Trump Leads In Key Swing State Where Many Voters Say Immigration Made Life ‘Worse,’ Poll Finds thumbnail

Trump Leads In Key Swing State Where Many Voters Say Immigration Made Life ‘Worse,’ Poll Finds

By The Daily Caller

Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in Wisconsin, where many voters claimed immigration made the state’s quality of life “worse,” according to an American Greatness poll exclusively released to the Daily Caller News Foundation on Thursday.

Trump leads Biden 46% to 44% in a two-way race, compared to an even split at 45% in April, according to the poll. Only 13% of likely voters said that immigration has improved the “quality of life in the state,” while 34% said it made it worse.

“Wisconsin figures to be a very tight race once again, as reflected by this new polling,” Steve Cortes, former senior advisor to President Trump and polling consultant to American Greatness, told the DCNF. “In such a close election, the more we highlight the damage of Biden’s open border, the more likely battleground state voters are to return Donald Trump to the White House.”

Wisconsin has voted for the Democratic presidential nominee every year since 1988, except for in 2016 when it went for Trump.

In addition, 45% of respondents claimed that immigration had “no real effect” on the state’s quality of life and 8% were unsure, according to the poll.

Whitewater, a town in Wisconsin that has 15,000 residents, has taken in as many as 1,000 immigrants since 2022, PBS reported. Among the respondents, 53% said that immigration levels are “too high” for a community that size, while 29% said it was “about right” and 4% said it was “too low.”

“Even thousands of miles away from the US border, Biden’s reckless, radical border policies are firmly rejected by supermajorities of citizens,” Cortes told the DCNF. “Sensible Wisconsin voters know that Biden and Harris and Mayorkas prioritize unvetted foreign migrants over American citizens, and they demand a return to law-and-order.”

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has encountered over seven million migrants entering the country illegally since Biden took office, according to the CBP data.

Biden issued nearly 300 executive actions on immigration during his first year in office, 89 of which reversed or began to reverse Trump’s immigration policies, according to an analysis from the Migration Policy Institute.

The poll also asked likely voters about Biden’s mental and physical fitness for office, with 65% saying Biden is not capable of serving another term, compared to 57% in April. Nearly half of Wisconsin likely voters, 48%, think Biden is making his own official decisions in office, while 31% think it is First Lady Jill Biden. (RELATED: WSJ And NYT Polls Are Latest In String Of Surveys Showing Biden Losing Ground To Trump After Debate)

The American Greatness poll surveyed 600 likely Wisconsin voters from July 6 to July 10. The poll has a margin of error of 4%.





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ICE Nabs Convicted Sex Offender And Illegal Immigrant Roaming Free In ‘Sanctuary County’ thumbnail

ICE Nabs Convicted Sex Offender And Illegal Immigrant Roaming Free In ‘Sanctuary County’

By The Daily Caller

RIVERDALE PARK, Maryland — Deportation officers apprehended a registered sex offender living illegally in a “sanctuary” jurisdiction after he was convicted of false imprisonment and sex crimes, the Daily Caller News Foundation exclusively witnessed.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents apprehended 21-year-old Honduran national Darwin Adonai Garcia-Garcia in the early morning hours of Thursday, July 11. Garcia-Garcia’s apprehension came roughly two months after a local Maryland court chose to suspend virtually all of his 30-year prison sentence relating to his conviction for sex offenses and false imprisonment of a child, according to ICE. Authorities had previously charged him with kidnapping, abducting a child under 12, abducting a child under 16, assault in the second degree and a fourth-degree sex offense.

The DCNF was on scene to witness the apprehension, which took place around 6 a.m. outside his residence in Riverdale Park, Maryland. Numerous ICE agents staked out Garcia-Garcia’s apartment complex and waited for him to exit the building, which he eventually did, allowing agents to make an arrest outside in the apartment parking lot.

He did not appear to know any English, as deportation officers communicated with him solely in Spanish during the apprehension.

Border Patrol arrested Garcia-Garcia on December 4, 2018 after he illegally crossed into the U.S. near San Luis, Arizona, the agency told the DCNF. Border Patrol served the Honduran national with a notice to appear before an immigration judge and, the next day, he was transferred into ICE custody and subsequently released into the U.S.

Several years later, Garcia-Garcia was targeted by local law enforcement for his alleged abduction and sexual assault of a minor, according to ICE. He was arrested by Prince George’s County, Maryland Police on Jan. 4 and charged with kidnapping, abducting a child under 12, second-degree assault and a fourth-degree sexual offense.

The Circuit Court for Prince George’s County in Upper Marlboro, Maryland convicted him of a fourth-degree sex offense and false imprisonment on May 13, sentencing him to three decades in prison, according to ICE. However, the court subsequently suspended all but 229 days of prison sentence, allowing him to roam free in the country again.

ICE Baltimore became familiar with Garcia-Garcia’s daily activities and knew roughly when he’d be leaving his residence in Prince George’s County. The DCNF accompanied deportation officers as they staked out his residence Thursday morning and nabbed him as he was presumably on his way to work.

The apprehension took place without incident, with no apparent signs of him resisting arrest or attempting to flee the deportation officers. Garcia-Garcia remains in Enforcement and Removal custody, where he will presumably remain pending the outcome of his removal proceedings.

He is currently listed as a sex offender, according to the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

Baltimore deportation officers told the DCNF that they prioritize the apprehension of dangerous illegal migrants who pose serious risks to the local community, and they are seeking to increase their number of sex offender apprehensions.

It’s not entirely clear why the circuit court in Prince George’s County chose to suspend nearly all of Garcia-Garcia’s entire 30-year prison sentence, despite the severity of his convictions. The court did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the DCNF about the case.

Prince George’s County is listed as a “sanctuary” jurisdiction by the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization that seeks stricter enforcement of U.S. immigration law.

In the past, ICE has publicly criticized Prince George’s County specifically for local non-cooperation policies that, they say, protect criminal illegal migrants.

“The county leadership has chosen misguided politics over public safety,” the Baltimore field office director said at the time. “We aren’t asking Montgomery County or Prince George’s County to conduct immigration enforcement, we’re asking them to honor a lawful request to transfer these individuals into our custody where they can avail themselves of due process in the immigration court system.”

A spokesperson for Prince George’s County did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the DCNF.



Immigration reporter.


Dem Senate Candidate Downplayed Illegal Immigrant Crime. Then A 12-Year-Old Girl Was Murdered

EXCLUSIVE: Jim Jordan Investigating UN’s Involvement In ‘Fast-Tracking’ Migrants Into US

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NATO Chooses Unending War thumbnail

NATO Chooses Unending War

By Kenneth R. Timmerman

NATO leaders met this week in Washington and pledged an “irreversible path” for Ukraine to join the alliance, as well as “unwavering support” for the Ukraine war effort.

It was a bit like waving a red cape in front of a bull. Putin has made crystal clear that expanding NATO eastward to include Ukraine is not just a red line for Russia, but was in fact the main reason for the Russian invasion in February 2022.

NATO leaders think they can draw a steel line in the steppe. But so does Russia. The Russia-Ukraine-NATO war has become a contest of iron wills.

Will the West be able to provide enough weaponry and aid to keep Ukraine in the fight? If so, we are looking at a prolonged stalemate, which only a significant escalation – or the intervention of a new U.S. president – can end.

NATO seems primed for escalation. There was talk this week of more F-16s for Ukraine, and a new NATO unit to coordinate aid and training of the Ukrainian armed forces.

What many leaders seem to fear most, however, is the return of Donald Trump to the White House, given his pledge to end the Ukraine war in 24 hours of his election victory.

NATO leaders also put the spotlight on Communist China, calling it in the final communique on Thursday a “decisive enabler” of Russia’s war in Ukraine. This is significant, because it shows that NATO leaders now consider China part of the Russian orbit, which NATO sees as its enemy.

Folks, this is sounding increasingly to me like the Guns of August, where the great European powers stumbled into war in August 1914 by just continuing to do what they were doing, without considering the consequences.

And through all of this, there was Joe Biden, whom his advisors trotted out for a “big boy” press conference, to show the world how mentally alert he was. And right off the bat, Biden delivered. “I wouldn’t have picked vice president Trump if I didn’t think she was not qualified to be president,” he said with a straight face.

So NATO seems gearing up for World War III, and the United States is led by a geriatric who doesn’t know when his own son died or the name of his vice president.

Is America ready for President Jill? Somehow I don’t think so.

Yours in freedom.

©2024. Kenneth R. Timmerman. All rights reserved.

I discuss this, as well as the impact the Iranian presidential elections will have on Iran’s relations with the West, on this week’s Prophecy Today Weekend.

As always, you can listen live at 1 PM on Saturday on 104.9 FM or 550 AM in the Jacksonville, Fl, area, or by using the Jacksonville Way Radio app. If you miss it, tune into the podcast later here.

Morality/Truth Has No Role for Dictators. All Opposition Must be Eliminated. thumbnail

Morality/Truth Has No Role for Dictators. All Opposition Must be Eliminated.

By Karen Schoen

I always find it amazing that no matter how hard the liars lie, no matter what they say or do the truth like cream always rises to the top. It always comes out. This is what we see this week in America.  No matter how hard the left tries, freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness always manages to be present for people have no desire to be slaves.

In 1917 the first communist revolution was created by the Bolsheviks. They vowed to destroy and kill everything that existed before the revolution. Why? They wanted a clean slate so they could mold the new communist man in their image. The hell with what the people wanted. They knew best. They designed the communist utopia. Since that time over 75 years, over 100 million people died under communist rule. You might say how awful. They say wonderful.  We must depopulate the planet by any means possible they believe. Too many mouths to feed. Too many people to control. Too many people cutting into their wealth.

Personality traits that most communists/globalists possess are a big ego, selfishness, and jealousy. They are condescending because they know best.  We call them psychopaths and or, sociopaths for they have no regard for human life. After all we are just another mouth to feed.  There is no common sense to their actions, no opposing point of view allowed as they are right all the time. Their goal is to keep the people down and dumb because dumb people require less from their government.   They pick issues that can never be solved but will cost ridiculous sums of money they steal from non believers. They have horrific economy killing policies designed to keep the people poor and stresses and on the government dole. After all if you are hungry you don’t have time or thought to worry about the destruction of food farms for solar farms or some stupid war in Europe or AI.  You are just hungry.   They believe the people will not bite the hand that feeds them.

They were not evil for evil’s sake or cruel for cruelty’s sake for they have a purpose. They were remaking society in their image and must eliminate all competition and all policies and values that happened before the revolution. There could never be a good reference point. Never would anyone say I remember when we were free.  The elders had to go. Communists/globalists are the creators of the New World Order where violence was love and war was peace. Who are these traitors:

What do they want? Everything you own.

After the election in Europe the communists can claim victory. Although they did not gain seats the new globalists leaders of France and England will try to set those countries up as the new World model for the rest of Europe to follow.  Will America follow? That is up to We the People. Here are the new policies in Europe on their way to America… How do I know?  The Communist Department of the Interior just closed Alaska to future leases and drilling.  That is part of the plan.

The EU has developed its new censorship program:

  • The Digital Services Act (DSA) creates a unified framework for government-directed content moderation across the European Union.
  • Each EU member state now has a “digital services coordinator,” with the power to penalize online platforms if they fail to adequately address “systemic risks,” including hate speech and misinformation.
  • These official speech commissars can deputize third party entities to act as “trusted flaggers,” empowering the global network of NGOs, research institutes, and private companies that make up the censorship industry.
  • Elon Musk’s X became the first platform to be investigated after the DSA took effect, after months of threats from EU officials over Musk’s attempts to restore free speech to the platform.

The EU has developed its new guidelines for businesses. the new law requires corporations to do to protect people in their value chains around the world, its strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities for people in value chains and organizations representing them to protect their rights. ESG and DEI will be the norm.

