National Guardsman Shoots Migrant Who Allegedly Stabbed Two Others thumbnail

National Guardsman Shoots Migrant Who Allegedly Stabbed Two Others

By The Daily Caller

A National Guard soldier fired at a migrant who stabbed two individuals at the Texas-Mexico border, according to a document obtained by NewsNation.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon along the Rio Grande River in El Paso’s Lower Valley, NewsNation reported. A member of the Indiana National Guard — deployed to the area as part of Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star – witnessed an individual stab a fellow migrant and fired their weapon in response, according to the outlet.

The stabbing reportedly took place on the U.S. side of the river.

“Early on the afternoon of 14 April, a National Guard service member assigned to Operation Lone Star discharged a weapon in a border-related incident. The incident is under investigation,” the Texas Military Department said in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation on Monday.

The individual crossed back onto the Mexican side of the border after being shot at, NewsNation reported. The document did not make clear if the attacker was struck by the shot.

Investigators later determined that two individuals were stabbed during the incident, according to NewsNation. A local fire and rescue crew responded shortly after and treated both migrants for “superficial wounds” that were not deemed to be life-threatening.

“More information will be made available as the investigation progresses,” the Texas Military Department continued in their statement.

The Texas Department of Public Safety did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.





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That’s how many illegals have entered the United States under the Biden Administration— more than the population of 36 states.

Over 1,000 of them took over NYC City Hall Park here to protest being sent to shelters and they are demanding permanent housing.

— Ashley St. Clair (@stclairashley) April 16, 2024

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ELECTION RIGGING: Corrupt Biden-Donor Judge Says He Will Arrest Trump If He Skips One Day of Months Long Trial thumbnail

ELECTION RIGGING: Corrupt Biden-Donor Judge Says He Will Arrest Trump If He Skips One Day of Months Long Trial

By The Geller Report

If you can’t beat him, arrest him.

They banned him from attending his son’s graduation. And far more broadly, they are deliberately keeping him off the campaign trail.

Murderers, rapists, looters, illegal criminals roam our streets with impunity but Trump will be arrested.

More footage of Trump supporters gathering outside NYC courthouse.

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) April 15, 2024

Story by Brian Bushard, Forbes Staff

New York Judge Juan Merchan on Monday warned former President Donald Trump could be arrested if he disrupts proceedings or skips the trial in his hush money case in Manhattan, as prosecutors claim Trump violated his gag order.

Key Facts

Trump, who faces 34 felony charges for allegedly falsifying business documents stemming from hush money payments to former adult film star Stormy Daniels, appeared in the Manhattan court Monday morning for a trial expected to last six weeks, despite Trump’s efforts to delay the proceedings.

Trump attorney Todd Blanche argued on Monday that Trump wants to be present for trial proceedings including sidebar conferences during the trial and voir dire—the initial examination of a witness or a juror…

Continue reading.


Pamela Geller


Here are the 42 Questions Trump Jury Pool Must Answer (To Skew The Jury) in Rigged Trial


Trump speaks after being told by the crooked judge he’s not allowed to go to Barron’s graduation. Screw him, Mr President. Go to your son’s graduation. Let the Commie try to arrest you. There will be the biggest uproar you’ve ever seen. I’m livid.

— PAMELA HENSLEY🇺🇸 (@PamelaHensley22) April 15, 2024

JUST IN — “If you do not show up there will be an arrest.”

Judge Merchan tells President Trump he has to be in court every single day of his hush money trial.

This is election interference.

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) April 15, 2024

New York Judge Merchan to Trump: “If you do not show up, there will be an arrest.”

During peak election season, Trump will be forced to appear in court every day.

To be clear this is infinitely worse election interference than anything that the MSM accused Russia/Putin of…

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) April 15, 2024


The Democrats are trying to take away Trump’s ability to campaign in the middle of a Presidential election!


— Alex Bruesewitz 🇺🇸 (@alexbruesewitz) April 15, 2024

🚨 EXCLUSIVE@ABC, @NBCNews and @CBS fail to identify Trump prosecutors as “Democrats” at least 90% of the time. @briansflood

— Media Research Center (@theMRC) April 15, 2024

BREAKING: Corrupt Judge Merchan, a Biden donor whose family member has profited off this case & who illegally gagged President Trump just said “If you do not show up, there will be an arrest.”

A 6-8 week show trial… Total election interference.

RT if you agree!#SaveAmerica

— Elise Stefanik (@EliseStefanik) April 15, 2024

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Supreme Court To Weigh Case That Could Upend Hundreds Of Jan. 6 Prosecutions thumbnail

Supreme Court To Weigh Case That Could Upend Hundreds Of Jan. 6 Prosecutions

By The Daily Caller

The Supreme Court will hear a case Tuesday that could have major implications for hundreds of Jan. 6 defendants — as well as special counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

The case, Fischer v. United States, asks the Supreme Court to weigh the scope of an obstruction statute, Section 1512(c)(2), which penalizes anyone who corruptly “obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding” with up to 20 years in prison. Joseph Fischer, who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, argues that his prosecution under the law for obstructing Congress’ certification of the 2020 election was an “unprecedented expansion” of the statute.

The law, enacted as part of the Corporate Fraud and Accountability Act of 2002, was intended to target evidence tampering, focusing on “deterring fraud and abuse by corporate executives,” Fischer argues.

“Before the January 6 cases, no court had applied Section 1512(c)(2) to conduct not intended to affect the availability or integrity of evidence,” Fischer’s attorneys argued in a brief. “Nor had a defendant ever been convicted of an obstruction-of-Congress offense outside the context of a legislative inquiry or investigation.”

Fischer stated he was in the Capitol for less than four minutes —  after Congress had already recessed — and “was not part of the mob that forced the electoral certification to stop.” He was arrested in February 2021 on several chargesincluding assaulting Capitol police.

Should the Supreme Court agree with Fischer, it could impact not just his case, but hundreds of defendants the Department of Justice (DOJ) charged with a felony under the statute. Over 353 of the nearly 1,387 Jan. 6 defendants have been charged with “corruptly obstructing, influencing, or impeding an official proceeding,” according to the DOJ.

Several defendants have already been granted early release ahead of the ruling, including Kevin Seefried, Alexander Sheppard and Thomas B. Adams Jr., according to The Washington Post.

“It takes four justices to grant certiorari and, although this court will not attempt to read tea leaves, the Supreme Court’s decision to review Fischer means, at a minimum, that this case poses a ‘close question,’” District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta wrote in the January decision granting Adams’ release.

The government argues that the text “is not limited to conduct that affects the integrity or availability of evidence.”

“Instead, Congress adopted a traditional catchall clause, reaching all forms of corrupt obstruction of an official proceeding,” it said in a brief.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals favored the government’s interpretation 2-1 in an April 2023 ruling, finding that the “meaning of the statute is unambiguous.”

“Under the most natural reading of the statute, §1512(c)(2) applies to all forms of corrupt obstruction of an official proceeding,” Judge Florence Pan, a Biden appointee, wrote in the majority opinion.

But Judge Gregory Katsas, a Trump appointee, wrote that the government’s interpretation was “mistaken,” making it “implausibly broad and unconstitutional in a significant number of applications.”

“Among other things, that construction would sweep in advocacy, lobbying, and protest—common mechanisms by which citizens attempt to influence official proceedings,” he wrote. “Historically, these activities did not constitute obstruction unless they directly impinged on a proceeding’s truth-seeking function through acts such as bribing a decisionmaker or falsifying evidence presented to it.”

“The government’s reading is also hard to reconcile with the structure and history of section 1512, and with decades of precedent applying section 1512(c) only to acts that affect the integrity or availability of evidence,” he wrote.

Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, House Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jim Jordan and 21 other members of Congress wrote in an amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court that the lower court’s ruling “will only reward and incentivize politically motivated uses of ill-fitting criminal statutes with harsh penalties.”

Just when you thought Jack Smith’s J6 case against Donald Trump couldn’t get any more laughable–it just did.

In one week, SCOTUS will hear arguments on DOJ’s (ab)use of 1512c2, post Enron document shredding “obstruction of an official proceeding” statute passed in 2002.


— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) April 9, 2024

While the Supreme Court will weigh Trump’s bid to dismiss his election interference case based on presidential immunity in April, the Fischer case could also jeopardize part of the indictment.

