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The 2022 Arizona Midterm Election – A Disaster and Glaring Example of a Broken and Rigged Electoral System

By The Editors

Editors’ Note – Unfortunately, the news about the Arizona 2022 midterm election, especially in Maricopa County, is too voluminous to publish article by article. As a service to our Arizona readers, the following is a listing of this voluminous news and informs the reader of the incompetent and highly questionable behavior of the individuals involved with the election system in Maricopa County. These individuals include Katie Hobbs (yes, the gubernatorial candidate quickly claiming victory in the Governor’s race who is the current Secretary of State and responsible for the state election system!), Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer who is involved with a Democrat PAC working to be ensure Trump-endorsed candidates don’t get elected (and friend of Bill Kristol, a rabid Trump-hating neocon) and Bill Gates, Chair of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and in the same camp as Stephen Richer.

As the evidence builds up and numerous counties in Arizona declare their intent not to certify the 2022 election until thorough investigations are finished under the current Attorney General, Arizona is seen as the laughing stock of the nation. Incompetence is clearly at play here but many believe it is far beyond simple incompetence. We do not know how this crisis ends or is resolved but The Prickly Pear implores the citizens of Arizona and Maricopa County to demand a critical investigation and repair of our current election system and to hold the above named individuals and others to account for this election cycle fiasco. If the 2022 election flaws, incompetence and irregularities are not addressed and fixed, the 2024 election will likely be compromised to a such a degree that citizens will lose all trust in the electoral system, a fatal blow to our Republic.


Marshall: Alabama Withdraws From Democrat Operative-Controlled Voter Registration Database (FYI: Arizona uses ERIC. Hmmm, another method for election fraud?) Marshall: Alabama Withdraws From Democrat Operative-Controlled Voter Registration Database

Alabama’s Secretary of State-elect Wes Allen has announced that he will withdraw the state from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a voter-roll management system with politically compromised ties. “I made a promise that I would withdraw Alabama from ERIC and I am keeping that promise,” Allen said in a statement. “I have informed them, via certified letter, that upon my inauguration on January 16, 2023, Alabama will immediately and permanently cease to transmit any information regarding any citizen in the State of Alabama to their organization and that we will no longer participate in any aspect of the ERIC program.” […] Additionally, per government watchdog Verity Vote, ERIC doesn’t actually clean states’ voter rolls, but rather inflates them. Though member states are allegedly required to clean their voter rolls, nothing happens. A March 2022 audit by Michigan’s auditor general found the state’s Bureau of Elections failed to sufficiently clean its voter rolls, though Michigan had joined ERIC in 2019. Likewise, the District of Columbia (another ERIC member) has also been sued for its failure to clean its rolls. [Note: AZ SOS Katie Hobbs a Democrat did not withdraw from ERIC. Hmmmm.

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Hoft: Is the Arizona Election the Hill to Die On? Without Free and Fair Elections We Have Nothing

The election that took place in Arizona on November 8, 2022 is not certifiable. It was not incompetence. It was blatant corruption to sustain political tyranny by the Globalist Uniparty, an unholy alliance of the Democrat Party, the Republican establishment and the globalists who finance both of them. […] A new Arizona election must be scheduled before the end of the year, one in which only paper ballots and verified voters, voting in person, are allowed. Not doing so will represent a “green light” to permanently embed fraud into the electoral system and perpetuate the tyranny imposed on the American people by the Globalist Uniparty now controlling the U.S. government. […] The attitudes and plans of the Globalist Uniparty are indistinguishable from those of the World Economic Forum and the Chinese Communist Party. […] As Arizona goes, so goes the nation.

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(11/21/22) Donovan: BREAKING: Kari Lake Delivers Message To Arizona And All Americans On “Botched And Broken” November 8 Election

Patriot groups in Arizona are rallying to push for a new election on December 6, 2022, and so far 4 counties have said they will hold off on certifying the election results they have been given. Kari Lake recently made a lengthy statement about the status of the election results. […] Kari Lake previously spoke out less than a week after the rigged midterm election, saying, “Arizonans know BS when they see it.” She came out again over the weekend, saying, “I will become Governor.” Then Lake released the following statement: . . .

Read more/ Watch the 2”19 minute Lake video:

Election Integrity Network

Eyewitness report to election chaos in Maricopa County released.

Read the full report:

Election Integrity Network: Maricopa County Election Workers Testify before Maricopa Board of Supervisors 11.16.22

Watch the 8:33 minute video testimony:

(Part 1) War Room: Mark Sonnenklar Discusses Report On Maricopa County Polling Location Shortfalls On Election Day

Watch the 8:44 minute interview:

(Part 2) War Room: Mark Sonnenklar Discusses The Lack Of Preparedness Of Maricopa County Poll Workers

Watch the 9:14 minute interview:

(H/T PC) Alex Jones Show Emergency Report! Arizona Election Certification Could Be Nullified With This Major Breaking Information

Michael Schafer joins host Owen Shroyer on The Alex Jones Show to break down how the Arizona election could be nullified.

