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Democrat Senator Feinstein Introduces Bill to Require VAX to Fly on ALL Domestic Flights

Nazi tactics, plain and simple, the end of America. ​FEINSTEIN INTRODUCES BILL TO REQUIRE VAX TO FLY ON DOMESTIC FLIGHTS By: The DC Patriot, October 4, 2021:Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has introduced a bill, The U.S. Travel Public Safety Act, that would require travelers on domestic flights in the U.S. to be vaccinated for COVID-19, test negative, or have had […]

Young Mother Dies After Mandated Vaccination

Jessica Berg Wilson didn’t Want To Lose Her Job, Obituary Gets ‘Misleading’ Label When Posted to Twitter. Democrat party of murder. “Jessica Berg Wilson, 37, of Seattle, Washington, passed away unexpectedly September 7, 2021 from COVID-19 vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) surrounded by her loving family,” …. An Oregon woman’s obituary has gone viral after her […]

Facebook Whistleblower Is a Democrat Activist Demanding Big Tech and Government Crack Down on Free Speech [Video]

There is more to the story than meets the corrupt media eye. Make no mistake, this whistle blower is merely a Democrat device to hijack the censorship issue of conservatives and instead, shut down free speech.  Two sides to the story: Facebook Whistleblower Is a Democrat Activist Demanding Big Tech and Government Crack Down […]

Betrayal in The Jewish Community by The Leaders of The Jewish Community

It is obvious from the articles posted below that California’s ethnic studies requirement bill, AB-101, is an atrocious example of state sponsored racism against the Jewish community. This is an absolute statement that admits to no moral relativism and cannot be applied on a sliding scale. One of the most disheartening and disgusting aspects of […]

Poll: Majority of Trump Voters Want Red States to Secede from Blue States

Count me among them. It would avert a. bloody civil war. It’s free states versus slave states ….. again. Poll: Majority of Trump Voters Want Red States to Secede from Blue States By: Breitbart News, October 3, 2021: When the survey asked voters who supported then-candidate Joe Biden in 2020, 41 percent agreed with the same […]

Fauci: ‘Too Soon to Tell’ if Families Can Gather for Christmas [Video]

But it’s not too soon to indict and incarcerate this war criminal. Fauci: ‘Too Soon to Tell’ if Families Can Gather for Christmas By: Todd Starnes, October 3, 2021: Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical adviser, told “Face the Nation” Sunday it’s “just too soon to tell” if families can gather for Christmas. WATCH THE […]

TYRANNY: Biden To Create a Vaccine Mandate For Interstate Travel Within United States

To stop freedom of movement between free states (red) and slave states (blue). BREAKING: Biden to create a vaccine mandate for interstate travel within the United States. — Al Webb 🦅🇺🇸 (@alwebbj) October 2, 2021 BROOKLYN NYC: Black Americans gather to oppose jäb mandates and they are PISSED @RealAmVoice Get More News: https://t.co/u7URmoOvPT pic.twitter.com/dgAq6Na0fE — […]

COVID-19 Is the New Global Warming Hoax

Democrats have destroyed: Science with climate crap and covid Medicine with Obamacare and covid Elections with election fraud Academia with communism, CRT, Jew hatred Government with corruption What’s left? Democrats have destroyed: -Science with climate crap and covid-Medicine with Obamacare and covid -Elections with election fraud -Academia with communism, CRT, Jew hatred -Government with corruption […]

UNITED KINGDOM: Vaccinated Individuals Accounted for 87% of Covid Hospitalizations Over the Past Week in Wales

99% of All New Cases Were Under 60 Years Old. “Biden” Democrats says this is a pandemic of the unvaxxed. Data from England show 63% of Delta deaths in last 7.5 months were fully vaxxed. Why won’t the CDC share US data with the American people? What is the justification of mandates and refusal to […]

