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Newly Elected Conservative School Board Fires Superintendent bans CRT

By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

With full acknowledgement and appreciation to Epoch Times for covering the story below. Parents across the country finally have had enough of the indoctrination of their children in the school systems. A newly elected conservative School Board back by “Moms for Liberty,” a conservative activist group supporting parental rights and the solid education for children, not the political indoctrination of children, made serious changes during their first meeting. Moms and parents elsewhere, do NOT give up! Double down if need be but fight the good fight to save your children.

Here in Arizona newly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne, Esq. (a former Superintendent and Attorney General) will hit the ground running when he assumes office in January. His passion for the welfare of children, their proper education and preparation for higher education will become evident most clearly as he moves into office. The story below is heart warming, and I pray more will follow across America. Prepare Arizona education system for your atmosphere is about to change drastically, and away from the CRT, Woke, and socialist models you have championed.

Newly Elected Conservative School Board Fires Superintendent, Bans Critical Race Theory

By Jackson Elliott

In one meeting, Deon Jackson went from South Carolina’s Berkeley County school superintendent to unemployed.

His firing came at the hand of a newly-elected school board, which appears to have declared a judgment day for woke practices in its district.

In its first meeting after the Nov. 8 election, the board fired superintendent Jackson and school counsel Tiffany Richardson. Then it hired Anthony Dixon as superintendent and retained Brandon Gaskins as counsel. And before the day was over, the board banned teaching critical race theory and created a board to review library books for pornographic content.  Moms for Liberty, an activist group that supports parental rights in education, endorsed six of the board’s nine members. Many Moms for Liberty candidates won school board elections this November, as reported previously. The group’s leaders say more aggressive school management decisions may soon be in order.

In Berkeley, the candidates’ aggressive approach was a response to student discipline policies and slow learning post-COVID-19, said Christi Dixon, the Moms for Liberty chapter chair for Berkeley.  “Parents were seeing that their children weren’t achieving at the levels that they had been previously. And there were a lot of changes,” Dixon said.

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