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Education Fails Again. America is Repeating Bad History

By Karen Schoen

How many times have you heard, “If you don’t know history you will repeat it.” Is that ever a true statement. The amount of missing history does not just apply to America. This is happening worldwide. If the Pro-Hamas gay/trans/women supporters weren’t being gaslighted and brainwashed every minute of every day on social media, or MSM maybe, just maybe they would rethink what they were doing and stop shouting for worldwide Sharia. Do the Gays and Trans know that the Quran considers homosexuality as a crime punishable by death? Do the women know they will have to cover from head to toe with only their eye showing? They can’t go to school, drive or shop at Gucci. No bikinis for them no separate opinions or thoughts. You will comply or die. Where was that coming from? Do they know that the Israeli’s have not been in GAZA since 2005. All the horrors they  experience comes at the hands of Hamas? This war is not just about Jews. The goal of Hamas is to make the world Sharia compliant. Which group will they target next?

Because the history of America has not been taught, students learn selected portions showing only the bad. Every country has good, bad, wonderful and ugly. That is how we learn. The idea is to take the good from each learn about the mistakes and make great decisions based on the experiences you have learned. When all you learn is bad, kids are depressed and have no future. They turn to drug, drink, actually any stimulus will do. They become addicted to their stimulus then they become slaves of those providing the addiction. This is how they get taken advantage.

In this new global world that has been designed for us provides limited learning for lifelong labor. Behave and you will get your stipend. Misbehave and you will end up in jail or dead. Since globalists have no regard for life, we will become a number not a human. Globalists are also involved with technology, as they think it will bring them eternal life. Our chip will tell us what to do, what to say and how to behave. Open borders are perfect because they do not want countries. They want one flag under the United Nations. Same rules for all. Behave, comply or die. They are not fooling when they say you will own nothing and be happy.   How do I know, how can I predict. Just study the past.

Globalists are the kings, the elite, the royalty they consider us as their serfs.  The problem is that we allow it. We give them the power. Is it not time to take that power back? On today’s show, Bill Federer will tell us the story of America by explaining what the world was like and why the people acted as they did. Ileana Johnson will show the same things going on today. Nothing has changed except the names.  Human nature is the same. There is good and there is evil. If good doesn’t call out evil with the truth no matter how hard it is, then evil will thrive. It is time. No more mandates, no more pronouns, no more wokeness, no more climate change, no more gaslighting. No more lying bureaucrats. Read this article.  It is important to understand how gaslighting works. We have been led by evil liars.

Enough is enough.

Don’t for one minute believe that Republicans are here to help you. The action to expel George Santos just affirms my theory that America is being run by Affirmative Action, lets lower the standards in school, graduates. GOP has no strategy or desire to win anything. They all should be expelled. They can’t count.  We have a slim margin so lets make is slimmer because the media wants it.  What is wrong with these people? Sounds like as long as they are not called bad names they don’t mind losing.  They are losers. Stop funding the GOP. Remember that when a democrat wins Santos seat. Primary these losers/traitors they are to stupid to lead anyone.

These people are not who you are told they are. Kissinger, the globalist is a perfect example. This is one of the best articles on liar globalist Henry I have read.

To add insult to injury Speaker Mike Johnson Is Reportedly Considering Slipping Controversial Warrantless Surveillance Reauthorization (FISA Section 702) Into Defense Bill. Surveillance on Americans condoned by Congress, will you stand for that? Will you call?.

Contact House Speaker Johnson 202-225-4000

Contact Chairman and Representative Jim Jordan  202-225-2676

Contact House Judiciary Committee  202-225-6906

Speaker Mike Johnson Is Reportedly Considering Slipping Controversial Warrantless Surveillance Reauthorization (FISA Section 702) Into Defense Bill

Everything is connected. Nothing is random, Everything has a plan. All plans are lies. All Globalists want is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is affirmation.

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