, talk, and act as if we are at war. Among his essays are “Preserving the American Way of Life”, “How the Administrative State Conquered America” and “A Primer On Wokeism.” His election speech, “A Man vs. A Movement” was viewed by millions of his fellow Americans.

Kingenstein states, “There is a Lincoln or Churchill among us, there always is. But he must stand up. This is not the time for polling or focus groups. It’s the time for someone to lead. Someone with the courage to stand alone, someone of honorable ambition who believes that America’s traditional culture is exceptional and is committed to keeping it that way. Someone who will recall the great successes of our past and renew our belief that we are capable of still more.”

WATCH: The Hour is Getting Late

WATCH: Trump’s Virtues Part II

RELATED VIDEO: Only Trump! – A Man versus A Movement


EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column with videos posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden regime admits that it includes Hamas jihadis in totals of ‘Palestinian’ casualties thumbnail

Biden regime admits that it includes Hamas jihadis in totals of ‘Palestinian’ casualties

By Jihad Watch

Of course it does. It’s on their side.

White House: Numbers of Dead, Injured Palestinians We’ve Cited Include Hamas Terrorists

by Ian Hanchett, Breitbart, April 5, 2024:

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” White House National Security Communications Adviser John Kirby stated that Israel hasn’t fulfilled its duty to protect civilians and allow humanitarian assistance and “we have tens of thousands of dead and injured Palestinians. Now, some of them are Hamas, no question about that. But the toll’s just been too high.”…

Host Martha MacCallum then asked, “Isn’t it Hamas’ fault that these people are suffering?”

Kirby responded, “Hamas started this war, as you said, no question about that, this conflict wouldn’t exist without Mr. Sinwar’s decision to violate that ceasefire, but what we’ve also said is that, Israel, in addition to having the obligation to go eliminate that threat, they also have an obligation to do everything possible to protect civilians and to allow humanitarian assistance. And we just haven’t seen them meet those obligations to the degree that’s needed. I mean, we have tens of thousands of dead and injured Palestinians. Now, some of them are Hamas, no question about that. But the toll’s just been too high….

Read more.




HALF of ALL American Muslims Support Terrorism Against Jews

After Letting Osama Go 9 Times, Ex-Clintonite Complains Israelis ‘Fire First and Then Ask Questions’

This is What Biden Betrayed Israel and America For: ‘Death to America’ Chants in Dearborn

Yes, It Has Come to This: They’re Screaming ‘Death to America’ In Dearborn

Another Jew for Hamas to Hate

X (Twitter) suspends radio host Doc Washburn for suggesting that Israel defend itself against Hamas

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah: ‘Israel Has Been Defeated’

ISIS targets India: All those accused in Rameshwaram Cafe blast are Muslims, not Hindus as claimed

Hezbollah and Iran Claim That Biden’s Pressure is Causing Israel to Lose the Gaza War

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Russian Military Magazine: Moscow Attack Resulted From Migration Policy thumbnail

Russian Military Magazine: Moscow Attack Resulted From Migration Policy

By Middle East Media Research Institute

Russia | Special Dispatch No. 11257

In the Russian magazine “Military Review,” columnist Victor Biryukov recently discussed the main preconditions that made possible the March 22, 2024 attack on the Crocus City Hall music venue in Moscow, in which approximately 144 people were killed. The author argues against the migration policies of the Russian government and highlights radicalism among migrants. Citing several experts’ opinions, the article calls for radical changes of migration legislation, the introduction of visa controls, and a tougher migrant policy.[1]

The March 22 attack on the Crocus City Hall venue in Moscow.

Following is a translation of the article:

“Islamic radicalism, in a broad sense, can be perceived as an ideological doctrine and political practice based on it, that constitutes an ideological basis for the activities of radical Islamist organizations, the latter taken together form a radical Islamic movement. According to a number of researchers, only Islamist groups have fully developed political extremist ideology in modern Russia.

“In recent years, the propaganda of radical Islam has often been carried out rather freely on social networks, and there is virtually no fight against it since Moscow pursues a rather aggressive policy of ‘peoples’ friendship’ constantly emphasizing the country’s multinational character and cultural diversity. On the contrary, [Russian] officials and law enforcers simply turn a blind eye to many things [violations]. This is ascribed to, among other things, the fact that there is a powerful [pro-]migrant lobby in the government, which supports the mass influx of migrants from Central Asia to Russia.

“In the article ‘World Jihad – A Threat Not Only To Israel And Europe, But Also To Russia,’[2] the author of this text wrote the following, ‘if tomorrow the radical Islamists will target Russia, and not Israel, then Muslims who have acquired Russian citizenship, but treat our culture with contempt and arrogance, may follow the path of terror. This prediction, unfortunately, came true in the end [the ‘Crocus City Hall’ attack].

“The terrorist attack in the Moscow Oblast’s ‘Crocus City Hall’ became possible, apparently, for two reasons:

“First, it is the aforementioned free propaganda of radical Islam, against which, as mentioned above, almost no one is fighting. The [detained] Tajiks were persuaded to conduct a terrorist attack by a some ‘preacher,’ who was an authority figure for them. We are talking about religious lessons provided by the Islamic State – Walayat Khorosan (ISIS–K), an organization banned in Russia, as at least one of the terrorists was member of a chat room called ‘Rahnamo ba Khuroson,’ which is directly associated with the organization.

“Second, it is the migration policy, thanks to which hundreds of thousands of ‘Guest workers’ from Central Asia enter Russia (and many subsequently obtain citizenship under a simplified procedure); they, practically, do not know the Russian language, are completely alien to Russian culture, and are often adherents of radical Islam. The Tajiks who committed the terrorist attack had virtually no command of Russian, were religious fanatics, and had no problem agreeing to shoot people in Russia for money.

“I Learn Lesson – I Listened To Sermons[3]

“The debates about who is the true mastermind behind the terrorist attack in ‘Crocus City Hall,’ which took the lives of 137 people, according to official data, as of the evening of March 24 (however, according to unofficial data there are 150 victims), are in fact, in the author’s opinion, of secondary importance, because the key role, as has already been said, was played by two factors: radical Islam and uncontrolled migration policy.

“At the moment, there are several versions regarding the mastermind of the attack.

“The Western press and the U.S. authorities name ISIS terrorists as the main culprit of what had happened. This version confirmed by the fact that the ‘Amaq’ news agency associated with ISIS published a video of shooting of people in ‘Crocus City Hall’ venue, filmed by Tajik-terrorists. The footage is frightening, among other [atrocities] it depicts as one of the wounded [attendees of the venue] has his throat cut with a knife.

“Some Russian media and the majority of bloggers and war correspondents claim that the real masterminds behind the terrorist attack are the Ukrainian political leadership, which was assisted by Western security services. The fact that the terrorists were fleeing towards the Ukrainian border, apparently expecting to hide there, and the fact that many Ukrainian officials openly gloated over the tragedy, indirectly point to Kyiv’s involvement.

“As of now, there is no direct evidence of this [version] (Belarusian ambassador Dmitry Krutoy stated that Belarusian security forces assisted in protecting the border to prevent the terrorists from fleeing, which indirectly evidences that the terrorists could have tried to hide in Belarus). Be that as it may, some domestic political analysts rushed to claim that somehow putting the blame on Ukraine is a political necessity, regardless of how events actually occurred.

“‘Russia’s task is to facilitate a political isolation of the Ukrainian terrorist regime by pointing out as much as possible to the connection of the terrorist attack with the Ukrainian authorities, and not with ISIS. To this end, it’s necessary not only to demonstrate the terrorists’ connection with Ukraine, but also to destroy the American version of the terrorist attack,’ writes, for example, political analyst Sergey Markov. He also urged ‘not to sow interethnic discord,’ assuring that ‘there will be no purge of migrants’ and the migration policy will remain intact.

