VIDEO: NBC Goes Full On Nazi in Vile Anti-Jew Episode of ‘Nurses’

The left’s relentless campaign against the Jews is reaching critical mass, mainstreaming, dehumanizing the Jewish people.

Another disgusting and dishonest scene from an NBC television show to demonize Jews. Jewish law does not prevent medical grafts from different genders, but the far-left writers of “Nurses” don’t care. Its just awful.

Can you imagine if it was the Black community, or the Muslim community, or the LGBTQ community that was being slandered on a nationally televised show. All hell would break lose. The CEO of NBCUniversal is a Jewish American named Jeff Shell. Yet he allows these vicious blood libels and slanders to appear on some of NBC’s most popular shows. Shame on him.

With ‘Nurses’ Episode, NBC Again Shows it Detests Jews

By Israelly Cool, February 24, 2021

Following my post on Michael Che’s “joke” about the Jewish state only vaccinating Jews – a mendacious libel that can only serve to promote the idea that us Jews think of ourselves as above all other life forms – I received a torrent of abuse. Besides the overtly antisemitic tweets, there were those who claimed the joke was only criticizing Israel, and thus could not be construed as antisemitic.

I would like to see how these same people now try to explain away this latest example of overt antisemitism from NBC:

While Israel is not explicitly mentioned, this is promoting exactly the same idea as the SNL sketch – that Jews only value Jewish life and not the lives of non-Jews.

This is, again, entirely false. And maliciously so.

Judaism holds all human life as being sacred. For this reason, donating an organ to save a life is one of the highest act of virtue one can do. So of course a Jew can donate an organ (that you can live without when you are alive, or any organ after death, but under certain conditions) to save any human life, and can also receive an organ from Jew or non-Jew alike. We even see this in Israel where Jews and Arabs donate organs for each other’s use.

Here is a petition. You may also reach out to NBC at these e-mail addresses. Don’t be SILENT

E-mail addresses:,,,

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