Report Details How Leftist Organizations Have Infiltrated Our State Election Systems

Please read and share the below report. We need to be aware of leftist so called voter info/rights groups operating in Florida attempting to sway our elections to the dark side such as the two which follow.

Citizen’s Guide to Researching Outside Influences In Your Local Election Office

by Ned Jones The Virginia Project

Researching outside influences in your local election office is an on-going project. It is vital to know which groups, entities and individuals are working inside the election offices and to know how they may be influencing decisions and outcomes in our election offices.

The goal is to find and expose those outside influences that are having a significant effect on our elections. There are many tools for the Citizen Researcher to use in this effort.

If you have a genuine interest in our election system, and believe that we no longer have fair and honest elections, then here’s what you can do as a Citizen Researcher to help change that. These are the steps that I took and the tools that I used to determine some of the key the Outside Influences that were embedded in Virginia’s election offices – and apparently many others nationwide –
that were involved in the 2020 Election.

Citizen Research Topics

Third-Party Voter Registration Drive mailings
Third-Party Absentee Ballot Application mailings
Role of the USPS in Third-Party mailings
Third-Party Funding of local Elections
Dept of Elections – Voter Information, Activities, Reports, Outside Vendors
Local Registrars – Voter Information, Election Officers, Seasonal Workers
State Legislatures – Election Legislation, Hearings, Committee Reports
Congress – Election Legislation, Hearings, Reports
Citizen Researcher Steps & Protocols:
The research starts with these internet searches.
Third-Party Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot Application Mailings in (State)
Third-Party Funding/Grants to Local Election Offices in (State) Go to these websites. State Dept. of Elections and State Legislature

Sources of Mass Election Mailings.

When you find an organization doing mass mailings of Voter Registration forms and/or Absentee Ballot Applications in your state, do a search of their website for information about their activities, and a search of the Influence Watch website for detailed information about the organization. Try to get copies of their mailings, either images online, using Google, or from voters that you know who received them.

Do the same thing if you find organizations that are providing funding/grants to local election offices in your state. Your research into these organizations will lead you to other organizations that are involved with your local election offices.

Go to your state’s Dept. of Elections website and search for the names of the organizations that you have found. You may find information about a relationship between them. Get familiar with this
website. Use it for election and voter information. Find out what election/voter lists are available and is there a cost. You also want to start filing FOIA Requests with the Dept. of Elections for any information that you couldn’t find on their website. Such as, requesting them to provide any correspondence between any Election Official and the third-party organizations that you have already found. Request any information that will help your research. All it takes is a simple email, and so far for me, they have all been free.

Look for information about “Absentee Ballot Tracking” on your state’s Dept. of Elections website. They will most likely be using Ballot Scouts (See Appendix). They have a system of tracking
absentee ballots in the mail and confirming the receipt date at the election location. This becomes critical as you approach Absentee/Early Voting deadlines. If there is no postmark, the Election Officials will defer to the Ballot Scouts tracking information. Be sure to check out Democracy Works who runs Ballot Scouts, on Influence Watch.

Look for information about “Audits” on your state’s Dept. of Elections website. Most states will run a “Risk Limiting Audit” after the election. There should be an Audit Report and it will include the
names of the vendors who performed the audit. Most likely it will be Verified Voting and Voter Works (See Appendix). Be sure to check them out on Influence Watch.

Go to the website for the Election Assistance Commission, a non-partisan government commission and search for all the organizations that you have found so far. Go to the USPS website and search for the names of the organizations that you have found so far. In my case, I found The Center for Voter Information/Voter Participation Center (See Appendix), that had done a mass mailing in Virginia. I had their USPS Bulk Mail Account number from an image of an envelope, and found out they had a special type of Bulk Mail Account. I also found out that the USPS used them in their promotional materials.

Go to your State Legislature’s website to become familiar with your sate’s election laws and look for any recent changes.

Monitor what’s happening in Congress with federal election laws.

Citizen Researcher Tools

Once you have identified specific groups that are engaged with your local election office, you should research and find more information about them. Some of the most common ones are listed in the Appendix. For groups, and vendors, that are not listed in the appendix, below are some research tools that are very useful in learning more about who is influencing your local election offices and officials.


  • – Capital Research Center – Excellent source for investigative reports on actual and potential Outside Influences.
  • Influence Watch – This website is run by the Capital research Center and is an excellent source for detailed descriptions and other information about actual and potential Outside Influences. Real Clear Politics – Good source for consolidated polling information. Most polls over poll Democrats, so you have to adjust the results.
  • USPS – Information on organizations doing mass mailings.
  • Internet Search – Google, Bing, etc.

Social Media – Twitter, FB, Telegram, GAB, Parler, Etc. are all good sources of information, but always check out what you read as there is a lot of disinformation, and you only want to deal with facts.

FOIA Requests – Freedom of Information Act requests are simple, usually free, and the response can be very valuable information.

State Board of Elections – Monitor their activities and attend their meetings. Like the Dept. of Elections, they are a good source for information about elections at the state level.