“The author [of this article] will not contemplate the problem of the terrorist attack from a politicized point of view, will not search for some secret signs and make some conclusions about the mastermind behind the terrorist attack. However, the fact remains: the terrorist attack was committed by citizens of Tajikistan, who had no command of Russian, were adherents of radical Islam and listened to radical sermons (wherein, some public figures continue to assure that terrorism supposedly ‘has no nationality and religion’).

“‘I listened lessons there… on Telegram, learn lesson. Listened to sermons. The assistant to the preacher texted me,’ said Fariduni Shamsuddin (one of the terrorists) during an interrogation. He gladly accepted the offer to earn money from killing ‘infidels,’ because he ‘was high’ from killing people.

“The Tajiks who killed more than a hundred people were not professionals, judging by the published videos [of the attack], they do not handle arms well, do not control sectors [of the premises] and do not cover each other; they simply shoot left and right. True, they agreed to kill for money, but it is obvious that they enjoyed the ‘process’ per se. And there are several millions of such ‘foreign specialists’ in Russia.

“There are those who will argue, ‘But what point for Islamists to blow up something and kill someone [in Russia]? After all Moscow maintains good relations with the Islamic world: Iran, the UAE, and even with radical Islamist organizations: Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, etc., and [the Kremlin] does not prevent encroaching Islamization [of Russia].’ Wherein, such people forget that the Islamic world is extremely diverse, and radical Islamists, supporters of armed jihad (and not of ‘peaceful Islamization’), have not gone anywhere.

“And ‘flirting’ with radical Islamists like the Taliban and Hamas is extremely dangerous, as today they might be smiling in your face, while grasping a dagger behind their backs, but tomorrow they may change their stance. The well-known Russian researcher of Islam, Igor Dobaev in his book ‘Islamic Radicalism: Genesis, Evolution, Practice’ rightly pointed out the following: ‘As a rule, stopping terrorist activities is a forced step dictated by the fear of repressions from the authorities. The Islamists’ compliance with generally accepted in modern conditions rules of the political game, is perceived by them only as a temporary truce with the ‘infidels’ represented by the official authorities. The prerequisite for such a truce, according to the traditional Islamic interpretation of law, is the temporary (military or political) weakness of ‘the faithful.’ Once strength is restored, the fight against the ‘infidels’ should be continued.’

“Uncontrolled Migration Facilitates An Ideal Recruiting Base For Terrorists

“Mass migration from Central Asian states, uncontrolled granting of [the Russian] citizenship, unregistered mosques, propaganda of radical Islam (which no one, actually, fights against) – this is the ‘soil,’ in which the ‘mushrooms’ of terrorism and Islamic extremism grow.

“An entire network of Islamist groups operates in Russia, wherein not only in [Russia’s] republics with predominantly Muslim population, but also in ‘Islamic enclaves’ of non-Muslim regions of the country, clustered around mosques (sometimes unregistered) which pop up in these territories. These Islamist network structures prepare the ground for devising more ambitious plans to reformat the country’s political field.

“Leaders of some Muslim organizations openly engage in heavy criticism of the activities of law enforcement agencies and publicly support the today’s migration policy, advocating the mass importation of their fellow believers from Central Asia. According to some experts, a sustainable and influential ‘Islamist lobby’ has developed in Russia. Taking advantage of this, the Salafist wing of Muslims has tried out in different regions a new format for them: authorized rallies, mobilizing their supporters there.

“Enjoying such network organizations, the terrorists face no problems in recruiting supporters. Public activist Roman Yuneman, rightly points out: ‘No matter who was behind the organization of the terrorist attack, whether it was HUR [Ukrainian intelligence][4] or not, it is important to remember: mass uncontrolled migration facilitates an ideal recruiting base for terrorists, criminals, or any intelligence services. Diasporas and illegal employment services, hostels and ‘rubber apartments,’[5] markets, ethnic MMA clubs and gyms, hidden prayer rooms and clandestine mosques – all this grey infrastructure with its closed economy and corrupt connections will endlessly generate recruits for organized crime and terrorist structures. And then such people can be recruited by HUR, banned ISIS, you name it… [It is necessary] to destroy the recruitment base via institutional measures: radical restriction of the inflow of migrants, visa regime for the rest [who wishes to enter the country], employer must be responsible [for his migrant employees], tougher penalties for fictitious residence permits and ‘rubber apartments,’ zero tolerance regime [toward migrants].’

“In turn, political analyst Nikolai Sevostyanov notes that there are hundreds of thousands of people who have obtained Russian citizenship circumventing the law by ‘negotiating [the price of such venture]’ at closed migrant chat rooms, where any issue can be dealt with. Migration, according to the analyst, ‘has turned into a pernicious mold eating away at the state.’

“‘Migration has become a threat to the state per se. There is a full-fledged army stationed in our cities, living by its own rules, in its own parallel world, beyond the reach of Russian laws, which is overflown with Wahhabi dogma and hatred of the indigenous population…

“The first thing to do: to conduct a comprehensive audit of passports issued over the recent years (at least over eight last years), and revoke citizenship from those who obtained it with violations. The second thing – is to declare a temporary moratorium on granting citizenship to those Central Asians, who do not belong to the indigenous peoples of Russia. The third – is to implement a ‘zero-tolerance’ regime in relation to any criminals among naturalized citizens. And the fourth thing to do is to eliminate organizing structures that contribute to the formation of judicial, security and economic mechanisms parallel to the state [ones],’ said Sevostyanov.

“As a matter of fact, labor migration to Russia is difficult to analyze logically, since, as political scientist Yuri Baranchik noted, it looks less like labor migration and more like barbarian invasions.[6]

“Wherein, it does not seem that officials are planning to change anything. Migration policy lobbyists, who immediately after the terrorist attack began propagated narratives via some media outlets (in particular, via ‘Kommersant’ newspaper) that the terrorists were not natives of Central Asia, but ‘Slavs with false beards,’ are now dispersing other narratives. [The latter claim] that those who advocate changes in migration policy are ‘agents of enemy intelligence services,’ ‘racists,’ ‘inciters of ethnic hatred,’ etc.

“Naturally, there are those who actively advocate for an immediate toughening of migration policy, for example, State Duma deputies Mikhail Matveev and Mikhail Sheremet. The latter proposed to limit the entry of migrants into Russia, at least for the duration of the special military operation [the war in Ukraine]. Alas, in essence, this is a lone voice in the wilderness.

“Be that as it may, without changes in migration policy, the threat of new terrorist attacks will continue to remain high, because Islamic radicalism in Russia enjoys ‘fertile soil.’

“If now the ‘preachers’ can easily find, among their supporters, those who are ready to kill people in the ‘Crocus City Hall’ venue in Krasnogorsk, then what will happen if they call for even more atrocious actions?”

[1], March 27, 2024.


[3] The syntax of the sentences is broken due to the detainees’ poor knowledge of the Russian language.

[4] Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (HUR)

[5] “Rubber apartments” is a colloquial term for a residence used to register migrants en masse. A single such apartment building can “host” thousands of migrant workers.

[6] The author refers to the so-called migration period, or barbarian invasion of the Roman Empire 100-500 CE.

EDITORS NOTE: This MEMRI column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Texas Steps in, Arrests 214 Migrant Rioters Scheduled for Release by DHS thumbnail

VIDEO: Texas Steps in, Arrests 214 Migrant Rioters Scheduled for Release by DHS

By Federation for American Immigration Reform

Last week, the State of Texas arrested and took custody of 214 migrants who staged a riot at the border near El Paso on March 21. They have now been charged with rioting and are in state custody, where they will be picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and put into court proceedings.