Two of Trump’s charges in his election interference case are centered on the obstruction statute. Smith’s indictment alleges Trump used “knowingly false claims of election fraud to obstruct the federal government function by which those results are collected, counted, and certified.”

New York University law professor Richard A. Epstein wrote for the Hoover Institution in March that a correct reading of the statute “torpedoes a key part of the Smith indictment.”

“Trump never entered the Capitol building, and he never made any statement urging rioters to enter the building,” he wrote. “His despicable conduct consisted of watching the proceedings before asking the rioters and trespassers to leave the premises, which does not count as obstruction under any legal authority of which I am aware.”

Smith addressed this in the footnote of his brief filed this week in Trump’s election interference, claiming the charges would still be valid regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision on how to read the text of Section 1512(c)(2). He wrote that the “use of falsehoods or creation of ‘false’ documents satisfies an evidence-impairment interpretation.”

Trump’s case is currently on hold at the district court pending the justices’ decision. Oral arguments will be held April 25 to consider Trump’s presidential immunity argument.





Biden DOJ Warns Jan. 6 Defendants May Still Face Heightened Sentences Despite SCOTUS Case Challenging Key Charge

Before and After, Iran Communicated Attack to Biden Regime

‘All For Show’: Biden’s Newest Potential Executive Order For Border Crisis Doesn’t Hold Water, Experts Say

GOP Rep Blasts Squad Dems For Trying To Block Sale Of F-35s Israel Used To Defend Against Iran Attacks

Kari Lake Tops $4 Million In First Fundraising Quarter Of 2024

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Federal Lawsuit Filed The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Communists can’t block opposing opinions. thumbnail

Federal Lawsuit Filed The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Communists can’t block opposing opinions.

By Geoff Ross

One of the core purposes of the First Amendment is to allow people, regardless of their political views is to hold the government accountable through freedom of expression.

So, if you are an elected representative that has an official Email account and or Facebook page or Instagram page where you can send or post opinions and comments or where they invite comments, the government official cannot block you from commenting because you criticize their work or post opposing opinions.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in the past that the interactive portion of a public official’s Facebook page is a “public forum,” as is a political Email account so an elected official cannot block people from it because of the opinions they hold.

Individuals who hold public office wear two hats:

Sometimes, they act as private individuals, and other times they are government representatives.

Individuals always maintain their First Amendment rights when acting as private citizens and they can control their personal email account, but when they are wearing the government hat they cannot block access to their email and or government facebook social media account.

So if a public official blocks critics from the page or email because of their viewpoints, this person is in violation of the U.S. constitution. This is a serious constitutional violation.

Communists particularly in California forget we Americans have a right to criticize the government. This God given right is at the heart of the First Amendment.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has specifically recognized blocking as infringing on that right, noting that blocking someone in order to silence criticism of government work is itself evidence of government action.

Our God given First Amendment rights remain protected in our republic as it increasingly moves online.

The fact that a public official disagrees with you on an issue doesn’t mean he or she can silence you. That’s called Marxism and is the norm in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Vietnam, China and Nicaragua.

Indeed, it means the opposite — and that holds true whether you’re speaking out in a public park, at a town hall meeting, in an email or on a Facebook page.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

WATCH: A unity of decent nations came together against the diabolical intentions of Iran. thumbnail

WATCH: A unity of decent nations came together against the diabolical intentions of Iran.

By NEWSRAEL Telling the Israeli Story

180 explosive drones, 120 ballistic missiles, 30 cruise missiles – all with the intention to kill Israelis.

99% intercepted together! Together we saved lives.

WATCH: Lt. Col. (R) Peter Lerner of the IDF spoke with Matt Barbet this morning on Sky News.

7-Year old Israeli Bedouin girl wounded by Iranian missile fights for life

By JNS – Jewish News Syndicate

Amina Alhasoni, 7, asleep in her bedroom when fragment of Iranian missile hit, leaving her with serious head wound.

A 7-year-old Israeli Bedouin girl injured overnight during Iran’s missile and drone assault on Israel underwent surgery Sunday for a serious head wound and remains in critical condition, according to Israel’s Soroka Medical Center.

The girl, Amina Alhasoni, from a Bedouin town near the southern Israeli city of Arad, was wounded by shrapnel from an intercepted ballistic missile that fell on her family’s home at around 2 a.m.

The home is not equipped with a shelter, and the girl was sleeping in her bedroom when the shrapnel hit. Her father, Mohammed, said that the family had heard air-raid sirens shortly before the missile fragment hit.

Iran fired over 300 missiles and drones at Israel in the unprecedented overnight attack.

Israeli coalition unified in call for retaliation against Iran

By JNS – Jewish News Syndicate

“It is time to go on the attack, with coolness and discretion,” stated Israeli Education Minister Yoav Kisch.

Jerusalem has “no other option but to retaliate” after the Islamic Republic of Iran dispatched hundreds of missiles and suicide drones towards Israel, Likud lawmaker Danny Danon told JNS on Sunday.

“I think we experienced an unprecedented attack by Iran against Israel,” said Danon, who also served as the Israeli ambassador to the U.N. between 2015 and 2020. “Not retaliating would be irresponsible.”

Israel’s War Cabinet is set to convene on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. local time to discuss the country’s response to Saturday night’s Iranian attack, which saw over 300 drones and missiles launched at the Jewish state.

“In the next few hours, the decision will be made on where, when and how we respond,” Danon told JNS early Sunday afternoon.

Danon’s call to restore deterrence vis-à-vis Iran was echoed by other members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party.

Lawmaker Boaz Bismuth, a member of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, said that Iran’s attack proved that Israel was not isolated and made stark the contrast between good and evil.

“In the last few months, we heard repeatedly that Israel is isolated, that its western allies were turning their backs on us and that Sunni Arab countries were doing the same,” he stated.

“Yet, last night, which was difficult, was in fact an opportunity to reinforce [relations] as it became obvious who is good and who is evil. Last night, it became clear that Israel is on the side of the good,” explained Bismuth.

The lawmaker emphasized that deterrence was “key” in the Middle East, noting that “the Houthis won’t be replaced by Austrians, Hezbollah will never be Switzerland or Hamas [anything like] France.

“Today the world, and more importantly the enemy, saw that Israel has amazing capacities. Iran understands that those who have such amazing defensive systems have even better means of attack,” he concluded.

Israeli Education Minister Yoav Kisch, also a member of the Likud Party, noted in a statement cited by Hebrew media that “it is time to go on the attack, with coolness and discretion.

“The actions of the Air Force, the air defenses, the cooperation with the U.S. and regional actors resulted in an impressive containment of the Iranian attack,” added Kisch.

Discussions over an appropriate response come against the backdrop of American pressure to not retaliate amid fears of a regional war.

U.S. President Joe Biden reportedly told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call on Saturday that his administration will not support offensive action against the regime in Tehran.

According to a The New York Times report that cited two officials in Jerusalem, the Israeli government abandoned the option of a retaliatory strike on Iranian territory following the conversation between the two leaders, in part because the attack “caused relatively minor damage.”

A 7-year-old Israeli Bedouin girl injured in the attacks underwent surgery Sunday for a serious head wound and remains in critical condition.

EDITORS NOTE: This Newsrael column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

VIDEO EXPOSÈ: Chicago Shelters for Illegal Aliens Grapple with Measles and TB Outbreaks thumbnail

VIDEO EXPOSÈ: Chicago Shelters for Illegal Aliens Grapple with Measles and TB Outbreaks

By Dr. Rich Swier

We wrote in our column America’s ship of state is underwater and sinking faster each and every day!,

America’s Ship of State is Sinking Fast

It took the RMS Titanic two days to sink and because of the ship’s faulty design 1,496 passengers died.

Today, the USS America under the Biden Regime’s faulty designs are bent on killing that many each and every month, be it via chemical or actual abortions, murders in our streets and the mayhem on our borders by criminal illegal aliens.

But it gets much much worse.

Our economy is in the tank. Our national debt is the highest in history, our culture and society are under constant attack by the Red/Green/Rainbow Alliance. BTW, there are two shades of Green in the Alliance, the green of the radical Islamists like Hamas, Hezb’allah, the Houthis, Iran et. al. and those Climate Nazis bent on the total control of our oil and CO2.

The great ship of state is using up its oil reserves at a rapid pace as the Climate Nazis demand we close down all coal, oil and natural gas use. The ship of state can’t run on electricity produced by solar panels. The ship of state will soon be crashing into offshore windmills.