The Plan:

  1. What is the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive?
  2. What are the most serious weaknesses of the new law?
  3. How will small and medium enterprises be affected?
  4. When does the new law enter into force and when can victims of corporate abuses start initiating legal action against companies?
  5. What role is there for trade unions, Indigenous Peoples organizations, and other civil society organizations, including those outside the EU?
  6. Beyond ensuring that the directive is incorporated in the national laws of EU member states, what other initiatives are required for strong implementation of the legislation?
  7. What is the role of audits and certifications, and multi-stakeholder or other industry initiatives in this Directive?
  8. The Digital Services Act: A Brief Guide to The EU’s Censorship Superweapon

Don’t be naïve. These policies will not stay in Europe. I believe this is why the DNC is happy to have a corpse in the White House who will just sign away successful American policies. They will use their unconstitutional agencies to close our successful businesses guaranteeing:  We will own nothing and they will be happy.

It is up to us to get everyone we know to vote. Recognize that they lie all the time. Charlie Kirk said this and I agree.  “Every time you hear ‘democracy’ replace it with ‘our regime.’”  If you do you will understand their actions.    Trevor Loudon, author of “The Enemies Within” and his new series “House Un-American” is my guest this week. Join us as we explore the world as it will be under communism.

Is America worth saving? Do everything you can to energize you and your family and friends to vote.  Your life and freedoms depend upon it.

©2024. Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

Over the weekend listen to the show.

Join the Florida Citizens Alliance   Help save America mentor a child.

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Show: Sat and Sun 7AM ET and 5PM ET on

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Guest: Trevor Loudon, journalist, author, speaker advocate.

Important Articles:

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While Europeans Vacation, Denmark Attacks Livestock Farmers With Cow Tax

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Found Inside Gaza City UNRWA HQ — Hamas, War Rooms, Drones, Explosives, Weapons thumbnail

Found Inside Gaza City UNRWA HQ — Hamas, War Rooms, Drones, Explosives, Weapons

By The Geller Report

Inside UNRWA’s Gaza City headquarters, the IDF located a war rooms used for surveillance operations along with tactical drones, rockets, machine guns, mortars, explosives and grenades.

The world needs to face facts UNRWA is a front for Hamas. Every country funding UNRWA is funding a terror army.

The UN agency is a terrorist organization.

Israeli Ambassador Amir Weissbrod has asked the UNRWA to fire the 100 employees that the Israeli government had identified as terrorist operatives in a July 4 letter obtained by Fox.

#BREAKING Inside @UNRWA‘s Gaza City headquarters, the IDF located a war rooms used for surveillance operations along with tactical drones, rockets, machine guns, mortars, explosives and grenades.

The world needs to face facts ➡️ UNRWA is a front for Hamas. Every country funding…

— Aviva Klompas (@AvivaKlompas) July 12, 2024

IDF finds Hamas, PIJ war rooms, drones, explosives, in Gaza City UNRWA HQ

The tunnel, which had been previously exposed and operated against by Israeli troops, served as a major Hamas military intelligence asset, the IDF noted.

By Sam Halpern, July 12, 2024:

Footage of the UAV that was located in the UNRWA building by Maglan troops, July 12, 2024 (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

During raids over the last week on a Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad combat complex embedded in a former UNRWA compound, troops of the Commando Brigade’s combat team, operating under the direction of the 99th Division, located significant terror infrastructure embedded in the facility.

Among the weapons and infrastructure located in the UNRWA complex were war rooms used for surveillance operations, parts for UAV assembly, tactical drones, rockets, machine guns, mortars, explosives, and grenades, the IDF added.

Footage of the activities of the Maglan and Egoz Troops in Gaza, July 12, 2024. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)
Terror infrastructure in a university

In other scans of the vicinity, during the army’s ongoing operational activity in the area, soldiers reportedly discovered a subterranean weapons and explosives manufacturing facility inside a university building.

On Wednesday, the IDF reported that troops of the 99th Division had, after opening an evacuation route for civilians, engaged and killed terrorists operating on the Gaza City UNRWA headquarters premises in close-quarters combat.
Footage of the weapons found in the UNRWA HQ in Gaza City on July 12, 2024. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

Other terrorists were arrested by the Israeli personnel.

On Monday, the IDF first reported that the operation on the facility began the previous night and was jointly conducted by the 99th Division and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency). At the time, the military had reported that it operated on intelligence, indicating the presence of terror infrastructure in the area.

Troops had previously located a terror tunnel running beneath the facility that had served as a major Hamas military intelligence asset, the IDF added.

Read more.


Pamela Geller


UNRWA is a Terrorist Organization

Senior UNRWA Official is Top Figure in Hamas, Head of the UNRWA Teachers Union in Lebanon, Overseeing 39,000 Students in 65 Schools

Terrorists Hiding in UNRWA School Near Rafah

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Normalization of Terrorism and Jew-Hate thumbnail

The Normalization of Terrorism and Jew-Hate

By Robert Williams

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

Editors’ Note: Whether the issue is international law, illegal migration, Israel, or the environment, the UN consistently parrots the position of the International Left and Islamic radicals. With the possibility of a new Republican Administration, it is past time to consider withdrawal from this morally rotten institution. The institution has become so corrupted and so alien to Western values, that the benefit of being in such an organization is now less than negligible. In fact, it likely is now harmful as membership provides funds, credibility, and authority to an institution that does not favor human liberty or human flourishing. UN agencies themselves have been directly linked to murderous terrorist activities. If outright withdrawal cannot be achieved, US funding of the UN should be cut to just what is required as a minimum for membership.

Nine months after the Iranian-orchestrated October 7 Hamas massacre of 1,200 mostly Israeli civilians, 116 hostages remain in Gaza, including at least 42 whom Israeli officials estimate were murdered by Hamas, after suffering unfathomable mental, physical, and sexual abuse.

On June 8, Israel rescued four hostages in a heroic mission, in which Israeli special forces entered the private Gazan homes where four Israeli hostages — three men and one young woman — were held by “ordinary” Gazan civilians, one an Al-Jazeera “journalist.”


What should have been hailed worldwide as an amazing rescue operation that finally brought some hostages back from their daily torture was instead condemned as “disproportionate — further proof of how normalized Jew-hatred and support for terrorism have become when political and media elites root for terrorists organizations instead of hostages. The EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell even called Israel’s rescue operation of people who had been kidnapped a “bloodbath.”

“Reports from Gaza of another massacre of civilians are appalling. We condemn this in the strongest terms,” Borrell said on X. “The bloodbath must end immediately.”

If you do not want a “bloodbath,” do not take hostages, hide them among civilians, try to prevent a rescue, then if they are rescued, profess shock at the fallout that you yourself have teed up.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres voiced his “condemnation” for what he claimed were the deaths of “hundreds of Palestinian civilians” — as usual unquestioningly parroting whatever figures Hamas tossed out.


General Onno Eichelsheim, Chief of Defense of the Dutch Armed Forces, said that Israel, “in its operation to rescue the hostages,” had used “disproportionate force to achieve its objectives.” The comment drew immediate criticism from Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom. Wilders, on X, called the comments “incomprehensible, inappropriate, incorrect.”

As is usual for Hamas, which uses its civilians as human shields, the rescued Israeli hostages had been held in family homes in high-rise buildings in a densely populated part of Gaza. It apparently never occurred to either the heads of the UN or the EU to consider that if you are a terrorist organization that commits war crimes, you do not get to choose how a war that you started is waged against you.

There were even some who suggested that Israel should be put on trial for rescuing its own citizens. “The international criminal court should investigate Israel’s hostage rescue raid,” wrote former executive director of Human Rights Watch and currently visiting professor at Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs, Kenneth Roth, reportedly the owner of an “immoral anti-Israel obsession.”

There were also “questions about its necessity,” Roth added. Oh, so, according to him, it is not “necessary” to rescue Jews who are being raped, starved and tortured for nearly a year. Good to know. Estimates are that a third of the 120 hostages who remain in Gaza are no longer even alive.

BBC News asked with a straight face if to spare the lives of the Gazan “civilians” who were keeping the hostages locked up in their homes, Israel had given prior warning before launching its rescue operation. The Israeli spokesman, also keeping a straight face, politely answered that a warning might have endangered the hostages and made the rescue more difficult.

The irony of all this seems completely lost on the political and media elites, who kept insisting that the Israeli rescue operation was somehow immoral. By condemning Israel’s rescue operation, they suggest that massacring and kidnapping 240 people is moral, and an act that should not require a military response.

Meanwhile, the hostages that have returned to Israel — those who were freed in an agreement with Hamas and those that were rescued — spoke of starvation, beatingsrapeslavery and unfathomable torture. In contravention of the Geneva conventions, Hamas has refused to allow the Red Cross to check on the welfare of the hostages. One can imagine why.

To this day, there seems little-to-no interest in the fate or condition of the hostages still in Gaza. Instead, there is denial that the October 7 atrocities even took place, compared to an almost obsessive regard for the safety of, and humanitarian aid for Gazans. When the UN is unable to deliver the aid, Israel, not the UN, is blamed.

Meanwhile, the main condition set by Hamas, Iran and Qatar to free the hostages — apart from releasing an infinite number of terrorists, whom they get to choose, from Israeli prisons — has been a “permanent ceasefire” and “permanent Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.” The new purported Hamas agreement to a ceasefire apparently comes with “a major hurdle: The Iran-backed terror group is now demanding ‘written guarantees’ that mediators will continue to negotiate a permanent truce, once the first phase of the plan goes into effect, the Hamas rep said.”

Essentially, this demand means that Hamas and its handlers, Iran and Qatar, would like to start wars and then have someone else stop them when they do not like how they are going.

The UN, with main inciter-in-chief Guterres at the helm, has made it clear that Israel deserved the slaughter and had it coming, The October 7 massacres “did not happen in a vacuum,” he said, thereby justifying them.

The Red Cross, which has not sought to gain access to the hostages since their abduction, presumably could not care less about their fate, and are being sued for neglect by families of the abducted.

The Hamas murdersrapes, burning alive of babies and abductions – all the reasons why Israel was forced to go to war with Hamas to begin with — have retreated into the background. The October 7 atrocities have been squeezed into a small parenthesis, left largely unmentioned for months by mainstream media outlets and Western elites. What seems to matter instead to those who set the political and media agendas is to use the Hamas war once again to demonize the Jews as the world’s most inhuman people for wanting to live peacefully on their historical land without daily massacres from Iran and its proxies — Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and the Houthis — which apparently plan to encircle them in a “Ring of Fire” — “six fronts of aggression against Israel” — as part of Iran’s attempt at hegemony in the Middle East.

“Israel is a country that has no place on our land,” said Ghazi Hamad, a leading Hamas terrorist, in an interview with Lebanese TV channel LBC.

“We must remove that country, because it constitutes a security, military, and political catastrophe to the Arab and Islamic nation, and must be finished. We are not ashamed to say this, with full force. We must teach Israel a lesson, and we will do this again and again. The Al-Aqsa Flood is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth, because we have the determination, the resolve, and the capabilities to fight.”

Recently, a former senior member of the PFLP, Khaled Barakat, wrote in the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, “The extinction of the Zionist project is only a matter of time thanks to armed struggle, Jihad in Palestine, Lebanon, and Yemen.”

Western elites seem happy to assist them in that fight.


This article was published by The Gatestone Institute and is reproduced with permission.


The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

Please click the TAKE ACTION link to learn to do’s and don’ts for voting in 2024. Our state and national elections are at great risk from the very aggressive and radical leftist Democrat operatives with documented rigging, mail-in voter fraud and illegals voting across the country (yes, with illegals voting across the country) in the last several election cycles.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Prickly Pear essays entitled How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona to be well informed of the above issues and to vote in a way to ensure the most likely chance your vote will be counted and counted as you intend.

