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VIDEO: Barry Shaw reporting live from Israel

By Dr. Rich Swier

We are very pleased to again have with us on DISSENT Television Barry Shaw, who is reporting to us live from Israel.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Barry was also the co-founder of the Netanya Terror Victims Organization after a wave of Palestinian terror, including numerous suicide bombings, hit his Israeli hometown of Netanya.

Barry is the author of several books, including ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism.”

Barry writes and speaks on issues from an Israeli perspective.


Barry Shaw is a Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies.

He is regularly contributes to various media outlets including the Jerusalem Post and a frequent speaker at conferences and pro-Israel advocacy events.

Shaw has been a staunch defender of Israel in the public diplomacy arena for decades and has initiated the creation of several pro-Israel grassroots groups,

He has a keen following of tens of thousands of people globally.

Shaw is the author of three books:

Israel Reclaiming the Narrative rebuts fraudulent allegations against Israel with fact based refutations.

Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism is a thoroughly  researched exposure of the Jew hatred at the heart of the Palestinian cause from their headquarters in Gaza and Ramallah into the campuses and anti-Israel activism in too many Western countries.

His most recent book, BDS for IDIOTS,’ employs ridicule as new method of countering BDS activists and repudiating their slander against Israel with facts and humor.

Barry may be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Telegram.

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