The government of we the people, by the people and for the people is rapidly being replaced by criminal illegal aliens.

It is being replace by the USS Big Government. Today big government is the opiate of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., and his crew.

Today there are chants in places like Dearborn, Michigan of “death to America.” while Governor Whitman and Rep. Ilan Omar yawn.

Now we are learning that those criminal illegal aliens are bringing with them tuberculosis and measles!

One America News Network reports,

Migrant shelters in Chicago experience tuberculosis and measles outbreak. The Health Department has not specified the number of immigrants who tested positive for TB but is reporting 59 measles cases so far this year, about half of which are. To provide perspective, in 2023, 58 measles cases were reported nationwide. In the first two months of 2024, 41 cases were reported in 16 states, excluding those in Chicago. Vaccine requirements for American school children are waived for illegal immigrants. Some local lawmakers, like Alderman Raymond Lopez, accuse city officials of turning a blind eye to the problem. Double board-certified neurologist, Dr. Russell Surasky, joins Alicia Summers.

WATCH: Chicago Shelters for Illegal Immigrants Grapple with Measles and TB Outbreaks; Officials Under Fire

©2024. All rights reserved.

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Hice: Election Integrity Is a ‘Sacred Trust That Must Be Protected’ thumbnail

Hice: Election Integrity Is a ‘Sacred Trust That Must Be Protected’

By Family Research Council

“There is perhaps no greater endeavor that is more fundamental for the perseveration of our Republic than preserving the integrity of our elections,” writes Jody Hice, senior vice president at Family Research Council. “If the voice of the people is heard, and their resolve enacted, both in policy and representation, there is hope for a government ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people.’” This is a part of the former congressman’s new book, “Sacred Trust,” where he tackles an issue that has become increasingly important to American voters: Election integrity.

In his book, Hice outlines the fundamental necessity of having election integrity. As a former member of Congress, he has seen this issue from the inside out, and watched as it rose to the prominence it has today. In comments to The Washington Stand, he shared that election integrity “was not a topic that was on my radar when I went to Congress.” But Hice explained that during the COVID pandemic, the Democrats started pushing for “a federal takeover of elections.”

As a Georgia native, Hice became engaged in the fight once these arguments from the Left began to target his own state. He recalled how Democrats accused Georgia’s 2021 election integrity bill of suppressing minority voters and other claims that made it seem Georgia lacked integrity in the election process. “Well, I grew up in Georgia and I knew these things were not real. So, I started pushing back,” he remarked.

Hice’s journey led him to become a spokesperson within the realm of election integrity as Democrats fought to change voter laws “from ballot harvesting to taking away voter ID, one thing after another,” he detailed. “All of which, in my mind, disintegrated election integrity.” But what stood out to him over the years of engaging in this fight, especially after the process of writing his book, is how the “topic is taboo” — specifically for Republicans. “When a Republican raises a red flag that elections have been or could be compromised, we are called ‘election deniers.’ We are called ‘threats to democracy’ just for raising the issue, let alone addressing it publicly,” he emphasized. However, he added, “Democrats have challenged elections forever, and there’s no problem.”

In many ways, it was an emotional “hurdle” Hice said he had to jump “to deal with the reality of the political environment on a topic such as this.” But despite the task of navigating through the hypocrisy, “these are issues that have to be addressed,” he stressed.

In the book, Hice recounts how he is thankful he had the opportunity to share his experiences while in Congress, as well as other aspects of his life such as his time as a pastor, and how it all related to the topic of election integrity. He explained to TWS that the book’s title, “Sacred Trust,” is “indeed” what election integrity is. “The right for the people to vote, to be a self-determining populace in regard to who’s going to represent them, and what kind of policies we’re going to tolerate, be it on the state, local, or federal level, is a sacred trust that must be protected,” he said.

Although, what Hice wanted to make clear is that addressing the problem is only half the battle. “The topic itself is not just exposing problems but trying to offer some solutions.” On a recent episode of FRC’s Outstanding podcast, he went even further: “We need a divine work of God in this country. We need the good hand of God to be poured out upon this land. We need a spiritual awakening, and without the aid and the help, the intervention of Almighty God, we cannot, I don’t believe, fix this by political means alone.”

Hice elaborated on this theme at an FRC event Wednesday night featuring his book. “Church leaders across the board have to engage what’s happening in our country,” he underscored. For Hice, the reason America is “in the mess we are in right now is because the church and the faith leaders … [from] different denominations [have] just been silent [and] sitting on the sidelines.” He elaborated that too many in the church have believed “the lie [of] separation of church and state,” or they’ve become too concerned over losing members or overstepping boundaries.

However, the “truth of the matter is,” he continued, “our system of governance does not work without involvement of the people. And furthermore, when you’re talking limited government, which is what our Constitution is all about, it is impossible to have limited government if you don’t have people capable of self-governing their own lives.” And, as Hice emphasized, self-governance “comes by religion and morality,” which the Founding Fathers said were “‘indispensable supports,’ because without those two things, all the rest of it collapses.”

Ultimately, Hice stated, “the role of pastors [and] faith community [is] to bring … an understanding of God, accountability to God, and that all of us will stand before Him” one day. He added, “There is such a thing as right and wrong, [and] all these things are the very legs upon which limited government rests. And … what we are seeing is the more God is removed from our culture, the more problems we have, and the bigger government gets. Christian leaders have to engage.”

Hice concluded by pointing out that believers have a great responsibility to be good stewards of their role in the political arena, since election integrity is “among the highest issues” for American voters. “If we lose that in a constitutional republic … then we lose everything,” he remarked, noting that elections are ultimately about what the people want. “At the end of the day, it’s not about who won an election. It’s about whether or not the voice of the people was heard and accurately portrayed.”


Sarah Holliday

Sarah Holliday is a reporter at The Washington Stand.

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SPEAKER JOHNSON: “The states are prohibited from asking someone if they’re a citizen. The House Republicans are introducing a bill that will require proof of citizenship to vote.”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) April 12, 2024

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2024 Family Research Council.

Enjoying news and commentary from a biblical worldview? Stand with us by partnering with FRC.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

86 Republicans Vote To Allow Warrantless Spying Of Americans With FISA thumbnail

86 Republicans Vote To Allow Warrantless Spying Of Americans With FISA

By The Daily Caller

Eighty-six House Republicans voted against an amendment to the FISA reauthorization bill, which would have added a warrant requirement to prevent the U.S. government from spying on Americans without their knowledge.

FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, recently grabbed headlines nationwide after conservatives pointed to the intelligence community’s illegal surveillance of the then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign during the 2016 election. This surveillance, authorized by FISA, has been criticized for its role in perpetuating the “Russiagate” narrative against Trump’s presidency.

House Republicans believed the amendment, introduced by Republican Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, would serve as a guardrail against the intelligence community’s abuse of power. Among the Republicans who voted for the legislation without the inclusion of Biggs’ amendment are Speaker Mike Johnson, Majority Leader Steve Scalise, Majority Whip Tom Emme and Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

“Today is a dark day for America,” said Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls in a statement after the final passage of FISA. “It is no secret that the DOJ and the FBI have used and abused FISA to spy on not only the greatest president of my lifetime, Donald J. Trump, but spy on everyday Americans. I could not, in good conscience, vote to give our nation’s weaponized DOJ the power to mass surveil the American people without significant reforms, such as a warrant requirement.”


NEW: 86 Republicans just voted against @RepAndyBiggsAZ’s amendment to require a warrant to spy on Americans under FISA causing it to fail.

Here are the names:

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) April 12, 2024

FISA has been violated OVER A QUARTER OF A MILLION TIMES with illegal searches and queries!

Our government needs a warrant requirement if it wants to collect data on its own citizens. Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights must reign supreme.

— Rep. Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) April 11, 2024

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, publicly opposed the bill Wednesday, pointing to its illegal use against him and others during his campaign.

The saga continues …

Trump: “KILL FISA”

Graham: “it is clear that shutting down FISA would be the biggest national security mistake in the history of America”

— Burgess Everett (@burgessev) April 10, 2024

After Trump’s public disapproval, Republicans in the House voted down a procedural vote to advance the legislation for a final passage.

However, after winning many concessions from leadership during Thursday’s negotiations, many Republicans agreed to advance the bill. The revised bill now includes a two-year extension of Section 702 of FISA, a change from the original five-year plan.