Please click the following link to learn more.

The Battle for the Soul of America thumbnail

The Battle for the Soul of America

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities

After spending the last year living in the United States, I will mercifully be whisked back to my peaceful homeland of Australia before the tumult of November’s election season begins.

While I am not a US citizen, I certainly have a dog in the fight — as a green card holder, a taxpayer, the husband of an American wife, and the father of an American daughter.

Being a fellow Westerner in general and an Aussie in particular, I am also acutely aware that America’s destiny largely shapes that of my own country, not least as Communist China flexes its muscles in our largely undefended region.

Before my first visit to the US some five years ago, I had an image of a confident, prosperous America, of mansions and manicured lawns, clean cities and cutting-edge culture, risk and ingenuity — basically, the America I saw in the movies. While that America does exist, it is increasingly found in gated communities and elite coastal suburbs, far from where the majority live.

The majority live in cities like Milwaukee, where I have spent the last 12 months.


Milwaukee is a city of battlers. Located an hour and a half north of Chicago on the western shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is a gritty industrial hub, famous for big-name breweries like Miller, Pabst and Schlitz, and the headquarters of Harley Davidson and Milwaukee Tool.

In Milwaukee’s early-19th century settlement by faith-filled German immigrants, its rapid industrialisation, and its incredible taming of wild frontiers, I see distinct reflections of my own native Adelaide Hills. I understand these people.

In many ways, Milwaukee is a microcosm of 2020s America.

It is a cultural and political battlefield. Here, farmers, factory workers and finance types are hustling to survive a cost-of-living crisis while their taxes fund foreign wars, DEI bloat and federal largesse. Schools have become a frontline in the fight over pronouns, pornographic library books and other propaganda.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court just re-legalised ballot drop boxes in a state where voter fraud allegations were widespread. Wokery is weaponising the empathy of everyday people to recruit foot soldiers for its cultural revolution, but most don’t realise the TV and newspapers are lying about how popular those ideas really are.

Indeed, it was in satellite cities of Milwaukee that the Waukesha Christmas massacre and the Kenosha riots (of Kyle Rittenhouse and “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests” fame) took place, not to mention the death of George Floyd just across the border.

Additionally — paradoxically perhaps — political and cultural apathy are rife, not least in the circles I frequent. Most people take pride in their non-partisanship. Perhaps it’s their last line of defence in preserving the whimsical America of yesteryear. I often find myself tongue-tied, wanting to speak up about the ominous signs all around, but fearing the label of opining outsider.

The Good Land

Milwaukee is also the biggest city in one of the nation’s key battleground states. The Republican National Convention will take place here later this month, after the Democratic National Convention held its summit here in 2020 (though Covid fears forced it mostly online). In recent months, Milwaukee and nearby cities have played host to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris. Talk about hotly contested.

Finally, like so many other American metropolises, Milwaukee is a city battling decline. The population is shrinking. Aging roads and bridges lie in a state of disrepair. Shootings and other crime rates remain persistently high. The smell of marijuana smoke wafts through city streets and down freeways. Milwaukee’s growing health sector looks impressive until you realise it’s largely dedicated to managing lifestyle-related ailments linked to obesity and heart disease. Racial segregation is palpable, reflecting the city’s economic disparity, but more tangibly, reflecting a disparity in hope.

Writing for the Free Press in a heart-rending piece entitled ‘We’re All Soviets Now’, Niall Fergusson mourns similar ills seen nationwide. Rising infant mortality. A stagnant non-farm business sector. An expensive but underprepared military. A federal government soon to spend more on debt than defence. An epidemic of mental ill health among the young. An epidemic of deaths of despair among the aged. Record fentanyl overdoses. A rise in mortality and a decline in life expectancy unparalleled in the developed world.

I love America. I hope and pray there are better days ahead. The road out of this mess will be a long one, but I am ultimately optimistic.

Milwaukee’s battle cry — the meaning of its name — is “the Good Land”. May it be so again. And may America find the political, cultural and spiritual renewal it so desperately needs.

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Kurt Mahlburg is a husband, father, freelance writer, and a familiar Australian voice on culture and the Christian faith. He is the Senior Editor at Australia’s largest Christian news site The Daily Declaration and a Contributing Editor at Mercator. His writings can also be found at Intellectual Takeout, The American Spectator and the Spectator Australia. He has authored or co-authored five books, including his breakout title Cross and Culture: Can Jesus Save the West?

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WaPo: Israel and Hamas accept Biden regime plan in which neither would rule Gaza thumbnail

WaPo: Israel and Hamas accept Biden regime plan in which neither would rule Gaza

By Jihad Watch

This would be a capitulation on Israel’s part. Israeli authorities repeatedly vowed to destroy Hamas altogether. Instead, “neither Hamas nor Israel would rule Gaza.” But with the Biden regime so intent on saving Hamas that it is abandoning Israel, it may be the best the Israelis can get.

Opinion: A Gaza cease-fire agreement appears within reach

by David Ignatius, Washington Post, July 10, 2024:

After months of agonizing negotiation, the Biden administration appears close to a cease-fire deal that would halt major fighting in Gaza, release some Israeli hostages and surge humanitarian aid to desperate Palestinian civilians.

A senior U.S. official told me Wednesday that “the framework is agreed” and the parties are now “negotiating details of how it will be implemented.” To forge the deal, Middle East adviser Brett McGurk and CIA Director William J. Burns have been shuttling among regional capitals since November….

Israel and Hamas have both signaled their acceptance of an “interim governance” plan that would begin with Phase 2, in which neither Hamas nor Israel would rule Gaza. Security would be provided by a force trained by the United States and backed by moderate Arab allies, drawn from a core group of about 2,500 supporters of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza who have already been vetted by Israel. Hamas has told mediators that it is “prepared to relinquish authority to the interim governance arrangement,” a U.S. official said.

As security expands in postwar Gaza, the peace plan envisions a third phase, with what the U.N. resolution describes as a “multi-year reconstruction plan.”…

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The war against the Jews

Israeli defense contractor taking Canada to court after military contract disqualification

After spending $230,000,000 of taxpayer money on Gaza aid pier, Biden regime is removing it

Hezbollah, The Drug Trafficking Criminal Organization

Biden regime halts release of Tajik Muslim migrants into U.S. over jihad terror fears after hundreds already let in

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Pentagon Schools Encouraged Students To Be Left-Wing Activists, Pushed DEI On Kids And Teachers, Docs Show thumbnail

Pentagon Schools Encouraged Students To Be Left-Wing Activists, Pushed DEI On Kids And Teachers, Docs Show

By The Daily Caller

Teachers at Pentagon schools promoted materials that train students to be social justice activists and pushed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) on teachers, according to a new Open The Books report shared exclusively with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) schools, which serve children of armed service members stationed abroad, promoted materials produced by left-of-center organizations that encouraged students to engage in activism and pushed teachers to discuss “internalized racism” among themselves, according to Open The Books’ report. Open The Books compiled information from public government repositories, documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests and video clips of the DODEA’s 2021 Equity and Access Summit submitted by a whistleblower to produce its report.

“These military service members are deployed abroad to defend and embody American ideals on the world stage,” Open The Books CEO Adam Andrzejewski told the DCNF. “Yet their children are being indoctrinated to a philosophy that places complex racial and gender identities over national pride. In fact, pushing students toward activism and teaching them that their relative privilege dictates their life experience can actually alienate them from the American dream.”

Multiple DODEA staffers speaking at the Equity and Access Summit said that materials produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are used in teacher trainings and classrooms. The SPLC is a left-of-center legal nonprofit that equates some mainstream Christian organizations with domestic terrorists like the Ku Klux Klan through its annual list of hate organizations.

One DODEA middle school teacher, while speaking at a presentation titled “Integrating Global Citizenship Education and Social Justice Standards,” said that the SPLC’s “Learning for Justice” resources aligned with the DODEA’s approach to teaching students about history and social studies, according to the report.

“I have personally completed many of these lessons,” the teacher said.

Many of the lessons offered by the SPLC encourage students to engage in community activism, often with a liberal tilt. Third, fourth or fifth-grade students in one lesson plan are tasked with creating “a large-scale artistic depiction in a community space” or a “set of informational posters” that “reflect a diversity topic or social justice theme.”

Students are also encouraged to place direct pressure on business and political stakeholders, with one SPLC lesson pushing students to write a letter to a community leader calling on them to take “action in response to a social justice issue.” The SPLC’s lessons also extend to digital activism. One lesson asks students to facilitate a live social media event “to raise awareness of an anti-bias theme or social justice issue and to encourage change related to this issue.”

A separate DODEA staffer, this time a physical education specialist, gave a similar presentation where they said the SPLC’s “Social Justice Standards” matched up closely with the educational standards at Pentagon-run schools.

“In [the National Health Education Standards] we teach students to advocate for personal, family and community health,” the physical education staffer said. “One of the Social Justice Standards teaches students that ‘it is important to stand up for myself and others’ … so the idea is that even though the wording of advocacy is different, and the word ‘stand up’ is different, the outcome is still the same … and those are the kinds of connections we need to make, or help students make.”

The SPLC’s Social Justice Standards recommend that students understand the history of the social justice movement, believe in systemic discrimination and that they “plan and carry out collective action against bias and injustice in the world and will evaluate what strategies are most effective.”

“Parents and taxpayers deserve to know what materials are being used in this and other contexts, but unfortunately, much of it comes from private vendors not beholden to the Freedom of Information Act,” Andrzejewski told the DCNF. “In the case of the Southern Poverty Law Center, outside groups simply do not get more radical.”

In addition to footing the bill for teachers to teach military children about liberal activism, taxpayers are also on the hook to fund contracts to third-party organizations conducting similar operations. Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), a tutoring company that Open The Books describes as “a major part of student life at DODEA” schools, is one such third-party contractor that DODEA paid roughly $2 million for services between 2019 and 2023, according to the report.

Tutors working for AVID discussed how they integrate discussions related to “power” and “privilege” in their teaching at the Equity and Access Summit. The firm itself has expressed “solidarity” with the Black Lives Matter movement and suggested that DODEA teachers use the “Let’s Talk!” handbook produced by the SPLC, which instructs teachers on how to broach issues like “intersectionality” and gender identity in their classrooms.

Pentagon schools are also intent on making teachers engage in group discussions on internalized racism and ways to better embed racial equity in their work through activities Open The Books describes as “struggle sessions.”

The DODEA, for instance, recommended that its employees embrace strategies to talk about “race, power, and systems of oppression” in ways that lead to changes in teaching behavior, as laid out in the book “Coaching for Equity,” according to documents obtained by Open The Books. “Coaching for Equity” criticizes capitalism, Thanksgiving and the “patriarchy” while claiming that America was founded on “stolen land,” according to the report. The book recommended that readers also check out works like The 1619 Project and “White Fragility.”

DODEA teachers are held to a professional development framework published by Learning Forward, an education nonprofit, according to the report. Equity is a core focus of the framework, with educators being expected to “discuss instances of privilege and bias in their day-to-day experiences and articulate their own assumptions about key concepts like equality and fairness” in order to reshape workplace norms.

Military families recently won an educational transparency victory as an amendment was included in the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act that gave parents the right to inspect the curriculum and other materials utilized in Pentagon-run schools. If military parents don’t like what they see, however, their options are limited as the DOD does not provide stipend to parents seeking to enroll their children in private schools, unlike the State Department, according to the report.

“Given what we’ve seen here from the mouths of teachers and administrators, along with the clear intent to obscure this DEI content, we don’t believe the current protections go far enough,” Andrzejewski told the DCNF. “DODEA staff could easily withhold all of the controversial teacher training materials on the basis that it’s not literally handed out in classrooms,” he continued, pointing to what he calls a “loophole” that Congress should consider closing when drafting the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act.