The riot, which ironically unfolded while a Congressional committee held a hearing on the Biden Administration’s abuse of our immigration laws, indeed appeared to be a literal invasion of illegal aliens. In a matter of minutes, the illegal migrants tore down fencing and stormed past Texas National Guard troops deployed to back up U.S. Border Patrol. Video of riot was captured by a crew from the New York Post, and the following day, it blanketed the airwaves. It captivated audiences, showing the reality of what law enforcement officers face on a daily basis and proving that the chaos and crisis along the nation’s border has not waded.

According to the New York Post, the migrants were initially taken into Border Patrol custody, but then were swiftly processed and scheduled for release, despite the violence, property damage, and assaults perpetrated on National Guard troops. Still, officials were able to gather information about how the riot unfolded. According to the Post:

“While in federal custody, a “cooperating migrant” identified Venezuelan national Gabriel Enrique Angarita Carrasquero, 22, to border agents as an “instigator” among the group that stormed the border…The informant said “he witnessed Angarita Carrasquero use [a] rope to pull the gate down which subsequently led to the migrant rush into the United States bypassing National Guard. The mole also pointed to Venezuelan migrant Juan Jose Colorado Gutierrez, 35, as another “one of the instigators” who used “wire cutters or bolt cutters to cut the barbed wire” on the US side of the border.”

In response, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) stepped in and arrested 214 of the aliens, who were still in federal custody at the El Paso jail, and charged them with rioting. Texas Governor Greg Abbott also reinstalled razor wire and deployed 200 additional National Guard soldiers from the Texas Tactical Border Force along the U.S.-Mexico border to intercept illegal aliens attempting to enter in the El Paso area.

Because the state court set the aliens’ bond hearing for Easter Sunday (March 31), the El Paso District Attorney requested that the hearings be postponed for several days.  However, the local magistrate judge denied the request and ordered 150 of the migrants to be released.

Still, none of the aliens have actually been released from custody.  At the same time, however, not all of the aliens remain in state custody. It appears by the time the magistrate judge ordered the migrants’ release, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had lodged detainers against all of them and assumed custody of the 150 released. In a statement issued to Houston Public Media regarding the migrant rioters, ICE said, it “will lodge an immigration detainer, and once the individual has gone through the judicial process and completed a sentence, or is otherwise released from state or local custody, that individual will be returned to the custody of [Enforcement and Removal Operations] to await a final immigration status determination. Custody status will continue to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as the individuals go through the immigration process.”

Last Wednesday, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) confirmed that all the migrants involved in the March 21 riot were being held until ICE could assume custody of them. It also announced that the state had charged nine of the aliens with felony rioting charges (and of those, seven were in state custody). The migrants hailed from various countries, including Venezuela, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

President Biden and the Secretary of Homeland Security did not provide comment after the rioting. However, White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre blamed Republicans and Governor Abbott for the chaos, stating, “The razor wire, that’s [Abbott]. The National Guard, that’s him. The Border Patrol agents still did their job. They got in the way, like the governor’s plans got in the way.” She said the House of Representatives has failed to pass the Senate proposal and blamed the Governor for politicizing the issue.

El Paso has been a major crossing point for illegal migrants. In fact, the city’s mayor has issued several disaster declarations in the wake of the current border crisis. The most recent declaration from March 25 stated that “the City is faced with the imminent threat of widespread injury or loss of life resulting from a surge in transient migrants traveling to the region.” In Fiscal Year 2023, the El Paso sector had 482,095 land border encounters and over 174,000 community releases.

These disaster declarations undermine the so-called progress Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claims to have made in the region. In January 2023, Secretary Mayorkas said the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had surged resources in El Paso by deploying 100 additional Border Patrol agents and additional officers to process illegal aliens for entry. He also touted the use of taxpayer dollars to surge emergency food and shelter funding for the area. In fiscal year 2023, several organizations in El Paso received FEMA funding to support the illegal alien population in the area.

Funding provided by Department of Homeland Security to El Paso organizations via the Shelter and Services Program for Fiscal Year 2023. Congress just provided $650 million more for the program in the Fiscal Year 2024 spending bill.

It remains to be seen what will ultimately happen with the El Paso rioters.  ICE has said it will assume custody of all of the illegal aliens involved, but ICE may not deport them. Indeed, it could still release them on bond. Unfortunately, the entire incident sends the message to migrants around the world is that stepping foot on U.S. soil is almost certain to lead to freedom under the Biden Administration. Meanwhile, El Paso and other border communities will continue to bear the brunt of the crisis.


FAIR Staff


Trump and Michigan Law Enforcement Discuss Catastrophic Impacts of the Border Crisis

At International Al-Quds Day Rally In Dearborn, Michigan Protesters Chant ‘Death To America!’; Speakers Say: America Is One Of The ‘Rottenest Countries’ On Earth; Israel Is ISIS, Nazi, A Cancer

At Houston, Texas Al-Quds Day Rally Speakers Praise October 7 Hamas Attack, Martyrdom, And Jihad; Add: Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah Highlighted That Martyrdom Is Good, A Goal; Our Leader Khamenei Said That The Cancerous Tumor Of Zionism Will Be Destroyed

RELATED VIDEO:  Mayorkas Impeachment Heading to Senate

EDITORS NOTE: This FAIR report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden’s Open Border Policy Is Compromising our National Security thumbnail

Biden’s Open Border Policy Is Compromising our National Security

By Amil Imani

Texas shares approximately half of the 1,954-mile U.S.-Mexican border, making it a primary entry point for illegal immigrants. In 2011, the U.S. border patrol apprehended 125,821 illegal immigrants in Texas alone. This high volume of illegal immigration presents significant challenges to Texas and the entire U.S., including economic, social, and security concerns.

Economic Impact: The influx of undocumented immigrants can strain public resources and social services, leading to potential economic challenges. It is essential to find a balance between humanitarian concerns and fiscal responsibility. Economically, illegal immigrants impose a significant burden on the state’s resources. They account for about 14% of the students in Texas public schools when U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants are included, costing the state around $3.75 billion annually. Furthermore, illegal immigrants are more likely to live in poverty, with about 58% taking advantage of welfare programs, which cost the state an additional $803.3 million annually.

National Security Threat: Open borders can be exploited by criminal organizations, smugglers, and potential terrorists. Ensuring national security becomes a formidable task in such a scenario. From a security perspective, the long Texas-Mexico border requires significant resources to secure, including workforce, equipment, technology, and infrastructure. The overall budget for all agencies and operating costs in 2011 was $56.3 billion. Despite these efforts, illegal immigration continues to be a significant issue.

Rule of Law: The rule of law is fundamental to the stability and functioning of any society. Ignoring illegal immigration can undermine the integrity of legal immigration processes and overall societal trust. The open border policy rewards those who break the law by entering the country illegally, undermining the efforts of those who seek to immigrate legally. Moreover, it threatens national security, as it may allow criminals and potentially dangerous individuals to enter the country undetected.

Public Health: Health concerns, especially during pandemics, are exacerbated by unchecked immigration. It is vital to have measures to ensure the health and safety of the incoming immigrants and the resident population.

Social CohesionLarge-scale, unregulated immigration can strain social cohesion, as it may lead to cultural clashes and increased polarization within society. Socially, the rapid growth of the Latino population in Texas, primarily due to illegal immigration, threatens to influence state politics and immigration policies. This demographic shift could lead to policies enabling unlawful immigration, exacerbating its associated issues.