The Rules Committee Print changes the FISA reauthorization from five years to two.

So, the 56 reforms incorporated by H.R. 7888 will be reevaluated by the next Congress.

They’ll be able to revisit these changes and reconfirm they are balancing civil liberties and security.

— House Rules Committee (@RulesReps) April 12, 2024

Read the full text of the bill here.

With the surveillance bill expiring on April 19, Republicans were increasingly under pressure to muster enough votes to pass the law.

The GOP appears divided on proposed reforms, particularly regarding introducing a warrant requirement. While some, aligned with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, oppose such measures, others from the Judiciary Committee stress the importance of preventing FISA from being misused to spy on Americans, as allegedly occurred during the Trump campaign.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) secured a significant victory with the passage of the FISA legislation, overcoming months of discord to broker a compromise between opposing factions on the contentious issue of renewing the executive’s warrantless surveillance authority. However, the vote on tabling the motion to reconsider has been delayed to a future date. Until this vote occurs, the FISA bill cannot proceed to the Senate despite its approval in the House.



Capital hill reporter.

RELATED ARTICLE: ‘About To Combust’: Republicans Have Golden Opportunity To End Spying On Americans — But It’s Tearing Them Apart


JIM JORDAN: “It’s not complicated. If you want to spy on American citizens, you need to get a warrant.”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) April 12, 2024

EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Will feds decimate one owl species to help another? thumbnail

Will feds decimate one owl species to help another?

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

Nearly 500,000 barred owls in northern California, Oregon, and Washington state will soon be under the gun if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service goes ahead with its latest scheme to save the endangered northern spotted owl.

In November, the Fish and Wildlife Service unveiled its barred owl management proposal, the centerpiece of which is the removal of approximately 500,000 barred owls via the shotgun or other forms of euthanasia from the habitat of its smaller cousin, the northern spotted owl.

“Barred owl removal is not something the Service takes lightly,” Jodie Delavan, a spokeswoman for the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Service, told McClatchy News on March 26. “However, the Service has a legal and ethical responsibility to do all it can to recover northern spotted owl populations.” A final barred owl “management strategy” and a record of decision is expected later this year, Ms. Delavan told McClatchy News.

Since the barred owl is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, killing them — in this case, by the hundreds of thousands — will require a federal permit or regulation. And that is a step the feds appear to be prepared to take.

That the barred owl is covered under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act is quite appropriate because the bird — beginning in the early 20th century — began migrating westward from eastern North America. By the 1980s, it was well established in the Pacific Northwest, where it occupies the same habitat as the smaller northern spotted owl. The two species feed on the same prey, with the more aggressive barred owl outcompeting its cousin, sometimes even killing northern spotted owls.

When the problem first garnered public attention in the early 1990s, the preferred explanation from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and environmental groups was that the commercial logging of old-growth forests was responsible for the loss of the northern spotted owl’s habitat and thus was behind the bird’s dwindling numbers. Saving old-growth forests, where Douglas fir and hemlock prevail, was seen by the Clinton administration as the preferred solution, and policies were put in place that restricted logging on federal land in the Pacific Northwest. Those policies succeeded in shutting down many sawmills and destroying timber-dependent communities throughout the region.

The Clinton administration even orchestrated an “Owl Summit” at which federal officials and environmentalists congratulated themselves for caring so much about the fate of the northern spotted owl. Those who pointed out that the problem lay not with old-growth forests but with the encroaching barred owl were ignored.

Over 30 years after the summit and the bird’s being added to the Endangered Species List, the situation faced by the northern spotted owl has worsened. While ignoring the mistake it made in blaming the loss of old-growth forest for the northern spotted owl’s declining numbers, the feds now acknowledge that the problem lies with the barred owl. Seizing the bull by the horns — to mix metaphors — the Fish and Wildlife Service initiated an experiment that involved the killing of 2,485 barred owls with 12-gauge shotguns in five different areas, the Modesto Bee reported March 26.

Having concluded that nonviolent removal of the barred owls was impractical, the feds appear to have settled on a lethal approach. This means showing a preference for one species of owl over another, with the “invasive” barred owl coming up short. But is the barred owl really an invasive species, or is it simply expanding its territory, as many species of birds and mammals are prone to do?
The Owl Research Institute, a Montana-based nonprofit focused on owl conservation, is reviewing the government’s proposal.

“Central to this discussion is the determination of whether Barred Owls truly meet the criteria for an invasive species, or if they represent a more adaptable species capable of natural expansion by themselves, as some have suggested,” the institute said in a March 26 statement emailed to McClatchy News.

The Fish and Wildlife Service is operating under the 1973 Endangered Species Act, a statute that has fallen woefully short in fulfilling its mission of recovering species at risk. In the case of the northern spotted owl, the law was used in the 1990s to curtail commercial logging in the Pacific Northwest. That was a political goal pursued by environmentalists in and out of government. As is now clear, it did nothing to improve the lot of the northern spotted owl.

Today, federal wildlife managers are seriously considering an avian version of ethnic cleansing to carry out their “legal and ethical responsibility” under the Endangered Species Act. The statute allows bureaucrats to play God, even if their policies turn out to be ungodly. If they go through with their plan and shotguns are trained on hundreds of thousands of owls, the Endangered Species Act will have reached a new level of absurdity.

This article originally appeared at The Washington Times


Bonner Cohen, Ph. D.

Bonner R. Cohen is a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, where he concentrates on energy, natural resources, and international relations. He also serves as a senior policy adviser with the Heartland Institute, senior policy analyst with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and as adjunct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Articles by Dr. Cohen have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, New York Post, Washington Times, National Review, Philadelphia Inquirer, Detroit News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Miami Herald, and dozens of other newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. He has been interviewed on Fox News, CNN, Fox Business Channel, BBC, BBC Worldwide Television, NBC, NPR, N 24 (German language news channel), Voice of Russia, and scores of radio stations in the U.S. Dr. Cohen has testified before the U.S. Senate committees on Energy & Natural Resources and Environment & Public Works as well as the U.S. House committees on Natural Resources and Judiciary. He has spoken at conferences in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Bangladesh. Dr. Cohen is the author of two books, The Green Wave: Environmentalism and its Consequences (Washington: Capital Research Center, 2006) and Marshall, Mao und Chiang: Die amerikanischen Vermittlungsbemuehungen im chinesischen Buergerkrieg (Marshall, Mao and Chiang: The American Mediations Effort in the Chinese Civil War) (Munich: Tuduv Verlag, 1984). Dr. Cohen received his B.A. from the University of Georgia and his Ph.D. – summa cum laude – from the University of Munich.

EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Arizona Supreme Court Revives Law Protecting the Unborn thumbnail

Arizona Supreme Court Revives Law Protecting the Unborn

By Family Research Council

On Tuesday, the Arizona Supreme Court put back in place a 160-year-old ban on abortion, The Wall Street Journal reported. “Abortion in the state has been allowed through 15 weeks of pregnancy under a law that the GOP-controlled Arizona Legislature passed in 2022, shortly before the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Abortion opponents and some Republican lawmakers argued that the recent law didn’t override one dating back to 1864 — before Arizona was a state — that banned abortion throughout pregnancy except in lifesaving situations.”

The ruling “agreed that the 19th century law still takes precedence,” WSJ added, but the “court delayed implementation of the ban for at least two weeks to allow for additional legal arguments.” In comments to The Washington Stand, Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy, clarified, “The focus for [this decision] is that the Arizona Supreme Court did what justices are supposed to do: they upheld the rule of law. They did not make policy.”

She continued, “Arizona law clearly stated that if Roe v. Wade was overturned, our pre-Roe law would go back into effect. So, today’s decision was a statutory construction. It was not a constitutional one, and it was not a policy decision. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, so it’s very important to emphasize that this … is how we want judges to rule.”

Herrod went on to share how a proposed amendment called the Arizona Right to Abortion Initiative could nullify the court decision. “That amendment does not reflect Arizona values or where Arizonans are on the issue of abortion,” she contended. The amendment would “bring in unrestricted and unregulated abortion,” she emphasized. “It would overturn most — if not all — of Arizona’s pro-life laws. It would not require doctors to be part of the woman’s decision, examination, or the procedure itself. Moms and dads would have no role in the abortion of their minor daughters deciding whether or not to have an abortion. It would usher in taxpayer funding of abortion.”