The DOD did not respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.




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Packs of “Fighting Age Males” in Military Uniforms Entering U.S. through Remote Arizona Town thumbnail

Packs of “Fighting Age Males” in Military Uniforms Entering U.S. through Remote Arizona Town

By Judicial Watch


As the nation’s largest southern border crossings finally receive mainstream media coverage years into an unprecedented illegal immigration crisis, untold numbers of “fighting age males” dressed in military uniforms are entering the United States through remote areas with no Border Patrol presence. It is a palpable security lapse unlikely to be reported by most news outlets and local, federal, and state law enforcement sources have provided Judicial Watch with detailed accounts, reports, diagrams, and photos of the situation which is terrorizing residents in a once harmonious Arizona town just a few miles from Mexico. They blame the Biden administration’s catastrophic open border policies for the serious problems that have gripped the area in the last few years.

The Santa Cruz and Pima County regions in southwestern Arizona have been slammed with extraordinary violence and crime fueled by Mexican cartels—smuggling drugs and humans—that are victimizing fourth and fifth-generation cattle farmers who have captured thousands of illegal immigrants on security cameras passing through their property since Joe Biden became president. Sometimes they find dead bodies and drug paraphernalia. “Violent activity has drastically increased over the past three years since the border is now perceived to be wide open,” a veteran law enforcement official told Judicial Watch this week, adding that in the communities of Amado and Arivaca American citizens feel much less safe than they did when Donald Trump was president. Both are cattle ranching towns with small populations that are diminishing because of the increased violence. Amado is nestled in the Santa Cruz River Valley about 29 miles from the Mexican border. Arivaca is situated southwest of Amado about 11 miles from Nogales, Mexico.

An unmanned Border Patrol checkpoint east of Arivaca worries residents deeply, but the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has no intention of deploying agents, according to multiple sources. In the meantime, law enforcement officials and residents confirm that young men are pouring in through the region in what appears to be an organized movement operated by Mexican cartels. “They are unemployed, the majority are fighting age males and there is a strong possibility some have undergone some level of insurgency training,” according to a law enforcement source familiar with the situation. The groups of men are usually dressed in “camouflage military uniforms, indicating a robust and well-funded supply network to ensure everyone is outfitted the same,” said an intelligence officer with extensive U.S. military training who provided Judicial Watch with pictures and graphs of recent crossings. The uniformed men also carry camouflaged backpacks and wear carpet booties to hide footprint tracks. Large piles of the disposed carpet booties litter ranches on the U.S. side, creating a hazard for cattle that consume the trash.

One longtime area rancher said that since Biden became president, he has recorded over 3,560 illegal immigrants on security cameras on his property, a tenfold increase from the previous administration. Another said he has not seen a Border Patrol agent for quite a while, likely because the frontline Homeland Security agency is overwhelmed with the onslaught of migrants in the last few years. “They have recommended we not travel to certain areas of our ranch, and we never go out there at night,” said the rancher, who does not want his name used out of fear for the safety of his family. Locals say the violence is causing the already small population of Arivaca to dwindle quickly. A few years ago, the town had 1,200 residents and now there are approximately 600. Authorities say those who leave are mostly relocating north to Green Valley, about 35 miles away, or Tucson which is around 60 miles away. The area has become so dangerous that the U.S. Forest Service told a rancher it would no longer travel there to monitor enclosure areas established to oversee endangered species.

The continuous stream of trash and human waste left behind by the staggering flow of migrants and smugglers has also devastated the local environment and livestock. Besides large piles of discarded carpet booties, mounds of plastic waste are having a detrimental effect on cattle because they eat it and become ill, ranchers said. Many also die after ingesting traces of drugs found in wrappings left behind by smugglers. To help illustrate how porous the border is in this region, one rancher said Mexican cattle regularly cruise into the U.S. side, creating a major risk of introducing illnesses to American cattle that, although inoculated, may be vulnerable to new strains and diseases that may prevail south of the border. “We removed 120 Mexican cattle over the past six months,” said a veteran rancher, who explained that it is a lot of extra work to keep the foreign livestock from mingling with local cattle to prevent unsafe beef being distributed throughout the U.S. food industry.

If Biden gets reelected the situation will likely worsen, say law enforcement officials and residents in the remote Arizona region. Other small towns are also suffering from the impact of this administration’s flagrant open border policies. Just a few months ago Judicial Watch wrote about another once tranquil border region that has been devastated by illegal immigration and drug smuggling. It is situated in Cochise County to the east of Amado and Arivaca in the picturesque Sonoran Desert surrounded by the scenic Huachuca Mountains. Human and drug traffickers regularly evade a meager force of Border Patrol agents in the mountainous region and local law enforcement officials say the addition of the new “American smuggler,” U.S. citizens, predominantly young adults from Phoenix and Tucson recruited by Mexican cartels through social media, has created deadly consequences in the communities where the American recruits often travel at dangerously high speeds through local roads and highways.

EDITORS NOTE: This Judicial Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

U.S. Director of National Intelligence: Iran Fueling, Funding Hamas Riots in U.S. and Working to Influence 2024 Election thumbnail

U.S. Director of National Intelligence: Iran Fueling, Funding Hamas Riots in U.S. and Working to Influence 2024 Election

By The Geller Report

U.S. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines releases statement that the Iranian government and their “influencers” are posing as activists supporting anti-Israel protests in the U.S.

The Iranian regime is “even providing financial support to protesters”.

And who provided those funds to Iran? Biden regime.

US Intel. Director: Iran fueling anti-Israel protests, working to influence elections

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said the US has observed actors tied to Iran’s government posing as activists online, seeking to encourage protests, and even providing financial support to protesters.

By: Israel National News, Jul 9, 2024:

United States Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines released a rare statement on Tuesday in which she accused the Iranian regime of fueling anti-Israel protests and working to influence the upcoming elections.

“As I noted in testimony to the Congress in May, Iran is becoming increasingly aggressive in their foreign influence efforts, seeking to stoke discord and undermine confidence in our democratic institutions, as we have seen them do in the past, including in prior election cycles. They continue to adapt their cyber and influence activities, using social media platforms and issuing threats. It is likely they will continue to rely on their intelligence services in these efforts, as well as Iran-based online influencers, to promote their narratives,” she wrote in what she said is the first of what will be regular updates regarding “foreign efforts to influence our democratic processes.”

She added: “In recent weeks, Iranian government actors have sought to opportunistically take advantage of ongoing protests regarding the war in Gaza, using a playbook we’ve seen other actors use over the years. We have observed actors tied to Iran’s government posing as activists online, seeking to encourage protests, and even providing financial support to protesters.”

Continue reading.


Pamela Geller

POST ON X: #BREAKING: U.S. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines releases statement that the Iranian government and their “influencers” are posing as activists supporting anti-Israel protests in the U.S. The Iranian regime is “even providing financial support to protesters”.

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GOP platform pledges to stand with Israel, deport ‘pro-Hamas radicals,’ fight anti-Christian bias thumbnail

GOP platform pledges to stand with Israel, deport ‘pro-Hamas radicals,’ fight anti-Christian bias

By Jihad Watch

It should be obvious to all by now, although it isn’t, that there tends to be a bias against Israel on the left. This is despite the well-documented history of persecution that Israel has endured since 1948, as well as the jihad waged against Jews even prior to Israel’s founding. The GOP platform also intends “to fight anti-Christian bias as well as ‘gender insanity.’”

The Republican platform is consistent with the longstanding policies of the Republicans; whereas the Democrats have been unpredictable in their position on Israel, as well as ruinous to American interests.

An outstanding question remains, however, regarding the logistics of the Republican pledge to “DEPORT PRO-HAMAS RADICALS AND MAKE OUR COLLEGE CAMPUSES SAFE AND PATRIOTIC AGAIN.”

Does this mean also, for example, that groups that were designated unindicted co-conspirators for their support for Hamas, which were uncovered in the Holy Land Foundation trial, might be further investigated? Many of these groups have been driving the stealth jihad and have escaped accountability since that trial, and perpetuate a false Palestinian victimhood perspective, while concealing what the “resistance” is really about.

Another question for the GOP: what happens if those “pro-Hamas radicals” are American citizens?

The GOP commitment to fight Hamas and protect Christians is a good start.

America needs to get tough and root out stealth jihadist enemies from within, which are a threat to freedom. But it is a complex task.

GOP platform pledges to stand with Israel, deport ‘pro-Hamas radicals’ from US

by Jacob Majid, Times of Israel, July 7, 2024:

The 2024 Republican Party platform pledges to fight antisemitism and to keep Israel safe. It promises to fight anti-Christian bias as well as “gender insanity.”


Parties traditionally publish platforms in election years ahead of their national conventions, as a statement of its values and a wish list of policies should their candidate win the White House.

The Republican platform, posted Monday and subject to a vote at next week’s convention in Milwaukee, is heavily influenced by the priorities and language of the nominee, former United States president Donald Trump — down to the capitalization style he’s favored in his social media posts. It also repeatedly attacks the Biden administration.

While quarrels over platforms have sometimes made waves among party insiders, they are largely symbolic, non-binding documents that have little practical implication.….

Continue reading.




US Intel. Director: Iran Fueling, Funding Hamas Riots in U.S., Working to Influence Elections

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Iranian Officials Acknowledge Iran’s Role In Planning And Executing October 7 Hamas Invasion And Massacres In Southern Israel thumbnail

Iranian Officials Acknowledge Iran’s Role In Planning And Executing October 7 Hamas Invasion And Massacres In Southern Israel

By Middle East Media Research Institute

On several occasions, Iranian officials have revealed that the Iranian regime was involved in the planning and execution of Hamas’s “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood,” the October 7, 2023 invasion and massacres in southern Israel in which over 1,200 Israelis were killed and over 240 were taken hostage. Statements by these officials contradict the regime’s official stance, as expressed by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on October 10, 2023, that Iran was not involved in the attack.[1]

Below are recent statements by Iranian regime officials and mouthpieces acknowledging the Iranian regime’s involvement in the October 7 attacks.

Coalition Council Of Islamic Revolution Forces: Zahedi “Played A Strategic Role” In “The Planning And Execution Of Al-Aqsa Flood”

On April 3, 2024, the Coalition Council of Islamic Revolution Forces, which is affiliated with the conservative ideological faction in Iran, published a notice of mourning and appreciation for Gen. Mohammad Reza Zahedi, the IRGC Qods Force commander in Syria and Lebanon, along with his deputy Mohammad Hadi Rahimi and five other senior Qods Force officials, who were all killed in the April 1 airstrike in the Iranian consulate complex in Damascus that has been attributed to Israel.

The Coalition Council of Islamic Revolution Forces is headed by Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel, who is advisor to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as well as the father-in-law of Khamenei’s son Mojtaba Hosseini Khamenei. He is also a member of the Expediency Council, and a former Majlis speaker.

The April 3 announcement clearly indicates that Gen. Zahedi was involved in the planning and execution of the October 7 attack. It stated: “The strategic role of the martyr Zahedi in consolidating and strengthening the resistance front, and in the planning and execution of Al-Aqsa Flood, are part of the great pride that will transform the quiet efforts of this great commander into the eternal history of the struggle against the occupation by the Zionist regime.”[2]

The seven IRGC Qods Force officers killed in the April 1, 2024 airstrike against the Iranian consulate complex in Damascus. Source: Mashregh News (Iran), April 3, 2024.

For more details, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 11264, Close Associate Of Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei: The IRGC Qods Force Commander For Syria And Lebanon Who Was Killed In Damascus Was Involved In Planning And Execution Of October 7 Hamas Attack, April 9, 2024.

