PROJECT VERITAS: Katie Hobbs, who won’t debate Kari Lake, says “I don’t want to talk politics to anyone I don’t know” thumbnail

PROJECT VERITAS: Katie Hobbs, who won’t debate Kari Lake, says “I don’t want to talk politics to anyone I don’t know”

By The Editors

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs said that she does not “want to talk politics to anyone” she doesn’t know, new footage released by Project Veritas shows.

The video, released on Tuesday, shows how staffers for Hobbs’ campaign are attempting to conceal her position on firearms, and that they are trying to protect their candidate from taking to the debate stage against Republican opponent Kari Lake because Democrats will vote for their candidate either way.

Hobbs Campaign’s Head Political Consultant Joe Wolf told the undercover Veritas journalist that it was not worth the political risk for Hobbs to discuss her position on guns.

The Veritas journalist asks, “Would Katie [Hobbs] support something like an assault weapons ban?” to which Wolf says, “If she could, yeah. I mean, the problem is that it’s a federal issue, right?” He later says, “This state is crazy about their guns, so we’re not gonna take the beating for it before she can do anything about it.”

Wolf was later heard in a car saying Hobbs is protected by an AR-15 between campaign stops.

Veritas’ video features Hobbs expressing extreme discomfort when asked by an Uber driver what she does for a living, saying “I was like, ‘Uh, I work for a campaign.’ I don’t know why I said that — I just didn’t want to have this conversation. And he’s like, ‘Oh, Kari Lake?’ And I was like, ‘F**k no!’ I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to talk politics to anyone who I don’t know.”

Video of Hobbs’ campaign manager, Nicole DeMont, shows her suggesting that Hobbs wants to avoid talking to Arizonans: “When Clean Elections was like, ‘Here’s the debate format,’ it was exactly the same as the primary. It was like, we’re not gonna put her [Hobbs] in that like she’s not gonna be a part of something like that,” DeMont said.

“Like, if you wanna make a format that actually allows for a substantive policy debate, where you can compare positions, sure we’ll do that…So, they want to see Kari [Lake] create this spectacle. We’re not participating in that…We’re doing a bunch of forums where we can actually hear both sides,” she said.

In another instance, a field organizer named Jasper Adams, who works for Mission for Arizona which is tied to Arizona’s Democrat Party campaigns, went into detail on why Hobbs was avoiding a debate with Kari Lake.

“We have lots of concerns about Katie’s campaign,” Adams said in the video. “She’s not debating Kari Lake.”

When asked why, Adams said, “Between us, when we had a big staff training, her Communications Director came in and — she’s only been in the job for a few weeks, she was not prepared, and she was like, ‘What are the questions you’re getting that you want an answer for from the campaign? Like, what are we hearing from voters and volunteers?’ And the number one thing is, ‘Why aren’t you debating Kari Lake?’ And she did not have an answer, and it’s like, you gotta know that’s the question that’s coming.”

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How Not to Vote in Arizona

The 2022 midterm election is fast approaching. The system for voting in Arizona is predominantly by mail-in ballots (around 80% of all ballots). The ballots will be mailed out to all voters registered for mail-in voting on October 12th. The actual ‘day’ of the election is Tuesday November 8, 27 days later.

Once upon a time when all voters went to the polls on the day of election, the tabulated results were announced the night of the election date. If the result of a specific race was razor thin and less than a legislated margin, a recount might prevent the naming of a winner. That was the exception for calling the results of the election.

It is still this way in most first world countries but not the United States and certainly not Arizona. Voting rules (some unconstitutional) were dramatically altered in many states in 2020 because of the Covid pandemic.

We at The Prickly Pear are very concerned about the flaws in Arizona’s predominant ‘mail-in’ voting system.

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