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VIDEO: Unveiling the ‘Censorship Industrial Complex’

By O’Keefe Media Group

Thanks to a bombshell report released by Congressman Jim Jordan, the tangled web of organizations involved in keeping the truth from you has been unveiled.

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The Election Integrity Partnership (EIP), a Stanford and University of Washington project, served as the spearhead to funnel reports discrediting and censoring my work along with many other voices on the right.

EIP worked with DHS’s CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) to hand off their reports to the media, including the New York Times.  From there, Facebook and other social media platforms used the articles and reports from self-professed “experts” to label stories as “disinformation.”

The result of this highly coordinated effort at censorship was keeping YOU from learning the truth about ballot harvesting and other incidents of election fraud in the lead-up to Election Day.

And you can count on history repeating itself in the 2024 Elections.

Astonishingly, the lengths companies, universities, and even our government will go to discredit, censor, and misinform the public under the authority of “fighting disinformation.”

The censorship efforts took an Orwellian turn with the involvement of our federal government, but congressional leaders are watching and listening.

After our report was released last night, Rep. Thomas Massie tweeted, “I’m offering an amendment tomorrow to defund this program.”

However, can they be defunded when this program is also funded by the Atlantic Counsel, a foreign think-thank paid for by Facebook, and even Burisma (yes, THAT Burisma)?

We shall see.

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