IRGC Qods Force Deputy Operations Chief Gen. Mohsen Chizari On Qods Force Deputy Commander In Syria And Lebanon Hajj Rahimi, Killed In Damascus Iranian Consulate Compound Airstrike: Under Khamenei’s Command, The Resistance Axis Commanders – Including Hajj Rahimi – Successfully “Advanced The Resistance Front To A Certain Place, The Result Of Which Was Operation Al-Aqsa Flood”

In a May 12, 2024 interview with Iran’s Tasnim News Agency, IRGC Qods Force deputy operations chief General Mohsen Chizari said that Qods Force Deputy Commander in Syria and Lebanon Hajj Rahimi, one of the officers killed in the April 1 airstrike in Damascus, had been responsible for training resistance axis members, and that his command and efforts had “resulted” in the Al-Aqsa Flood.

General Chizari elaborated: “The honorable [Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei] is the commander of the resistance axis, and he alone directs, leads and commands it. At one point, the command in the area was in the hands of Hajj Qassem [Soleimani], who worked under Khamenei. Under this command, other commanders [including Hajj Rahimi] successfully advanced the resistance front to a certain place, the result of which was Operation Al-Aqsa Flood [on October 7, 2023].”[3]

Left: IRGC Qods Force deputy operations chief General Mohsen Chizari. Source: Tasnim News Agency (Iran), May 12, 2024. Right: Hajj Rahimi (center) alongside IRGC Qods Force Commander General Qasem Soleimani (left). At the time this photo was taken, Hajj Rahimi was the commander of the Imam Ali special forces unit. Source: Tasnim News Agency (Iran), May 12, 2024.

For more details, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 11392, IRGC Qods Force Deputy Operations Chief Gen. Mohsen Chizari On Qods Force Deputy Commander In Syria And Lebanon Hajj Rahimi, Killed In Damascus: Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ‘Directs, Leads, And Commands’ The Resistance Axis; Under Him, The Resistance Axis Commanders – Including Hajj Rahimi – Successfully ‘Advanced The Resistance Front To A Certain Place, The Result Of Which Was Operation Al-Aqsa Flood [On October 7, 2023]’, June 11, 2024.

IRGC Spokesman Ramazan Sharif: October 7 Was “One Of The Resistance Axis’s Acts Of Vengeance Against The Zionists For The Killing Of [Qassem] Soleimani”

Marking the third anniversary of the January 3, 2020 killing of the commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Qods Force, Qassem Soleimani, in a U.S. air strike, along with the December 25, 2023 killing of senior IRGC officer Gen. Razi Moussavi in Damascus in an Israeli air strike, IRGC spokesman Ramazan Sharif said that the Hamas massacre of Israelis on October 7, 2023 was “one of the resistance axis’s acts of vengeance against the Zionists for the killing of [IRGC Qods Force commander Gen. Qassim] Soleimani.”[4] Several hours after Fars News published Sharif’s statements on its website, his sentence stating that the October 7 Hamas operation was revenge for Soleimani’s killing was removed.

Screenshot of Fars News publication of Sharif’s statements. Source:, December 27, 2023.

For more details, see MEMRI Inquiry and Analysis No. 1736, IRGC Spokesman Sharif Asserts That Hamas’s October 7 Massacre Was ‘One Of The Resistance Axis’s Acts Of Vengeance Against The Zionists For The Killing Of [IRGC Qods Force Commander Qassem] Soleimani’ – And His Statements Were Later Edited In Iranian Media Coverage Of Them, January 2, 2024.

Iranian Regime Mouthpiece Kayhan: Iran Is The Mind And Hands Behind Hamas; Operation Al-Aqsa Flood Was Planned And Orchestrated By Qods Force Commander Qassem Soleimani Before He Was Killed; Khamenei Hinted In August 2022, August 2023 At “The Complete Conquest” Of Israel

In an October 10, 2023 article titled “[Operation] Al-Aqsa Flood Is the Beginning Of The End Of [Israel’s] 75-Year Occupation,” the Iranian regime mouthpiece Kayhan stated that a plan for Israel’s destruction, formulated and organized by Qods Force commander Qassem Soleimani and dictated by him to the commanders of the resistance organizations just before his assassination by the U.S. in January 2020, has begun to be implemented. Kayhan in fact clarified that Khamenei was party to the plan and hinted twice that a great victory was on the horizon. Kayhan also wrote that Khamenei had hinted at victory in August 2022 and in August 2023 had suggested that a major operation would take place soon, indicating that Khamenei had clearly known about Iranian plans for the attack. The article stated:

“Today it emerges that his powers of planning and operational strategy were boundless. In the last meeting he held before he was martyred, Soleimani spent [seven hours], from 8:00 until 15:00, outlining the future plan for all the resistance factions and the way they would interact with one another. What the resistance factions found unusual in that meeting was that Hajj Qassem [Soleimani] stressed that everybody had to write down [what he said]. ‘Write down what I say, [he insisted]. I am outlining the charter for the next five years!’ The unity of the resistance factions based on this five-year charter is the fruit of Soleimani’s martyrdom and part of the resistance factions’ harsh revenge…

“The significance is that, last year, the Leader [Khamenei] gave ‘the promise of the imminent conquest,’ and this year he gave ‘the announcement of the complete conquest,’ and Operation Al-Aqsa Flood is part of this imminent conquest.”[5]

For more details, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 10857, Iranian Regime Mouthpiece Kayhan: Iran Is The Mind And Hands Behind Hamas; Operation ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’ Was Planned, Orchestrated By Qods Force Commander Qassem Soleimani Before He Was Killed; Khamenei Hinted In August 2022, August 2023 At ‘The Complete Conquest’ Of Israel, October 12, 2023.

Iranian Armed Forces Commander Ali Bagheri: The Entire World Is Witnessing How The “Sapling” Planted By Soleimani Has Become A Strong And Stable Tree Waging Resistance That Will Destroy The Zionists

Iranian armed forces commander Ali Bagheri said on November 21, 2023 at the tomb of slain IRGC Qods Force commander Qassim Soleimani, killed in a U.S. airstrike in January 2020:

“These are the days when the entire world is witnessing how the sapling planted by the lord of the martyrs of the resistance front, [Qassem] Soleimani, and his colleagues has become a strong and stable tree that is waging resistance and that will destroy the Zionists. We in [Iran’s] armed forces, along with all the young people who join the army, see Hajj Qassem Soleimani as a role model whose footsteps must be followed and whom we must try to imitate.”[6]

Iranian armed forces commander Ali Bagheri. Source: Tasnim News Agency, November 21, 2023.

For more details, see MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1729, Iranian Regime Officials Praise Iran’s Proxies In The Palestinian Resistance And The October 7 Massacres, Call For Eradication Of Israel, December 1, 2023.

Exclusive Report By Iranian News Agency Tasnim: ‘The “Mighty Pillar” Maneuvers Were The Resistance [Organizations’] Planning For An Attack On Israel; [They Constituted] Four Years Of Training The Palestinians For ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’

The Iranian news agency Tasnim, which is affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), published, on October 15, 2023, an exclusive report titled “The ‘Mighty Pillar’ Maneuvers Were The Resistance [Organizations’] Planning For An Attack On Israel; [They Constituted] Four Years Of Training The Palestinians For ‘Al-Aqsa Flood.’” The report extensively reviewed documentation of Hamas members’ training in maneuvers held in the past four years in advance of the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023. The report stressed that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had declared that the operation’s name would be “Al-Aqsa Flood” many years before its execution, and that he had ordered the establishment of a joint command and control center – commanded by Iran – for the resistance groups, with Iran providing weapons and training under the command of IRGC Qods Force commander Qasem Soleimani, and later by his successor Esmail Qaani.

Left: Simulated capture of “Zionist” soldiers in the “Might Pillar” military exercise. Right: Capture of Israeli soldier during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7, 2023. Source: Tasnim News Agency (Iran), October 15, 2023.

For more details, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 10889, Exclusive Report By Iranian News Agency Tasnim: ‘The “Mighty Pillar” Maneuvers Were The Resistance [Organizations’] Planning For An Attack On Israel; [They Constituted] Four Years Of Training The Palestinians For ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’, October 19, 2023.


[1], October 10, 2023. It should be noted that on the following day, an editorial published by Aser-i Iran (Iran) called on Iranian regime officials – and specifically the ideologically radical ones – to not say anything about Iran’s ties to the “Hamas-Israel conflict,” since this may harm Iran’s national interests. The article, titled “Beware Of A Own Goal In The Hamas-Israel Conflict,” said that Iranian officials should not deviate from the official stance voiced by Khamenei, which says that Iran is proud of the Palestinian resistance that carried out the attack and encourages its continuation, but is not involved in it. See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 10860, Iranian Website Asr-e Iran Calls On Iranians Not To Speak Out On Iranian Involvement In ‘The Hamas-Israel Conflict’ – For Fear Of Harming Iranian Interests And International Status, October 13, 2023.

[2] Mashregh News (Iran), April 3, 2024.

[3] Tasnim News Agency (Iran), May 12, 2024.

[4], December 27, 2023.

[5] Kayhan (Iran), October 10, 2023.

[6] Tasnim News Agency (Iran), November 23, 2023.

EDITORS NOTE: This MEMRI column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Gallant: 60% of Hamas gunmen killed or wounded, Gaza situation assessment and more… thumbnail

Gallant: 60% of Hamas gunmen killed or wounded, Gaza situation assessment and more…

By NEWSRAEL Telling the Israeli Story

The defense minister also said that the IDF has dismantled most of the terror group’s 24 battalions.

Israeli forces have killed or wounded 60% of Hamas’s combatants since the war in Gaza began on Oct. 7, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the Knesset in Jerusalem, Gallant also revealed that the IDF had broken up a majority of the Al-Qassam Brigades’ 24 battalions entrenched across the coastal enclave. (The Al-Qassam Brigades is Hamas’s so-called “military” wing.)

“The action of the IDF that has so far led to the elimination of over 14,000 terrorists and the collapse of the military frameworks of Hamas is, in fact, the testimony of what I am saying—everything will be done in accordance with the law and in accordance with the operational need,” Gallant said.

Israel’s air force began pounding Hamas targets immediately after the terrorist group led the bloody invasion of the northwestern Negev on Oct. 7, killing, wounding and kidnapping thousands, while committing widespread atrocities. IDF ground troops entered Gaza on Oct. 27 and are continuing operational activities across the territory.

The goals as set forth by the War Cabinet at the start of the war and which remain in place are to dismantle Hamas as a military and governing entity in Gaza, return the hostages and ensure that Gaza can never again threaten Israel.

The Chief of Staff in Gaza held a situation assessment

The Chief of Staff in Gaza: We apply military pressure in various forms, the common denominator is determination.

The Chief of Staff, Major General Herzi Halevi yesterday (Tuesday) held a situation assessment in the central corridor of the Gaza Strip with the commander of the 99th Division, Lieutenant Colonel Barak Hiram, the commander of the 3rd Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Gil Werner and other commanders.

“What is the common denominator between the different places – the common denominator is determination, the common denominator is really in a very high-quality way that these things are done and in the end, we also go on missions to destroy as much infrastructure as possible, kill as many Hamas operatives as possible, kill as many commanders as possible. In the end, it lowers the capabilities of Hamas.”

Company D destroys tunnel in Shejaiya

“There is not one square kilometer in Gaza without terror infrastructure.”

Soldiers of Company D of the Alexandroni engineer battalion in action in the Shejaiya neighborhood.

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‘A New Policy of Peace through Strength’: Johnson Renews Conservative Foreign Policy Vision thumbnail

‘A New Policy of Peace through Strength’: Johnson Renews Conservative Foreign Policy Vision

By Family Research Council

On the eve of the 2024 NATO Summit in the nation’s capital, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) delivered a sweeping foreign policy speech that illustrated how the Biden administration’s “weakness” on the world stage has fueled global unrest, highlighted China as the “greatest threat to global peace,” and presented a conservative approach to once again attain “peace through strength.”

