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Halfway There

By Todd Woodard On April 12, 2022, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed Senate Bill 319, Constitutional carry, into law. Constitutional carry in Georgia goes into effect immediately. Georgia is now the 25th Constitutional carry state, and the Peach State becomes the fourth state to join that group in 2022. Half of the country now recognizes […]

Scottsdale Official Faces Board Expulsion After Arizona AG Files Suit

By Neland Nobel School Board member Jann-Michael Greenburg is facing potential removal from the Scottsdale Unified School District school board. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court, arguing that Greenburg should be required to step down from the board after multiple violations of public hearing requirements. Brnovich said […]

The Costs of Leniency

By Theodore Dalrymple The leniency of British penal policy might be defined as the means by which crime’s financial costs to the middle-class taxpayer are limited while its costs to the quality of life remain where they arise: among the relatively poor. For example, in a town not far from mine in England, a man […]

WHO Chief Now Says He Believes COVID Did Leak From Wuhan Lab After an Accident in 2019

By Rick Moran World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has been playing the toady for the Chinese Communists since the pandemic was first loosed upon the world in Wuhan, China in December of 2019. He abandoned any pretense of impartiality and ran interference for his masters in Beijing when the first investigations into the […]

Red Flagged Nation: Gun Confiscation Laws Put a Target on the Back of Every American

By John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” […]

Rise of the Soros “Prosecutors”

By Parker Thayer A recent report by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) examined George Soros’s funding of the progressive district attorney (DA) movement that has swept America’s urban centers and found that the infamous billionaire’s financial support for the disastrous movement has been far larger than was previously thought. Early this year the Capital Research […]

The Economist Whose Theory Predicted Today’s Calls for Censorship in the 1970s

By Peter Jacobsen Nobel Prize-winning economist Ronald Coase wrote a paper in 1974 that implicitly predicted the increasing popularity of censorship among the intellectual class. After Elon Musk’s offer to purchase Twitter was accepted, the Department of Homeland Security unveiled plans for a “disinformation” governance board. Musk’s purchase is not final, and the governance board […]

Forget School Choice, Education Microgrants Are Microsocialism

By JASON BEDRICK & ADAM KISSEL Not all education choice initiatives are created equal. West Virginia’s near-universal Hope Scholarship, for example, empowers families to choose the learning environment that’s the best fit for their children — without costing taxpayers more. Microgrants do exactly the opposite. The Hope Scholarship is an education savings account, or ESA, that families can […]

Biden Pressuring Dem Governors for More Gun Control

By Editors at Second Amendment Foundation The Biden-Harris administration is sympathetic Democratic governors to pass more gun control legislation with the apparent belief that if more states pass restrictive anti-gun bills, it will be easier for the administration to push for similar legislation at the federal level. The White House has already contacted governors in […]

Transgender Activists Manipulate Parents With Suicide Threats

By Ginny Gentles “Do you want a dead daughter or a live son?” This question, which is really a threat, is the central tenet of the campaign selling gender ideology to parents. Parents are often told that they are putting their gender-nonconforming child at risk of suicide if they don’t medically “transition” him or her […]

China’s Economy Is Collapsing. Here’s Why You Should Worry

By Gordon Chang Chinese ruler Xi Jinping has staked his rule on making China larger, by annexing neighbors. Taiwan is not his only target. He needs success to assure a precedent-breaking third term as the Communist Party’s general secretary, but the Chinese people, preoccupied by a failing economy, are in no mood for their leader’s […]

Arizona News – June 21, 2022

By The Editors The Prickly Pear will provide current, linked articles about Arizona consistent with our Mission Statement to ‘inform, educate and advocate’. We are an Arizona based website and believe this information should be available to all of our statewide readers. Brnovich Lawsuit Against Hobbs’s Election Manual Fails Due to Tardiness Election Director’s Choice […]

ESG: Is This Green Iron-fist Fantasy a Major Cause of Inflation and Economic Destruction?

By Selwyn Duke Is rich people’s greentopian fantasy causing middle-class misery? The answer is yes, according to analysts such as Marlo Oaks, Utah state treasurer, and longtime investment manager. In fact, Oaks says he knows a major reason why increasing fuel prices, which drive up costs across the board, are so high: Supply is being […]

Your Misery Is All About Their Power

By Michael Senger It is a testament to mankind’s enduring optimism, as much as our enduring hubris, that with every generation hope should spring anew that the fundamental forces which have governed our affairs since time immemorial have changed for the better. After each passing calamity, the majority are once again lulled back into the […]

What Is Juneteenth to All Americans?

By Tarnell Brown As the nation celebrates the holiday called Juneteenth, it is only natural to reflect upon the experience and ongoing struggles of African-Americans within the overall American experience. That there is even a Juneteenth to celebrate as a separate day of independence for former slaves is a testament to this. For those still somewhat […]