China Engaged in ‘Mass Surveillance’ on Americans’ Mobile Phones, Report Finds

On a side note, a group founded by far-left tech giants Google and IBM is working with a company that is helping China’s authoritarian government conduct mass surveillance against its citizens, The Intercept can reveal. China Engaged in ‘Mass Surveillance’ on Americans’ Mobile Phones, Report Finds The Chinese regime exploited vulnerabilities in the global mobile telecommunications network to conduct […]

Dominion Audit: Ballot Error Rate Was At Least 85,000 Times Higher Than FEC Allows

Bad news for Democrat crime syndicate. Dominion Audit Contains Bad News: Ballot Error Rate Was At Least 85,000 Times Higher Than FEC Allows B By Randy DeSoto, The Western Journal, December 15, 2020 at 8:19am A Michigan judge ordered the release Monday of an independent forensic audit report of the Dominion Voting Systems machines used in […]

U.S. Treasury, Commerce Department, USG Agencies Hacked Through SolarWinds [Dominion IT Provider] Software Backdoor

Communications at the U.S. Treasury and Commerce Departments were reportedly compromised by a supply chain attack on SolarWinds, a security vendor that helps the federal government and a range of Fortune 500 companies monitor the health of their IT networks. Given the breadth of the company’s customer base, experts say the incident may be just […]

Analysist Identifies ‘Phantom Voters’ Used to Dilute Legal Votes in Several States

Fake people who cast votes. In Arizona alone, he identified as many as 300,000 of these voters. Analysist Identifies “Phantom Voters” Used to Dilute Legal Votes in Several States By: Dr E, Washington Pundit, December 15, 2020: Enthusiasm is contagious and Bobby Piton has no shortage of it. Piton became an instant success after his appearance at […]

China’s Facial Recognition AI Targeting Uighurs IS The Gestapo

We’re hearing Gestapo thrown around a lot lately. It’s almost as though the legions of easily-propagandized ignorants wore out the constant mis-use of Nazi, Fascist and Hitler. Most of the Gestapo iterations of this are complete nonsense. Most. Not all. The Chinese Communist government’s police state apparatus is the modern day equivalent of the Gestapo. […]

ACTION: Call on Congress to Investigate Pornhub!

This is what we’ve been working towards. The tipping point in our war. Pornhub will soon fall. We need your help right now though. The next week will make a big difference! Pornhub profits off of the abuse of hundreds, likely thousands, of victims of child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, rape, and non-consensually produced pornography uploaded to […]

WATCH: Tech Millionaire Funds Hacking Team, ‘Says Election 100% Rigged. Not Even close!’

UPDATE 11/26/2020: We caught them!  “We are not on either team.” “I did not vote for Trump” “The odd thing is the DHS was warned of all this in August.”  ” I’ve funded a team of hackers and cybersleuths and other people with odd skills. We’ve been on this since August. One side story […]

Meet the Hacker Who Rigged/Hacked Elections

If this: How to Hack an Election Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout Latin America for almost a decade. He tells his story for the first time. By Jordan Robertson, Michael Riley, and Andrew Willis | Bloomberg March 31, 2016 It was just before midnight when Enrique Peña Nieto declared victory as the newly elected president of […]