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Numerous Voter ‘Irregularities’ Exposed in Nevada – Predictor for 2024?

By Catherine Salgado

Numerous Nevada voters discovered on Sunday that there were worrisome errors in their voting history. Nevada was also one state with evidence of mass election fraud in the 2020 election.

Nevada’s Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar is a Democrat, and the state has a history now of sketchy election proceedings. Can we trust Aguilar when he claims to have fixed a voting irregularity?

From Trending Politics News:

“Nevada’s Secretary of State said reforms are underway after scores of voters noticed irregularities in their online records, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal…Technicians who reviewed the system blamed the problem on voter registrars in certain counties not taking proper steps to update voter registration records in the statewide system…

Daphne Lee, a Las Vegas resident and registered Republican, told the Review-Journal she checked her online voting records on Sunday and discovered that the system showed she and her family had cast mail-in ballots in the recent Republican primary, despite them not doing so. After trying to opt out of future mail-in ballots, she was told her voter record no longer existed.”

Aguilar claimed, “The top-down Voter Registration and Election Management System (VREMS) project at the Secretary of State’s office will go live prior to the June 2024 election, and remove the need for these outdated processes.” But can we trust him when it comes to election integrity? Probably not.

The Heartland Institute estimated that Donald Trump likely won Nevada in the 2020 election, before the fraudulent ballots were included. The 2020 election in Nevada included instances of the same voter apparently voting multiple times, dead people voting, non-residents voting, and other fraud. Will the Democrats try the same in 2024? I think we can safely say yes, and possibly even on a more egregious scale, now that they know they can get away with it.

Indeed, while the technology might have changed, Democrat election fraud is nothing new or unusual. It has been happening on a massive scale at least since the mid-1800s. Democrats have stolen dozens if not hundreds of elections over the years, using voter intimidation, ballot stuffing, mail-in voting, and other dishonest tactics. Even the ridiculous effort to remove Donald Trump from ballots is not new—a similar stunt was pulled in the 1860 election against Republican Abraham Lincoln!

Democrats always cheat—it’s their modus operandi because they always have been the anti-American party. They don’t believe most ordinary citizens, especially those who disagree with them, should really have the power to choose their own representatives. We stupid peasants don’t know what’s good for us; the enlightened elites will choose our oligarchs for us, from their position of eminent superiority.

The Democrat Party has been dishonest, elitist, and anti-constitutional from its very inception, and it won’t change now. The only question is whether Republicans are going to face facts and be ready to counter the fraud in 2024.


Catherine Salgado is an accomplished writer and investigative reporter who publishes daily in her Substack column, Pro Deo et Libertate (For God and Liberty). This superb column provides news and opinion pieces from an honest, common-sense perspective in the spheres of culture, politics, liberal arts, and religion. The Prickly Pear is grateful for her permission to reproduce her public writings and recommends that our readers subscribe to Catherine’s superb Substack column. Please consider a paid subscription for full access to all of her excellent and informative writings.


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