Addressing illegals

Immigration and open border issues require a multifaceted approach. It involves ensuring border security, reforming immigration laws, and creating stricter laws for immigrants to enter the country. Maintaining border security is essential to prevent criminal activities and ensure national security. Investment in advanced technology and personnel can be part of the solution.

It should be different from what the Biden administration has done. For instance, it has expanded the Title 42 policy that allows for increased expulsion of migrants while also granting humanitarian parole to 30,000 people from each country monthly, as long as they apply for asylum legally. Under President Trump, the plan required adult asylum seekers to use an app to book a meeting with U.S. officials or first claim asylum in another country before reaching the U.S. Failure to comply would make migrants ineligible if they subsequently go the border.

The issue of illegal immigration and open borders in Texas and the United States has become challenging. Under President Trump, there was a simple solution: Close the Borders!

The circumstances of their arrival are intriguing in that unlike other illegal aliens, most OTMs  (other than Mexicans) promptly turned themselves in. Why is it not known for sure? There can be no doubt, however, that the scheme has given Mexican drug cartels and—potentially—terrorists a promising opportunity to simply step over the invisible line that is our border undetected by border tax adjustments or BTAs because the agents processing the new arrivals could not handle their posts.

To most Americans, the perception has long been that most of those illegally crossing our southern border are Mexicans, people coming here in search of work, looking to join family or a gang. While that may have been the case, it is no longer supported by the latest immigration numbers today. According to a study done by Pew Research, detention of illegal Mexican aliens is at an all-time low. The primary reasons cited for the reversal are current mixed economic conditions, fewer job opportunities in the U.S., increases in deportations, and better border enforcement.  However, the number of illegal aliens has not diminished. As Mexicans have opted to stay home, children from Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras have quickly filled the vacuum. Numerous sources indicate that President Obama’s and President Biden’s executive actions have helped spur these children to make the dangerous journey through Mexico and ultimately up to our border.

The question should be asked is if their parents are poor, how can they come up with as much as $10,000 to have coyotes (people paid by cartels to smuggle drugs and humans across borders) or others bring their child up to the Rio Grande, the natural boundary flowing between Mexico from the U.S. No sources could be found to suggest that terror groups are funding the trips, but one must wonder who is.

That would be understandable if they were arriving in a group of five. But they are coming in droves and in the same timeframe. There is no question that the children are diverting BPAs from covering their guard posts so illegal border crossers, in particular members of the Mexican drug cartels, their “mules” (people hired to smuggle drugs into the U.S.), as well as gang members and Special Interest Aliens (SIA) can cross the border far more quickly. SIAs are of considerable concern to our intelligence and law enforcement agencies for obvious reasons. Stories are appearing with greater frequency on various news websites and blogs about how radical Islamists are being stopped as they try to enter the country.

In short:  active cells could attack critical electric-grid substations, the failure of which could compromise or cripple our entire electric infrastructure. Other obvious threats are car bombs, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) placed on busy highways or train tracks, and other devastating attacks. We must close our borders now.

©2024. Amil Imani. All rights reserved.


‘Border Needs To Be Closed’: Voter Gives MSNBC Host Earful On Immigration

WATCH: Biden Regime Blames Trump For Biden’s Illegal Immigration Border Invasion

U.S. Experiencing Massive Border Breach From Canada By Illegal Aliens From 66 Different Countries [Videos]

Dearborn: Al-Quds Day rallygoers scream ‘Death to America,’ speaker says U.S. one of world’s ‘rottenest countries’ thumbnail

Dearborn: Al-Quds Day rallygoers scream ‘Death to America,’ speaker says U.S. one of world’s ‘rottenest countries’

By Jihad Watch

Why are they here? “Fight them until persecution is no more and religion is all for Allah.” (Qur’an 8:39) That is, to conquer and Islamize. And no one dares say a thing about it, because to do so would be “Islamophobic.”

At International Al-Quds Day Rally in Dearborn, Michigan Protesters Chant ‘Death to America!’; Speakers at the Rally: America Is One of the ‘Rottenest Countries’ on Earth; Israel Is ISIS, Nazis, a Cancer

MEMRI, April 5, 2024:

At an International Al-Quds Day rally in Dearborn, Michigan, held on April 5, 2024 and streamed live on on Facebook, protesters chanted: “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” Michigan activist, who is affiliated with the Hadi Institute, Tarek Bazzi said that it is not “Genocide Joe” that has to go, referring to President Biden, but it is the entire system of the United States “that has to go.” He Quoted Malcolm X, saying: “We live in one of the rottenest countries that has ever existed on this earth.”

Bazzi added that “death to Israel” has become the “most logical chant shouted across the world today.” Michigan Imam Usama Abdulghani, who is also affiliated with the Hadi Institute, said that the founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini established the International Al-Quds Day because he realized that Israel was a “cancer” and an “evil settler colonialist project.”

He said that the “people of conscience” recognize that Israel is ISIS, Nazis, and fascists.

At the end of the rally, Tarek Bazzi encouraged a young child to lead the chant: “Free Palestine! From the River to the Sea Palestine will be free!”




New York City agrees to pay $17,500,000 to two Muslimas for having them take off their hijabs for mugshots

Harvard hires 24/7 security to protect pro-Hamas ‘Apartheid Wall’ featuring quote from terrorist

France: Muslim teens ‘savagely attack’ unveiled 13-year-old Muslim girl for being a ‘disbeliever’

France: Two veiled women arrested for leaving a bottle of gas outside a school

Everyone in Gaza is Afraid of Hamas

Queers in Palestine update: Hamas executed senior member on accusations that he was homosexual

West Point’s John Spencer: The Americans Should Study the IDF’s Tactics to Protect Civilians

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The Relevance Of Gold Price History thumbnail

The Relevance Of Gold Price History

By Neland Nobel

Having spent 45 years in financial services, we recognize how difficult it is to estimate what markets will do. Yet, the human brain wants to have “some idea” of the potential of a given investment over time.  After all, don’t we all want to own something that will be going up with significant potential and avoid something that could go a lot lower with significant risk?

Of course, we do, and that is what drives investment decisions, flawed though they may be. Compounding the problem, these decisions are typically made when money is available, which may or may not make the timing fortuitous.  Because of this difficulty, many  give up on the project altogether and simply “buy and hold for the long term.”  Others decide with the best available information, knowing full well there still is a large element of chance in their decisions.

But what if you have money to place and you don’t have a long-term? One of the ironies of life is when you should be investing (in your twenties) you don’t have any money to speak of and when you do when you are 80, you don’t have the “long-term” left to experience the move.

After our last piece on gold (What If A Market Roared And Nobody Heard It), we caught the break out in gold and at present it seems to be rolling along rather nicely.  The price move aside, we still wonder what it may mean for all markets.

The move so far has been fairly large and has surprised Wall Street.  Gold is not supposed to be going up when stocks do, and when the US dollar is strong.  Further, gold is not supposed to be going up with interest rates relatively high to inflation.  Yet, that is what is happening.

This strongly suggests our thesis that buying is mostly coming out of Asia and that the reasons people are buying is the doom loop in US Federal government finances and the financial crisis in China.  US investors still remain mostly on the sidelines.

Not surprisingly, old industry associates and some clients have asked what to make of these developments in gold.

So, at the risk of looking very foolish, here are some thoughts.

First, we must all agree that the tools we have to use are very crude.  All we have is history, and then we must relate present conditions to those of the past.  This is tricky because no two events are the same but as Mark Twain put it, history often rhymes if it does not repeat.

We do have charts, which are graphic presentations of history, and there are some “rules” in charting that may have some significance.  But sadly, there are always exceptions to these rules and thus they should only be regarded with suspicion.  Charting requires interpretation and thus is not objective science like physics. It is more art than science.

