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Planned Global Socialist Destruction of Western Civilization—The Great Reset

By Simona Pipko

Yes, we are dealing with a Planned Global Socialist Destruction of America by the American government today. I have been warning you about Planned Global Socialist Destruction for forty years. America doesn’t know Russia and its Intel, as a result, we have an incredible chaos nationwide and threat for the future. It is painful to watch Fox News, they are fearlessly arguing, but none of them knows the political history of Russia. They haven’t read my books and columns and don’t know that soon after WWII ended, WWIII began.

The UFO saga started in 1947. Maybe it was connected to the Planned Socialist Destruction of America and WWIII? Maybe? The timing is very suspicious to me. Why does America ignore a chunk of such an important time in the 20th century world history? It was the birth of Stalinism, the ideology of Soviet Socialism, I called Soviet fascism. My latest column reminded you about Soviet Socialism and the way it has been implemented in half of the word by using Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication, and fraud. Read it here.

I am not alone talking about Stalinism and the time after WWII. Decent journalists in Russia are also returning to that time. Please, read their assessment of the time and compare in to the information mentioned in my column:





“Soviet power relied on an effective system of state security, which regularly served the political leadership of the country. All Bolshevik leaders, beginning with Lenin, considered political repression to be a legitimate and effective element of politics. The state security organs reached their greatest power under Stalin. The “Leader of the Peoples” and his inner circle made extensive use of the state security apparatus for political purposes. Stalin himself initiated the mass repressions of the 1930s, delved into all their details.” Everyday Journal. January 19. 2023, Actual Archive.

The author writes it in the country, where the cult of Stalin’s personality is alive, well and promoted by his devoted disciple Vladimir Putin. The author is in fear of the same KGB’s Mafia/Army, I was reporting and describing for you during the last forty years. Nothing has changed in Russia. The author as a decent individual has no choice as history determined presence, and future. Only by reading my columns, you will see how careful he is in his observation of Stalinism. He had to do so to prevent a political storm against him. I gave you this piece of history for a reason: my column of January 18, 2023 was written for two Special Counsels appointed to investigate two American Presidents. We are dealing with a Planned Socialist Destruction of America by the American government today and knowledge of inextricable connection with Russia and its Intel is a Must.      The timing is helping to see the real design and Stalin’s strategy to pursue of control and power. On October 24, 1945 the United Nation has been officially established in San-Francisco, CA. From that exact day it has become the main target of Russian Intel. There have been nine Secretary-Generals of the UN, one was a KGB’s member and another was assassinated in the plane crash by the KGB—he refused the offer. Read my books. The recent Secretary-General is Antonio Gutierrez, I don’t trust him: he pursues control and power. He impudently and arrogantly propagandized old KGB’s ploy of “climate change” like Gore and Kerry. Read my book and a story about the Olympics in Moscow and listen to Gutierrez in the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2023:

The Elite gathered in Davos to push a global agenda designed by Stalin and promoted by his devoted disciples, a tandem of current Socialist/Communist Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Communist leader Xi Jinping:  “There are no perfect solutions in a perfect storm,” said Antonio Gutierrez.  He has served as secretary-general of the United Nations since 2017. He stressed on January 18, 2023. “But we can work to control the damage and seize opportunities.” “Now more than ever, it’s time to forge the pathways to cooperation in our fragmented world.” He is echoing the Biden team in full compliance with Socialist modus operandi: lies, deceit, fabricated, and fraud to help Biden’s team to fool and brainwash you. He knows about an upcoming GOP’s investigation and the critical story of Biden’s mishandling top-secret documents and violation of American national security—the crux of the matter with the awful smell of Treason. Remember Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication and fraud.

The FBI, CIA and The KGB’s Mafia/Army

The Elite gathered in Davos to push a global agenda designed by Stalin was encourage and sponsored for years by his devoted disciple Russian President Vladimir Putin. Please, remember that Vladimir Putin was a respected member of the G20 in 2021. That was happening, because the FBI and CIA were not proper functioning or infiltrated by the foreign power. I was showing that foreign power during the decades introducing unknown to Americans the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov 1967-1982 and his KGB’s Mafia/Army. It was Andropov who designed and implemented the simultaneous infiltration in American security apparatus and media by the Russian Intel. If I didn’t believed it being in Russia, I saw it in America 60 years later. I was also introducing the “criminal cabal” in America that colluded with a new term—the KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Andropov’s Doer.

The current Biden’s Docs scandal can be understood only by people who are familiar with the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov. For them the entire picture of the Dem’s treason is clear. If you read my columns or books you will learn about Soviet Fascism long-term procedure moving slowly from Russia to America. It started under Clinton and continued under Obama and Biden. Putin is a devoted disciple of Stalin and Andropov, his collusion with Biden is obvious by the events in the Southern border if you know that Mexican Cartels are in fact the Russian Cartels of the KGB’s Mafia/Army operated since 1950-1960 in Mexica. Knowing Andropov, you will also learn the main point of collusion and his definition of information: “information is the precious commodity in politics.” It is Russian needs the information, read Unmasking the Underground Enemy: Russia,December 12, 2022.