But given the dramatic effects of such a potential amendment, Herrod predicted, “When Arizonans read and see what the proposed abortion access amendment really is about, I’m confident Arizona voters will turn it down.”

In light of the decision by the Arizona Supreme Court, Mary Szoch, director of the Center for Human Dignity at Family Research Council, shared with TWS, “In a huge win for women and their unborn children, the Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that the law on the books protecting unborn babies from the moment of conception will go into effect. Praise God!”

She added, “Acknowledging what an abortion is, the Arizona law states that an abortionist who kills an unborn child can be punished with two to five years in prison. In recognition of the fact that the intent of an abortion is to kill the child, not to save the mother, actions taken to save a mother’s life that sadly result in the death of the unborn child will not be punishable.”

Szoch concluded, “This ruling is on hold for 14 days, but we should all pray it goes into effect. With this decision, the importance of the upcoming election cannot be overstated. Unborn babies lives will be on the ballot. Pro-lifers must turn out to vote.”


Sarah Holliday

Sarah Holliday is a reporter at The Washington Stand.

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2024 Family Research Council.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

VIDEO: Biden’s been stealing documents for decades & won’t face justice! thumbnail

VIDEO: Biden’s been stealing documents for decades & won’t face justice!

By Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations and Research Chris Farrell joins “Lou Dobbs Tonight” to discuss Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for records relating to Special Counsel Hur’s interviews with President Biden over his handling of classified records.

WATCH NOW: Biden’s been stealing documents for decades & won’t face justice!


DOJ will not turn over Biden’s recorded interview with Special Counsel Hur, risking contempt of Congress

Judicial Watch Sues Justice Department for Transcripts of Biden Special Counsel Interviews

Fitton: Hur testimony devastates Biden

RELATED VIDEO: Newt Gingrich: Democrats don’t believe in the rule of law, but in the rule of power

EDITORS NOTE: This Judicial Watch column is republished with permission. ©All right reserved.

States are Sovereign: Our Forefathers gave an incredible gift to We the People! thumbnail

States are Sovereign: Our Forefathers gave an incredible gift to We the People!

By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

Ever so slowly, almost invisibly, the gifts our founders fought and died for have been removed or relegated as out-of-date, not pertinent to a thriving, modern and powerful nation such as we have known. Add to this a deliberate removal from teaching the history, framework, foundational principles and unique characteristics of our founding as a nation in schools. These facts are evident as the State of Texas has taken on the role of defending itself (and America as a whole) from the diabolical invasion flowing across our former southern Border. The federal government deliberately has come against Texas to put them in their place – subservient to federal power. Our Forefathers would be aghast, and not the least bit hesitant to speak out boldly against such impunity. Allow me a few points I have no hesitation to believe our founders sitting in Philadelphia writing our unique constitution and laying out the foundation for a new government would rise and speak forcefully against such federal acts.

The central government is a creation of the States, and intended to be an agent FOR the States, not a ruler OVER the states. The federal government has no sovereignty of its own outside the powers delegated to it by the States, and the States were never intended to be slaves to their own creation of the federal government. Essential to the preservation of Liberty and our newly formed principles was the creation of a confederation and central government that would work on behalf of the States in foreign affairs and matters of over-all national security and preservation.

The Contract (The Constitution) is between the sovereign parties (the States), and the federal government is a creation of the contract and not a party. What do the states do when their creation acts outside the parameters of the contract by engaging in actions not authorized, such as passing unconstitutional laws and regulations? The framers considered it an absolute absurdity to think the federal government acting outside of the constitutional charter for even a moment could be considered legitimate and binding upon the sovereign States.

When the federal government steps outside its boundaries, since legally speaking we are a Constitutional Republic and not a kingdom or a democracy, our remedy lies with the States reasserting their sovereignty and taking responsibility for the power originally delegated to them by We the People. The States have an obligation to protect the People from an abuse of power by the central government. This is accomplished when the States step in-between the central government and the People to maintain the limited power of the central government.

This is exactly what the Great State and Republic of Texas did to preserve and protect their sovereignty and their people. This is exactly why the Elites hated what Texas did, because, in part, the Elites hate the Constitution and the privileges therein.

We need people to stand for truth as servant leaders with great humility and grace and with great courage and conviction to defend the documents and ideals that made our nation exceptional. We need ordinary heroes who are willing to pay the price, demonstrating obedience to the Lord’s ways, not man’s, and to serve with sincere joy and thanksgiving for what He has done creating our country.

©2024. Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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Trump’s Abortion Stance: Why It’s the Best Pro-Life Position For the Current Moment

Kristan Hawkins: Why Trump’s 2024 Abortion Stance is the Smartest Move He Could Make

Biden Admin. Shields Federal Employees from Possible Trump Presidency thumbnail

Biden Admin. Shields Federal Employees from Possible Trump Presidency

By Family Research Council

On Thursday, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued a new rule, to be added to the Federal Register on April 9 and to go into effect next month, that would shield executive branch federal government employees from being terminated for opposing a president’s policies or agenda. The OPM’s as-yet-unpublished rule change stipulates that certain policy-making federal employees are protected from most forms of employment termination, regardless of who is president.

In comments to The Washington Stand, Family Research Council’s Senior Director of Government Affairs Quena González explained, “The Biden rule undermines the authority of the American people to choose their government by tying the hands of an elected president. The process to repeal the rule should begin on day one of the next administration, and Congress should act to make sure this can never happen again.” He added, “America does not need a permanent ruling class of unelected elites in Washington who are not subject to electoral accountability. We inherited, and should fight to defend, government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

In late 2020, then-President Donald Trump issued an executive order creating a new designation, “Schedule F,” for federal employees, allowing the president and his administration to fire policy-making and policy-influencing federal employees who oppose, resist, or reject the policy initiatives of the duly-elected president. “Faithful execution of the law requires that the President have appropriate management oversight regarding this select cadre of professionals,” the executive order stated. “Except as required by statute, the Civil Service Rules and Regulations shall not apply to removals from positions listed in Schedules A, C, D, E, or F…”

Upon taking office a few months later, President Joe Biden repealed that executive order. The new OPM rule goes even further and specifies that only political appointees are to be classified as policy-making executive branch employees, effectively safeguarding career bureaucrats from termination, despite their policy-making and policy-influencing roles. The new rule also clarifies that “protections” “accrued” by employees cannot be “taken away by an involuntary move” from one employment classification or schedule to another, protecting those that the Biden administration has entrenched in the federal government from a possible Trump presidency.

In a written statement, OPM Director Kiran Ahuja said, “This final rule honors our 2.2 million career civil servants, helping ensure that people are hired and fired based on merit and that they can carry out their duties based on their expertise and not political loyalty.” White House Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director for Management Jason Miller added, “The Biden-Harris Administration knows that career civil servants are the backbone of the federal workforce and should be able to provide the expertise and experience necessary for the critical functioning of the federal government.”

“As a former federal agency employee, I was explicitly told that if hired I would serve ultimately at the pleasure of the American people. I carried that charge with me to work every day for three and a half years, and it remains true no matter who the people elect,” González stated. “Federal service is a privilege, not an entitlement. … This rule undermines presidential elections.”

The Biden administration’s rule change comes as numerous polls predict a Trump victory and Biden loss in November. FRC Action Director Matt Carpenter told TWS, “There’s only one way to interpret this move from the Biden White House: They are not confident in the president’s reelection chances.” He added, “In the final months of his first term, President Biden is looking to preempt a possible return of Trump and his Schedule F. This is not the move an administration makes when they’re confident they will get another chance to write rules that apply to federal employees.”


S.A. McCarthy

S.A. McCarthy serves as a news writer at The Washington Stand.


Biden Went To The Mat For Young Voters On Student Loans. Now They’re Abandoning Him

‘A Massive Betrayal’: JD Vance Pushes Speaker Johnson To Use His Leverage On Border

Gov. Greg Abbott Slams NYC Mayor Eric Adams For ‘Aiding And Abetting’ Biden’s Border Policies

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2024 Family Research Council.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

VIDEO: Texas Steps in, Arrests 214 Migrant Rioters Scheduled for Release by DHS thumbnail

VIDEO: Texas Steps in, Arrests 214 Migrant Rioters Scheduled for Release by DHS

By Federation for American Immigration Reform

Last week, the State of Texas arrested and took custody of 214 migrants who staged a riot at the border near El Paso on March 21. They have now been charged with rioting and are in state custody, where they will be picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and put into court proceedings.

