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The New Progressive Era: The Age of Corruption

Those of you who can remember your U.S. History, recall the turn of the 20th century “Progressives” who among other things, attempted to reduce political corruption. Many leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt fought the entrenched forces of Tammany Hall, advocated for a professional civil service based on merit, supported voter initiatives and recalls, and promoted “muckraking” […]

Legendary Gun Maker Moves Out of Progressive Massachusetts

Smith & Wesson, a legendary name in American firearms manufacturing has announced it is leaving Springfield Massachusetts for the friendlier business and political climate of East Tennessee. Smith and Wesson President and CEO Mark Smith suggested the company had “been left with no alternative” other than to leave because of legislation that passed in the […]

Manchin Drops The Hammer

After weeks of speculation about the position of Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), the Senator made the following statement about the proposed $3.5 trillion dollars worth of Biden’s new spending: “Every Member of Congress has a solemn duty to vote for what they believe is best for the country and the American people, not their party,” […]

Results of the Arizona Audit Pending

Senator Karen Fann announced that the results of the Arizona audit should be made public on September 24, 2021. Like many voters, we are curious to see the results. Like most voters, we have tried to follow developments that are confusing, to say the least. One thing that does emerge is that conducting a forensic […]

Sweden Has Disappeared

The entire nation of Sweden seems to have disappeared. So far as we can tell, no scientific investigation into the disappearance of Sweden has been conducted. In fact, it is among scientists that Sweden seems to have pulled off an amazing vanishing act. Politicians around the world also have lost complete contact with the country. […]

The Economist Is Starting to Get It

I have read the Economist for 40 years. It is perhaps the best international news magazine that actually understands economics, even if we might have different views. It was founded in 1843 by James Wilson, not surprisingly an economist. It is rare that a publication can stay in business that long.  That longevity says things […]

New Big Spending When We Can’t Afford It

One of the major issues of the day is the complete lack of fiscal responsibility. This is unfortunately a bipartisan failure because when Republicans were in power, they did little to shore up the finances of the country.  Republicans talked a good game of entitlement reform, but always turned back from what some call “the third […]

The Socialist Robot from Scranton

Certainly this early in the first term, it might be premature to issue judgements on Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., but we confess he has turned out to be even worse than our most disturbing nightmare. He has divided the country further, by pitting the masked against the unmasked, the vaccinated against the unvaccinated. He has attempted to […]

Will America Be Held Hostage?

Many in the media are raising legitimate questions about tactical aspects of the Biden Blunder in Afghanistan. Among them are things we have questioned ourselves, such as why was Bagram Airbase abandoned, why dismantle the intelligence capabilities, long before consideration was given to the U.S. citizens likely to still be in-country? The military leaves last, […]

Initial Public Reaction Negative For Biden

In politics, often it is the optics of a situation, not necessarily the facts that determine the eventual political repercussions of a particular event. Sometimes no amount of effort can undo the impact of the striking visual message. The Economist, the reliably left-leaning publication of the international business elite suggests the implications of Biden’s botched withdrawal […]

Reimagine Competence

To “reimagine” is a favorite buzzword on the Left. Embedded in the idea is that imagination alone can change reality. The reality you see is a social construct. All previous people were idiots and what they learned about living together is nonsense. We don’t need nation-states or nuclear families; we don’t even need the sexes…  just […]

A China In A Bull Shop

China has taken a number of steps of late to restrict enterprise. Press reports often phrase that there has been a “crackdown” on the private sector as if a private sector really exists in China. In other cases, they have stepped in, as in the case of Hong Kong, to destroy freedom and the economic […]

The Investor’s Dilemma Part II

“Think of the tulip bubble. It’s very easy to look back at that episode and throw stones: ‘How could anyone in their right mind ever consider paying almost one million dollars for a single tuber?’ one might ask even as he lives in a glass house represented by his trading portfolio made up of shitcoins or memestocks worth, in […]

The Investor’s Dilemma Part I

“In essence, financial technology is a time machine we have built ourselves.  It can’t move people through time, but it can move their money.  As a result, it alters the economic position of our current and future selves. It also changes the way we think. Finance has stretched the ability of humans to imagine and […]

More Than an Amicus Brief

An amicus brief means “friend of the court.” In this case, we mean the brief spearheaded by the Attorneys General of Arizona and Missouri, and joined by 26 other states, asking the Supreme Court of the United States to set aside restrictions in New York, and other states, that will not allow citizens to fully […]

Going There

In common conversation, one often hears the expression “don’t go there.” It means the conversation has reached a point whereby going any further with the topic is going to create stress, disagreement, controversy, and discomfort. Well, someone has to go there, and so we will. We are talking about the obvious cognitive decline of the […]