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VIDEO: Canadian Muslims hold ‘Million Man March’ Against State-Sexualization of Children

By Vlad Tepes Blog

A planned, ‘Million Man March’ against state-sexualization of children with all its subcategories is planned for Wednesday morning across various Canadian cities. The planning was by a Muslim community leader, and is not without internal drama, although I don’t know the specifics. In any case, one of our readers posted this about (the state thugs with the illusion of a degree of separation such as) ANTIFA etc. who are planning a counter-protest. This is interesting as so far, whenever Muslims protest SOGI or any of the other hideous state programs to remind parents that the state has total control of children, right up to sexually mutilating them and sterilizing them without parents even having the right to argue privately to the children that maybe this is a bad idea, the media and leftists ignore it, figuring that in classic Marxist thinking, if no one knows the Muslims are protesting these policies, then the state-dialectic that Muslims are a victim group along with all the various sexual-deviations from the norm are a united front against classical Western thought.

The dialectic is that the revolutionaries refer to as, “racists, Islamophobes, bigots, haters, transphobes” and every other kind of rhetorical device used to silence and ideally, destroy, de-bank and so on, anyone with counter-revolutionary views using Repressive Tolerance and Discourse theory

To be clear, one must look at the entire issue as one of total Hegelian-Marxist revolution Vs. classical civilization including, and especially the method of thought deployed and how policies are created from that method of thought. We are Socratic. We believe there is an objective reality that can be determined through reason, evidence and logic, at least to a degree, and that policies can be created for the greater good as applied to the individual. Much in the sense that a pilot knows that if he can get down and off the aircraft safely, chances are so will his passengers. The new way, at least for North America, is the Hegelian standard. “And the state shall be unto like a God that bestrides the land”.

If ANTIFA and other revolutionaries under whatever rubric they claim, decide to show up and intimidate what is supposed to be mostly Muslims protesting SOGI, it means they have a strategy for regurgitating the event to the public in cooperation with the media. Either the media will not show it at all, or carefully tailer the footage to make sure that they show only non-Muslims as targets of the revolutionary thugs so they can present it in the manner in accordance with the usual dialectic. In any case, learning about it by CBC and comparing it to footage here or on Twitter or whatnot should be interesting. Twitter however buries a lot of posts it seems. In one post I did, I wrote as a 3 word part discussing solutions, “Grannies not Trannies” in terms of the program of transsexuals and transvestites reading to kids and it was suppressed for hate speech. One can be confident that any post suggesting Trump supporters not be allowed to do something, would not be treated this way. So be cautious with Twitter as well.

It is also quite likely that this is fake. The people are real, and their views, most likely are what is presented. But that they intentionally leaked this as disinformation (deliberate falsehoods intended to damage a target as opposed to naïve spreading of it by those who fall for it which is misinformation) as they include “Islamophobia” as one of the reasons they want to counter-protest when it is Muslims who are organizing the event.

There is simply NO WAY they would not know that this is in fact organized by a Muslim community leader.

If you go to around 21 minutes you can hear the tactic. She names the groups they want to protect. This means this video was likely created and released to maintain the illusion that there are two groups: Every possible victim of Western civ, including Muslims, Vs. evil white supremacist-colonialists. I add colonialists because of the excessive land claims statement at the beginning of the zoom, which clearly is meant to replace any form of national allegiance or pledge to the crown or nation-state. So there is the dialectic. The video itself is the weapon. They cannot show up and counter-protest and be seen to be against people who will be conspicuously Islamic in appearance and clothing. Instead, they leak a video which continues the narrative that Muslims are victims of counter-revolutionaries as much as ‘trans-kids’ are. This would be in keeping with Leftist thought and tactics. One imagines that we will know on Wednesday. For all we can know, there are more layers of disinformation and the tactical use of words involved. Perhaps that could explain some of the behind the scenes drama betwixt the organizers. No details on that have been provided though.

This is said to be a complete transcription of the video, although we have not checked it.

Here is an interesting paragraph demonstrating they are aware of the issue of who organized the march and are hiding it to preserve the dialectic of Islam and sexual deviant groups together Vs. who they have sculpted as the acceptable villains.

What is unique about this is that it’s now being under the guise of being led by parents, it’s being led by the guise of being led by religious faith, and it’s being led by religious faith and some sort of ethnic communities. And we need to be very sure that we make sure that our response is based on the hate and not on the people. And it’s a very easy way to divide many diverse communities by pitting us against each other.

The slide presentation in this video is also useful.

And here is the recording. It’s boring in the beginning but gets better RE:
“Breaking News- I have just been given a super private/secret recording of a joint union meeting held Sept 16, 2023 to organize strategic attacks & counter-protests against those parents, grandparents…

— Odessa Orlewicz (@OdessaOrlewicz) September 16, 2023

To be clear on who the people created as targets of acceptable, even mandatory hate, watch this short clip from the Trans-march in Ottawa from this summer:

CUPE Ontario appears to be recruiting for the counter-protests which is data suggesting the organization of the counter-protest is real and the video may in fact be a real leak. So hard to tell these days.

The ultra-conservative right has organized nationwide events under the pretext of protecting children, while their true aim is to protest the teaching of 2SLGBTQIA+ content in schools.

Our mission is clear: to counter these protests and demonstrate unequivocally that there is no…

— CUPE Ontario (@CUPEOntario) September 16, 2023

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