AOC Shares Plan To Enact Socialism For Five Easy Payments Of $49.99

NEW YORK, NY—Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, widely regarded as the world’s smartest socialist, has been working hard on her plan to bring socialism to the U.S. She has now launched a new website, where she will share that plan with her fans for the low, low price of five easy payments of $49.99.
“Do you want to make more money without having to work? Sure, we all do,” says Ocasio-Cortez in a video on the website. “I’ve unlocked the secrets of socialism, and I’m practically giving them away at a price that will easily pay for itself.”
The video also included testimonials from people saying how they’ve benefited from Ocasio-Cortez’s socialism. “I’m bringing in $5000 a month staying home and doing nothing,” said one man, “all thanks to the secrets of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialism!” The video did note that these people were paid actors, though.
People who send a payment to Ocasio-Cortez will get their very own socialism kit, which will have Ocasio-Cortez’s policy proposals (including an editable Green New Deal). It will also have a decoder ring to get Ocasio-Cortez’s secret messages just for socialists. And if you act now, the first one thousand socialists will get a free “Tax the Rich” tote bag.
The new socialism kit looks like it will be popular with Ocasio-Cortez’s fans, but it’s expected to face stiff competition from the similarly priced Crazy Bernie’s Easy Socialism Now.
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Former Special Agent asks 15 Questions about the Voting Irregularities in Georgia

The letter below was sent to me by a former Special Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. – JE

I’m sure you are as concerned as many of us about the election process in many of the democratic controlled swing states as well as what is happening in our state.
I’ve lived in Georgia numerous times since the 60’s and corruption has always permeated the city of Atlanta and Fulton County.  I spent most of my time as a Special Agent with the GBI Intelligence Unit investigating this corruption.  It has gotten much worse since those days.
The GA Secretary of State has indicated that Fulton County followed normal procedures in counting votes and there was nothing fraudulent about the ballot boxes pulled from beneath tables after the announcement to stop counting for the night.  I simply cannot accept such a general explanation and don’t think any citizen should accept such a flimsy answer.
I just sent emails through the Secretary of State’s website with my concerns and specific questions that need to be answered.  I believe everyone should be bombarding them asking for specific answers.  The following is a summary of my statements and questions:

  1. Why will you not conduct a hand count comparison of the number of absentee/mail-in ballots to signed envelopes?
  2. Numerous red flags question the legitimacy of what happened after Fulton County announced vote counting was being discontinued for the night.  The entire process smells bad:
  3. Why did Fulton Election Officials continue pulling out ballot boxes from beneath tables after announcing the counting was being stopped for the night?
  4. Why were these ballot boxes concealed beneath tables when the facility was large enough to stack them in plain site?
  5. Where did these ballot boxes come from?
  6. When did they arrive at the vote counting center?
  7. Did these containers have any identification numbers on them?
  8. How were they transported to the center? Exact identification of the transport?
  9. Who brought them into the counting room? Names please!
  10. Were these boxes logged in when arriving in the counting room?  By Whom?
  11.   Please describe the exact process.
  12. What are the names of the vote counters remaining after the stop counting announcement?
  13. What are the names of the vote counters and observers that left the center after the stop counting announcement?
  14. Were there any Republicans or others observing the vote counting after the stop counting announcement?  What are their names?  Did they actually observe the individual ballots as they were counted?
  15. What was the exact distribution of votes counted between Trump and Biden during the time after the stop voting announcement?

I also made the following comments in my emails:

It doesn’t appear that you have answers to these questions.  Your explanations that there doesn’t appear to be any problem with the Fulton after hours vote counting is very weak considering the unanswered questions above.  Many voters just don’t believe your recent explanations.  Where is the DOCUMENTATION?

Please provide me with answers to my questions ASAP?  Many Georgians that I’ve been in contact with do not trust the election process and require a better explanation from our elected officials.  Failure to provide believable and provable answers will not be acceptable and we will continue to use every means possible to get to the truth.  The legitimacy of all future elections will be questioned unless the process is more transparent.”
Hope you are well,
Ken Goodnight
©John Edison. All rights reserved.

A Worst [Suit]case Scenario for Fraud

When the president touched down in Georgia on Saturday, his legal team was already on the ground. Thanks to the “smoking suitcase video,” documented irregularities, and witness testimony, the Trump campaign thinks it has more than enough evidence to challenge the state’s election results. Only this time, the team doesn’t just want a hearing — it wants a new statewide election.
“Due to significant systemic misconduct, fraud, and other irregularities occurring during the election process, many thousands of illegal votes were cast, counted, and included in the tabulations from the Contested Election for the Office of the President of the United States, thereby creating substantial doubt regarding the results of that election,” the lawsuit, filed in court on Friday, reads.
Of course, the image Democrats can’t seem to shake is the blockbuster video of four suitcases that appear to be stuffed with ballots, pulled out from under a table, and counted and scanned without election supervisors present. Regardless of how the media is trying to dismiss this story (and a simple Google search shows how desperately they’re trying), “legitimate ballots do not come in suitcases,” Rush Limbaugh pointed out, “That’s not how they are transported. That’s not how they are collected. It’s not how they are stored. They don’t come in suitcases! You don’t need to know any more than that to know something is awry here.” And yet, Democrats are still insisting there’s no evidence of fraud. “Do they even know what ‘evidence’ means? Of course they do. They’re just lying through their teeth about it.”
Republican members, like Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.), were just as shocked. “This EXPLOSIVE fraud is ORGANIZED,” he tweeted. “People do not spontaneously conceal cases of ballots in a counting room to be counted later in secret. It requires money, logistics and leadership — like Stacey Abrams’s group that’s already under investigation. Who’s running this operation?”
In a state where less than 12,000 ballots separate Joe Biden and Donald Trump, this is the kind of coordinated manipulation that can sway elections. The media, meanwhile, is frantically trying to debunk the story — insisting this was a completely above-board operation (which just happened to exclude poll watchers and other Republican officials). Remember Election night, Mollie Hemingway asks? Every major news outlet was reporting that Georgia’s “ballot counters were sent home.” So what are they doing pulling out suitcases of ballots and feeding them through machines in secret?
That’s something the Trump legal team wants to get to the bottom of — along with a laundry list of other problems and irregularities, several of which would more than close the 12,000-vote gap. According to Trump’s legal team:

“Data experts also provided sworn testimony in the lawsuit identifying thousands of illegal votes: 2,560 felons; 66,247 underage voters, 2,423 votes from people not registered; 1,043 individuals registered at post office boxes; 4,926 individuals who voted in Georgia after registering in another state; 395 individuals who voted in two states; 15,700 votes from people who moved out of state before the election; 40,279 votes of people who moved without reregistering in their new county; and another 30,000 to 40,000 absentee ballots lacking proper signature matching and verification.”