The riot, which ironically unfolded while a Congressional committee held a hearing on the Biden Administration’s abuse of our immigration laws, indeed appeared to be a literal invasion of illegal aliens. In a matter of minutes, the illegal migrants tore down fencing and stormed past Texas National Guard troops deployed to back up U.S. Border Patrol. Video of riot was captured by a crew from the New York Post, and the following day, it blanketed the airwaves. It captivated audiences, showing the reality of what law enforcement officers face on a daily basis and proving that the chaos and crisis along the nation’s border has not waded.

According to the New York Post, the migrants were initially taken into Border Patrol custody, but then were swiftly processed and scheduled for release, despite the violence, property damage, and assaults perpetrated on National Guard troops. Still, officials were able to gather information about how the riot unfolded. According to the Post:

“While in federal custody, a “cooperating migrant” identified Venezuelan national Gabriel Enrique Angarita Carrasquero, 22, to border agents as an “instigator” among the group that stormed the border…The informant said “he witnessed Angarita Carrasquero use [a] rope to pull the gate down which subsequently led to the migrant rush into the United States bypassing National Guard. The mole also pointed to Venezuelan migrant Juan Jose Colorado Gutierrez, 35, as another “one of the instigators” who used “wire cutters or bolt cutters to cut the barbed wire” on the US side of the border.”

In response, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) stepped in and arrested 214 of the aliens, who were still in federal custody at the El Paso jail, and charged them with rioting. Texas Governor Greg Abbott also reinstalled razor wire and deployed 200 additional National Guard soldiers from the Texas Tactical Border Force along the U.S.-Mexico border to intercept illegal aliens attempting to enter in the El Paso area.

Because the state court set the aliens’ bond hearing for Easter Sunday (March 31), the El Paso District Attorney requested that the hearings be postponed for several days.  However, the local magistrate judge denied the request and ordered 150 of the migrants to be released.

Still, none of the aliens have actually been released from custody.  At the same time, however, not all of the aliens remain in state custody. It appears by the time the magistrate judge ordered the migrants’ release, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had lodged detainers against all of them and assumed custody of the 150 released. In a statement issued to Houston Public Media regarding the migrant rioters, ICE said, it “will lodge an immigration detainer, and once the individual has gone through the judicial process and completed a sentence, or is otherwise released from state or local custody, that individual will be returned to the custody of [Enforcement and Removal Operations] to await a final immigration status determination. Custody status will continue to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as the individuals go through the immigration process.”

Last Wednesday, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) confirmed that all the migrants involved in the March 21 riot were being held until ICE could assume custody of them. It also announced that the state had charged nine of the aliens with felony rioting charges (and of those, seven were in state custody). The migrants hailed from various countries, including Venezuela, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

President Biden and the Secretary of Homeland Security did not provide comment after the rioting. However, White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre blamed Republicans and Governor Abbott for the chaos, stating, “The razor wire, that’s [Abbott]. The National Guard, that’s him. The Border Patrol agents still did their job. They got in the way, like the governor’s plans got in the way.” She said the House of Representatives has failed to pass the Senate proposal and blamed the Governor for politicizing the issue.

El Paso has been a major crossing point for illegal migrants. In fact, the city’s mayor has issued several disaster declarations in the wake of the current border crisis. The most recent declaration from March 25 stated that “the City is faced with the imminent threat of widespread injury or loss of life resulting from a surge in transient migrants traveling to the region.” In Fiscal Year 2023, the El Paso sector had 482,095 land border encounters and over 174,000 community releases.

These disaster declarations undermine the so-called progress Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claims to have made in the region. In January 2023, Secretary Mayorkas said the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had surged resources in El Paso by deploying 100 additional Border Patrol agents and additional officers to process illegal aliens for entry. He also touted the use of taxpayer dollars to surge emergency food and shelter funding for the area. In fiscal year 2023, several organizations in El Paso received FEMA funding to support the illegal alien population in the area.

Funding provided by Department of Homeland Security to El Paso organizations via the Shelter and Services Program for Fiscal Year 2023. Congress just provided $650 million more for the program in the Fiscal Year 2024 spending bill.

It remains to be seen what will ultimately happen with the El Paso rioters.  ICE has said it will assume custody of all of the illegal aliens involved, but ICE may not deport them. Indeed, it could still release them on bond. Unfortunately, the entire incident sends the message to migrants around the world is that stepping foot on U.S. soil is almost certain to lead to freedom under the Biden Administration. Meanwhile, El Paso and other border communities will continue to bear the brunt of the crisis.


FAIR Staff


Trump and Michigan Law Enforcement Discuss Catastrophic Impacts of the Border Crisis

At International Al-Quds Day Rally In Dearborn, Michigan Protesters Chant ‘Death To America!’; Speakers Say: America Is One Of The ‘Rottenest Countries’ On Earth; Israel Is ISIS, Nazi, A Cancer

At Houston, Texas Al-Quds Day Rally Speakers Praise October 7 Hamas Attack, Martyrdom, And Jihad; Add: Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah Highlighted That Martyrdom Is Good, A Goal; Our Leader Khamenei Said That The Cancerous Tumor Of Zionism Will Be Destroyed

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EDITORS NOTE: This FAIR report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

BIDEN’S BLOODBATH: Illegal Deported 8 times with 11 Arrests Now Charged with Murder in Ohio thumbnail

BIDEN’S BLOODBATH: Illegal Deported 8 times with 11 Arrests Now Charged with Murder in Ohio

By The Geller Report

If you still vote Democrat, you have blood on your hands.

Illegal migrant deported 8 times with 11 arrests now charged with murder in Ohio: ‘Our border is broken’

Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez, 46, has used at least 7 different names and 3 different birthdates

By Michael Dorgan, Fox News, April 5, 2024:

Illegal migrant with multiple deportations now charged with murder in Ohio

An illegal Mexican immigrant who has been deported at least eight times, according to Ohio’s Butler County Sheriff’s Office, and arrested nearly a dozen times is now facing murder charges following the discovery of a man’s body in Ohio.

Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez, 46, is being held at the Butler County Jail on charges of aggravated murder (premeditated), using weapons while intoxicated, carrying concealed weapons, possession of drugs and obstructing official business, Fox 19 reports, citing jail records.

Officers found the victim’s body in the 1100 block of S. 13th Street in Hamilton just after 2:30 p.m. Monday in response to a 911 call.

Hamilton is just north of Cincinnati.

Garcia-Gutierrez’s first arrest was back in 2001, and he has used at least seven different names and three different birthdates, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones, pictured, said Wednesday. (Butler County Sheriff’s Office)

Garcia-Gutierrez’s first arrest was back in 2001, and he has used at least seven different names and three different birthdates, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said during a Wednesday press conference. Garcia-Gutierrez has been charged with over 20 crimes in that time period and is also a gang member, Jones added.

Garcia-Gutierrez is jailed on an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) detainer, Jones previously said.

“That person would be alive today, and if you don’t think that it’s affecting you in Butler County, Ohio, we’re all border states; we’re all border counties. It’s here, and we could go on and on,” Jones said.

Continue reading.


Pamela Geller

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‘Broken’: America’s border crisis with Mexico, explained

Americans are paying the price for Biden’s border invasion

Profound Words From a California Sheriff

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The details of all the wrong involvements of the Israeli Supreme Court by Gali Ben Horin thumbnail

The details of all the wrong involvements of the Israeli Supreme Court by Gali Ben Horin

By Udi Geva

The following are the wrong involvements of the Israeli High Court of Justice/ Supreme Court: The left wings reject the need to improve the judicial system as it protects them from right-wing democratic actions.

1. It should be clarified that the Israeli Supreme Court is not a court of law but a unique institution that does not exist anywhere in the world. At its core is a court of British Mandate rule (up to 1948) – designed to allow British colonialism to rule over all local government institutions.
Every country that won its independence from Great Britain abolished this institution, with the exception of Israel.
The Supreme Court is actually a constitutional court. There is no constitution in Israel.

2. The Supreme Court, in its session as a constitutional court, enacted basic laws on its own accord – and declared them as a constitution on its own accord.
The bizarre situation in Israel is such that even jurists do not know whether Israel has or does not have a constitution

3. The Supreme Court allowed itself to invalidate laws on the basis of incompatibility with the Constitution.
Actually, the Supreme Court has the strength and power to control the country – in the absence of a constitution.

