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Murder Most Foul: The Bibas Family

By Jihad Watch

On October 7, after their orgy of rape, torture, murder, and mutilation, Hamas operatives kidnapped 240 Israelis and took them back to Gaza. Among them was the Bibas family — father Yarden, mother Shiri, four-year-old Ariel, and 10-month-year-old Kfir. The 10-month-old was the youngest of the 240 hostages, and his baby face became the poster child, in every sense, for all of them.

Now Hamas has announced that the mother, her four-year-old son, and her 10-ten-month old baby were no longer alive; they had been killed in an “Israeli bombardment.”

More on this grim story can be found here: “IDF investigating ‘cruel’ Hamas claim that Bibas children, mother killed in Gaza,” Times of IsraelNovember 29, 2023:

Fears were raised Wednesday [Nov. 29] for the youngest hostage held in the Gaza Strip after Hamas claimed that 10-month-old Kfir Bibas had been killed alongside his brother and mother.

Israel’s military said it was assessing the claim, while relatives said they were “waiting for the news to be confirmed or hopefully refuted soon” about the family members, who have become leading faces of the hostage crisis.

During the Hamas massacre of October 7, the Bibas family, including 10-month-old Kfir Bibas, his 4-year-old brother Ariel Bibas, and their mother Shiri Bibas — were kidnapped alive into Gaza,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

“The barbarism and cruelty of Hamas is on full display to the world. IDF representatives spoke with the Bibas family following the recent reports and are with them at this difficult time. The IDF is assessing the accuracy of the information,” it added.

It follows a claim by the military wing of Hamas, which said earlier in the day that the three hostages had been killed in Gaza as the result of Israeli bombing.

NBC News could not verify the claim. Israel has accused Hamas of using civilians as human shields.

“Our family is updated on the latest Hamas publication. We are waiting for the news to be confirmed or hopefully refuted soon by military officials,” said the Bibas family in a statement released by the Hostages and Missing Families Forum.

It added: “We thank the people of Israel for the warm embrace but ask to maintain our privacy at this complex time.” Footage of kibbutz Nir Oz near the Gaza border as she clutched her two young children has become one of the lasting images of the terror attack, and the subsequent plight of the hostages inside Gaza.

At 10-months old, Kfir is believed to be the youngest captive.

Shiri Bibas’ husband, Yarden, was kidnapped alongside her and their children, but there was no information immediately available about his well-being….

Why was the father separated from his wife and children? Was he killed earlier than they, or is he possibly still alive? Why won’t Hamas say?

Do you believe that the Bibas family died in an Israeli bombardment? Had that happened, wouldn’t Hamas have made that news public at once, in order to persuade the Israeli public to pressure their own government to call a halt to that bombardment? And since Hamas claimed that it had long before handed off the family to another terrorist group that it did not name — most likely Palestinian Islamic Jihad — wouldn’t Hamas have been told by that group that the Bibas family had been killed by an Israeli airstrike? Wouldn’t it have made sense for Hamas to declare that news, so demoralizing in its effect on Israelis, right away?

But that bombardment story by Hamas is almost certainly false. It’s to cover up the cold-blooded murder of the Bibas family, either by operatives of Hamas or of another group. Why would they kill them? Because they could. They’d just murdered 1,200 Israelis. Why would killing a few more trouble them? Perhaps some of the family’s captors were sick and tired of the baby’s constant crying, killed him, and the ensuing uncontrollable weeping from his mother and his brother so infuriated them that in order to shut them up, too, they decided to kill those other family members as well. Why wouldn’t they? What’s a few more murdered Israelis to Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad?

I suspect that Hamas and PIJ have probably killed many more of the hostages than the Bibas family and the three hostages whose bodies the IDF has so far discovered on the grounds of the Shifa Hospital. Their deaths will soon become apparent as the hostage-prisoner exchange continues, and several dozen hostages who were known to have been taken alive will turn out to have been killed, so Hamas will claim, “in Israeli bombardments.” Murder, however, will out. And this news about the Bibas family has so enraged the Israelis that nothing will now stop them — not the UN, not the Bidenites, not the OIC, and certainly not the army of “two-state-solution” boys — from resuming their attacks with even greater ferocity than before the hostage-prisoner exchange started, in order to wipe out Hamas once and for all.




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