Is it any wonder the media is having a tough time selling its “fair and honest election” headlines? Politico, one of the outlets on the ground in Georgia, was stunned at how many Americans still don’t believe the election results. Reporter James Arkin said they’d talked to more than two dozen voters, and “not a single person told Politico they thought Joe Biden had won the election.” This was mind-boggling to Arkin, who pointed out that there’d been a recount in Georgia and other states.
But frankly, America’s misgivings shouldn’t surprise anyone. Voters saw how Democrats abused the process in the name of COVID, how they twisted and changed election laws without legislatures’ consent. Trust in the system was at a record low well before Election Day. There was a time, the president told the crowd Saturday night, when “I used to say, ‘Without borders, we don’t have a country.’ I can also say that without an honest voting system, without an electoral process that’s honest and fair, we don’t have a country either.” Which is why, the president said, “Now is not the time to retreat. Now is the time to fight harder than before.”

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC Action senior writers.


The Senate Is within Peach for GOP

Biden’s Health and Human Disservices


As we all know, one cannot survive in a physical vacuum as our bodies require air. Nor can we make intelligent decisions in a news vacuum void of honest journalism, thereby falling prey to propagandists. Admittedly, American journalism was founded on political opinion as many different newspapers spun the news as far back as the 18th century. However, nobody at the time made a coordinated effort to control the news as there were many different players involved at the time.
I have been a news junkie since I was young. Tragically, I now find I am on my own. Since the 2020 election I lost all respect for the news media and simply do not trust them. This includes newspapers, radio and TV, and social media. Truth and trust is what is at stake here.
I grew up with the New York Times and Chicago Tribune, both of which I thought were reliable. As our family moved, we also embraced the Cincinnati Enquirer, and the St. Petersburg Times (now Tampa Bay Times). They too seemed reliable at the time, but now their slanted reporting is overbearing. There have been so many factual inconsistencies and political spin in their reporting, I no longer consider them a reliable source of information. I simply do not trust them. Frankly, Russia’s Pravda newspaper is probably more reliable. I consider this rather sad as I am one of the last generations who relished reading a newspaper at the kitchen table over a cup of coffee. Alas, no more.
In terms of radio, I used to enjoy listening to the news from CBS and ABC while driving in my car (I can still remember their musical intros). For some reason, NBC didn’t seem to be a major player here. Regardless, these news sources appeared authoritative and trustworthy, but those days are long gone.
For TV, I was a Huntley-Brinkley man (NBC) for many years, and took their reporting to the bank. John Chancellor followed and did a capable job. However, when Tom Brokow took over, I sensed political spin creeping into the broadcast. Then along came Brian Williams and NBC lost my trust forever. I followed Fox News for the last few years, but they lost me with their coverage of the 2020 election, as did a lot of people who left in disgust. CNN and MSNBC are non-entities to me. After a political speech, I would often tune into them to see how they translated it. The speech I watched was nothing like what they interpreted. It was like matching English to Swahili; I hadn’t a clue what they were talking about. Bye-bye TV news.
Then came the era of social media which originally was considered a great way to communicate to groups of people. Unfortunately, social media giants began to flex their muscles and censored conservative news and opinion. So much for the 1st Amendment. Such censorship caused people to look elsewhere on the Internet for free speech. It also meant the Social giants were controlling the news and political opinion. This is what we call in the biz, “propaganda” (see Joseph Goebbels), it certainly cannot be construed as legitimate journalism. This brings up a point, the manipulation of the news is likely run by some diabolical person, like Goebbels. George Soros perhaps?
To my way of thinking, there is no longer a reliable source for news in this country. Everything is written to fit a specific political ideology. This forces the average American to seek out news on their own. We should all resent being forced to become reporters as we just do not have time for this. However, this is our only alternative as there is no longer legitimate journalism being exercised in this country.
What we are witnessing is not just a change in the political landscape, but a change in our overall culture; A change in the American way of life.
This is why I contend we are living in a news vacuum, thereby making us more controllable. Huntley-Brinkley would be spinning in their graves if they knew what was going on, and I’m sure Goebbels would love to run Google, Twitter and Facebook. I can imagine him drooling all over his keyboard.
I would like to believe now is a good time for a new journalism syndicate to emerge and challenge the status quo, an entity based on honesty and integrity. The reality though, it is hard to derail a system fueled by politics, such as the $11B from the 2020 election, along with a decline of our moral values which accepts the current mode of operation.
Mark my words: We need to change the system before the system changes us.
Keep the Faith!
P.S. – For a listing of my books, click HERE. These make great holiday gifts!
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VIDEO: What We Should All Be Doing Right Now [Original]

The The Adley Show posted the following political satire video and commentary titled What We Should All Be Doing Right Now (Original). H/T to HL for sending it to us. Thank you Adley for telling the truth, or is it the truth?

What We Should ALL Be Doing Right Now! This was inspired by a Facebook post originally created by Sergio C. from Madrid that quickly went viral in many languages all over the Internet! He wishes his full name to be anonymous, but Sergio, you are a brilliant writer!
Thank you for sparking a conversation and laying such a relatable foundation that has been built upon and echoed all over the world! It feels amazing to share laughter with so many people across the world and bond over our uncertainty. Sometimes, it’s the only thing we CAN do.
Thanks for me letting me be a small part of your story during this time.

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VIDEO: December 7, 1941 — “A Date Which Will Live In Infamy”

Today, Americans commemorate Pearl Harbor Day, “A date which will live in infamy”. This is a day to remember the 2,403 Americans killed and the many more who were injured in the cowardly Japanese surprise attack on the morning of December 7th, 1941. Many acts of heroism and valor were performed that morning. This attack thrust the United States into World War II. It began one of the most difficult wars for the preservation of PEACE and FREEDOM.
President Roosevelt boldly asserted on the day following the attack, “With confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounding determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph — so help us God.
Patriotic Americans MUST defend our Freedoms with “unbounding determination” as we have throughout our history.
Please watch THIS VIDEO which commemorates the Japanese surprise attack on December 7th, 1941, seventy-nine years ago, today.
Remember and honor the gallant men and women who were killed and injured on that infamous day.
God Bless America.

The Migration to Rumble Accelerates

Founded in 2013, for several years quietly developed its online video-sharing platform as a viable but virtually unknown alternative to YouTube. All of that changed in September 2020 when conservative radio host Dan Bongino became part-owner of Rumble, and offered the deplatformed, demonetized, deboosted, depersoned multitudes a new home.
The user experience on Rumble compares favorably to BitChute, a more recently established YouTube alternative, probably because the people operating Rumble have had nearly seven years to get the bugs out. Rapid, ok, meteoric growth has not slowed Rumble down, and its Alexa ranking in the U.S. is already an impressive 757. On their website Rumble claims 50 million unique visits per month, with no end in sight.
Needless to say, and consistent with our mission, we’re scanning Rumble to find out who in our Winston84 directory have already made the migration. Here is a list of some who are now to be found on Rumble:
Dan Bongino, of course, along with Dinesh D’SouzaThe Hodge TwinsDiamond & SilkWayne Dupree, and Charlie Kirk. Also now on Rumble we’ve already found The Epoch Times and One America News, along with some indispensable purveyors of alternative perspectives who are not just suppressed, but banned from YouTube, Red Pill 78 and X22 Report.
Rather smug reporting on Rumble’s sudden rise can be found in the predictable places – Newsweek, the Washington Post, the New York Times. Let them bray. Behind the bravado is fear. Their audiences are shrinking, and even their collusion with the tech monopolies will not stop the erosion of their audiences.
The events of 2020, for any who hadn’t already realized it, have proven that the establishment sources of “news” are controlled and cannot be trusted. Absolutely nothing they write or broadcast can be believed until their proclamations are either verified or contradicted by evidence available on alternative media.
Thank you, Rumble.
©Winston84. All rights reserved.