The speech, delivered on Monday at the Washington, D.C.-based Hudson Institute, marked the first major foreign policy-focused address of Johnson’s ninth month tenure as speaker. It concentrated broadly on the threats facing the U.S.-led world order and cast a vision for what a Republican-based foreign policy looks like, which he described as a strategy centered on both “realism” and “strength.”

“[T]he Republican Party is not one of nation builders or careless interventionists,” the speaker underscored. “We don’t believe we should be the world’s policeman. Nor are we idealists who think we can placate tyrants. We are realists. We don’t seek out a fight, but we know … we have to be prepared to fight. And if we must fight, we fight with the gloves off. And today, when our adversaries don’t need to cross oceans to harm our people, we need a new policy of peace through strength for the 21st century.”

Johnson starkly laid out the breadth of global threats facing the U.S., led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). “It’s an interconnected web of threats … a China-led axis composed of partner regimes in Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and even Cuba. Now, they each have their own cultures and their own specific, sinister aims, but they all wake up every morning thinking how they can take down America, and they are increasingly using their collective military, technological, and financial resources to empower one another in their various efforts to cut off our trade routes and steal our technology and harm our troops and upend our economy. Iran works with Russia to produce Shahed drones to hunt down … Ukrainians every day, while Russia launches North Korean missiles at Ukraine’s electrical grids using technology provided by the Chinese.”

The speaker further detailed how interconnected China and other countries are in fueling the crisis along the U.S. southern border. “China, our single greatest threat, is engaging in malign influence operations around the world and is even working with cartels now, backed by Cuba and Venezuela, to poison Americans with fentanyl. China, Russia, and Iran all work with Cuban intelligence outposts to target Americans and provide safe harbor for terrorists in transit. And all these enemies operate in our hemisphere … and they’re trading oil with Venezuela, which is pushing illegal aliens and violent criminals towards our borders.”

Johnson went on to lambast the Democratic foreign policy that laid the groundwork for where the world currently stands. “During the Obama administration, we saw eight years of international apology tours,” he lamented. “We saw the sequestration of our military, the buildup of ISIS, Russia’s invasion into Crimea, the spread of malign Chinese influence around the globe, and in a nuclear deal that gave Iran everything they wanted. And what are we facing today? The same failures we saw under Obama have happened under Joe Biden, because he’s empowered an out of touch foreign policy establishment who has an agenda very different than the one that we need right now.”

He continued, “Their agenda is about once again appeasing and apologizing and accommodating. Joe Biden doesn’t treat China like an enemy. He’s stopped supporting Israel and has cozied up to Iran to revive the failed nuclear deal. And in the most inexplicable policy imaginable, he’s opened our borders wide to spies and terrorists while reducing sanctions on Latin dictators who wreak havoc in our backyard. And the results of this were completely foreseeable, and we’re all living through it. Obama’s weakness invited aggression, and Biden’s weakness has fueled that aggression like nothing we’ve seen since World War II.”

The speaker proceeded to set forth the priorities that Republicans will aim for in order to stabilize national and global security.

“First, we have to strengthen our domestic position because national security begins at home,” Johnson emphasized. “[O]ur biggest national security challenge is our national debt. … I can promise you that come 2025, spending reform will be a top priority for our new Republican majority. … Congress has to prioritize the truly essential needs of our nation, and our national security has to be at the top of that list.”

First on the list is making sure the U.S. military is “a credible deterrent to our adversaries,” the speaker argued. “That’s why we invested $23 billion to restock essential weapons and rebuild our defense capacities in the April National Security Supplemental bill.” In addition, Johnson noted, “House Republicans pushed back on the Biden administration’s policy of Iran appeasement and secured the toughest Iran sanctions package in nearly a decade. We leveraged our economic influence against CCP-controlled TikTok. We passed the REPO Act that allows us to seize Russian oligarchs’ bank assets to pay for assistance in Ukraine, and in the Ukraine supplemental, we mandated cost matching for European allies.”

The Louisiana lawmaker further outlined legislation that House Republicans are putting forward to counter China.

“China poses the greatest threat to global peace,” he reiterated. “The House will be voting on a series of bills to empower the next administration to hit our enemy’s economies. On day one, we will build our sanctions package to punish the Chinese military firms that provide material support to Russia and Iran, and we’ll consider options to restrict outbound investments in China. We’re working on a piece of legislation to move this fall to do that very thing. We will vote on the Bio Secure Act, which will halt federal contracts with biotech companies that are beholden to adversaries and endanger Americans’ health care data. We’ll end the de minimis privilege for any good subject to Section 301 trade enforcement tariffs, and that will help stymie China’s attempts to exploit American trade. Our goal is to have a significant package of China-related legislation signed into law by the end of this year in this Congress featuring these priorities and many more, and we’ll work aggressively toward that package.”

Johnson also challenged NATO member countries to put a higher priority on military spending. “Every NATO member needs to be spending at least 2% of their GDP on defense,” he stipulated. “That’s the agreement. … There’s 10 or 12 of them that aren’t doing that yet. It’s no longer acceptable that not all NATO members have reached their current commitment. It may even need to be closer to levels during the Cold War. But if we’re all going to enjoy a future of peace and prosperity, we all need to have skin in the game.”

Additionally, the speaker reiterated the GOP’s support for Israel and the importance of standing with America’s allies in protecting trade routes. “Come November, we will be clear about our steadfast support for Israel, and we’ll build upon the Abraham Accords so the Jewish people can enjoy safety and freedom in their homeland. Likewise, in the Indo-Pacific, America must continue to build upon our military and economic relationships with India, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom. We all have strategic interests in the region, and with a strong united front, we can protect our trade routes, our shipping lanes, and all of our shared interests.”

Invoking the Greatest Generation, Johnson urged a renewed commitment to peace through strength. “We can rearm, rebuild, reinvigorate, restore, and reinstate fear in our enemies. We can retake the summit of respect and thus look out on a landscape of peace and prosperity and security. We can show courage, we can show valor, and we can give our grandchildren the chance to grow up not in the shadow of tyranny, but atop our own shining city on a hill. Decline is always a choice, but that is not a choice that Republicans will be making any time soon.”

The speaker closed by quoting a former pope and president in stressing how the U.S. remains the free world’s greatest champion. “Pope Pius XII said it this way, ‘The American people have a great genius for splendid and unselfish actions. Into the hands of America, God has placed the destinies of an afflicted mankind.’ Reagan said, ‘We are indeed, and we are today the last, best hope of men on earth.’ By God’s grace, we will always be.”


Dan Hart

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.

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WARNING: ‘International Bird Flu Summit’ to take place in Washington D.C. October 2-4 thumbnail

WARNING: ‘International Bird Flu Summit’ to take place in Washington D.C. October 2-4

By Leo Hohmann

Conference called to discuss ‘Mass Fatality Management Planning’!

Another plandemic appears to be in the offing, judging by the obsession that so many elites seem to have with the H5N1 strain of bird flu.

We’ve all heard about the slaughter of millions of poultry. Even some cattle.

And now they’ve called an “International Bird Flu Summit” to be held in Washington D.C. from October 2 to October 4, and according to the official online brochure for the event they will be discussing “a highly virulent strain of bird flu affecting both cattle and humans”

This appears to be a tabletop exercise to war-game a coming bird flu pandemic, serving much the same purpose as Event 201 served in October 2019 in New York City for the approaching Covid pandemic.

The bird flu, of course, promises to be much worse, with a death rate of between 25 and 50 percent, at least that’s what we’re told.

The scare mongering is ratcheting up quickly, just as we approach the November presidential election. Whether this next pandemic will be timed for November or sometime in 2025, it’s not a good sign that the elites have scheduled this tabletop exercise.

The Bird Flu Summit appears to be looking for corporate sponsors, but it’s site does not list any names of sponsors as of July 9 when I checked.

On the list of topics for this summit, according to the conference website, the very first topic is “mass fatality management planning”

Another breakout topic will be “Surveillance and Data Management,” under which is this description: “Discuss strategies for enhancing surveillance systems, early warning mechanisms, and rapid response protocols.”

Sounds like another justification for digital health passports, which is a form of digital identification for tracking human movement (and barring entry to certain venues unless you can prove you’ve been vaxxed).

Finland has recently become the first country to start vaccinating its population with an mRNA bird flu serum.

Finland has bought bird flu vaccines for 10,000 people, each consisting of two injections, as part of a joint European Union procurement of up to 40 million doses for 15 nations from manufacturer CSL Seqirus.

Meanwhile, Wired magazine reports, the US Government has awarded Moderna a $176 million contract to produce an mRNA Bird Flu Vaccine.

Here’s the full list of topics according to the Bird Flu Summit website:

  • Mass Fatality Management Planning
  • Surveillance and Data Management
  • Preparing Communities Strategies
  • Local Partnership & Participation
  • Delivery of Vaccine and Antiviral Medication
  • Medical Countermeasures
  • Socio-Economic Impact on Poultry and livestock Industries
  • Benefit-Risk Assessment: Public Health, Industry and Regulatory Perspectives
  • Prevention Education Efforts and Risk Communication
  • Command, Control and Management
  • Emergency Response Management
  • Business-Based Planning
  • School-Based Planning
  • Community-Based Planning

Under the heading “Who Should Attend,” the conference website lists the following:

  • Public Health Officials
  • Veterinarians and animal health professionals
  • Epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists
  • Veterinarians and animal health professionals
  • Policy Makers and Government Representatives
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Professionals Academics, Researchers and Scientists
  • Industry Stakeholders in Poultry Production, Livestock, Diagnostics, Food Safety, and Healthcare
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • International Organizations & Agencies

Is it just me, or does it appear the globalists are gearing up for another big event? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

©2024. Leo Hohmann. All rights reserved.

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Sorry RINOs: GOP’s new platform is pure Trump! thumbnail

Sorry RINOs: GOP’s new platform is pure Trump!

By Cherie Zaslawsky

In the midst of our almost daily dose of bad news, it’s heartening when some sunshine breaks through the dark clouds. Leave it to Wayne Allyn Root to broadcast the good news!

In his recent commentary, Wayne points out that Trump just trumped both the Country Club Republicans, (a.k.a. Republicans in Name Only/RINOs) and the Dems, by coming up with such a solid, common sense platform that rivals or surpasses Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America.”

The platform includes a combination of goals that Trump accomplished during his term in office, such as making the U.S. energy independent again (Drill baby, drill!), and cutting inflation (arguably more difficult to achieve this time ‘round due to O’Biden’s profligate spending), cutting taxes, securing the border, and more.

Some important new planks:

  • Deport tens of millions of these foreign invaders, rapists, murderers, terrorists and welfare addicts out of America.
  • Kill regulations strangling our economy— like electric car mandates.
  • Cut federal funding for any school, college or institution that brainwashes students with CRT, DEI, and transgender ideology.
  • Secure our elections with Voter ID and proof of citizenship.
  • Deport pro-Hamas protestors on college campuses who preach violence, hate Jews, and chant “death to America.”

Wayne dares the Dems to argue against the 20 Planks in this Platform:

“Please say loudly and proudly that you support open borders, keeping illegal invader criminals in the country, more massive spending and debt, higher inflation, raising energy prices, letting violent criminals out of prison, protecting pro-Hamas protestors, and starting WW3.” Etc.

More good news: Trump is opposed to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)! See Forbes article on this here.

And read more of Wayne’s optimistic and inspiring take on Trump and the RNC playing to win! Here’s the link.

©2024. Cherie Zaslawsky. All rights reserved.

