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VIDEO: NYC Hotel Mobbed by Illegals Refusing to Leave Hotel For Relocation

By The Geller Report

New Yorkers voted for this. They always vote Democrat. You reap what you vote.

The Democrats that opened the floodgates to these ingrates is the same party what refused entry to Jew fleeing

Migrants refuse to leave Hell’s Kitchen hotel for relocation to Brooklyn

By David Propper, Joe Marino, Larry Celona and Bernadette Hogan, January 30, 2023 12:15am Updated

Dozens of migrants stood their ground outside the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday night and refused to leave for a new shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Cops had mobilized around the hotel around 10 p.m. as more than 50 migrants were standing outside with activists assisting with food, water and translations.

Single men were supposed to be brought to the new shelter over the weekend that would provide the same services they’ve been receiving, city officials said.

At one point, a city bus arrived and a small number of migrants jumped on, though the vast majority stayed put in front of the hotel on West 57th Street. Activists argued the migrants were being forced out of the hotel.

One Manhattan activist told The Post the men outside were staying at the hotel and were prepared to stay outside overnight. Some were moved to the new shelter earlier this weekend, but opted to return to the Manhattan site, she said.

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There were more activists than migrants at the Watson Hotel last night.

It was more of a block party for far-left activists than a humanitarian crisis. There was food, party favors, and the migrants seemed to be in good spirits.

— Jason Curtis Anderson (@JCAndersonNYC) February 1, 2023

NYC: Migrants refuse to leave Watson Hotel for transfer to shelter.

No Joke: Migrants want to stay at the hotel, or have Mayor Adams open luxury apartments that are vacant.

— Carol Clarke (@neverlosetruth) January 30, 2023


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