Daily Kos Attacks Winston84

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the home page of The Daily Kos is that they are confirmed political activists. Before you can read an article, you have to read their latest political ad, or as they put it, your opportunity to either “Donate Now” or “Skip Action.” As of December 1, 2020, they are raising money for Georgia’s Democrat candidates for the U.S. Senate, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.
With 1.2 million followers on their Facebook page, and a website with a U.S. Alexa ranking of 1,070, the Daily Kos is a liberal media heavyweight. So we took it as a backhanded compliment when they linked to us in their recent article entitled “Winston84: A High-Minded Collection Of Low-Brow Racists and Climate Deniers.”
Articles and websites with lists and profiles of the “bad guys,” operated by liberals and leftists, actually do a favor for those of us who who are trying to find the good guys. For example, and the Southern Poverty Law Center both prepare excellent lists of their enemies, many of whom we would consider friends. Once we’ve eliminated the handful of people and groups that are genuinely dangerous, crazy, or spiteful, and once we have as well eliminated those who have drifted too far into the realm of Conservative Inc., we’re left with excellent prospects for inclusion in the Winston84 directory!
For that matter, refer to DeSmog Blog for, as they put it, “an extensive database of individual climate deniers involved in the global warming denial industry.” We will! Certainly there are individuals and organizations helpfully listed for us by DeSmog Blog that are still active and doing fine work.
As for the DailyKos, if you read between the lines, dismissing their vitriol as the predictable product of their leftist world view, they actually provide an excellent summary of our work on Winston84. They explain how we’ve organized our directory into five categories – Christian PatriotClimate SkepticFree Speech AllyIrreverent Investigator, and Western Warrior – and for each category, they provide examples of some of the people we’ve included.
What the DailyKos, and all critics of the right, fail to understand comes down to this: We cannot be intimidated when a leftist calls us “racist” or a climate “denier.” Only we can know what dwells in our hearts. We know what it is we believe, not them. We proclaim the truth as we see it, because that is our right and our duty. And though we should not have to say this, our directory currently features 61 “people of color,” and every one of them is a passionate America patriot. There will be many, many more.
Thank you, DailyKos. Keep up the good work.
©Winston84. All rights reserved.

Rick Santelli Rants Again! Will he Galvanize America as he did in 2009?

King Joe and Queen Kamala, if crowned in January, will have their hands full.
Do you remember 2009 when Obama and Joe first came to the White House and CNBC Business editor Rick Santelli went on his famous rant credited with being the inspiration for the Tea Party that clearly was the precursor to Donald Trump’s successful America First (MAGA) movement?
Santelli ranted again and this time it was in defense of churches and small businesses like restaurants which are being shuttered supposedly to protect us from the Chinese virus while Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and the like are somehow allowed to be open with hundreds of customers milling about.
See what he said this time….

We have been focused on the election and the revelations of massive fraud, but I think we need to be looking at what is going on in Europe as a sign of the unrest Joe and Kamala will be presented with if more lockdowns, mask mandates or mandatory vaccinations are part of their governing plan.
Here is what happened in London in October.

I’ve said this before, and you likely will disagree with me, but if Trump does not prevail in his legal challenges to the massive election fraud we know happened, that in many ways it might be much better for him and us that he is on the outside leading a MAGA movement.
Just this morning I’ve been reading one article after another about how the deep state is on steroids internally working against Trump and his people, about how some Republican Senators are already signaling that they want more cheap labor for big businesses, and how many Republican ‘leaders’ are cutting and running to work all manner of deals with the Dems.
Let illegitimately elected Joe (ha! ha!) be responsible for trying to tamp down the growing anger of 74 million Americans who believe the election was stolen and don’t want to be shutdown, don’t want open borders, don’t want lawlessness on our streets, don’t want China influencing anything we do, and are sick of the globalists in both parties running our lives.
Since the days of the Tea Party rebellion of 2009, the movement, now known as MAGA, has grown up as it has grown younger and more diverse. I don’t think it will be easily silenced.

EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Chuck Norris Comes Out Of Closet As Even More Of A Man

DALLAS, TX—In an explosive interview, Chuck Norris has come out of the closet, finally revealing to the world that he is even manlier than everyone originally thought.
“It’s time to come clean. I’ve been living a lie for so long,” said the martial arts master and action movie star. “For a long time, everyone thought I was a regular manly man who could defeat bad guys with a single roundhouse kick, but the reality is that I think I’m at least three men trapped inside one man’s body.”
The action star went on to explain that for decades, he attempted to conceal his epic manliness in order to blend in with normal men, but kept failing as he amassed black belt after black belt.
“Some people in my life did grow suspicious when it was found that my tears cure cancer even though I’ve never cried, or when it was discovered that Superman wears Chuck Norris Pajamas. I always had some excuse to explain it away, but I’m tired of living that life,” he said.
Scientists worry that if Chuck Norris chooses to outwardly live as his fully manly self, it could be the end of all life in the universe as we know it. Chuck Norris has assured us that if he does accidentally end the universe with his epicness, we don’t have to worry because he’ll just slap together a new one.
EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

138,000 Kids Suddenly Added To Santa’s Nice List In Middle Of Night

NORTH POLE—Santa Claus’s nice list is said to be run on trustworthy software, safe and secure on an unhackable server under his workshop.
But some are questioning the legitimacy of the nice list after the tally suddenly spiked in the middle of the night, adding over 138,000 kids to the good side of the list.
After sorting kids according to their niceness or naughtiness for hours, Santa had abruptly stopped counting and gone to bed, saying he was tired and taking a break for the night, even though he is magical and does not need to sleep.
A team of unsupervised elves reportedly continued the counting against North Pole guidelines, and around 3 a.m. there was a sudden dump of over 138,000 kids put on the nice list. The software also switched kids over from the naughty to the nice list at random.
Big Tech companies quickly fact-checked the claim, assuring parents and children that the sudden jump of hundreds of thousands of kids added to the nice list is a normal part of kid sorting and that Santa’s methods are trustworthy and reliable.
Elliot Page Retroactively Awarded 17 Oscars For Amazingly Convincing Portrayals Of Women
Pope Francis Says Covid Vaccine Will Now Be Required To Enter Heaven
Kamala Says Biden Will Be ‘Kept Comfortable’ While A Discussion Ensues About Whether To Keep Him Alive
Secret Service Puts Finishing Touches On Biden’s New Presidential Scooter
EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Dr. Fauci (Basically) Admits Rand Paul Was Right 6 Months Ago on Schools and COVID-19