4. Aharon Barak (former head of the supreme court) drafted, led and enacted the “Human Dignity and Freedom” law – and determined that it was a fundamental law – on the basis of deception: the Knesset (Parliament) was told by Barak that fundamental laws could be invalidated by the supreme court, and then the court already used that to invalidate fundamental laws.

5. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled on its own, that it has the power of invalidate basic laws as well (not only fundamental laws) – which it claims are the Constitution. Meaning, today the Supreme Court considers itself above the Constitution which it initiated fraudulently and secretly

6. The Supreme Court can rule against the law: according to Barak’s philosophy, the court has a monopoly on interpretation. Hence, every judge (even at low levels – peace and district courts) is not subject to the written law – he is entitled to interpret the law as he wishes – even in a contrary and opposite way. This means that there is no law in Israel, there are only judges and their opinions.

7. Barak stated that democracy is not good enough and he invented the “essential” democracy which means – that in the very arena of the struggle for opinions and ideas – there is a pre-determined opinion and idea – those that Barak stated, of course.
This in itself makes all elections and all legislators and all voters redundant

8. The Supreme Court is the supreme and determining court and cannot be appealed

9. Intervention in the Supreme Court is not limited and it considers itself entitled to intervene in any legal, military, political, or religious issue – as the final arbiter. He already does acts like this by canceling government policy, ruling against religious events separating men and women, giving the army instructions on what conditions to open fire, and banning it from life-saving activities

10. And in addition to all this. The judicial authority has taken over the legal advisers of the executive authority – they sit as messengers of the Supreme Court and reject any bill they do not like long before it reaches the Knesset-Parliament table. It already happened on many thousands of bills.

11. Recently Supreme Court fired a minister in the government – who was elected by law – on the grounds that his appointment was unlikely

12. The Supreme Court is considering also removing from office an elected Prime Minister in Israel.

13. The Supreme Court effectively canceled the state’s right to control its borders – by granting blanket permits to Arabs based on “family reunification” and also canceled all the laws enacted by the Knesset to limit the entry of illegal infiltrators.

14. The Supreme Court stated that the purpose of the existence of the State of Israel is human rights. Every person wherever he is. This is how the Supreme Court canceled the citizen’s rights – which are the same as the rights of any illegal infiltrator (except that a citizen has duties and illegals do not).

There is much more and it is enough to understand the dictatorial madness in which we live.

Gali Ben Horin

©2024. Udi Geva. All rights reserved.

Tony Bobulinski Sues Rep. Dan Goldman For Defamation thumbnail

Tony Bobulinski Sues Rep. Dan Goldman For Defamation

By The Daily Caller

Tony Bobulinksi will sue New York Democratic Rep. Daniel Goldman on Friday morning for defamation, the Daily Caller has first learned.

Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden who has accused President Joe Biden of wrongdoing, previously threatened legal action against Goldman after Bobulinski appeared for a public hearing before Congress last month. After the hearing, Goldman sent a tweet accusing Bobulinski of making “false allegations” with the help of a Trump-affiliated lawyer.


(DAILY CALLER OBTAINED) — … by Henry Rodgers

Tony Bobulinski has used a Trump campaign-paid lawyer to make false allegations since October 2020.

When Cassidy Hutchinson said he met with Mark Meadows with a mask on, he called her a liar.

Then she produced a photo.

Watch how he dissembles in response to the receipt 👇

— Rep. Dan Goldman (@RepDanGoldman) March 21, 2024

Bobulinski sent a letter to Goldman demanding that he remove the post and issue a retraction within five days or be hit with a lawsuit. Weeks later, the post is still up.

“Your statement, as though it were a matter of fact, that Mr. Bobulinski has lied to federal investigators and Congress, is defamatory per se and will not be tolerated,” Bobulinksi’s legal representation wrote in the earlier letter.

During that Congressional hearing, Democrats threatened to subpoena Bobulinski for the Blackberry he communicated with Hunter Biden on, suggesting that perhaps texts he provided to the committee did not tell the full story of their partnership.

Bobulinski fired back at both Goldman and Democratic Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin during the hearing, calling them liars.

“Rep. Dan Goldman and Jamie Raskin, both lawyers, and Mr. Goldman, a former prosecutor with the SDNY from New York, will continue to lie today in this hearing and then go straight to the media to tell more lies,” Bobulinski said.”

The Daily Caller reached out to Goldman’s office for a response to the lawsuit but has yet to receive a response.



Chief national correspondent. Follow Henry Rodgers On Twitter.

EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Rushing to Destroy America Before Trump Gets In thumbnail

Rushing to Destroy America Before Trump Gets In

By The Geller Report

We are turning on every ally while our military is decimated, run by mentally ill men who run around wearing moo moos.

The path to civilizational destruction should be very familiar by now

By Victor David Hanson, April 5, 2024;

Why are those controlling President Joe Biden using him to advance so much of a destructive agenda that it will likely end America as we know it?

If someone wished to destroy America, could he do anything more catastrophic than what we currently see and hear each day?

What would an existential enemy do that we have not already done to ourselves?

Here are 11 now familiar steps to civilizational destruction:

1. Wipe out a 2,000 mile border.

Allow 10 million foreign nationals to enter unlawfully. Have no audit of any; nullify all federal immigration laws. Let in toxic drugs that kill 100,000 Americans a year. Give free support to those millions who broke the law. Smear any objectors as racists and xenophobes.

2. Run up $35 trillion in national debt.

Keep adding $1 trillion to it each 100 days. Defame anyone wishing to cut wild spending as cruel and inhumane.

3. Appease or subsidize enemies like Iran and China.

Demonize allies like Israel. Allow terrorists to attack Americans without adequate response. See Islam as either similar or superior to Christianity. Make amends to leftist governments for supposedly past toxic American international behavior. Follow the lead of international agencies like the UN, ICC, and WHO to atone for past American neocolonial and imperialist behavior. Recede to second-tier international status, befitting American decline.
Victor Davis Hanson: ‘These people are in freefall, almost unhinged’ Video

4. In a multiracial democracy, redefine identity only as one’s tribal affiliation.

Ensure each identity group rivals the other for victimhood and the state spoils it confers. Reboot all political issues by race and sex oppressors and oppressed. Destroy all meritocratic standards of admission, retention, promotion, and commendation.

5. Recalibrate violent crime as understandable, cry-of-the-heart expressions of social justice.

Ensure no bail and same-day release for arrested, repeat violent felons. Empathize with the violent killer and rapist; ignore their victims, especially if they are slain police officers.

6. Emasculate the military by using non-meritocratic standards of race, gender, and sexual orientation to determine promotion and commendation.

Deliberately impugn as racists and insurrectionists the largest demographic in the military who in recent wars died at twice their numbers in the population—so that they leave or never join the military. Encourage retired high officers to slander their commander-in-chief. Cut the defense budget. Stop producing sufficient weapons, but leave billions of dollars’ worth of arms to terrorists.

7. Reinvent the justice system to indict, bankrupt, convict, jail and eliminate political opponents.

Use ballot removal, impeachment, civil suits, and state and federal indictments rather than elections to defeat an opponent. Mob the homes of non-compliant Supreme Court justices, and attack them personally by name.
Supreme Court members

Members of the Supreme Court (L-R) Associate Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Neil M. Gorsuch, Sonia Sotomayor, and Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., and Associate Justices Ketanji Brown Jackson, Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Elena Kagan, and Brett M. Kavanaugh pose in the Justices Conference Room prior to the formal investiture ceremony of Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson September 30, 2022 in Washington, D.C. (Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States via Getty Images)

8. Encourage the fusion of the bureaucratic state with the electronic media to form a powerful force for political audit, surveillance, censorship, and coercion.

Marry the FBI to Silicon Valley and hire its contractors to warp the news and hound supposed enemies of the people.

9. Make war on affordable gasoline and natural gas.

Substitute inefficient, unreliable, and expensive wind and solar power, even as energy prices nearly bankrupt the middle class.