So, with these caveats and limitations, let’s take a look at some gold price history and behavior.

The price of gold for most of history was amazingly stable.  Sir Isaac Newton was the master of the British Mint and set the price in 1717.  Gold was the measuring stick for everything else.  It was not supposed to change in price but rather other prices were to orbit around it.

Remarkably, gold remained close to an average US dollar price of around $18.93 for 200 years, with some temporary variations during the Napoleonic Wars and the US Civil War.

The world changed a lot in those 200 years, in fact, compared to previous eras, arguably it changed the most in human history.

This was the era of the classic gold standard featuring price stability and limited government. However, it was upended by World War I, and sadly, so was Great Britain.

Many markets were closed or distorted for the duration of the war but by 1920, attempts were made to regain stability.  Britain attempted to return to the pre-war gold standard with US dollar prices around $20-21.  It was a disaster.

Then came the Great World Depression in the 1930s and Roosevelt revalued gold to $35 per ounce.  There the gold price sat until the inflation caused by the Great Society and the Viet Nam War overspending broke apart the Bretton-Woods Treaty in 1971.

Gold entered a two-tiered market with official transactions still at $35 but free market transactions at $42.

Then, political momentum was built to legalize gold in the US, which set gold loose from price controls and prices soared from $42 to $200 per ounce in 1974, just before legalization.

So, the first real move in gold in a free market was about a fivefold advance off the cycle low.

It then declined to $100 in the summer of 1976, but then ended the decade around $850 per ounce.  So the second bull market in gold showed an 8 to 1 move off the cycle low.

Gold then wandered in the wilderness for almost 20 years and made multiple bottoms around $250 per ounce on the eve of both the Tech Bubble and The War on Terror in 1999-2000.  Thereupon it launched another approximate 8 to 1 move with the gold price peaking at approximately $1900 late in 2011.  The chart shown is a weekly chart and may not correspond to other charts.  We spent more than a decade attempting to break soundly above $2000 and now we have done it.

So, if the last cyclical low was just above $1000 per ounce, what is the upside for this move?  Well, the last three moves ranged from around 5:1 to 8:1, with the latter two moves the largest.   In simple terms, that could mean $5000 to $8000 per ounce as possible upside potential.

Good heavens. It feels strange even contemplating such an outcome.

The first cycle with gold, from $42 to $200, was likely when gold adjusted to years of being fixed in price while everything else in society was inflated.  It was like a compressed spring that needed to be released. But after that, the larger moves came as gold prices adjusted to the circumstances of the period.  In short, they were more like conditions today.

One of the largest moves is the most recent, from a low of around $250 made between 1999 and 2001,  to almost $1900 by 2011.

You will note that both moves in the 1970s were related to war and so was the move after 1999-2001 and the long War on Terror, which included two Iraq Wars and Afghanistan.

Certainly, war today is not out of the question.  Recently, the President of Poland said Europe should prepare for war and there is news Ukraine may join NATO.  Russia has made it clear for years that it would not tolerate that on its borders.

You could argue we are already at war, just through proxies.

And, we need not ignore the Middle Eastern War as Israel recently killed seven key Iranian military leaders in a surgical strike in Syria.  Will Iran not retaliate?  Why is the current Administration so hostile to Israel and cooperative with Iran?  Why the flirtation with Iran given their role in killing our boys in Iraq and aiding the Houthis as well?

So we have at least two wars brewing and both have a significant chance of expanding.

Biden has also drained the Strategic Oil Reserve down to just 17 days and recently broke his promise to refill it because of rising oil prices.

We are already in a conflict with both Russia and Iran and a cold war with China.   Oil prices are rising once again and for the first time in several years, commodity prices in general are stirring. Do you think rising commodity prices might put more pressure on inflation, perhaps delaying the FED’s expected rate cuts?

Above we show the Commodity Research Bureau’s index of all tracked commodity prices.  The same pattern can be seen in the Bloomberg Index.  It appears the linear bear trendline is being broken and prices have also broken through the 200-day moving average, and the average itself is turning upward.  It would appear that commodity prices in general are firming.  Further, they are about as cheap as we have ever seen against the major stock indices.

In terms of spending, present spending dwarfs the previous era of deficits, both in nominal and real terms.  Biden spending, adjusted for constant dollars, is larger than the spending for World War I, and World War II, and 30 years of deficit spending COMBINED.

Our entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare are also closer to insolvency than in previous periods.

Thus, from a government finance point of view, you could make a rational case that conditions are worse than in previous cycles.

What about the quality of our political leadership, the unity of our politics, the strength of our social structure, family stability, crime, and confidence levels in our government?

In terms of military prowess, do you think we are stronger than in 2000 on the eve of the War on Terror?  Or, are we weaker?  Then the US was considered the sole superpower.  Now the Chinese are much stronger than the Soviets.  True, the Soviets had a strong nuclear arsenal, but their economy was terrible.  This is not true of the Chinese today. They are strong on both counts and they also have penetrated our society much more successfully than the Soviets.

Major figures in both parties are beholding to the Chinese.  See the recent review we did of the book, Blood Money.

Our opinions mean little. But we ask our readers: in your view, do you think things are better or worse than conditions at the turn of the last century or back in the 1970s?  Do you think America is stronger or weaker?  Do you think current lawfare against Trump, the Russia collusion hoax, and two impeachments are worse than Watergate?

For those old enough to remember, and this author is among them, conditions do appear worse on many fronts.  In particular, the moral and political fiber of the nation is much weaker.

If conditions are about the same or are worse than previous cycles, then why would gold not do as well off its recent cycle as in the past?

Truth be told, we have no idea what gold will do in the short term.  It seems a little overbought just right now.  But over the longer term, the things that drive it higher are: war, insolvency, deficits, money printing, commodity prices, and military and political weakness. Regrettably, it appears that conditions are indeed as bad, and perhaps worse, than the history around previous price cycles.

That certainly suggests gold prices will be going higher and history is our only guide.

If you are looking to add gold bullion to your portfolio, or if you disagree and think prices are peaking,  please remember to patronize our sponsor, American Precious Metals. See their ad in each issue for phone numbers and addresses.


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Please click the TAKE ACTION link to learn to do’s and don’ts for voting in 2024. Our state and national elections are at great risk from the very aggressive and radical leftist Democrat operatives with documented rigging, mail-in voter fraud and illegals voting across the country (yes, with illegals voting across the country) in the last several election cycles.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Prickly Pear essays entitled How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona to be well informed of the above issues and to vote in a way to ensure the most likely chance your vote will be counted and counted as you intend.

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IDF Withdraws All Troops from Southern Gaza thumbnail

IDF Withdraws All Troops from Southern Gaza

By NEWSRAEL Telling the Israeli Story

Only one brigade remains in the Strip; terrorists in Khan Yunis fire rocket barrage at Israeli towns.

The Israel Defense Forces has withdrawn all ground troops from the southern Gaza Strip, with only one brigade remaining in the coastal enclave, according to reports on Sunday.

This comes after four months of fighting in the former Hamas stronghold of Khan Yunis and six months since the start of the war.

According to IDF sources on Sunday, the IDF’s 98th Division has concluded its mission in Khan Yunis. The division left the Gaza Strip to recuperate and prepare for future operations. A significant force led by the 162nd Division and the division’s Nahal Brigade continues to operate in the Gaza Strip, and will preserve the IDF’s freedom of action and its ability to conduct precise intelligence-based operations, the sources said.

The move also comes after last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again reiterated that the IDF would defeat Hamas by entering the last terrorist stronghold of Rafah, south of Khan Yunis.

“There is no victory without entering Rafah; there is no victory without destroying the Hamas battalions there,” said Netanyahu in a primetime address, adding that the operation “will take time, but it will happen.”