Top White House COVID-19 Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci recently changed his prior position and recommended that we keep schools open (while also advising the nation to close bars back down).
“Obviously, you don’t have one size fits all, but as I said in the past and as you accurately quoted me, the default position should be to try as best as possible within reason to keep the children in school or to keep them back at school,” Fauci said. “The best way to ensure the safety of our children in school is to get the community level of spread low.”
In the same interview, Fauci noted that the spread of the disease among school children has remained incredibly low throughout the pandemic.
“If you look at the data, the spread among children and from children is not very big at all,” Fauci added. “Not like one would have suspected.”
Fauci is correct. Schools have certainly not proven to be the hotbeds for the virus that many warned of this summer.
Two international studies have found no relationship between in-person K-12 learning and the spread of COVID-19. And another study, this one from the United States, found that childcare workers have experienced no greater risk of infection either.
These data, coupled with anecdotal evidence gathered from more than 2,000 schools across the nation, have led many health experts and pediatricians to warn of the risks of keeping schools closed, expressing concerns that the unintended consequences may be outweighing the threat of the virus.
The American Academy of Pediatrics said in a statement that:

“All policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school…. Lengthy time away from school and associated interruption of supportive services often results in social isolation, making it difficult for schools to identify and address important learning deficits as well as child and adolescent physical or sexual abuse, substance use, depression, and suicidal ideation.”

When families are able to homeschool their children or choose the private or public school that’s right for them, they thrive. However, when you take those options away and force all families into remote distance learning, the many kids for whom this isn’t the right fit suffer. Since the vast majority of districts have not passed school choice programs, most families have been left in a bind this year—paying for public schools they often cannot use or whose new models do not work for their children. The consequences include the risks of mental health problems, hunger, missing routine exercise, lack of medical care, child abuse in the home, and the loss of education.
Other research shows that kids are indeed beginning to fall significantly behind in math scores and modestly behind in some other proficiencies such as reading. This is especially troubling news as American children already lag in international proficiency scoring.
Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a report suggesting that the social isolation caused by COVID-19 and ongoing government lockdowns is taking a toll on children’s mental health.
All of that to say, Fauci’s new recommendations will come as welcomed news to millions of people who have been negatively impacted by private and public school closures, while being left with few or no alternatives.
Parents have been unable to work a regular schedule. Women have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic as a whole, but especially by school shutdowns as the brunt of childcare falls to them. In September alone, 865,000 women dropped out of the workforce, a number four times higher than that of men.
Businesses have struggled to provide flexible work schedules for impacted parents. And childcare providers have been met with uncertainty and a constantly changing landscape of regulations as they work to tailor curriculum to virtual environments, keep children physically distanced, and implement other new policies, like mask-wearing, for their pupils.
But while Fauci is currently correct in his findings and recommendations, he is incorrect when he asserts that this has been his consistent position. In reality, his newfound mentality is at least six months behind the curve, and there were many others who told him as much as far back as this summer. Notably, Senator Rand Paul, a doctor himself, took the correct position many months ago.

Fauci and Paul sparred over the question of whether schools should reopen back in May of this year, leading to countless online attacks against Senator Paul by many prominent progressives.

What did Paul do to deserve such visceral attacks? He merely pointed out the same science Fauci is now hanging his hat on.
“There’s a great deal of evidence that’s actually good—good evidence—that kids aren’t transmitting this—it’s rare—and that kids are staying healthy, and that yes we can open our schools,” Paul stated during a committee hearing.
While Fauci has maintained all along that the goal should be for children to return to schools, he previously issued much more cautious recommendations. He suggested some schools remain closed and pushed for a heavier handed approach from the federal government when it came to deciding protocols for reopening schools. At that time, he also indicated that children could spread the disease as easily as adults.
Fauci’s change in position has led many, including right-wing Twitter commentator Jack Posobiec, to call for apologies to Rand Paul, which wouldn’t be the first time the senator has been owed one by the establishment.

As per usual, Paul is right. Dr. Fauci does owe an apology to the American people. But his mistake is one of arrogance, not malice—and it’s one we see repeated over and over again by the adherents of central planning.
F.A. Hayek once famously said, “The more the state ‘plans’ the more difficult planning becomes for the individual.”
Central planning fails and wreaks havoc on the individuals in a country because of the knowledge problem. The knowledge problem refers to a concept developed by Hayek in his work “The Use of Knowledge in Society.” It’s actually a pretty simple economic concept that holds that central planners cannot possibly possess all of the information they need to successfully direct the lives of others—especially given the need for rapid adaptation in response to changing circumstances.
Such has been the case with Fauci and many others in our government as they seek to combat the coronavirus. They overestimate their abilities, presume they know more than they do, and seek to tell others from afar how to best respond to their rapidly changing environment. It hasn’t worked, and it never will, and the reasons for this trace their way back to the knowledge problem.
Dr. Fauci, and many of our other political leaders, have issued incorrect information, overstepped their constitutional boundaries, and often amplified the negative impacts of the coronavirus. Instead of recognizing their own limitations in the face of a virus, they’ve instead doubled down on their authority and continued to try and control the minute details of people’s lives. This has caused chaos, often needlessly, and it has placed undue hardships on individual Americans who are attempting to do the right things and rebuild their lives.
Fauci’s new recommendations ought to come with a dose of humility and a recognition that the government, and even very smart scientists working within it, cannot centrally plan their way out of an unprecedented pandemic and crisis. Instead, Americans should be given the best, most up-to-date information available and allowed to decide for themselves what the best path forward is for their family and their community.

Hannah Cox

Hannah Cox is a libertarian-conservative writer, commentator, and activist. She’s a Newsmax Insider and a Contributor to The Washington Examiner.
EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

Selfless Democrats Go To Fancy Restaurants, Parties To Show Public What Not To Do

U.S.—With the pandemic still ongoing and many people still getting infected with COVID-19, Democrats have been especially strict with their constituents, enforcing the harshest lockdowns and restrictions on gatherings. Fearing that’s not enough to get their point through, Democrats have gone the extra length of illustrating to the public exactly what they shouldn’t do by engaging in those activities themselves.
“This could get people killed,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom as he ate at the famous French Laundry restaurant with a large gathering of friends. He then added, between bites of food, “You have to stay home and isolated. I don’t want to see any of you doing this.”
Austin Mayor Steve Adler flew all the way to a resort in Mexico to show people the dangers of the pandemic. “This is not the time to relax and go on vacation,” said Adler. “You see this?” He took a drink of a fruity cocktail and sat on a chair by the ocean. “You can’t do this.”
Democrats hope these extra efforts will really convince the public of the danger of the pandemic. “If people see us risking our lives to show them how bad it is, maybe they’ll see that this is serious,” said Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser as she attended a Joe Biden victory party. “We could all die from parties like these, and people need to see how dangerous that is, and — Hey! Waiter! I want some of those appetizers!”
AOC Now Selling ‘Tax The Rich’ Caviar For Just $10,000 A Can
Disney World Updates Hall Of Presidents To Include Kamala Harris
First Baptist Dallas Visitor Gift Bag Comes With A Free Bible And AR-15
‘Capitalism Has Failed Us!’ Mark Ruffalo Shouts From Atop Massive Mountain Of Cash
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Era Of The Great Fawning Has Begun