Watch the 23 minute interview:

War Room: Jake Hoffman: The AZ’s AG Letter Signals That Arizona’s Election “Shouldn’t Be Certified” Under Any Circumstance

Jake Hoffman is a member of the AZ State Legislature.

Watch the 7:30 minute interview:

War Room: Natalia Mittelstadt: AZ Republicans Observers Found 63% Of Voting Equipment Had “Material Problems”

Natalia is a reporter for Just the News.

Watch the 3:26 minute interview:

Solomon: Arizona GOP nominee sues election officials alleging incompetence impacted outcome of midterms

Arizona’s Republican Attorney General nominee Abe Hamadeh on Tuesday evening sued election officials across the state, alleging that “incompetence and mismanagement” had caused “pervasive errors” in the midterm elections. In a statement, Hamadeh said the Republican National Committee had joined him in filing the 25-page complaint in Maricopa County Superior Court. The suit comes as final unofficial vote tallies showed he lost to Democrat Kris Mayes by about 500 votes. An automatic recount is being launched.

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War Room: Michael Patrick Leahy: Maricopa County’s Election County Recorder Organized A Democrat PAC

Watch the 6 minute interview:

Phillips: Kari Lake Gives Update, Says ‘Whistleblowers Are Coming Forward’

“Attorneys are working diligently to gather information,” said Lake, a former local news anchor who was backed by former President Donald Trump. “Whistleblowers are coming forward and the curtain is being lifted. Whether done accidentally or intentionally. It is clear that this election was a debacle that destroyed any trust in our elections.” Authorities Maricopa County are, according to Lake, “still counting ballots” after “printer problems, tabulation errors, three-hour-long lines and even longer and confusing instructions given by election officials made this election day the most chaotic in Arizona’s history.”

For the past several days, Lake has been posting videos of voters complaining about their experiences during Election Day to her Twitter page. She’s said that Republican voters were disenfranchised when they tried to cast ballots in Maricopa County, the state’s most populous county. […] Last week, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, the Arizona secretary of state and chief election official, declared victory. Lake has not conceded yet and it appears that she will not do so anytime soon, according to her video.

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Citizen Free Press: Raw video of Maricopa drop boxes…

Watch the 2:23 minute video:

Alexander: Analyzing the Strange Coincidences in Maricopa County During the 2022 Midterm Election

No one really believes deep down that Arizona rejected four top Republican candidates — three who were leading inalmost every poll, including MSM polls — considering the breakdown of voter registration in the state. Republicans have a four-point voter registration advantage over Democrats in the state as well as within Maricopa County. Republican candidates swept the rest of the races around the state, leading many to believe only those four top races, which featured all Trump-endorsed candidates, were deliberately targeted. Other than those four key races, Arizona Republicans performed exceedingly well . . .

{…] Voters are wondering how incumbent Repubiican State Treasurer Kimberly Yee received more votes than any of the other statewide candidates — about 100,000 more than Kari Lake — even though she had low name recognition, was not endorsed by Trump, didn’t get the base excited, and conducted a relatively quiet, uneventful first term. It’s not because Yee didn’t have a significant opponent; State Sen. Martin Quezada is one of the most well-known and popular Democrats in the state. On the other hand, Lake brought out thousands to huge rallies and was considered a Trumplike sensation across the state, with huge name recognition due to being a longtime popular news anchor in the Phoenix market. One of the main theories going around in Arizona is . . . […] Election fraud experts tell me it’s part of a plan by Democrats to take over states one by one. […] What can we do?

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War Room: Maricopa County’s “Laying The Grounds To Not Certify” Their Results

Caroline Wren is Kari Lake’s senior advisor.

Watch the 11:08 minute interview:

Mittlestadt: Bombshell Arizona report: Election Day problems in Maricopa far wider than county admitting

According to an affidavit report by Mark Sonnenklar, a roving attorney with the Republican National Committee’s Election Integrity program in Arizona, he and 10 other RNC roving attorneys reported their observations and those of Republican observers at vote centers on Election Day.

File Aggregated Roving Attorney General Election Report.pdf The 11 attorneys visited 115 out of the 223 vote centers in Maricopa County on Election Day and found that 72 of them (or 62.61%) “had material problems with the tabulators not being able to tabulate ballots,” Sonnenklar reported, “causing voters to either deposit their ballots into box 3, spoil their ballots and re-vote, or get frustrated and leave the vote center without voting.”

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Hoft: BREAKING UPDATE: — At Least THREE ARIZONA COUNTIES Delay Certification of the Tainted 2022 Midterm Election – Gila, Conchise, Mohave, and Yavapai

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ADI News Services: Counting Of Arizona Votes Complete, Three Automatic Recounts Required

Maricopa County wrapped up its vote counting on Monday, leaving no more votes left to count in the state. Now counties have until Nov. 28 to canvas their elections and send the results to the Secretary of State’s Office. There will be automatic recounts in the Attorney General’s race, Superintendent of Public Instruction race, and the Legislative District 13 (LD13) House race.

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