10. Marry late, but preferably not at all.

Consider males toxic, especially boys. Have no children, or as few as possible. Otherwise, assure children they are entitled, and must be sheltered. Raise them to have grievances against past generations and current norms.
Victor Davis Hanson: Biden has had the most ‘remarkable meltdown’ of any president we’ve seen in modern era Video

11. Turn world-class universities into indoctrination centers.

Suspend the Bill of Rights on campuses. Train youth to graduate despising their own culture and civilization. Recruit foreign students from hostile nations to subsidize campus commissar bloat. Replace the curriculum with therapeutic propaganda. Ban the SAT/ACT and do not evaluate comparative high school GPAs. Ensure merit does not select the student body. Charge tuition higher than the rate of inflation. Bill the government when students default on their loans.

Why could those controlling the president be doing all of the above?

1. They are delusional and think their socialist and globalist agendas are working and will save us.

2. They are raging nihilists who do not like the U.S. and deliberately want it destroyed as a service to the world. A ruined U.S. is preferable to a strong America.

3. They are Jacobin revolutionaries who are intentionally erasing the old United States as a prerequisite for creating an entirely new America that will arise from the ashes with no trace or even memory of its past.

4. They have no agenda. They are aimless fools and utter incompetents. These bunglers just wing it day-to-day, in response to what their radical media, academic, and political masters dictate is necessary for them to retain power. They have no idea of the damage they are doing.

5. A bit of 1-3, but probably not 4.

There is cause for hope among this nihilist remaking of America: the people are fed up and will demand an accounting in the fall.

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Great-Grandma Convicted of Walking Around The Capitol For 10 Minutes On Jan. 6, Facing Jail thumbnail

Great-Grandma Convicted of Walking Around The Capitol For 10 Minutes On Jan. 6, Facing Jail

By The Geller Report

Praying grandma Rebecca Lavrenz was just found guilty in a Washington, D.C. courtroom for walking around the capitol on January 6. She faces prison.

The Democrats have weaponized the judicial system against law abiding, patriotic Americans. That is revolution. We spent years sitting quietly by while leftists burned our cities, looted and rioted. They attacked police. They took over government buildings many times, burned down police buildings. They murdered innocent shop owners and civilians. We stage one protest and it’s “insurrection.”

Murderers, rapists, looters, walk free in our cities. Violent criminals cross our border with impunity.

Will America continue to go quietly into the cold, dark night?

D.C. Jury Convicts Great-Grandma For Walking Around The Capitol For 10 Minutes On Jan. 6

By: Brianna Lyman, The Federalist, April 05, 2024

After being strung up on charges by President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), a 71-year-old great-grandmother may be thrown in jail because she walked around the Capitol for a few minutes on Jan. 6, 2021.

Rebecca Lavrenz was convicted on four counts Thursday after just three days of jury deliberation for entering the Capitol on J6. Lavrenz entered the building through an open door around 2:43 p.m., according to the official statement of facts.

Lavrenz told The American Spectator‘s Jack Cashill that she “felt that if those doors [on the east side of the building] opened I was supposed to go through.”

Lavrenz exited the Capitol around 2:53 p.m., just 10 minutes after entering, having briefly spoken to at least one Capitol Police Officer before leaving, according to the statement of facts.

Two FBI agents showed up on April 19, 2021, to Lavrenz’s home in Colorado. Lavrenz told the agents she was in the middle of baking a cake for her son and asked if they could return at a different time, according to The American Spectator. The agents returned one week later for a “consensual interview,” according to the statement of facts.

After months of investigation, agents reportedly told Lavrenz she should be grateful the weaponized agency would only charge the self-described “praying great-grandmother” with four misdemeanor charges for entering a building her tax dollars pay for.

“Glad?” Lavrenz reportedly said. “I shouldn’t be charged with anything.”

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Pamela Geller

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JUST IN: ‘Praying grandma’ Rebecca Lavrenz has reportedly been found guilty by a DC jury after she briefly entered the Capitol on J6.

Glad to see our ‘justice system’ going after some “hard-hitting criminals.”

Lavrenz spent 10 minutes inside the Capitol and was seen praying…

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) April 4, 2024

Two tier American justice system is obvious to everyone at this point

— 🌋🌋 Deep₿lueCrypto 🌋🌋 (@DeepBlueCrypto) April 4, 2024

Judge Mehta yesterday also declared a 61-year-old grandma with no criminal record inside the Capitol for 20 minutes on Jan 6 a domestic terrorist. This is how he–and possibly Judge Kelly–will get away with it. Reliance on “Note 4” in sentencing guidance–a catch-all:

— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) August 31, 2023

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New Report Examines Unprecedented Abuse of Parole by the Biden Administration thumbnail

New Report Examines Unprecedented Abuse of Parole by the Biden Administration

By Federation for American Immigration Reform

In addition to its well-documented and highly visible open-borders policies, the Biden administration has been quietly abusing its very limited parole authority to let foreign nationals enter the U.S. en masse. In a new report, Immigration Parole: The Executive Branch’s Shadow Immigration System, FAIR’s research department reveals that the abuse of this authority under President Biden has become so massive that the number of illegal aliens now being allowed to enter the United States under parole now exceeds the number of people who are admitted to the country through our legal immigration system.

FAIR’s report found that during the first two quarters of fiscal year (FY) 2023, 636,601 foreign nationals gained entry to the United States under parole compared with 545,419 who were granted green cards through our legal immigration process. The first half of FY 2023 was no anomaly. During the two-year period between October 2021 and October 2023, the Biden administration paroled in at least 1.8 million individuals, giving them nearly the same benefits as green card holders, while imposing a huge burden on American society at large.

This indiscriminate use of parole also poses a danger to the safety and well-being of the American public. Jose Ibarra, the alleged murderer of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student in Athens, Georgia, was among the estimated 1.8 million illegal aliens granted parole by the Biden administration between October 2021 and October 2023. The true number of Americans killed or victimized by illegal alien criminals is much higher, but given many news outlets deliberately do not reveal the immigration status of suspects, we can only be sure in cases where the status is known. Parole will no doubt increase the number of times tragedies like the Laken Riley murder occur.

As the report details, Congress first granted the president authority to allow otherwise inadmissible aliens to the U.S. in 1953. This authority came with explicit limitations. The legislative history makes this abundantly clear by emphasizing that the intention was “to parole inadmissible aliens into the United States in emergency cases, such as the case of an alien who requires immediate medical attention before there has been an opportunity for an immigration officer to inspect him, and in cases where it is strictly in the public interest to have an inadmissible alien present in the United States, such as, for instance, a witness or for purposes of prosecution.” Similarly, Congress made it clear that parolees were to leave the country once the circumstance of their parole had been satisfied. None of those conditions are being met by the Biden administration’s exercise of parole authority.

The Biden administration is not the first to exceed the intended purpose of parole authority. But no previous administration has abused parole power on the massive scale that the Biden administration has. Moreover, foreign nationals who are granted parole are eligible for a host of benefits that other illegal aliens cannot receive. Parolees are eligible for numerous public assistance programs, are granted work authorization, and have the ability to adjust their status to green card holders down the line.

Among the Biden administration’s most egregious (but by no means comprehensive) abuses of parole authority include:

  • Creation of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) One app that allows as many as 40,000 illegal aliens a month to cross at border ports of entry.
  • Country specific parole programs for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans that allow as many as 360,000 inadmissible aliens a year to fly directly to the United States.
  • “Family Reunification Parole” for the above-mentioned nationalities plus citizens of Columbia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador and Honduras.
  •  Reinstatement of the Obama-era Central American Minors (CAM) parole program that also includes parole provisions for their parents or guardians.

Abuse of parole has been a tool the Biden administration has employed as a way to make mass illegal immigration less conspicuous. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has touted these parole abuses as “new legal pathways” for people to enter the United States. However, there is nothing legal about these pathways. Under our Constitution, only Congress has the authority to create legal pathways for people to enter the United States. Nevertheless, the administration has usurped that authority to implement what amounts to a shadow immigration system that now exceeds in scope the formal legal immigration process.

The full report, Immigration Parole: The Executive Branch’s Shadow Immigration System, which includes a full history of the immigration parole program and all of the ways it is now being abused.


Trump: Illegal Alien Murderers Are Animals | TIPPING POINT

Signs at airports tell illegal aliens to “get on airplanes without a government ID!


It’s not surprising that a country that now has a two-tiered Third World justice system sees Third World results like crime waves in our cities & allowing illegal aliens to continue committing crimes against innocent Americans. We’ve abandoned the rule of law.

— Vivek Ramaswamy (@VivekGRamaswamy) April 4, 2024

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