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Anyone Who Can’t Recognize Flaws In 2020 Is Unfit To Help Republicans Win

By The Geller Report

Going into 2024, all the known skullduggery and criminal election fraud activity aside, upwards of20% registered Voters in twenty six States either DO NOT EXIST or reside at an address that DOES NOT EXIST.

The fix is in.

The RNC Is Right: Anyone Who Can’t Recognize Flaws In 2020 Is Unfit To Help Republicans Win

By: Brianna Lyman, The Federalist, March 28, 2024

Winning requires first acknowledging past and existing problems.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is reportedly asking prospective employees what they think about the 2020 election — as they should.

Citing unnamed sources, The Washington Post reported that job applicants at the RNC have been asked about whether they believe the 2020 election was “stolen,” although the Post acknowledged the questions were “open-ended.”

The Post tried to spin the story as the RNC “demanding fealty” to former President Donald Trump, using the words of President Joe Biden’s rapid response director. But beating Democrats — who showed in 2020 that they are willing to ignore the rule of law in order to change how elections are fundamentally run, to their advantage — starts by acknowledging what happened in 2020.

“Potential staffers who worked on the front line in battleground states or are currently in states where fraud allegations have been prevalent were asked about their work experience,” RNC and Trump spokeswoman Danielle Alvarez said in a statement to The Federalist. “We want experienced staff with meaningful views on how elections are won and lost and real experience-based opinions about what happens in the trenches.”

So what did happen in the “trenches”?

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