RELATED ARTICLE: EXCLUSIVE: GOP Rep Introduces Legislation To Eliminate Income Taxes On Overtime Pay

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Treasonous Democrats are America’s Biggest Security Threat thumbnail

Treasonous Democrats are America’s Biggest Security Threat

By Simona Pipko

“Insurrection is an art, and like all art it has its laws” — Leon Trotsky

Worries on the world stage at the opening of the NATO Summit Meeting in Washington D.C. Look at the angry Press-Corr. The Democrats have been successfully covering up Biden’s cognitive decline for the last four-five years. It is now a worldwide reality. Yet, this is only a half of their problem, the other half is Treason against the American Constitutional republic by several Democrat’s administrations. Biden’s theatrical performance in opening the NATO Summit will not help. Here is my column, written in 2020: Russian/Chinese Intel: Carousel and COVID-19 in America

When Karl Marx published his Specter of Communism in the 19th century, even he couldn’t imagine that Specter in our midst in the 21st century. Yet, we have it… A compromised House Intel guy, Rep. Erik Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese communist spy is the latest revealed activity of the Specter. It didn’t surprise me—I am writing about Socialist/Communist Intel activities and have been for the last three decades. To be precise about the Russia/Chinese Intel, it has spread its propaganda globally and even owns the Democrat Party. This triangle has been fighting our Constitutional Republic on a variety of fronts for decades. Whatever the name of the ideology – Marxism, Socialism, Communism or Fascism, all of them have the same nature, origins and agenda-control and power. To survive you first need to identify it, because it is a war by an aggressive Specter against Humanity.

Russia’s Global Agenda

For Russia, this Specter became a reality in the 1917 Socialist Revolution and Russian leaders ever since have been directed by the Specter. If the Global Domination was first imagined by Marx, the structural format, methods and arrangements of the war have been worked out by these Russian leaders: Stalin, Andropov and Putin. Those three have spread the ideology globally. It took Stalin 29 years to create the Chinese Communist State. I am constantly repeating that knowledge of Russia and her Intel is a Must, because both Russian and Chinese Ministries of State Security are identical—they have been built by Comrade Stalin with the same ideology, strategy, methods, and dirty tricks.

Though equally abused and subordinated to the malignant Communist regime yet, there is a distinction between the two populations: a billion hard-working Chinese people with entrepreneurial spirit have achieved much more than sick, alcoholic, state-dependent Russians. It is a matter of quantity and quality, plus the tremendous world technological advancements in the 21st century that have been appropriated by the Chinese CCP. Neither Intelligence service use their money for research and development—they rely on stealing the secrets from us. Writing about Russia’s Intel I use the term KGB—it is a collective image–those three letters are familiar to the vast majority of Americans… Do you remember Putin’s KGB Mafia-Army spread globally, BLM and Antifa infiltrating the midst of American society?

Seventy years later we are dealing with a Global Spy Ring of multinational forces subverting their target peoples: primarily Western civilization and American capitalism. The Russian leaders have chosen to act by destroying their enemy, us, from within and they have. The main target was American capitalism and in prior articles, I have shown you how the infiltration and destruction was done in the 20th century. The KGB Mafia-Army has interfered in all corners of our society, courts, business, sports, democratic institutions, and created a Socialist mentality within the minds of Americans, corrupting and secularizing the society. The Democrat Party was infiltrated, contaminated and converted into America’s Socialist Party, a party of Socialist Charlatans by the Russian Intel. Watch Democrat’s Socialist modus operandi: deceiving and confusing the opponents by lies, institutionalized fraud, and cheating—propaganda, symbols and slogans, intimidation, manipulation, provocation, and threat.

The Dems have weakened and undermined our political system bit by bit, destroying traditional culture and creating chaos in America. As a result, we have some of the Washington Establishment married to Russian spies. Don’t be surprised by Eric Swalwell, he is just the latest example. Obama’s Ambassador to Russia was sleeping with a KGB Alumni in Moscow (you can see their picture in my column). The KGB’s Mafia-Army has had a free hand to damage us from within in concert with the Dems. It was the KGB that trained the Chinese Intel to do the same. Years ago, I was warning you about the so-called Romeo-Department of the KGB. The tragedy of America is that the Republicans do not have the in-depth knowledge of Russia and her Intel and never fought back the real COLLUSION: Dems/KGB—the criminal cabal that committed TREASON. You witnessed the resignation of two Republican Attorney Generals—both did not know Russia, her Intel, and allowed the Dems-criminals to sell America… Read my books and columns about “the new Axis of Evil” under the Kremlin’s umbrella.

Putin’s KGB “Operation Disinformation”

Coming to power in the 21st century, Vladimir Putin used this confusion with his usual dirty tricks. Trump was his mortal enemy by declaring America First and Putin’s coup against Trump began on the day Trump announced his candidacy–Trump/Dossier. It took me two seconds to see this KGB production— a Falshivka, a Soviet-style fraud–the “operation disinformation” has started. American politicians called it “Russian Disinformation,” – wrong — we were dealing with a long-term KGB practice “operation disinformation.” Words matter. For four years media pundits and social justice types were discussing Russia, it is a paradox of incompetency—none of these people knew Russia and her Intel and for four years they were wasting our time, energy, and $40 million of taxpayer money.

“The Russian Disinformation,” known for years, has existed as a part of a monumental Russian project, the outline of a long-term design to destroy the American Constitutional Republic—The Operation Disinformation (you should know the Soviet style KGB play-book.) Many Republicans sadly ignored the elephant in the room—Russia, her Intel, and the Chinese Communist advertising propaganda campaign which bribed the American media, sports, and universities. Remember, Russia and China are in tandem, a pair  working against America-like hand in glove…To cover-up the crimes of Treason the Dems had committed, the anti-Trump forces had the task of diverting, and dissuading your attention from the DNC, who had been collaborating with Russian Intel for decades.

Hang on to the task of diverting the attention from the crime committed by the KGB—this is the control mechanism used since Stalin’s postulate: Never admit crime committed, instead accuse the opponent in this exact crime. Coming to power in the 21st century, Vladimir Putin has further developed Stalin’s dirty trick. Putin’s dirty trick was supposed to kill three birds in one shot: To cover-up the crime of treason committed by the Dems, to divert attention from China, and to support anti-Trump forces. Maneuvering, Putin’s three-pronged policy were enhancing each other, they were connected, calculated, coordinated and executed by the Dems criminal cabal and Socialist Charlatans.

There has never been a Trump/Russia collusion, in fact, there was a Dems/Russian Intel collusion. The entire ordeal of various witch hunts against Trump for years has been a misdirected fraud to cover-up the crime of Treason, committed by the Dems/Russian collusion and divert attention from China… In persistent unity Pelosi, Swalwell, and other Dems have overplayed Russia, Russia, Russia to dissuade your attention from the Dems and China. The trick was obvious: focus America’s negativity toward Russia so that nobody suspected the Dems of Treason. All three task-tactics exercised by Putin had been swallowed by the Republicans. Once again, I’d repeat: Knowledge of Russia and her Intel is a Must!

Russian Carousel (Roundabout) in America

Encouraged by his success, Putin and his criminal cabal began designing the final assault on the political system of the American Constitutional Republic—the 2020 election. To grasp my ideas, you have to know the KGB Mafia-Army, Putin’s KGB government, and certain events going on in Russia. In my preceding column. I have tried to show you massive infiltration in the 2020 election by several foreign governments, in particular Putin’s KGB, because I was afraid that Russian hackers would outwit Americans. Maybe the Dominion machines produced fraud, maybe David Sanger NYT is right researching software, I am not an expert in computer and software technology, but an expert in Russia. The events of multiple fraud were not only obvious visually, but they have been very familiar to me, as it happened in Russian election years ago. And I have described them in my books. The Navarro Report is accurate: the stories of the illegitimate ballots in suitcases and ballots driven by truck from New York to Pennsylvania happened exactly the way it occurred in the Russian 2007 election. Please, read a fragment from my book at the time:

“Have you heard the term carousel (roundabout) used in the election to Duma?  Do you know what it means? Hearing this word in Russian, I did not understand its application at first. The events that followed had given me the meaning of the word. The United Russia party together with the Kremlin’s administration had organized the youth movement’s groups providing them with a caravan of buses. The vast majority of youngsters were called NASHISTS. I watched them on Russian TV. Young people, wearing shirts with Putin’s portrait, singing with enthusiasm bordering on euphoria, occupied the buses and moved along the streets to the voting precincts one after another. The voting ballots were waiting for them and they all voted for United Russia. Then they left for other voting places where they voted again and again for the United Russia (Party).

I will give you another example so you can fully comprehend what is going on in Russia. A couple of months before the election, the Kremlin had issued an order to all enterprises and offices throughout eleven time zones. The order requested all the workers of the above-mentioned plants and offices, students and teachers to take the absentee ballots from their places of residence and vote in their place of work or study. The heads of all offices were told to watch how people were voting and provide United Russia with the victory. Moreover, the policy of infiltration from the Soviet past became clear in the present Russia.” pp. 191-192, What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction, XLIBRIS, 2012.

Socialist Charlatans vs. the Western World

The Republicans still don’t understand that there is no patriotic Democrat Party any longer, a multi-national cabal of Socialist Charlatans are fighting Republicans and our Constitutional Republic. Until Republicans call Radical-Left their real names Socialist Charlatans, Republicans will lose… language matters… Socialist Charlatans have camouflaged themselves by the name Democrats, though nothing democratic is left in the so-called Democrat Party—Con men and woman. Biden is using the name of democracy and lying to you by talking about American democracy, though people didn’t grant power to Joe Biden—the KGB did. The Republicans in Georgia’s runoff election need to learn and use an appropriate terminology. Language is a major factor in debates!

Not surprisingly, Biden was chosen as a leader of the Dems—he has been working for Putin under the Socialist, Obama, for years. Biden was chosen by Obama to suffocate the young Ukrainian democracy to help Putin to resurrect the Russian Empire again. As a matter of fact, without Ukraine it cannot be the Russian Empire again. Do you remember quid-pro-quo and a $billions to fire a prosecutor who investigated Hunter and the Burisma controlled by Russian assets? Biden himself is a part of the fraud within “operation disinformation,” but… hang on…

Today a demented Biden is a vessel to make Kamala the U.S. President. Yes, this is Putin’s agenda to make this close friend of the Soros family, the U.S. President, and to demolish completely the American Constitutional Republic. Kamala is more of a threat to our Republic than anybody else. She is Putin’s asset to make another American Manchurian President…

Though Tony Babulinsky credibly reported Biden’s family monetary ties with China, I’d recommend you to read my book mentioned above to see for yourself the Russia/China ideological bonds against Western civilization. You will also learn why Justice Roberts changed his political affiliation. All of that had started years ago with the infiltration of the KGB onto our soil–a political operation to take over our Constitutional republic, the way the Socialist  Revolution in Russia took over that country a hundred years ago. This operation in America has been done by the KGB in concert with the Dems’ leadership and it is going on today in 2020. Here are two recent examples:

The term “White Supremacist” is not the new one: it is an old one, as the KGB’s major agenda of “divide and conquer” using the race card has never changed. The KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov had designed the term “White Oppression” in the 1960s. The term “White Supremacist” has the same agenda—“divide and conquer,” it is a continuation of 1960th. Read my columns describing Andropov’s Legacy and indoctrination of the Black communities by Andropov’s KGB in the 1960: Chapter 25, Stalinism and Destabilization of America, pp. 135-142, Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, XLIBRIS, 2016. Keep in mind also that the Dems have their armed forces Antifa and BLM and, (obsessed with Trump) Nancy Pelosi knows it and uses them under Putin’s supervision against the Republicans…

The second example of the KGB infiltration is The Lincoln Project. I have already expressed my opinion about the Project in my column October 19, 2020 Wake-Up Suburbia! Soviet/Socialist Inspired Insurrection!