Local Registrars – Develop a relationship with your local Registrar. They will be your best source about what’s happening at the local level. It may take a FOIA request to get what you want, but a
personal relationship goes a long way. They will help you get involved as an election observer.

State and Local GOP – Join the local GOP Committee Unit. It’s a good way to get information about what the Party and Candidates are doing in your state.

Media – Monitor as much Media as possible, but be real careful with the information. Beware of “Fake News”. You only want to deal with facts.

Election Data and Statewide protocols and Guidance:

  • Dept. of Elections – Best source for information about elections at the state level. Information about Registration, Turn Out, Election Results. Policy Reports, Audit Reports, and the names of their outside vendors.

Ongoing Research and Monitoring of Election Changes:

  • State Legislature – Information on election related legislation that is being considered, or has passed.
  • State and Local Election Boards: Monitor changes in state rules, regulations and guidance related to election procedures and protocols.


The Center For Voter Information – I found them with a simple Google search for “Third -Party Absentee Ballot Application mailings”. This is a Left-Leaning Non-Profit in D.C. that mailed out Two Million Absentee Ballot Applications in Virginia (and many millions more in other states in 2020). These third-party mailings are legal in Virginia and encouraged by the Dept. of Elections. In the case of CVI, they used a UPS Store mailbox, in Richmond, VA, as the return address on their envelope to make it look like they were a local concern. I found UPS Store mailbox addresses for them in 10 states, and found out that they mailed out millions of Absentee Ballot Applications in at least 25 states. They have a close relationship with the USPS who provided them with a list of undeliverable mail that we call “Unlikely Voters”.

We are continuing to conduct research to determine if votes were somehow cast for those voters. We presently have a FOIA request to the USPS to obtain whatever lists have been provided to this organization. As a result of this research, I collaborated on an article by the Capital Research Center about this theory, and found a tremendous amount of information about CVI on Influence Watch. A link to the article is here:

The Center for Tech and Civic Life –This entity began as a small, Left-Leaning, Non-profit in Chicago, identified and discussed by the Capital Research Center’s President, Scott Walter, during his
testimony before the Georgia state legislature in December 2020. CTCL is the organization that distributed the $400 Million Zuckerberg grants to election offices targeted in key counties in
battleground states during the 2020 election. Following that presentation, I researched the the CTCL website and found the 39 Counties/Cities that received grants in Virginia. With that information, I conducted Google searches and FOIA requests propounded to each of the counties requesting from them the amount of the grant received by each location. The 39 grants totaled approximately $4 Million in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Of that, $3.6 Million was provided to locations carried by Biden and only $400,000 for locations that Trump won. I also found out that CTCL had previously provided free training to local election officials in the Spring of 2020 regarding voting systems, which was encouraged by the Dept. Of Elections. Once the training was conducted, CTCL then offered Zuckerberg grants to those localities. In fact, with further research, I learned that CTCL is a training partner for the Election Assistance Commission, a non-partisan federal government commission. Again, I collaborated on an article by the Capital Research Center about the CTCL Grants in Virginia. Those reports are included here:

Ballot Scouts – I reviewed a post-election report from the Dept. of Elections and found this organization. Many states use Ballot Scouts to track their Absentee/Mail-In Ballots. I went to Influence Watch and found that Ballot Scouts is owned by Democracy Works, a Left-Leaning Non-Profit. The Influence Watch website has an extensive description of the structure and funding for Democracy Works.

Democracy Works – As well as Ballot Scouts, they run the Voting Information Project, that according to Influence Watch provides users with locations for voting and information on their region’s
ballot. The Voting Information Project is included in the toolkit for the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, a non-partisan government commission.

Verified Voting – Virginia conducted a “Risk Limiting Audit” (which is a relatively new invention of left wing election activities and is generally meaningless as it does not actually audit anything and is essentially a waste of time) after the November 2020 election that was conducted by Verified Voting. This organization according to Influence Watch, is a Left-Leaning Non-Profit that is supported by the Democracy Alliance, a group of progressive, left-wing donors that has funded hundreds of millions of dollars into changing the American electorate to ensure their ‘progressive’ vision for the country.

Voting Works – In the same Risk Limiting Audit Report, I found out that the program that was used for the audit is called Arlo and the vendor is Voting Works, a Left-Leaning, Non-Profit according to Influence Watch, that is funded by a George Soros organization. Also, according to Influence Watch, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security partnered with Voting Works to pilot the use of its vote verification software in six battleground states during the November 2020 election.

The Center For Voter Information (recently mailed 2.1 Million Absentee Ballot Applications in Virginia) a Left-Wing, Non-Profit that is operating in Florida. The return address on their mail pieces is 800 Ocala Rd., Ste. #300 #318, Tallahassee, FL 32304. This is not a physical address, but a UPS Store mailbox. Another is The Center for Tech and Civic Life which has distributed $18 Million in Zuckerberg Grants in Florida.

As usual with the left they have names/titles that sound great but their purposes are strictly to push leftist/Marxist agendas.

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