The premier once again said that only a combination of military pressure and tough negotiations would bring about the release of the remaining 133 hostages taken to Gaza by Palestinian terrorists on Oct. 7.

Meanwhile, early on Sunday afternoon, red alert warning sirens sounded across parts of southern Israel as Hamas fired a rocket barrage at Israeli towns east of Khan Yunis.

Color Red alerts were activated in the “Gaza Envelope” moshavim of Ami’oz, Mivtahim, Ohad, Sde Nitzan, Talmei Eliyahu and Yesha, and the community settlement of Tzohar.

Terrorists in Khan Yunis fired four rockets towards towns in Israel’s Eshkol region, hours after the IDF withdrew from the Gazan city. The Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted two of the rockets.

According to the reports on Sunday, the last brigade remaining in the Strip is the Nahal infantry unit, which is there to secure the Netzarim Corridor that splits the Gazan north and south, enabling the IDF to control movements in the Strip. It crosses the Strip from the Be’eri area in southern Israel to the Mediterranean coast.

The Netzarim Corridor prevents Gazans from returning to the north of the Strip and allows for humanitarian aid to enter directly into northern Gaza.

Four Israel Defense Forces commandoes were killed in action in southern Gaza on Saturday, the IDF announced on Sunday. Terrorists emerged from a tunnel in Khan Yunis and ambushed the soldiers at close range, the army said.

The attack raised the military’s death toll to 604 on all fronts since the war started. Their deaths bring the number of soldiers slain since the start of Israeli ground operations in Gaza on Oct. 27 to 260.

The IDF said on Saturday that it had destroyed three Hamas attack tunnels in the Khan Yunis area, some of which reached into Israeli territory. The tunnels had been under intelligence and technological surveillance for several years, according to the military.


Khamenei adviser: Israeli embassies no longer safe

Mourner’s wreath sent to hostage’s family; police suspect Iran

RELATED VIDEO: Former Kibbutz Be’eri Residents from 70s and 80s Return

EDITORS NOTE: This JNS – Jewish News Syndicate column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Israel: The Persian People of Iran Are Not Your Enemy thumbnail

Israel: The Persian People of Iran Are Not Your Enemy

By Amil Imani

Persian Jews have lived in Iran for millennia.  In fact, the Jewish community in Iran is among the oldest in the world.  I personally dislike calling them Persian Jews; I prefer to call them just Persian.  They are just as Persian as any other Persians.  Iran belongs to them just as much as it belongs to every Iranian.

Historically, Judaism has been the second-oldest religion still practiced in Iran after Zoroastrianism, the original Iranian religion before the invasion of the Arabs.  The origin of the Jewish diaspora in Persia is connected to the deportation of the Israelites in 727 B.C. from Samaria to Medea and Persia.  The famous “Cyrus the Great declaration” allowed the Jews who were living in exile by the river of Babylon to return to their homeland, Judea, and Jerusalem to rebuild their Second Temple.  But some who had established themselves economically and socially preferred to remain in Persia and Babylon under the protection of Cyrus the Great.

Israel, we, the children of Cyrus the Great, understand your suffering through the passage of time.  Many of us Iranians suffer and share with you this tragic state of affairs that harms you.  We pray for an eternal peace between you and your neighbors.  We also earnestly hope ways can be found for a peaceful resolution of this destructive impasse.

As it has been said, if you don’t know who the enemy is, you can’t repel him.  One die-hard enemy, Islam, has been hard at work for some 1,400 years to finish off the Jews, completing the work Muhammad passed on to his followers.

Allah’s apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say, ‘O Muslim!  There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him’” (Sahih Bukhari 4:52:177; see also Sahih Bukhari 4:52:176Sahih Bukhari 4:56:791).

Many of us, the children of Cyrus the Great, also would like to offer our heartfelt best wishes to the Jews at this critical moment in time.  We know that their towns have been hit for years by (made in Iran) Hamas rockets and missiles.  Although it is hard to see innocent civilians die, we believe that Israel is only defending itself.  That should not be too hard to understand.

I urge the Jews to make a distinction between the regime and the Iranian people.  True Iranians have remained friends of the Jews by belief and deed.  During the shameful Hitlerian campaign to exterminate the Jews, for instance, Iranian missions in Europe, notably the one in France, issued Iranian passports to facilitate the flight of French and other European Jews from the claws of Nazis and their gas chambers – the very gas chambers that the true Muslim, the disgraceful Iranian, former president of the Islamic Republic, Ahmadinejad, denies ever existed.  This historical act of humanity is known as the “Iranian Schindler.”

Regrettably, after Cyrus the Great’s declaration, the people of Israel were unable to settle down for long in their own homeland, to worship their God as they wished, and to live in peace.  They were assaulted once again by the forces of destruction that sent them scurrying for the relative safety of other lands.

Their resilience to follow your destiny is the culmination in thousands of years’ gestation during which the Jewish people, dispersed through much of the world, endured immense degrees and varieties of suffering.  The Nazi murderers and their collaborators capped the crimes committed against the Jewish people by slaughtering six million innocent men, women, and children.

We are grateful that Israel has welcomed Iranian Jews who could no longer tolerate the rule of the oppressive, venomous mullahs.  These mullahs are indeed traitors to the lofty longstanding tradition and values championed by Cyrus the Great and revered by Persians throughout the ages.

BIDEN’S BLOODBATH: Illegal Deported 8 times with 11 Arrests Now Charged with Murder in Ohio thumbnail

BIDEN’S BLOODBATH: Illegal Deported 8 times with 11 Arrests Now Charged with Murder in Ohio

By The Geller Report

If you still vote Democrat, you have blood on your hands.

Illegal migrant deported 8 times with 11 arrests now charged with murder in Ohio: ‘Our border is broken’

Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez, 46, has used at least 7 different names and 3 different birthdates

By Michael Dorgan, Fox News, April 5, 2024:

Illegal migrant with multiple deportations now charged with murder in Ohio

An illegal Mexican immigrant who has been deported at least eight times, according to Ohio’s Butler County Sheriff’s Office, and arrested nearly a dozen times is now facing murder charges following the discovery of a man’s body in Ohio.

Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez, 46, is being held at the Butler County Jail on charges of aggravated murder (premeditated), using weapons while intoxicated, carrying concealed weapons, possession of drugs and obstructing official business, Fox 19 reports, citing jail records.

Officers found the victim’s body in the 1100 block of S. 13th Street in Hamilton just after 2:30 p.m. Monday in response to a 911 call.

Hamilton is just north of Cincinnati.

Garcia-Gutierrez’s first arrest was back in 2001, and he has used at least seven different names and three different birthdates, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones, pictured, said Wednesday. (Butler County Sheriff’s Office)

Garcia-Gutierrez’s first arrest was back in 2001, and he has used at least seven different names and three different birthdates, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said during a Wednesday press conference. Garcia-Gutierrez has been charged with over 20 crimes in that time period and is also a gang member, Jones added.

Garcia-Gutierrez is jailed on an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) detainer, Jones previously said.

“That person would be alive today, and if you don’t think that it’s affecting you in Butler County, Ohio, we’re all border states; we’re all border counties. It’s here, and we could go on and on,” Jones said.

Continue reading.


Pamela Geller

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‘Broken’: America’s border crisis with Mexico, explained

Americans are paying the price for Biden’s border invasion

Profound Words From a California Sheriff

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Israel’s top police interrogator on Oct. 7th Hamas terrorists: ‘They cut off organs’ to trade during hostage negotiations thumbnail

Israel’s top police interrogator on Oct. 7th Hamas terrorists: ‘They cut off organs’ to trade during hostage negotiations

By The Geller Report

Police officers who interrogated Hamas Nukhba terrorists tell of the horrors that the terrorists partook in as the October 7 massacre unfolded.