FBI searches Biden’s Wilmington home and finds more classified materials. The FBI makes believe that the agency acts similar to the Trump case. It is not. On the contrary, the FBI has exposed the differences in many respects, a crumbling misleading defense of Biden. After collaborating with Biden’s team and associating in fraud making Biden the President, I don’t trust the FBI. The agency under Mr. Wray: for unknown to me reason he didn’t want to know Russia, its Intel and lost the ability to vet the enemy that demolishing us from within. You will listen about Russian ties a lot very soon. Moreover, The FBI committed a crime by preventing Americans from reading my books and columns about Russia in 2002, making me a Foreign Agent and banning my writings. This is a result of the recent chaos in America and the World…

The FBI and CIA have failed us, we have not been protected for a long time. In fear and disgust I am watching Dems-Socialists covering-up for Biden. I have already given you their names, but the FBI prevented you from knowing them and forced me to do it again. I called them Socialist Charlatans, lying thugs, and traitors for forty years, they are from different generations constantly destroying the American Republic: Georg Soros, Berny Sanders, James Clyburn, Debbie Dingle, Tim Kaine, Nancy Pelosi, and seventy others in the American Congress. This is only a tip of the iceberg. Read my columns to learn many others names. Supreme Mystery is not mystery for me: I know the KGB’s Mafia/Army and I suspect that two Supreme Court Justices have ties with them. .

You were witnessing total chaos within Biden’s team during the last two weeks—Docs Drama. We are now dealing with criminal investigation, legal process, where subject matter is criminal handling of top-secret Docs for decades. The “criminal cabal” of the Democrat Party will not investigate itself, as they did in Hillary’s case, not touching Bill’s Global Foundation, which I called—the eyes and ears of the KGB. It was a terrible mistake. We now have nationwide chaos because of the prior Dem policy, in my opinion Treason. We ought to learn a lesson and don’t allow the Democrats committing crime again. We also should learn Putin’s mentality and behavior watching Ukraine. He deliberately and inhumanely by fascist methods annihilated the Ukrainian people and their dwelling in the cold winter of 2022/2023.

There is instability around the world and now you feel that we are at WWIII. The agenda of two Special Counsels is very timely. I am writing this column for them to learn who is behind all American troubles. We are dealing with a legal process, where the subject matter is criminal handling of top-secret documents. The evidence is the crux of the matter in both cases. If the two Special Counsels are decent individuals, they will use the information, I have recorded for forty years, to establish the Truth. The fate of the American Republic and the Constitution left to us by our Founding Fathers depends of their professional investigations.

Putin/Biden Collusion in Destruction of America

Please, consider the fact that Biden’s cognitive state is under the question. But his collusion with Putin started in 2013-2914 on the issue of old corrupt Ukraine, when Biden was well. Now he has the same staff and the same advisers. I suspect that the same KGB’s Mafia/Army is now running the White House. You can read my book Socialist Revolution in America. XLIBRIS, 2021. Biden’s chief of staff is suddenly leaving the job…? There are several issues discussed in my books and columns that proved the Putin/Biden collusion for years. However, the national security catastrophe on the Southern border is the most harmful and damaging for the American future.

So, the first is a national security catastrophe on the Southern border. Today, America experiences Putin/Biden conspiracy in all directions, especially on the Southern border, where there is a global invasion orchestrated by Putin’s KGB the way he had been with the Muslim invasion in Europe 2015, and now with Biden’s open border policy to destroy America. An organized invasion, with thousands of migrants lining up and expanding every day. Don’t forget: Russia is a terrorist State and there are no Mexican Cartels—all those Cartels are the Russian Cartels of the KGB’s Mafia/Army. The crime, chaos and catastrophe on the Southern border will not be solved until the Putin/Bide conspiracy is investigated and exposed…

Republicans are struggling with the issue of abortion, because they don’t know that the Dems were using Socialist modus operandi, a subversion for decades to propagandize the issue. They had been working on this for decades and overturned Truman’s Party to Socialist one. I am writing about the events of this process for years to warn you. Read the latest column: Abortion & Other Socialist Plans to Destroy AmericaOne Down, Two to Go. June 24, 2022. A So-called Democrat Party is responsible for all violence connected to the issue and for defrauding you for decades by using Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication, and fraud…

Indoctrination of our children is obvious, I recognized it. Read about my childhood in the Soviet Union and it is a clear repetition of it in America. Adam Gillette, Accuracy in Media is right writing about indoctrination of the American children. There are many other socialist destructions in America, but I can’t describe all of them in one column. The Covid-19 is the combined invention of Socialist/Communist tandem Russia and China waging a war against American capitalism for decades. There are some Republicans who don’t know about WWIII, they are making mistakes, like Mike McCaul. To know Ukraine, you have to know Russia, its Intel, and Vladimir Putin, a devoted disciple of Stalin/Andropov, who is now sending Antifa to Atlanta.

To be continued and at

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.