The attack dogs are being put back into the Obama hibernation chambers and the dutiful lapdogs are back out, gently placed on the blanketed lap of Joe Biden and the puppeteers running him.
Let the era of the Great Fawning begin.
An Associated Press article was representative of the media coverage of Joe Biden’s pick for White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, describing his “gilded resume,” reporting that he has surprisingly “drawn praise from both sides of the ideological divide.” He’s just that good, darn it!
This is one part opinion, one part just flat wrong, all parts unfeigned Democratic operative PR. Get used to it. This will be the norm with the Biden coverage. No longer will you see the currently omnipresent phrase “without evidence” used with President Trump, a standard never before applied to presidents although it sure could have been with Obama, and likely all of them.
The opinion part is that his resume is “gilded” and a tremendous advancement over the outsider know-nothing rubes that Trump hired. Here is the actual lead:

“Ron Klain has checked all the boxes of a classic Washington striver: Georgetown, Harvard Law, Supreme Court clerk and Capitol Hill staffer, White House adviser and, along the way, of course, lobbyist and lawyer.”

Classic Washington striver with “deep knowledge” and “competence” the media assures us. But to 74 million Americans, probably more, it sounds a lot more like another Washington insider sucking off the bloated teets of the federal government for personal enrichment and who doesn’t know or care a rat’s rear-end about middle America. They are literally describing what we would think of as the ultimate swamp creature, but I doubt they even know it, the disconnection is so complete.
But hey, that is their partisan opinion. It’s still a free country, partially, sort of, for the moment. But it’s labeled straight news — which makes it deceitful, at best, just a lie at worst. Completely untrustworthy, as every poll shows the American public finds the media. Does the media writ large even care about its trustworthiness with its consumers anymore? Or is it the agenda uber alles?
And then there is just the factually untrue.
The evidence they cite for “drawing praise from both sides of the ideological divide”? Well none effectively. No elected Republican is quoted in Washington or elsewhere. Not one. Not even Mitt Romney. Only talk show host Hugh Hewitt tweeted that Klain was a good pick because Klain took pandemics from foreign nations seriously years ago. No matter. Still counts.
The whole piece is a laundry list of leftist leaders, including Obama minion, or puppeteer, depending on who you believe, Valeri Jarrett, heaping praise on Klain along with AOC and other leftist radicals applauding the pick in the lapdog PR story. But hey, a talk show guy tweeted something positive, so…bipartisan support!
Like I said. Get used to the partisan fawning. Or move on from the mainstream media. But remember, they still hold enormous influence in this country, pretty much for worse, so they cannot just be discarded as irrelevant. They must be exposed as the partisan operatives they have become.
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Election Fraud Eyewitnesses Harassed, Threatened, and BEATEN

Sidney Powell Claims Some Of Her Witnesses Have Been ‘Threatened’ And ‘Beaten Up’

By: Martin Walsh, Conservative Brief, December 2, 2020
Sidney Powell, the prominent defense attorney who is fighting in courtrooms across the country to expose alleged voter fraud, made a few startling claims this week.
During an interview Monday night on Fox News, Powell provided an update to Fox News host Sean Hannity and revealed an unfortunate turn of events as her cases are reviewed.
Powell told Hannity that many witnesses involved in her case are already being threatened and, in one case, reportedly physically assaulted.
Powell didn’t elaborate on the details surrounding the alleged assault or intimidation, other than to say one witness was “beaten up and is in the hospital.”
She added that “lives have been threatened” and claimed other witnesses fear losing their jobs should they choose to come forward with potentially damning information.
“There have been all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward to tell the truth,” Powell claimed. “And no, Democrats don’t like whistleblowers, they only like liars who claim they’re whistleblowers.”
Powell went on to inform Hannity that some of the witnesses she’s counting on for her cases — including some in governmental roles — can’t come forward “without certain protections in place,” which undoubtedly complicates matters in the ongoing legal fight to prove the voter fraud allegations.


At another point in the interview, Powell made a slew of other claims.
“And I asked you today, you said to me that there were people watching an internet connection in real-time but they can’t speak publicly and haven’t signed affidavits to that. Why?” Hannity wondered aloud.
“There’s a number of reasons,” Powell insisted. “Some are within the government. Some are possibly in different roles that require confidentiality. And they are not in a position where they can come forward without certain protections in place. And that’s something that the government really needs to give them if they want to get to the truth of all the matters, with which we are gathering more evidence every day.”
Powell asserted that they’ve “only been allowed access to a few of them,” adding that they will be “collecting a lot more evidence” in the near future and that they already have “evidence of corruption all across the country and countless districts.”
Hannity eventually interjected to ask why Democrats weren’t willing to offer a helping hand.
“I thought Democrats told us that we like whistle-blowers. You’re saying these people can’t talk because they’re going to lose their job. I would think they’d get protection,” he said.
“They’re going to lose their job, their lives have been threatened,” Powell replied. “One witness we know of got beaten up and is in the hospital. There have been all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward to tell the truth. And, no, Democrats don’t like whistle-blowers. They only like liars who claim they’re whistle-blowers!”
Powell didn’t provide evidence that her witnesses were being threatened and withheld from telling Hannity any specific instances.
But many certainly find Powell credible and would certainly believe that witnesses in her various lawsuits could be under threat or otherwise fearful of coming forward with headline-rocking information.

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BREAKING: Arizona GOP finds 2% of duplicate ballots took votes away from Trump after judge allows sample to be examined
Nevada ‘fraud’: 42,248 voted ‘multiple times, 1,500 ‘dead’ voters, ’ RV camps as ‘homes’
CNN TAPES: Listen as CNN’s Zucker, Execs Caught Ordering News Division To Bury Hunter Biden Story, Helping Biden With Miami Cubans
Voter Group in Georgia Has Identified More than 50,000 Illegal Votes – Enough Votes to Move Georgia to Trump Column
After Georgia Stopped Counting, CCTV Shows Suitcases FULL OF BALLOTS Hidden Under Desks Are Pulled Out
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Mysterious Tower Of Missing Trump Votes Appears In Utah Desert

UTAH DESERT—Scientists and conspiracy theorists are baffled after a strange monolith-shaped stack of missing Trump votes was discovered without explanation in the middle of the Utah desert.
“RIGGED ELECTION!” tweeted Donald Trump after seeing the news on his Twitter feed. “They found my missing votes! There must be 10 million in that stack alone!”
Scientists insist Trump’s allegations are “baseless” and that the strange stack of mail-in votes for Trump is more likely the result of an artist’s work or perhaps an alien visitor.
Rudy Giuliani was last seen rappelling down the side of a nearby cliff face to examine the stack of ballots with a flashlight and a magnifying glass. He has announced to the press that by the time he’s done examining all the ballots by himself, Trump will be revealed to be the clear winner in all 50 states.
Kamala Says Biden Will Be ‘Kept Comfortable’ While A Discussion Ensues About Whether To Keep Him Alive
Project Veritas Shunned By Journalists For Practicing Journalism
CNN Reports Iran Has Developed Peaceful Nuclear Power Plant In More Efficient Shape Of A Rocket
Government Prepares For Next Pandemic By Taking Away Everyone’s Rights Ahead Of Time
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IRS Sent $1,200 Stimulus Checks to Random European Citizens, New Reporting Shows

Reckless disregard for efficiency is inherent to all government spending.