   “Insurrection is an art, and like all art it has its laws” Leon Trotsky 

 However, focusing your attention on Putin’s old Soviet fraud there, here is also a caveat—the KGB was trying to infiltrate both parties. Yes, Trump is Putin’s mortal enemy and so are all famous American Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln. Knowing the KGB agenda to discredit all of them, I suspect an infiltration of the Project by the KGB to disgrace the name of Lincoln. I won’t be surprised by crime being committed by a member of the Project. I don’t know the name of the individual, but I know the KGB well. Whatever you call the ideology: Marxism, Communism, Socialism, or Soviet Fascism (they all constitute a totalitarian one-party system), the terminology depends on ones’ knowledge of the KGB and Russian/Chinese Intel. Read my column Nationalism, National-Socialism, and Soviet Fascism, November 19, 2020.

A Man-Made Chinese COVID-19

To achieve his monumental agenda, Putin needed Chinese help and got it. The deadly missile of COVID-19 was launched. The Chinese preparation for the deadly virus has been going on since the 20th century. The KGB has a network of secret laboratories dealing with man-made viruses. One of them had invented HIV and spread it throughout the globe in 1970-1980. That entire experience was taught to the Chinese scientific agency within the Ministry of State Security by the Russian Intel. Besides, Chairman Xi learned a lot from Putin. Having his internal problems-millions of the Chinese elderly-a burden to the Chinese economy. He needed to get rid of them as I have already reported in my column. And he did. In my opinion “The Maximum Security Biolab in the Wuhan Institute of Virology” had produced man-made COVID-19, like the KGB secret lab had produced HIV in the 1960s.

Chairman Xi has declared his support for Biden whose family had commercial ties with China. Besides, he learned a lot from Putin and like Putin, he, by one shot, killed three birds. First: as I previously reported, COVID-19 killed 21-30 million people in China. Second: Chairman Xi promised to expend Chinese economic power and challenge the U.S. economically and he did—a part of American capitalism, small business, was devastated by COVID-19. Third: COVID-19 helped anti-Trump forces, and many Socialist Charlatans openly admitted it. I also recognized the W.H.O. Director Dr. Tedros, who often visited China as he is a KGB agent. A man-made Chinese COVID-19 promises a lot of negative surprises for the citizens of America and the globe…

Remember: Russian/Chinese Intel is waging a war against Western civilization and American capitalism for global Control and Power.

My conclusion:

The recent Russian cyberattack on six departments of the American government is equal to a declaration of war in the 21st century. The Specter’s criminal ideology is fighting Humanity by all means possible, including the use of cyber and biological weaponry. A global response is required to save the lives of living beings. The criminal ideology must be exposed, intellectually defeated and judged with a world verdict. This global threat needs a vital and decisive global response.

To be continued and at

©2024 Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

A Two State Solution — But on Both Sides of the River Jordan thumbnail

A Two State Solution — But on Both Sides of the River Jordan

By Victor Sharpe

The phrase “Two State Solution” has been embraced by politicians and journalists alike, repeated endlessly, and touted as the panacea for a “just and equitable” solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

It has assumed the repetitious role of a muezzin’s call to Islamic prayer. But it is based on erroneous geography and history, on a mixture of wishful thinking, naiveté and a brilliant Arab propaganda campaign of disinformation and falsehood. To understand why, it is necessary to learn a small but vital chapter of Middle Eastern history.

Shortly after the conclusion of the First World War and the total defeat of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, which had ruled most of the Middle East from 1517 to 1917, Britain was made trustee by the League of Nations for the whole of the geographical and non-state territory known as Mandatory Palestine. Incorporated within the Mandate was the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which specifically referred to the historical connections of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the moral validity of reconstituting within it the Jewish National Home.

The British Mandatory power, however, arbitrarily tore away 80% of the Palestine Mandate which lay east of the River Jordan in 1921 giving it to the Hashemites, a Bedouin tribe with links to Mecca. Only the land west of the River Jordan remained from the original Mandate territory promised to the Jewish people as a National Home.

Jewish residency was immediately forbidden in all the lands east of the River Jordan, which in time became known as Trans-Jordan and then as the Kingdom of Jordan.

The U.N. Partition Plan of 1947 proposed two states, Jewish and Arab, which were roughly equal in size. But these two states were to occupy only the remaining western geographic area of Mandatory Palestine – from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan – barely 40 miles wide and a mere 20% of what now remained of original Mandatory Palestine.

This plan was accepted by the Jewish leadership with deep reservations, but as a pragmatic solution to the plight of the 850,000 Jewish refugees who were being driven from Arab lands at the time of Israel’s rebirth.

The miniscule size of the state was also reluctantly accepted in order to facilitate the absorption of the surviving Jewish remnant languishing in European refugee camps following the Holocaust.

The State of Israel, thus reconstituted in part of its ancient and biblical homeland in May 1948, was immediately invaded by seven Arab armies in order to completely destroy it and drive the surviving Jews into the sea.

The Jordanian Arab Legion, led by British mercenary officers, occupied the eastern half of Jerusalem along with Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank), driving the Jews out of their towns and villages. In the south, the Egyptians occupied the Gaza Strip, similarly driving the Jews from their homes.

The Jewish state astonished the world by surviving the Arab aggression. The Arab states, however, totally rejected the existence of a Jewish state in the Middle East and an uneasy armistice remained in force routinely broken by acts of Arab terror.

In June 1967, the Egyptians, Jordanians, and Syrians, launched a new aggression against Israel with the avowed intention of annihilating it. Israel again defeated her Arab enemies in six amazing days and in so doing liberated the eastern half of Jerusalem, along with Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank), from the Jordanians. At the same time, Gaza was freed from Egyptian occupation.

Despite subsequent and repeated offers by Israeli governments to give away territory in return for a true and lasting peace with the Arab belligerents, the Arab world continued to support terror and refused to accept a Jewish state within the Middle East.

In April 2009, the Holocaust denying leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, Israel’s supposed peace partner, rejected any willingness to accept Israel as a Jewish state; a sure indication of the falsity of any Arab claim to live in full and lasting peace with Israel.

True, a peace exists today between Israel and Jordan and between Israel and Egypt, but it is a frigid, cold, and precarious peace with neither Jordan nor Egypt truly interested in full and mutually beneficial relations. Thus ends the history lesson.

The creation of a Palestinian Arab state within the mere 40 miles separating the Mediterranean and the Jordan River is a recipe for war and for the piecemeal destruction of the Jewish state. Such a hostile Arab state will more than likely soon fall under the control of the Islamist Hamas movement, itself a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks a worldwide Islamic Caliphate. Gaza, and what is has become, is living proof.

Israel will again be reduced as it was before 1967 to a nation a mere nine miles wide at its most populous region. When President Bush was still Governor of Texas he flew over Israel’s then tiny width and remarked, “…why, in my state we have driveways longer than that.”

To repeat: The present-day Kingdom of Jordan occupies four-fifths of geographical Palestine. This territory consists of the land east of the River Jordan, extending north to Syria, east to Iraq and south to Saudi-Arabia.

Compared to Israel, it dwarfs the Jewish state, yet it originated in an act of unprincipled perfidiousness by the British government of the day and remains an Arab state that has from its inception forbidden Jewish habitation within its borders, even though it includes territory promised in Britain’s 1917 Balfour Declaration and by the League of Nations as a Jewish National Home.

Jordan’s population is currently made up of 75% Arabs who call themselves Palestinians with the remainder being Hashemite Bedouins. As it is on land originally forming four fifths of Mandatory Palestine, and as the population is three fourths Palestinian Arab, it follows that the “just and equitable” solution to the creation of a Palestinian Arab state should be within the present day Kingdom of Jordan and, therefore, east of the River Jordan.

The Arabs who call themselves Palestinians and who choose to remain in Judea and Samaria should be required to end all terrorism against Israel – hardly an onerous demand – and by finally living in peace could flourish within an Israel whose territory would now formally extend west from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. That would still only be a distance of barely 40 miles at its widest. The United States in comparison is some 3,000 miles wide.

Israel would now formally possess most of her biblical and ancestral Jewish lands – with the exception of the biblical Jewish territory east of the Jordan River, the ancestral lands of the biblical Jewish tribes of Manasseh, Gad and Reuben which are in present day north-western Jordan.

If there is a desire within the international community to truly arrive at a “just and equitable” solution, then this would be it. Of course, if this was a perfect world, it would satisfy historical, geographical, religious and ethnic considerations. But, alas, it is anything but a perfect world and the fanatical desire among Arab and Muslim nations to wipe out all vestiges of a sovereign Jewish state is, perhaps, insurmountable.

Nevertheless, it can do no harm to raise it in the corridors of power and promote and articulate it forcefully as a truly “just and equitable” solution. Indeed, the clarion call should always be Jordan is Palestine.

When Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrives for his fateful address to Congress later this year it is unlikely he will be well received by the Democrats and certainly not by the malignant and hate filled Islamist squad. Alas, the accepted belief now exercising the minds of Biden, his problematic advisors and those who have succumbed to the churning mills of the Arab propaganda machine, is that there exist a people called Palestinians with a distinct history who lived in an independent Arab state called Palestine.

It is a lie, perhaps one of the greatest scams in history, swallowed by the ignoramuses in direct proportion to the number of times it has been repeated. It is a fraudulent history of a fraudulent people in a fraudulent land.

Indeed, there has never in all of recorded history existed an independent, sovereign Arab nation called Palestine.

Here are the words of a local Arab leader, Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, speaking in 1937 before the Peel Commission, which was considering partition of the Palestine Mandate, west of the River Jordan:

“…There is no such country as Palestine! …That is a term the Zionists invented! …There is no Palestine in the Bible.”

Professor Philip Hitti, the Arab-American history professor at Princeton, said in unambiguous words before the 1946 Anglo-American Committee:

“…There is no such thing as ‘Palestine’ in history, absolutely not.”

President Obama made it crystal clear that he was not prepared to let such inconvenient truths deter him from his strange obsession in forcing through the creation of a terror supporting Palestinian Arab state during his term of office.

He intended to shower the Arab and Muslim world with favors. No favor could be more eagerly snatched at than that of the Israeli democracy abandoned by an American President to the tender mercies of the ever-circling mullahs, imams, dictators, and oligarchs.

And as Obama prepared to leave on his strange mission to Egypt soon after becoming President and give a speech to the Muslim world, he no doubt ignored the fact that the Al Azhar University in Cairo was spewing forth a constant stream of Islamic hatred towards non-Muslims; those they call “infidels.” Doubly strange – or was it – that President Barak Hussein Obama should have chosen Egypt whose government-controlled media routinely dripped with anti-Israel propaganda.

For Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, his latest visit to Washington DC may, to paraphrase Dickens, be in the best of times and the worst of times. He may yet again display that he is still a leader who stands up to the Left and to a Democrat President.

After all, the stakes are harrowingly high – the very existence of modern Israel. But it is worth doing the right thing, or as Mark Twain put it:

“… always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

©2024. Victor Sharpe. All rights reserved.

RIGGING 2024: Biden to VETO Bill Preventing Non-Citizens from Voting After He Flooded the Country with 10 Million Illegals thumbnail

RIGGING 2024: Biden to VETO Bill Preventing Non-Citizens from Voting After He Flooded the Country with 10 Million Illegals

By The Geller Report

“It should alarm every American citizen that the sitting President of the United States, who has opened our border to over 9 million illegals, just announced that he would veto our bill to prevent noncitizens from voting.” — Speaker Mike Johnson

Biden and his regime oppose the “SAVE ACT“, which requires proof of U.S. citizenship to vote.

This was the treasonous plan all along.

This is Biden and the Democrats’ only path to reelection at this point.

After spending the last three years flooding the country with millions of illegals, the Biden admin just came out against the SAVE Act, which would require documentary proof of United States citizenship in order to vote in American elections.

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) July 8, 2024


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