Transgender Suspect Threatens to Rape Christian Girls, Inject HIV in People Wearing Crosses, Copycat Nashville Shooting thumbnail

Transgender Suspect Threatens to Rape Christian Girls, Inject HIV in People Wearing Crosses, Copycat Nashville Shooting

By The Geller Report

Another shocking news story the media won’t cover because the perp is a member of the left’s protected client class.

Transgender suspect threatens to rape Christian girls, inject HIV in people wearing crosses, copycat Nashville shooting: Feds

By: Blaze, November 24, 2023:

A transgender individual threatened to rape Christian schoolgirls, inject HIV into people wearing crosses, and carry out a copycat of the Nashville Christian Covenant School shooting, according to federal authorities.

Jason Lee Willie – a biological male who identifies as Alexia N. Willie – was charged on Nov. 7 with 14 felony counts of interstate communication of a threat to injure.

Willie – a 47-year-old from Nashville, Illinois – allegedly made the macabre threats in online videos and during streaming video calls.

In a ghastly threat from Illinois to Virginia, Willie purportedly vowed to commit a school shooting.

“We’re out here walking into your school, shooting your children, and I’m going to tell you right now, I’m gonna be one of them and the FBI isn’t gonna stop me, but I’m gonna kill your children out here,” Willie declared, according to the indictment.

“There’s a lot of transgenders out here that are tired of being picked on and we’re going to go into the schools and we’re going to kill their f***ing children out here, and that’s the end of it. We’re at war,” Willie reportedly said.

Willie allegedly made a subtle threat to carry out a copycat shooting like the one executed in March by a transgender individual who killed three children and three adults at the Christian Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

“A person in Tennessee walked into one of your schools and shot up a bunch of your Christian daughters,” Willie purportedly said. “That’s not the last of them…..

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While our culture castrates its own children and denigrates the nuclear family, this culture reproduces at astonishing rates. They will rule the world within thirty years.

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) November 25, 2023


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