Congress is debating another round of COVID-19 stimulus legislation right now. But as the details continue to be hashed out, new evidence keeps mounting that shows just how wasteful and inefficient the first stimulus bill was.
The $2 trillion+ CARES Act, passed in March, sent $1,200 “stimulus” checks to many Americans in hopes of providing relief and stimulating consumer spending. The feds used outdated pre-pandemic tax information to determine eligibility and who to send checks to. This meant that not only were the relief checks not meaningfully targeted to those actually experiencing financial duress amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, but billions in checks were sent to dead people.
Now we’re learning that the Internal Revenue Service also sent checks to an untold number of random European citizens, not Americans, who aren’t even US residents.
“The IRS now acknowledges that its own error caused some citizens of other countries to mistakenly receive $1,200 coronavirus relief payments — and that the mistake is likely to happen again if more stimulus money goes out,” NPR reports.

For example, Stockholm resident and Swedish citizen Susanne Wigforss received a check from the IRS.
“This is so wrong,” Wigforss told NPR, “because I saw that a number of people were being evicted every month in Chicago, for instance, and I thought one of those families would have needed this stimulus check. Why should a Swedish citizen living abroad receive $1,200?”
“There’s no way I’m going to cash this money — it doesn’t belong to me,” she added. “But how much money is bleeding out from the Treasury Department because of these [misdirected] stimulus checks, I wonder?”

“I didn’t ask for the money. I didn’t expect any money,” Australian citizen Van Shockley said. “But as soon as I got it, I stuck it in the bank. You ain’t getting it back!”
The most maddening part of this whole episode of incompetence is that the IRS has acknowledged this problem yet has not taken any serious steps to correct it retroactively or for future stimulus efforts.
“Since Congress passed its coronavirus relief package in a hurry in March, the US government has put no mechanisms in place to prevent these mistakes from happening again,” NPR reports. “As a result, if a new relief plan with more stimulus payments passes in the final weeks of the Trump administration or during the Biden administration, some of that money is likely to mistakenly end up in mailboxes overseas again.”
The government has no idea how many checks were sent out incorrectly. This is perhaps the most incredible part of the entire stimulus debate.
All of the major programs and initiatives in the CARES Act were consumed by rampant fraud or waste. For example, the stimulus bill’s expansion of unemployment benefits lost $26 billion to fraud—more than the entire unemployment system paid out in 2019. The Paycheck Protection Program was similarly consumed by fraud, and it ended up costing taxpayers a whopping $224,000 per job preserved.
Yet with the debate over a second stimulus bill, lawmakers are pushing to dump more money—the only debate is how much—into the same exact programs without fixing them or addressing the fraud and waste.
Taxpayers are right to find this infuriating. But, unfortunately, they ought not be surprised. Reckless disregard for efficiency and fraud is inherent to government spending, because elected officials are spending other peoples’ money on other people.
“You can spend your own money on yourself,” Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman explained. “When you do that, why then you really watch out what you’re doing, and you try to get the most for your money.”
“[But] if I spend somebody else’s money on somebody else, I’m not concerned about how much it is, and I’m not concerned about what I get,” Friedman surmised. “And that’s government.”
So, unless something major changes, we should expect serious fraud, dysfunction, and abuse to plague future stimulus bills as well. And yes, that may very well mean more taxpayer dollars ending up in the mailboxes of random European citizens.

Brad Polumbo

Brad Polumbo (@Brad_Polumbo) is a libertarian-conservative journalist and Opinion Editor at the Foundation for Economic Education.
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America’s Color Revolution, Part 2: Seven Days in December?

While there’s proof aplenty that this election was stolen from President Trump through rampant, egregious fraud, plain common sense might lead us to the same conclusion. For instance, which do you think most people would vote for: Opening our country back up for business, work, school, entertainment, sports, community, celebrations and gatherings of all kinds, while making America prosperous and great again – or tax increases, mandatory mask-wearing, nationwide lockdowns, more small business closures, more bankruptcies of our favorite restaurants, theaters, concert halls, and sports venues, plus our energy sector in the crosshairs and socialized medicine on the horizon—all the while being promised a “dark winter”? That’s the choice between Trump and Biden. Which candidate do you think won? Me, too.
By now the felonious Deep State coup plotters are so desperate, that If Trump is officially re-elected, they might well attempt a putsch to throw him bodily out of the White House. Should Trump win, you can be sure the Dems will be screaming that he stole the election and will proceed full tilt with their Color Revolution plans. They have their mercenary shock troops waiting, and who knows what reinforcements and weaponry are also at their disposal. Money’s no object for them, and they’re playing for all the marbles. They intend to kneecap Trump to achieve their ultimate goal: the takeover of America. What with Covid wreaking havoc with our citizenry and our economy, and both Biden and radical Leftist Kamala waiting in the wings ready to do their bidding, they must surely see this as their golden opportunity for a full court press.
However, there’s some good news circulating on the internet that POTUS may be in train to checkmate the Deep State fraudsters before they can do the same to him. What is certain is that one side or the other will triumph in this winner-take-all battle for our Republic. American patriots are longing to see justice enacted, as we’ve been watching seditious criminals remain at large for far too long. With stakes this high, and both sides essentially fighting for survival, it’s not hard to imagine a battle encircling the Tree of Liberty as at our founding.
For four years, President Trump has presided over a rogue DOJ, rogue FBI, rogue CIA, rogue DHS, and various other rogue intelligence agencies seeded with Obama holdovers. POTUS recently removed James Anderson, Acting Director of Policy Planning in the DoD, followed by the firing of quisling Mark Esper as Secretary of Defense along with his chief of staff. Let’s hope he’s not done cleaning house, though. As of December 1st, we learned that Attorney General Bill Barr is playing for the other team, as he announced he sees no evidence of vote fraud that would change the election results. That’s two feckless attorneys general in a row. The Swamp runs deep.
The President and his team ought to huddle around a big-screen TV to revisit the classic film from 1964, “Seven Days in May,” which, if you’ve never seen, you owe it to yourself to watch—and not just for the excellent acting and gripping story. A decorated General, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, organizes a military coup against the sitting president. Incidentally, our own current head of the Joint Chiefs, General Milley, recently made this statement: “We are unique among militaries. We do not take an oath to a king or a queen, a tyrant or a dictator. We do not take an oath to an individual. No, we do not take an oath to a country, a tribe or religion. We take an oath to the Constitution.” So if push comes to shove, apparently General Milley would shove out the President.
Um, Mark, doesn’t the Constitution vest the powers of the Executive branch in the President, and isn’t he your Commander-in-Chief? If you disagree with his policies, isn’t the appropriate response to tender your resignation? And General Milley, isn’t the point that the Constitution undergirds our Republic, so when you swear to protect it, you’re swearing to protect our country from enemies foreign and domestic? The Constitution represents the rule of law in our nation. The last time I looked, the office of the president was featured rather prominently in our founding document. Before you set yourself up as a staunch defender of the Constitution, General, perhaps you ought to read it.
That reminds me, here’s the latest gem from former head of the CIA, John Brennan:

“I’m very concerned what he [Trump] might do in his remaining 70 days in office. Is he going to take some type of military action? Is he going to release some type of information that could, in fact, threaten our national security interests? If Vice President Pence and the cabinet had an ounce of fortitude and spine and patriotism, I think they would seriously consider invoking the 25th Amendment and pushing Donald Trump out because he is just very unpredictable now.