We are in the presence of crime without a name. The West stands with the savages. The Biden regime stands with these animals. America has lost its moral compass. The West is no longer able to recognize evil or call a spade a spade, as it were, even since the “moral relativism” of the 1960s counterculture revolution, as well as the “multiculturalism” of the 1970s.

Western man currently lives in a Faustian Age of craven opportunists and despicable cowards, who would rather kick the proverbial can further down the lines to their eventual successors and subsequent generations, rather than dealing with an existential issue like Islam (the worldwide jihad, which was declared long ago), in the here and now.  This particularly applies to our elected officials, the lion’s share of whom only care about feathering their own corrupt nests.

Despite the well documented savagery of Hamas,  far-left leaders like Joe Biden, out of fear of offending and electorally alienating the ever growing Muslim voting blocks, fully expect Israel to fight an existential war for its very survival against these barbaric Islamic savages, with both hands tied behind her back.

‘They cut off organs’: Interrogator reveals Hamas terrorists’ Oct. 7 atrocities

Police officers who interrogated Hamas Nukhba terrorists tell of the horrors that the terrorists partook in as the October 7 massacre unfolded.

By Shlomi Heller, J Post, April 4, 2024:

“We interrogated hate-filled terrorists who were trading body parts of those murdered on October 7. They took a knife and murdered everyone in their wake. They cut off organs and took them to Gaza in order to trade with them in future hostage negotiations,” said “R,” a company commander in the Lahav 433 Unit and Superintendent Yaron Binyamin in a conversation with Israel Police spokesperson, Commander Eli Levy.

In a special interview for the “Police News” program, Superintendent Binyamin spoke about the investigations of Nukhba terrorists who committed brutal crimes on October 7, which included murder, massacre, rape, abuse of corpses, and the kidnapping of soldiers and civilians while setting fire to occupants’ houses.

The interview also included chilling evidence of the terrorists who confessed in the interrogation rooms how they committed unimaginable crimes.

“I say to those who deny the crimes committed by Nukhba terrorists that at the end of six months of investigation, there is no doubt at all about the number of horrible crimes they committed on October 7. Today, we understand this through the testimony of the terrorists who themselves carried out the terrible massacre,” said Binyamin.
The goal of extracting critical information

“When you sit in front of a terrorist, your main goal is to extract the whole truth from him and everything he knows,” he added.

Continue reading.

Top police interrogator: ‘We interrogated terrorists who dealt in victims’ body parts’

The head of the Israel Police Unit of International Crime Investigations Security Division, Chief Superintendent Yaron Binyaim said that there is no way to deny what happened on Oct. 7th after the perpetrators themselves admitted to it all.

The head of the Israel Police Unit of International Crime Investigations Security Division, Chief Superintendent Yaron Binyaim, discussed for the first time the interrogations of the terrorists who committed the October 7th massacre.

“We interrogated terrorists who dealt in the body parts of the victims of October 7th. They cut off limbs, took them with them to Gaza, and planned to trade them in future negotiations for hostages. We interrogated terrorists who were awash with hate, who took knives and murdered anything they got their hands on,” Binyamin recounted.

“I say to those who deny the crimes of the Nukhba terrorists that after six months of interrogations, there is no doubt at all regarding the horrifying quantity of crimes committed on October 7th. Today we understand this through the testimonies of the very terrorists who committed this terrible massacre.”

According to him, “When you sit in front of a terrorist, your top goal is to pull the truth and everything he knows out of him. Not only to know what he himself did, but to also know who his fellow terrorists were, who planned, who executed, who still hasn’t been caught, and what missions the terrorists were given before leaving Gaza.

“In the interrogation room, it is very difficult to remove emotions but that is exactly the difference between a good interrogator and a great interrogator. Every investigation like this one will stay with us, the interrogators for years to come,” he concluded.

Continue reading.


Pamela Geller


‘Evidence of mass rape so brutal that they broke their victims’ pelvis – women, grandmothers, children.’ ‘People whose heads have been cut off. Faces blasted off. Heads smashed and their brains spilling out. A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded and then the mother was beheaded’

Hamas shot female Israelis ‘in the crotch, intimate parts and breasts’ as part of ‘a systemic genital mutilation’: IDF reveals many victims’ corpses still had agonised looks on their faces |

October 7th: A Day That Will Live In Infamy

UNRWA Staff Recordings Prove Hamas Treated Young Women ‘Like Animals’

Hamas didn’t just gang-rape, they forced the families to watch. Most rape victims of Hamas on October 7 were killed either before or during rape; several victims’ genitals were mutilated beyond recognition.

BEATEN, TORTURED: Bloodied Faces of Karina, 19, Daniela, 19 Agam, 19 Liri, 18 Hamas Hostages

WATCH: Palestinian Civilians Laughed While They Raped and Butchered Israelis

Released Hostage Mia Schem: “There Isn’t a Single Innocent Person in Gaza, They Just Don’t Exist”

Murdered Hostage Had Broken Jaw, Gouged Out Eye, Missing Fingers

The Rape, Butchering of Israeli Women
Report: Over 450 UNRWA Teachers Participated in Oct. 7 Massacre

Hostage HORRORS: Israeli Doctor Treating Released Hostages Suffering From “Unprecedented Level of Extremely Severe Abuse,” “We Have to Rewrite the Textbooks of Post-Trauma”

Depravity that defies comprehension: Women raped – whether alive or dead. Others tortured until every organ was removed. The horrifying accounts of Hamas ‘rape genocide’ that left survivors so traumatised some have taken their own lives

Hamas terrorists had ‘a thing with sexual organs’ and targeted genitalia of Israeli victims: UN testimony

WITNESS TESTIMONY: Palestinian Terrorists Cut Breasts Off Jewish Women While Still Alive and Convulsing in Pain After Gang-Raping Them

US Official: Hamas Won’t Release More Women Because They Reveal Monstrous Sex Crimes

Hamas Raped and Sexually Mutilated Men As Well as Women During October 7 Atrocities

Women Held Hostage by Hamas in Gaza Kept in Cages

“THEY FAILED US”: Women’s Organizations SILENT as Shocking Scale of Hamas’s Sexual Violence Against Jewish Women Becomes Horrifyingly Clear

Rape Jihad: Hamas Sexual Abuse of Jewish Women Follows Islamic Doctrine

What they did to the bodies of Jewish women…..

Horrific New Stories of Hamas Atrocities in Israel Surface, Including Rape of ‘Beautiful Woman with Face of Angel’ Who Screamed To Be Killed

Israeli Morgue: ‘Evidence of mass rape so brutal that they broke their victims’ pelvis – women, grandmothers, children.’ ‘People whose heads have been cut off. Faces blasted off. Heads smashed and their brains spilling out. A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded and then the mother was beheaded’


The Hamas Nazis in our midsts seek to destroy our country and Israel. They’re devouring the Democrat Party, which partnered with them and appeases them.

— Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) April 6, 2024

BREAKING: The Israeli military has said it has recovered the body of a hostage from Gaza. The IDF said it recovered the body of 47-year-old Elad Katzir overnight in Khan Younis

📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube📺 Sky 501 and YT

— Sky News (@SkyNews) April 6, 2024

The hostages deserve the attention. You remember Hersh, the 23 year old Israeli-American, whose parents I spoke with in Israel. Hersh’s parents joined me tonight and although they’re in a place of “profound, staggering trauma” they still have hope.

