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Target Makes Itself A Target

By Neland Nobel

As we pointed out not long ago, we think we may be at “peak wokeness.”  Corporations are really beginning to get stung.  If you want to become a soldier in the culture wars, you must expect to take some incoming fire.  But for years, Conservatives sat on their weapons too confused to fire back.  Corporations thought it would always be so.

As evidence, we cited that Conservatives have become awakened themselves, and are now coordinating economic boycotts without any centralized leadership.  Social media has allowed a degree of unity many felt impossible to get from Conservatives, who typically are both pro-business and about as hard to guide as stray cats.

The reaction has been slow in coming, with Conservatives engaging in skirmishes in isolation from each other while suffering multiple offenses committed against them without drawing many reactions from such disparate companies like Nike, Disney, and North Face.  Not anymore.

While there are many offending corporations to choose from and thus a “target-rich” environment,  the reaction against Bud Light seems to be of a whole measure of magnitude different, not only in size but in intensity.  And, it was almost instantaneous.

Clueless executives thought it was a temporary public relations crisis that could be solved by issuing a camo-colored beer can, reissuing traditional Clydesdale horse scenes with the flags flying, and other sops to placate angry customers.  None of these clumsy maneuvers have worked and the boycott has persisted for weeks and we suspect may be permanent. Insulting your clients and putting transgenderism first has proven to be a monumentally costly mistake.  What construction worker after hours wants to be caught dead with a beer identified as transgendered?

Budweiser and its marketing arm appear amazingly ignorant or perhaps contemptuous of their customers.  However, the latest flap has some involved in a bit of a panic.

The rebellion it would seem has been among white working-class and college students.

Since Conservatives don’t control the culture as the Left does, from a tactical standpoint it is best if we concentrate our fire on a few corporations at a time, hoping that we hurt them severely and cause a change of attitude in the boardroom.

The next target seems to be Target, a most appropriately named corporation. To date, the company has lost over $15 billion in market capitalization, harming employees and executives alike that own the stock, as well as the investing public. Shareholders should be enraged with management. Hopefully, the next front will be the constant and growing legal expense of shareholder lawsuits.

Some have tried to minimize the meaning of these losses, suggesting it has been a soft stock market. While it is true it has been a largely sideways market except for Big Tech and all things AI, this assertion is clearly false. Over the past few weeks, Walmart stock has dropped about 2 1/2%  while Target has dropped almost 20%.  Clearly, it is the actions of Target executives and not the stock market.

At this point, we should add that we don’t care what consenting adults do in private as it relates to sexual behavior.  Live and let live.  However, when that behavior becomes aggressively public, people start to lose their jobs for failing to use approved pronouns, the law is invoked, and an attempt is made to recruit children; then an important demarcation line has been reached.  This crosses the line into doing harm to others.  Your freedom to swing your arms stops when you start hitting other people.

Target’s offense goes beyond their promotions of all things homosexual during the Left’s mandatory celebration of “pride.”  This corporation went into the sexualization of children of the worst kind.  They just didn’t produce hooker-like wear for little girls, which is also quite bad.  Rather, their sexualization went into transvestitism and transgendering of children.  It didn’t help that the designer is a Satanist. Most parents object to schools or corporations sexualizing children, even if it is normative heterosexual sex. But to push transgenderism on little kids, was a bridge too far.

In this case, the response is much more on the part of mama bears as it is by male customers, and again, this reaction has been slow in coming.  Women, being a bit more compassionate, just did not see the threat of transgenderism and its goal of erasing women or its depraved desire to recruit children. It has gone well beyond the acceptance of homosexuality and into outright pederasty.

We wonder how long it will take the other “partners” within the LGBTQ+ community to discover how contradictory and dangerous this alliance has become.  There is some fleeting evidence of that with organizations such as Gays Against Groomers. And, most experts acknowledge that the vast majority of children suffering from sexual dysphoria grow out of it and the small remainder likely will be gay.  Moreover, the social blowback created by transgender philosophy may well harm the progress gays and lesbians have made over the years.

The economic calculation by the corporation is bizarre.  As the Wall Street Journal recently pointed out, the most recent census data shows about 1% of couples are homosexual. We can only guess that an even smaller percentage are same-sex couples with children.  And, it is likely there is even a smaller percentage of transgendered couples with children.

With such a tiny part of the market for children’s clothing and household goods, why would a corporation risk its market share to cater to such a small minority?  Because it is not an economic calculation rather it is a political signal that Target wants to align itself with the values and practices of the transgender community and the Left in general.  Either that or they thought they could pander to the Left calculating Conservatives would stay asleep and never fire back.

Moreover, as Fox Digital News has uncovered, Target backs many other outright communist causes.  They have been a big supporter of Black Lives Matter and executives control a budget that flows through a non-profit corporation that supports the disestablishment of the US military, and the destruction of Mt. Rushmore, and they seem to support just about everything that is un-American.  They also just seem to hate white people and everything they have contributed to the country.  They even support the ending of Israel as a Jewish state. It seems as if Howard Zinn and Hamas live within their corporate culture.

While most of what you read about is the disgust Conservatives have with Target, it now appears they are being attacked by the Left as well.  It seems Target is insufficiently “woke” and now over 200 LGBTQ organizations are angry with Target. 

Given the asymmetry in buying power between heterosexual and transgendered households, this put the company into a most uncomfortable bind.

History may not always repeat exactly, but one feature of cultural revolutions is that the revolutionaries sooner or later get around to eating their own.

We will let the Left carry their own grievances. But from a Conservative perspective, this hapless corporation is a super target for our collective wrath.  And, it is a name and a cause easy to remember.  They wish to be active participants in the culture war and they are the aggressor. They went to war with us.  My family was happy to shop there for years.

War is never a one-way street.  There will be casualties on both sides.  Lucky for us, we still have plenty of choices from whom to purchase what we need.  They need us, we don’t need them. $15 billion in losses should just be the beginning. 

Sears, Montgomery Ward, Radio Shack, Blockbuster Video, Comp USA, Borders, Woolworths, and many others, have all died at the hand of the free market’s creative destruction.  Target must die at the hand of Conservative Americans.

Make yourself a promise not to shop there.  You’ve got to do this for the children and for the country.


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.