The Coordinated Attack on Ivermectin is a Crime Against Humanity

“Make no mistake, the evil, deadly, coordinated globalist attacks we are currently witnessing on ivermectin will go down in history as a vicious crime against humanity.” THE COORDINATED ATTACK ON INVERMECTIN IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY By Congressman Louis Gohmert,  American Greatness, 30th September 2021 Just as we saw with hydroxychloroquine last summer, government alphabet agencies, the […]

Smith & Wesson Abandons Massachusetts for Freedom-Loving Tennessee

An example every freedom loving American should follow. Smith & Wesson Gun Maker Abandons Massachusetts for Freedom-Loving Tennessee Iconic U.S. firearms maker Smith & Wesson has just ditched Massachusetts for freedom-loving Tennessee. By Warner Todd Huston, October 1, 2021: Iconic U.S. firearms maker Smith & Wesson has been headquartered in Massachusetts for 168 years, but […]

Biden Picks Communist To Be In Charge Of The Nation’s Banking System

You can’t make this stuff up. Worse, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the coup. Terrifying: Biden Is Nominating Soviet-Trained Radicals Now By: The Conservative View Joe Biden wants to put an actual Communist — self-proclaimed “radical” Cornell University law school professor Saule Omarova — in charge of the nation’s banking system. Omarova graduated from […]

YouTube Banning Prominent Anti-Vaccine Mandate Activists and Blocking All Vaccine Critical Content

Totalitarianism on the left is spreading quicker than any COVID variant. What’s more frightening? The Democrats? Or American apathy? If you want the vaccine, get the vaccine. But if you don’t want the vaccine, you shouldn’t have to worry about being fired. — Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) September 29, 2021 YouTube is banning prominent anti-vaccine […]

Manchin Trashes Democratic Spending Bill: ‘Fiscal insanity’

The bill is a death sentence for this country. A no vote is the only rational option. Anyone who votes for this devastating attack on the American economy. Sen. Joe Manchin said there is not enough time to produce the legislative framework for a massive spending bill that House Democrats are demanding in exchange for […]

Major British News Outlet Question Legitimacy of Biden Election Victory, “Election Was Rigged”

Will the Democrat-criminal-media-entertainment-complex ban The Sunday Times? Major British News Outlet Appears to Question Legitimacy of Biden Election Victory By: Conservative Brief, September 30, 2021: A writer for a major British newspaper appeared to endorse former President Donald Trump’s longstanding allegation that his 2020 election opponent, Joe Biden, did not legitimately win the White House. “So […]

INSTITUTIONALIZING ELECTION FRAUD: Gov. Newsom Makes Mail-In Ballots Permanent in California

Mail-in ballots are now permanent and every registered voter in California will now be sent a mail-in ballot. California will never have a legit election again. With his overwhelming victory in the recall election, California governor Gavin Newsom and his backers have consolidated their hold on the state for the foreseeable future. https://t.co/eB2fTvV9wk via @joelkotkin […]

SHARIA AMERICA: California Schools Prepare for Influx of Afghan Students, Offer ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Halal Meals, Muslim Prayer Rooms

Don’t dare ask where the Jewish or Christians prayer rooms are, islamophobes! It is widely known that Muslims are the only immigrant group who come to the West with a ready made model of society they believe to be superior to Western law and they work furiously, by all means, to impose it. Under Islam, […]

VIDEO: Massachusetts State Troopers Resign En Masse Over Mask/Vax Mandates

 The Democrats are deliberately destroying the country. And they’re not even pretending anymore. Things don’t just happen, they are made to happen. Labor shortages, food shortages, gas shortages and dictatorial mandates – it’s the bloody Soviet Union. Mind you this is happening across Europe: Truckers Protest… Police lay down helmets Times Square stormed by […]

ELECTRIC! President Trump Thunders Into Georgia, Tens of Thousands Cheer ‘Glorious Victory in 2024’ [WATCH]

The massive crowd was on fire — Trump is our lightening rod for justice. Save America Rally: Trump Invites Marine Who Saved Afghan Baby on Stage… President Trump slams Biden over border crisis and botched Afghanistan withdrawal “One thing is certain: This would never ever be happening if I were president,” Trump said of the Biden […]