Brennan may be reacting to the specter of the noose, as his remarks followed hard upon Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet: “Declassify everything!!!”
And while we’re sampling treasonous assertions, take a look at this one, reported by SkyNews Australia:

“Two retired army officers are urging General Mark Milley– the highest-ranking military officer in the US – to remove President Donald Trump from office if he refuses to leave when his term ends. In an open letter published in Defense One, John Nagl and Paul Yingling warned President Trump could trigger a ‘once-unthinkable scenario of authoritarian rule’ and ‘America’s greatest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War.’ ‘If Donald Trump refuses to leave office at the expiration of his constitutional term, the United States military must remove him by force, and you must give that order.’”

As far as I’m concerned, General Milley needs to hear two words from the President, “You’re fired!”
Spoiler alert: In “Seven Days in May,” good triumphs over evil. Let’s hope and pray, but let’s also do all we can to make sure good triumphs on our watch as well, as we fight to shore up our beleaguered Republic. If not it will be a Dark Winter indeed.
© Cherie Zaslawsky. All rights reserved.

America’s Color Revolution, Part 1: The Election Psy-Op

Trump voters will never forget the shock of going to bed on November 3rd secure in the knowledge that the President had won a second term, only to awaken on November 4th to the news that Biden, lagging far behind Trump in all the battleground states, was magically now in the lead.
How did the Democrats pull this off? In both simple and sophisticated ways. But the key to the massive election theft—their hidden tactic—is computerized vote-stealing by means of Dominion voting machines, and/or the “Scorecard” vote-flipping program. Remember those 6,000 votes that went from Trump to You-Know-Who? That wasn’t just a gain of 6,000 fake votes for Biden; it also lowered Trump’s count by 6,000, creating a difference of 12,000 votes between them in Biden’s favor. Such “vote flipping” widens the gap between the two candidates twice as effectively as garden-variety cheating—vote harvesting, dead people voting, etc.—giving the Dems the biggest bang for their ill-gotten buck. And as of Friday the 13th of November, audits of the computerized cheating showed 500,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden. Folks, this means at least a fraudulent 1,000,000 vote windfall for Biden in swing states, courtesy of the Dominion software tamperers. We know Leftists are big on redistributing the wealth—well here’s the counterpart: redistributing the votes of the American people!
As myriad claims of vote fraud emerge, including ballot counters tacking cardboard over their building’s windows so locked-out poll watchers couldn’t even see into the room, the thought struck me that even the Dems are usually not this sloppy and obvious. I can even imagine the great fictional detective Hercule Poirot saying to his sidekick, “Ah, Hastings, do you not see? No, no, mon ami! There are too many clues. This fox, he wants to be caught!” The Democrats’ war-gaming of the election may go far beyond their flagrant vote fraud schemes. In fact, I believe they plan to win regardless of the final result of this election. Either Biden stumbles his way into the White House, or as soon as Trump is inaugurated, if not before, they attempt a violent coup d’état, using the pretence that he stole the election—their old standby trick of accusing others of their own crimes.
So far, they’ve put Trump in the defensive position of having to challenge the vote fraud. While it’s very likely he’ll win his case, since the facts and evidence are all on his side, what next? Do we transition into four more years of MAGA and can our President finally drain the swamp before it succeeds in swallowing him up? After all, we know that Trump won this election. In 2016 he ended up with 304 electoral votes to Crooked Hllary’s 227, having received 63 million votes in the general election. This time ‘round he has at least 74 million—10 million more—not counting the millions of votes the Dems stole from him. With Trump more popular than ever, and Basement Biden an even weaker candidate than Hillary was, we should expect something in the neighborhood of Trump with 400 electoral votes to Biden’s 140—a landslide win.
The Left knows this, too. That’s exactly why they’ve instructed their propaganda machine, aka the mainstream media, to hammer home the “fact” that Biden won. Recall that they began election season claiming polls showed Biden was the runaway favorite with a double-digit lead. And on November 7th, with major irregularities in all the swing states emerging and no real final count, they blithely announced Biden as the winner.
They even got their pals in the UK and elsewhere to congratulate Biden! Vladimir Putin is one of the few leaders who says he’ll wait to find out who won. Even the New World Order Pope has congratulated the poseur. You can’t read a newspaper or listen to a newscast without hearing about “President-elect Biden.” Huh? We’re not done counting votes let alone certifying them, and Trump’s team has only begun to fight against the Dems’ unprecedented vote fraud. We’re still a couple of weeks away from the Electors voting, yet millions of Americans believe Biden has won the election. This does not bode well.
The astonishing in-your-face election psy-op taking place is in many ways analogous to that of the Covid Plandemic. The globalist cabal took the virus that causes the common cold—and for most people, Covid is not much worse than a cold—and turned it into a mechanism for upending our liberty. For their nefarious purpose they had plenty of help from the likes of China, the UK, Italy, etc. Remember all those scary videos of people dropping in the street? It’s difficult for most people to doubt Big Media’s show-and-tell. This is the effect, praised by Goebbels during the Third Reich, of the Big Lie. The more outrageous the lie, and the more often it’s repeated, the more readily people will accept it as true.
And millions of Americans are now primed to believe that Biden won this all-important election. In fact, he’s already assembling his cabinet! I personally think Trump made a mistake in allowing Biden access to funds for his “transition.” POTUS did this to protect General Services Administration chief Emily Murphy from the harassment and death threats she was getting for refusing to release these funds. Predictably, the Dems made hay out of this gesture, as CNBC crows that this concession, “… marks one of the first clear indications of the Trump administration acknowledging defeat in the 2020 election.” And here’s their headline, “Trump Administration Officially Begins Transition to Biden after Weeks of Delay.” Give a Leftist an inch…
You can see the Left’s evil genius at work in this quote by David Leonhardt of the New York Times: “A sitting president has spent months telling lies about non-existent voter fraud. Now that his re-election bid is in deep trouble…he has unleashed a new torrent of falsehoods, claiming that the other side cheated. He has demanded the Supreme Court intervene to decide the election in his favor.” Note the devious spin throughout this seditious quote. It’s the President who’s telling the truth—there is evidence of massive vote fraud which his team has uncovered—and all he wants is a fair and honest election. Nor could he “demand” the Supreme Court decide the election in his favor. Could it be that “journalists” at the “paper of record” have never heard of the “Separation of Powers”?
But let’s put all this in the context of Color Revolutions. How do these typically begin? With a disputed election, followed by an insurrection. Now imagine the headlines in the New York Times, the Washington Post, et al., and the coverage on CNN, MSNBC, etc. when Trump is declared the winner: “Trump Tries to Steal Election from Biden! Refuses to Step Down!” “Millions Rioting in the Streets Protesting Trump Acting as Dictator!”
How about a few actual headlines from recent weeks? From Yahoo News: “Trump defies election loss, Biden ignores him”; from USA Today: “’It’s an embarrassment’: Joe Biden responds to Donald Trump’s refusal to concede presidential race”. And here’s Yahoo News opening line from Friday, November 13th: “The White House is planning for President Donald Trump to serve a second term despite his reelection loss, a top official said Friday.” Or this: “Trump has yet to concede nearly a week after US media announced that his Democratic challenger Joe Biden had defeated him in the November 3 presidential election.” This psy-op is following the playbook of Color Revolutions. Recall also that back in August, Hillary herself helped set the stage with this remark: “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.” Um, Hillary, did you mean even if he lost?
The New York TImes, perhaps the most blatant colluder in this psy-op, sent this headline into readers’ email inboxes on November 12th: “Good morning. A president is trying to undo an election result: How would you describe that situation in another country?” Well, at least they said “Good morning.” And here’s a warning from Rick Hasen, an “election law expert” from UC Irvine, who opines that if judges allow Republican legislatures to overturn Biden’s supposed victory, “it would provoke massive social unrest. … I think it would be the end of American democracy as we know it.” That “massive unrest” is exactly the threat. Well, one of the threats. See Part 2 of this article for the Deep State’s Plan B.
But I’d be remiss not to include this gem from the statists in the UK:
“America has chosen Joe Biden ... to be the 46th president of the United States. The American people have disavowed four years of a thuggish presidency. They have chosen decency over dysfunction, fact over fiction, truth over lies, and empathy over cruelty. They have rejected the last four years of ugliness, divisiveness, racism and sustained assaults on constitutional democracy. And even as Trump plots legal challenges and levies unfounded claims of fraud, it is clear America is moving on.”
We the People who love our Republic, also hope America is moving on—but in the opposite direction: away from the Left’s sabotage, sedition and treason, to a restoration of justice, liberty and the pursuit of happiness once more. It’s not over till it’s over. Four More Years!
© Cherie Zaslawsky

