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Biden Invited Muslim Terror Leader To Meet With Senior White House Aides

By The Geller Report

Biden courting the Islamic terror vote.

Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip is not vengeance for October 7th.

It is thoroughly a defensive war to eradicate Hamas, the organization that has pledged to kill every last Israeli.

Biden invited Muslim leader who publicly supported terror group Hezbollah to meet with his top aides

The meeting was organized as Biden faces criticism from the Arab American and Muslim community over his stance on the Israel-Hamas war

By Joe Schoffstall, Fox News, February 8, 2024:

President Biden sent top aides to Michigan on Thursday to meet with Arab American and Muslim community leaders, and one person reportedly invited to the discussion has publicly expressed support for the terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas.

Biden made the move with the leaders as he’s faced criticism from the Muslim community over his handling of the Israel-Hamas war. The Associated Press, which first reported the forum, noted the event positions the administration to “mend ties” with a community that will play a critical role in a battleground state for the 2024 elections.

While the list of attendees was not released, one individual the White House reportedly invited to the event was Osama Siblani, the publisher of Arab American News headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan.

“I’m for the dialogue, and I believe we owe it to our country and to our community and the people in Gaza, to listen and be heard,” Siblani said of the gathering. He told the outlet the White House invited him, and he planned to attend.

Siblani, meanwhile, appears to be a questionable choice as a participant, as he’s openly discussed his support for Hezbollah with mainstream publications in the past.

The Muslim activist came out in support of the organization in 2006 as they fought Israeli forces in southern Lebanon. At the time, the FBI had issued a national alert for law enforcement to investigate and profile Hezbollah sympathizers.

“If the FBI wants to come after those who support the resistance done by Hezbollah, then they better bring a fleet of buses,” Siblani told the Chicago Tribune. “I, for one, would be willing to go to jail.”

That instance, however, was not the first time he had supported the terror organization.

Siblani told the Washington Post in 2004 that Al Manar, Hezbollah’s TV station, had popularity among Arab Americans because of its unwavering support for “resistance against Israeli occupation.”

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Meet Biden’s partner. From MEMRI:

Osama Siblani: “Peace be upon the pure blood that poured from Shireen Abu Akleh’s head. Peace be upon the blood that irrigates the land of Palestine, so that heroic martyrs like her and like others would emerge from it, and Palestine would be liberated and restored to the Arab nation.


“Do you see what is happening in Palestine? They thought that 1948 is a demarcation line. They thought we forgot. Now, surprise, fedayeen are setting out from the land of 1948. They are striking them with knives and with their bare hands, and they are victorious.


“We are the Arabs who are going to lift Palestinians all the way to victory, whether we are in Michigan and whether we are in Jenin. Believe me, everyone should fight within his means.

“They will fight with stones, others will fight with guns, others will fight with planes, drones, and rockets, others will fight with their voices, and others will fight with their hands and say: ‘Free, free Palestine!’”

Crowd: “Free, free Palestine!”


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