NBA Suspends Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver, Fines Him $10 Million After Probe Found he Used Racial Slurs, Made Sexist Comments Toward Female Employees thumbnail

NBA Suspends Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver, Fines Him $10 Million After Probe Found he Used Racial Slurs, Made Sexist Comments Toward Female Employees

By Cristina Laila

Editors’ Note: We can’t determine whether the charges made against Mr. Sarver are true or not. It would seem the NBA thinks so and they are judge, jury, and executioner. However, it is worth noting sports owners have been at the forefront of promoting their sport as the spearpoint of left-wing social protest, especially on racial and sexual matters. In this world, the use of words is paramount and meaningless gestures grow in stature. This has largely ruined the entertainment experience of following sports, which is a diversion from the controversies of the day. Ironically,  sport is also one of the few areas remaining where merit and talent are rewarded. Merit and talent are devalued under the current smothering egalitarian ethos embraced by sports franchises, even though sport itself does just the opposite. Moreover, there is a point in revolutions when the movement begins to consume its own children. It would seem we have reached that stage in the process. Those who are punished by the mob often are selected on both irrational and inconsistent criteria. For example, rap artists like Cardi B use the N-word constantly as well as sexually denigrating language. Yet Cardi B gets interviewed by Hillary Clinton and no one is concerned. To read the lyrics to her hit song and get a sense of her erudition, click here. But should a white sports owner allegedly use such terms, banishment is not sufficient. Notice as well, that he is not being criminally charged with molesting anyone or physically harming anyone. He used “words” that others found “offensive” in his case, but then these same or worse words are not only ignored in other contexts but are praised as an artistic achievement by former feminist Presidential candidates. Sports are welcome to the contradictory left-wing world they helped create. Mr. Sarver is just one child of the revolution that must be sacrificed.

The NBA announced on Tuesday it suspended Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver and fined him $10 million after an investigation found he used the N-word at least five times and made ‘sexist’ comments toward female employees.

Sarver will be suspended for one year and must complete a ‘training program’ after a year-long investigation revealed his behavior created a ‘toxic’ work environment.

“As part of the suspension, Sarver is not allowed to be around any NBA or WNBA facility, including offices or practice facilities. He’s also not allowed to be a part of any NBA or WNBA event or activity, or represent the Suns or Mercury in a public or private way.” ESPN reported.

The probe into Sarver’s conduct began after ESPN published a November 2021 article based on dozens of current and former employees alleging he used racial slurs and made misogynistic comments.

Robert Sarver has denied the allegations…..


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