Behold: Diversity in Failure

We would not for one moment diminish the seriousness of the debacle Biden has made of his “withdrawal” from Afghanistan.

When a great superpower is this badly managed, history suggests ugly and terrible things will follow. 

It is said that nature abhors a vacuum and that has always been the case in foreign policy. Weakness is always probed by our enemies and with a weak and befuddled President at the helm, you can expect all those that want to take advantage to come out swinging.

The allies we have remaining must be left wondering if they are next. It is not just the Kurds, Iraqis, but also the Taiwanese, the Koreans, the Poles, Ukrainians, Australians, and Israelis who must sit up and take notice.

NATO members, so eager to get a President that was part of “their club” back in power, must be wondering what they have done. It would seem there is a high price to be paid for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The United States is no longer an honorable or dependable partner. Don’t have any illusions. The Democrats are running things here and may be doing so for some time. Our nation is divided badly, going bankrupt, and is run by a political party whose grasp on reality is so tenuous that it borders on mental illness.

Afghanistan will resume as a headquarters for international terrorism. That is what Jihad is all about. 

All the talk about the wonder of transgenderism will not change the character of the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, or the Taliban. The Democrats have put us all in danger.

Our adversaries must think we are crazy. And of course, they are correct.

This is a failure not of just of Creepy Joe Biden, but the Democrat Party and its progressive wing. In fact, Joe was formed, tutored, and selected for his role.

After all, it was former President Bush at the inauguration who took Congressman Jim Clyburn aside and said, “you know, you’re the savior, because if you had not nominated Joe Biden, we would not be having this transfer of power today.”

I wonder what Bush thinks of salvation right now.

The failure is now evident at the southern border, in Covid response, in control of the budget, in the forcing of Critical Race Theory, in defunding the police, in dealing with the homeless, in energy policy, the Chinese, and the disaster in Afghanistan.

The fruits of Progressivism will be bitter. It is too bad that those of us who gagged on its taste will be forced to dine with the guilty.

But there is one bright spot. Perhaps the diversity movement will get its comeuppance.

To be very clear, we think women and minorities are unquestionably capable of holding high-level jobs in the professions, in commerce, and in government. We have no problems with outreach programs to see that qualified women and minorities are recruited. But the movement to drop standards simply to stuff as many minorities as possible into positions of leadership, regardless of their talent and experience, was always going to lead to disaster.

Besides, according to Democrat progressives, there is little difference between men and women. They now designate women as so-called ‘birthing persons’, so why is all the fuss about getting ‘women’ (versus men, who may identify as women) placed into high levels of authority and leadership necessary?

If this nonsense occurs at a university or in a corporation, the ill effects of diversity may not be known for some time and the damage might be localized. But in high levels of government, it can be immediate, fatal, and dispersed.

We thought of this when we heard the truly idiotic remarks from Nancy Pelosi and now our UN Ambassador threatening the Taliban if they don’t respect women and girls. Now that we have pulled out, what leverage do we have? Why would people willing to fly airliners into buildings be intimidated by their finger-wagging?

The UN Ambassador is a good case in point. No doubt for political optics the Biden Administration looked at a black female as a twofer on the diversity scoreboard. But what kind of an idiot, male or female, could utter such nonsense as this: “We are hearing from people in Afghanistan that they are getting threats from the Taliban, and we have expressed in no uncertain terms here at the United Nations through a very strongly worded press statement from the Security Council that we expect the Taliban to respect human rights, including the rights of women and girls.”

Coming in with a close second is Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. “We have seen reports that the Taliban, contrary to their public statements and their commitments to our government, are blocking Afghans who wish to leave the country from reaching the airport.”

Both seemed shocked that unicorns and rainbows are rare in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the White House seems at odds with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs about whether travel to the airport is open or not. Confusion reigns.

So, again, just for the education of those in the State Department, you get the evacuation done BEFORE YOU PULL OUT AND LOSE ALL THE MILITARY LEVERAGE. Duh!

The number of Americans stranded seems to vary from 10,000 to 40,000, the Administration does not seem to know. Why don’t they?  Was not the condition of these Americans on their mind? More likely, they are worried whether these unfortunate countrymen are wearing masks and social distancing.

On the other hand, we suspect those Americans trapped by their own government behind enemy lines are not primarily concerned about the CIA’s diversity agenda.

In the Iran hostage crisis that broke Jimmy Carter, Islamic militants stormed our embassy to get hostages. In the Biden Administration, we have provided hostages to the enemy. It appears we may have provided some of the militants as well, as we released them from custody.

Naturally, our Vice President, another twofer for the diversity scoreboard, is silent and apparently on her way to the last country the Democrats sold out, Vietnam. That seems fitting.

The head of the Department of Defense is black and the head of National Intelligence is a woman. The National Security Advisor graduated from Yale, thus proving the sorry state of higher education. It is hard to see how this disaster does not put a spotlight on their role in all of this.

As for the entire cabinet, these are the people who have to make a decision under the 25th Amendment. If you are not familiar with the cabinet, behold the diversity. Come to think of it, the minority of white males is not much to brag about either.

Beyond that, the Democrats have produced a vast quantity of failed local minority leaders such as Lori Lightfoot, the racist Mayor of Chicago. At least Ms. Lightfoot has experience in a combat zone.

Then there is “the Squad”, an all-female tribe of mixed ancestry that seems to hate America more than the Taliban. They basically seem to control Congress.

The gay Governor of California is incompetent and so are numerous female, black and gay prosecutors and mayors.

Understand, we really don’t care what someone’s race is or their sexual preference. We care that they are competent and honorable people who are committed to the Constitution and the interests of the American people.

However, the diversity movement argues that all testing, all experience, all education or any other measures of competence are simply the product of racism and misogyny and are, therefore, invalid as a tool for selection. It logically follows, there is no rational basis for making a choice. What is left is an irrational basis.

The criteria used are solely for political optics. It becomes a quest to find the person who looks attractive to the Democrat voter base and send the correct rainbow coalition signals, rather than a search to find the most qualified and experienced person to fill the job, regardless of their race and gender or fluidity. Do you remember when Biden said he would pick a black female for Vice President, even before the search had begun? The results of such a renunciation of the importance of experience and intelligence are self-evident.

So, the unfolding disaster is not just a disaster for Democrats. It is a disaster for the whole underpinning of the diversity movement. Diversity virtue signaling will not work with rifle butts and machine-gun fire as Afghan women are quickly finding out.

Sure, it may be tragic and people will die as a result. But at least during our downfall we can look back with pride and say, our leaders may have been jerks but we achieved diversity in failure.