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The GOP Primary is Over

By Dr. Rich Swier

“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.” — Isaiah 6:8, King James Version (KJV)

The first GOP presidential primary will begin on January 15th, 2021 with the Iowa Republican caucuses.

However, we believe that the primary is over.


Because of the persecution and prosecution of the 79+ million voters and their leader President Donald J. Trump who are part and parcel of the Make America Great movement.

Each and every time an attack is made against either Trump or a member of the MAGA movement the movement gets stronger and stronger.


Here are some reasons that the opponents of the MAGA movement are losing ground:

  1. Every time President Donald J. Trump is indicted his poll numbers go up and the MAGA movement gets stronger.
  2. Every time any patriot is harassed, arrested, tried, convicted and put in prison the MAGA movement gets stronger.
  3. Every time the truth is told and then shadow banned, deplatformed or attacked the MAGA movement gets stronger.
  4. Every time the traitors protect their fellow traitors and their families the MAGA movement gets stronger.
  5. Every time Americans fill up their gas tanks, purchase groceries, pay their bills, see their retirement accounts shrinking, the MAGA movement gets stronger.
  6. Every time Americans see how lawless their communities have become the MAGA movement gets stronger.
  7. Every time Americans see our borders violated and our immigration laws ignored the MAGA movement gets stronger.
  8. Every time Americans go to their doctors and see how big government has intruded into their patient/doctor relationship the MAGA movement gets stronger.
  9. Every time Americans see one racial group being given special privileges over other racial groups the MAGA movement gets stronger.
  10. Every time Americans watch the incompetence of the current administration the MAGA movement gets stronger.
  11. Every time Americans learn the truth about what really happened during the 2020 election, and the massive fraud that took place, the MAGA movement gets stronger.
  12. Every time Americans learn the truth about what really happened on January 6, 2021 Save America rally the MAGA movement gets stronger.

Every day since January 20th, 2021 Americans have learned NOT to trust their government, from the school house to the White House, less and less and therefore the MAGA movement keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Was there election fraud in Georgia in 2020?

YES there was.

My then husband, Perry Greene showed up to vote and was told he already voted by absentee ballot but did NOT and NEVER requested an absentee ballot.@GovKemp @GaSecofState what happened?

— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 (@RepMTG) August 16, 2023

A new poll has shown that Americans do not support how Department of Justice handled the Hunter Biden investigation.

Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?

In an email President Donald J. Trump wrote,

We are living through the darkest chapter of American history.

We are watching the ruling regime try to IMPRISON its opposition. Nothing like this has ever before happened in America.

I will continue to speak out against the disturbing downfall of our once great country – but there’s one thing you will NEVER hear me say…

You will never hear me feel sorry for myself. You will never hear me lose hope in our country.

As dark as these days may be, our national history is filled with peaceful patriots who REFUSED to give up even during the toughest times imaginable.

There were many times when the cause of our Founding Fathers looked bleak. The odds were certainly not in their favor.

They were standing up to the largest empire the world had ever seen.

Imagine if in 1775, the Founders decided that their mission was impossible and so they dropped to their knees and surrendered their noble quest for freedom. America never would’ve existed.

But they didn’t give up. Because they embodied that age-old adage: “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

The truth is: nothing great in life ever comes easily — and what could be greater than reclaiming our American Independence from a corrupt, self-serving regime that attempts to imprison its opposition?

When I chose to run against the ruling class as a complete political outsider, I knew what I was getting myself into.

I knew that the Deep State would use the full weight of the federal government to try and take me down.

But the Deep State made one massive mistake…

They didn’t realize that they wouldn’t just have to take me down, but the millions and millions of hardworking Americans who refuse to surrender our country as well.

Thanks to YOU, our movement is stronger than ever before.

Together, we have defied every narrative, we have outsmarted the so-called experts, and we have trumped the special interest globalist donors.

So, let me once again say to all our haters and enemies who want to put me BEHIND BARS for the rest of my life as an innocent man — I WILL NEVER SURRENDER OUR MISSION.

We will prevail against these vicious witch hunts.

We will win back the White House.

We will save America from tyranny.


[Emphasis added]

The Bottom Line

Never give up. Never surrender. We are winning even though the legacy media wants us to think that we are losing.

How do we know?

2024 National Republican Primary

• Trump — 60%
• Ramaswamy — 13%
• DeSantis — 8%
• Christie — 5%
• Pence — 4%
• Haley — 4%
• Scott — 2%@RMG_Research (B-) | 229 LV | 08/11-14

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) August 16, 2023