CAIR’s 2021 Agenda Seeks to Undermine U.S. National Security at All Levels.

The following selection taken from the Council on American-Islamic Relation’s 2021 promotional literature illustrates why Florida Family Association vigorously counters the organization’s Islamist crusade.
The Council on American-Islamic Relation’s December 22, 2020 news release states the following:

CAIR welcomes the incoming Biden-Harris administration’s pledge to end the Muslim Ban on day one, include Muslims at  every  level of his administration and address issues of racial and religious discrimination. CAIR plans to join other American Muslim leaders and organizations in ensuring that the new administration fulfills these promises.

In addition to these pledges, CAIR is calling on the new administration to implement — in its first 100 days — a progressive civil rights agenda that starts with the repeal of the Muslim Ban and then pushes forward to authorize and begin the process of carrying out the following civil rights reforms:


1. Fundamentally  reform the federal government’s unconstitutional Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB), commonly referred to as the “terrorism watchlist.”

2. Dismantle   the   TSA’s  secretive   Quiet  Skies passenger  tracking   program,   its   international counterpart Silent Partner and other rules-based lists, that operate without Congressional oversight to single out   law-abiding   Muslim   travelers   for   official harassment and extrajudicial consequences without due process.

3. Oppose  and  defund  the U.S. Department of

Homeland Security’s (“DHS”) 2020 “Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention” (“TVTP”) grant program, the successor  of  DHS’s  previous   Countering   Violent Extremism (“CVE”) grant program.

4. End the FBI’s use of informants to spy on American Muslim communities.

5. Reject any new domestic terrorism statutes.

6. Close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba  and  ensure  those  detainees  already  cleared for release are repatriated, and those that remain in U.S. custody are provided due process and a day in court.


7. Fulfill commitment to revoke the Muslim and Africa travel ban executive orders and related proclamations on day-one in office.

8. Work with Congress to adopt the NO BAN Act.

9. Repair the damage done by the Trump administration to the U.S. immigration system by reversing restrictions on the ability to travel and immigrate to the United States.

10. Work  with  Congress  to repeal the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)  Improvement  and Terrorist Travel Prevention  Act  of 2015,  re-evaluate  all   countries currently designated by the federal government under the VWP, and end all other discriminatory anti-Muslim “extreme vetting programs.”

11. Restore and enhance protections for asylum seekers and refugees, halt the detention of asylum seekers and other abusive practices, invest in refugee resettlement programs, and invest in humane alternatives to detention of asylum seekers and refugees.

CAIR’s 2021 agenda clearly threatens our national security and the Judeo-Christian liberties that millions of Americans cherish.
Florida Family Association will continue to counter CAIR’s Islamist crusade.
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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    Islam is more than just a religion. It is a complete way of life under Sharia. It is totalitarian, subversive, and when suit wearing jihadis try to play the religion of peace card it is taqiyya.

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