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Biden’s Marxist EPA announces that their new job is to destroy the U.S. Constitution

By Geoff Ross

The Communists installed at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continue installed White House squatter Marxist Joe Biden’s assault on essential supply chains, transportation vehicles and our free markets.

The unelected official’s at the EPA have bypassed the U.S. congress and announced an insane strict set of guidelines for heavy vehicles – including cement mixers, garbage trucks, RVs, ambulances and school buses.

Joe Biden’s Marxist plan to put oil companies out of business is part of the reason his EPA is now forcing 25 percent of long-haul trucks and 40 percent of medium size trucks must be “non-polluting” by 2032.

Obviously the adult capitalist entrepreneurs in the room understand this will make it next to impossible to do business and would inflict significant economic damage on our republic.

The EPA obviously has zero congressional authority to enact this policy and although on the outset we Americans are angry at this insane decision we must stay calm and be thankful these bottom feeding cockroach communists are implementing this now during an election year.

President Trump on day one in office will terminate the employment of these low IQ trilobites infesting this unnecessary government agency at the EPA funded by the low IQ Republican controlled congress.

Unconstitutional policies like this come out of the Karl Marx manifesto and to quote the unelected EPA Administrator Michael Regan-

‘This is another giant step forward to protect future generations from climate change,’

He sounds like he’s trying to emulate Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon speech. What a joke.

Climate change is a massive fraud created to dismantle the oil industry and selectively turn the United States into a third world return to the caves country.

Our planet has a constant cycle of climate change created by the sun, the earth’s rotation and volcanic activity. Grandma working a part time job driving a school bus is not affecting our climate.

So ladies and gentlemen stay patient and in November go vote for Donald Trump so these slimy Marxist stinky filled diapers running the EPA can be changed.

Don’t forget these EPA Marxists drive to work in big SUVs and Biden creates plenty of CO2 flying on Air-force 1 for fund raising with his Communist pal Obama and Epstein connoisseur pal Bill Clinton.

If Obama was concerned about climate change flooding the planet he would not have purchased a mansion close to the ocean. Bill Clinton definitely racked up thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions flying on Epstein’s jet to pedophile island.

The EPA communists also played the race card when they said that around 72 million people in the United States live next to truck freight routes, and they are more likely to be people of color or from low-income households.

Total communist propaganda horse crap. My family are people of color and we have friends of color who drive gasoline powered trucks to feed their families and put a roof over their heads. We ain’t worried about the imminent collapse of our planet’s ecosystem.

The EPA is an organization that Trump will either dismantle but most definitely he will take immediate action fire these low life scum Marxists in January 2025.

Trump will hire new employees and management who actually understand the role of the EPA does not include interference in our free market economy. Better yet defund the entire ball of wax.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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