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) April 5, 2024

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Jordan rocked by pro-Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood protests, ‘serious threat to Hashemite Kingdom’ thumbnail

Jordan rocked by pro-Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood protests, ‘serious threat to Hashemite Kingdom’

By Jihad Watch

“Jordan’s government has been one of the most vocal opponents of Israel’s war to root out Hamas terrorists from Gaza.” The battle is on for control of the region, and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is infamous for destabilizing countries. Recall the upheaval in Egypt in 2012, before Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi was overthrown. Other countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Syria, have joined Egypt in banning the MB.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement (which is no different from Hamas in its intention to obliterate Israel) recently slammed Iran for meddling in internal Palestinian affairs, and primarily for its support of Muslim Brotherhood offshoot Hamas. The Israeli war on Hamas is evolving to encompass divisions in the Islamic world which are moving toward a boiling point, particularly in regard to Muslim organizations and countries which either reject Muslim Brotherhood or, as in the case of Fatah, are competing with Hamas.

Jordan is now faced with internal instability and a grave threat to its government from the Muslim Brotherhood. According to MEMRI:

This incitement of the Jordanian public by Hamas and MB officials enraged the Jordanian establishment. Initially, this establishment thought that adopting Hamas’ rhetoric would protect it from the public fury, but it seems that this tactic has been unsuccessful, and that Hamas’ propaganda and incitement has weakened Jordan and today even threatens to destabilize the regime.

US ally Jordan rocked by pro-Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood protests over Gaza war

by Benjamin Weinthal, Fox News, April 4, 2024:

One of the U.S.’s closest Mideast allies, Jordan, has been hit by demonstrations that, according to some analysts, have spilled over into a serious threat to the Hashemite Kingdom with open declarations of support for the Hamas terrorist organization.

Jordan’s government has been one of the most vocal opponents of Israel’s war to root out Hamas terrorists from Gaza after the jihadi movement slaughtered 1,200 people on Oct. 7, including many Americans.

Jordan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi declared in November that “Hamas is an idea and ideas do not die.” Jordan’s Queen Rania cast doubt in a CNN interview on whether Hamas really committed atrocities on Oct. 7.

Veteran experts on Jordan view King Abdullah II and his inner circle as contributing, directly and indirectly, to the unrest that could potentially dislodge his regime.

The former Israeli ambassador to Jordan, Jacob Rosen, told Fox News Digital that “Jordan is walking on a very tight rope. The authorities let the Muslim Brotherhood under whatever cover they operate to voice out their message, but they disperse any demonstrations [that] may go ‘wrong’ or to turn against the government itself.”…




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CIA Says Iran About to Attack Israel thumbnail

CIA Says Iran About to Attack Israel

By Kenneth R. Timmerman

Hold the presses, folks! The CIA apparently has warned Israel that Iran is going to attack within 48 hours!

Now that warning, we are told by “press reports,” occurred on Thursday. And just to rub it in, a former CIA official told the New York Times that Israel’s precision strike on Damascus that killed the deputy commander of Iran’s Quds Force was “reckless.” Hence, Israel deserved to get hit.

But let’s take a closer look. For the CIA to actually warn Israel that Iran was about to launch a counterstrike on Israel from Iranian territory presumes that the CIA has some pretty good sources of intelligence inside Iran.

From what I have seen, the CIA has pretty good signals intelligence – that is, they can monitor what Iranian officials say on their cellphones  – but they don’t have any agents in place. They don’t have a clue what’s going on inside the Iranian regime leadership, other than what they say in public or on their phones (Hint: the Iranians know better than to use cellphones for sensitive conversations).

The Israelis, on the other hand, have absolutely stellar intelligence on Iran.

Their intelligence is so good that they were able to locate Iran’s secret nuclear weapons archive in a ordinary warehouse in south Tehran a few years ago, break in during the night, crack four giant bank vaults, and remove 500 bankers boxes of documents and several hundred CDs, and get it all out of Dodge before dawn.

One of the leaders of that operation was a woman – a Mossad “Amazon” – who was decorated (back to the camera) by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Have you ever heard of the CIA carrying out a similar exploit? (And if they had, believe me today’s CIA would make sure it leaked to the NY Times).

The Iranians never realized they had been burgled until Prime Minister Netanyahu presented excerpts from Iran’s nuclear files at the United Nations more than a year later.

Israel’s intelligence is so good that they were able to track the deputy commander of the Quds Force to Damascus and kill him within twenty-four hours.

The Secretary General of the United Nations whined that Israel should be condemned for attacking a diplomatic facility – just as the Iranians did using local proxies in Benghazi on September 11, 2011, killing four Americans.

But in this case, the Iranian consulate in Damascus may have been a diplomatic facility on Sunday, but on Monday it had become a military headquarters where Brigadier General Zahedi and his deputy, Brigadier General Hadi Rahimi, were discussing military strategy with local Quds Force and militia commanders.

Take a look at photos taken after the strike, such as the one below. What do you notice about that beautiful building flying the Iranian regime flag to the left of the demolished “consulate?” Ah, yes. Not even a pane of stained glass has been broken, or the 50-foot tall signals intelligence antenna dented.

Pretty much the same accuracy as the Israelis have been practicing in Gaza, by the way.

Why am I convinced the Iranians won’t retaliate in any significant way, and certainly not by launching drones or missiles from Iranian territory, as the anonymous CIA “sources” are whispering?

Because to do so would give Israel the green light to finally strike Iran, something many in Israel have been wanting to do for years. And if one thing is sure, it’s this: the Iranian regime is terrified of an Israeli strike on Iran. They will fight Israel to the blood of the last Palestinian or Lebanese, but they will do nothing to bring the fight to Iran.

I discuss this and President Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s hyperventilating response to the Israel’s latest actions in Gaza, as well as NATO’s 75 birthday and a curious Easter ceremony in Florence, Italy, on Prophecy Today Weekend.

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Tony Bobulinski Sues Rep. Dan Goldman For Defamation

By The Daily Caller

Tony Bobulinksi will sue New York Democratic Rep. Daniel Goldman on Friday morning for defamation, the Daily Caller has first learned.

Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden who has accused President Joe Biden of wrongdoing, previously threatened legal action against Goldman after Bobulinski appeared for a public hearing before Congress last month. After the hearing, Goldman sent a tweet accusing Bobulinski of making “false allegations” with the help of a Trump-affiliated lawyer.


(DAILY CALLER OBTAINED) — … by Henry Rodgers

Tony Bobulinski has used a Trump campaign-paid lawyer to make false allegations since October 2020.

When Cassidy Hutchinson said he met with Mark Meadows with a mask on, he called her a liar.

Then she produced a photo.

Watch how he dissembles in response to the receipt 👇

— Rep. Dan Goldman (@RepDanGoldman) March 21, 2024

Bobulinski sent a letter to Goldman demanding that he remove the post and issue a retraction within five days or be hit with a lawsuit. Weeks later, the post is still up.

“Your statement, as though it were a matter of fact, that Mr. Bobulinski has lied to federal investigators and Congress, is defamatory per se and will not be tolerated,” Bobulinksi’s legal representation wrote in the earlier letter.

During that Congressional hearing, Democrats threatened to subpoena Bobulinski for the Blackberry he communicated with Hunter Biden on, suggesting that perhaps texts he provided to the committee did not tell the full story of their partnership.

Bobulinski fired back at both Goldman and Democratic Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin during the hearing, calling them liars.

“Rep. Dan Goldman and Jamie Raskin, both lawyers, and Mr. Goldman, a former prosecutor with the SDNY from New York, will continue to lie today in this hearing and then go straight to the media to tell more lies,” Bobulinski said.”

The Daily Caller reached out to Goldman’s office for a response to the lawsuit but has yet to receive a response.



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