Gingrich: 2020 Election is the ‘Biggest Theft Since 1824’ – But It’s Even Worse Than That

Newt Gingrich tweeted Friday:

“The more data comes out on vote anomalies that clearly are not legitimate the more it looks like 2020 may be the biggest Presidential theft since Adams and Clay robbed Andrew Jackson in 1824. State legislatures should demand recounts.”

He was right, except for one detail: the stolen election of 2020 is shaping up to be much worse than that of 1824.
Rating America’s Presidents explains that by that year, the Democratic-Republican Party, which was the party of the previous three presidents, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe, now included virtually every politician of significance and had split into factions of its own. The congressional caucus that had chosen Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe bypassed the candidate whom many considered to be Monroe’s heir apparent, Secretary of State John Quincy Adams. Instead, the caucus picked a candidate who stood for the old Republican principles of strict adherence to the Constitution and a weak federal government: William Crawford, who had been a senator from Georgia, minister to France, and secretary of war and secretary of the treasury in the Monroe administration.
The caucus, however, didn’t have the influence in 1824 that it had enjoyed in previous years. Those who favored the positions that had initially been identified with the moribund opposition party, the Federalists, including a strong federal government that funded internal improvements, a centralized Bank of the United States, and high tariffs to protect American industry, were Adams and the speaker of the House, Henry Clay of Kentucky. Then there was General Andrew Jackson, the hero of the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812 and, more recently, a senator from Tennessee. Jackson had genuine popular support, which was increasingly important, as more and more states were choosing electors by popular vote.
No one, however, knew exactly where Jackson stood on the issues. Adams, whom Jackson would soon count among his bitterest political enemies, actually supported him for vice president, albeit with a quip about Jackson’s volatile character: “The Vice-Presidency was a station in which the General could hang no one, and in which he would need to quarrel with no one.”
One reason why 2020 is worse than 1824 is that everyone in that race, like everyone for the first century and a half of the republic, had an America-first agenda. So there was nothing like the modern-day division of candidates on that score, and voters didn’t have to ask themselves which candidate was less likely to sell America’s interests to the highest international bidder.
What’s more, the positions that were truly best for America in the long run were distributed across factional lines; the Adams party held some, and the Jackson party held others. The gargantuan growth of the federal government today and its increasing interference in the daily lives of its citizens make one long for the era when politicians were determined not just to pay lip service to the idea of limiting its power. One need not acquiesce in that unrestrained and continually growing power in order to accept the Supreme Court’s declaration of the constitutionality of using federal funds for internal improvements as based on the Commerce Clause; nor does this require one to endorse the later abuse of that clause. The Bank placed control of the public funds in private hands, which was never wise, as it risked the possibility of an elected clique, rather than the people, setting the national agenda; we are seeing the consequences of that in other contexts today.
The question of Andrew Jackson’s fitness for office was a key issue in 1824, as it had been for no previous presidential candidate. Jackson was widely considered to be unsuitable to be president, as he had little political experience. Clay sneered, “I cannot believe that killing 2,500 Englishmen at New Orleans qualifies for the various, difficult, and complicated duties of the Chief Magistracy.”
Nevertheless, the election results had Jackson leading the field, winning ninety-nine electoral votes, with eighty-four for Adams, forty-one for Crawford, and thirty-seven for Clay. As none of the candidates had a majority, the election went to the House of Representatives, where the choice was between the three top vote-getters. Clay threw his support to Adams, who prevailed. Adams, as president, then chose Clay as the secretary of state, which was reasonable in light of their agreement on key issues. But Jackson and his supporters charged Adams and Clay with making a “corrupt bargain” to secure the presidency for Adams. Jackson raged: “So you see the Judas of the West [Clay] has closed the contract and will receive his thirty pieces of silver. Was there ever witnessed such bare faced corruption in any country before?”
So it was that the presidency of John Quincy Adams, a man who was distinguished throughout his long political career for his integrity, was tainted from beginning to end by charges of corruption and venality. Adams entered the White House under a cloud that never dissipated. In his inaugural address, Adams appealed to the goodwill of the American people: “Less possessed of your confidence in advance than any of my predecessors, I am deeply conscious of the prospect that I shall stand more and oftener in need of your indulgence.”
He didn’t get it. His victory was so tainted that his presidency was effectively crippled from the start. Of course, he didn’t have the weight of a complicit and compliant media and political establishment behind him. Compared to Donald J. Trump, John Quincy Adams had it easy.
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