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DHS Secretary Mayorkas Reveals Amnesty Plot While Aiding Catastrophic Border Invasion

By ACT For America!

The DHS Secretary Mayorkas is Intentionally Distorting the Interpretation of US Immigration Laws to Conduct Planned Border Invasion with a Recently Revealed Partisan Agenda to Push for Biden’s Amnesty Law!

Bidens ‘The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021’ Amnesty Bill Includes:

  • Blanket Amnesty for All Illegals Currently in the US
  • Increased Dreamer-DACA provisions
  • Increased Chain Migration
  • Enhanced Systems to Better Facilitate Future Illegal Immigration
  • No Added Border Security or Counterterrorism Funding
  • No Consideration for America’s Displaced ‘Unskilled’ Workers
  • 80% of Current Illegal Population Living on 100% Government Subsidies

In the tumultuous landscape of U.S. immigration, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently laid out his designs for an outrageous amnesty plan, setting the stage for the potential legalization of 12-30 million undocumented individuals currently residing in the United States. This revelation comes against the backdrop of a staggering 10-12 million illegal border crossings during the initial three years of President Joe Biden’s administration, with millions more poised to follow suit.

HOST: What about the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country?

MAYORKAS: Amnesty pic.twitter.com/6fDRaGORWv

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 28, 2023

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Mayorkas, who has faced scrutiny for allegedly misrepresenting border security to Congress, now advocates for “comprehensive immigration reform” which is nothing short of a legal, Marxist open border policy. Despite pushback from Republican lawmakers who recently opted against impeaching Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary remains steadfast in his call for a revamp of a system deemed “fundamentally broken” for over three decades.

Comparatively, President Trump led 4 years of tightly controlled borders under the SAME “broken” immigration policy that Mayorkas and the Biden Administration argue is the cause for record illegal immigration. We would argue that Mayorkas and the Biden Administration has intentionally suspended immigration law, acting more as a welcome party for illegal immigration from over 120 nations, including many that are hostile to the United States.

Southwest Border Encounters

From 2013 to 2018, 68 out of 72 Months Reported Less Than 60K Illegal Southwest Border Encounters

The Biden-Mayorkas Administration has averaged 183K Monthly:  

  • 145K in 2021 (+282% over 2020)
  • 198K+ in 2022 (+37% over 2021)
  • 267K in 2023 (+35% over 2022)

The Trump-Wolf Administration averaged 51K Monthly:

  • 33K in 2018 (-7% over 2017)
  • 81K in 2019 (+146% over 2018) *Remain in Mexico Began
  • 38K in 2020 (-53% over 2019)

The Trump Administration understood that even monthly numbers as low as 25K in a month were too many. New York City is on the brink of bankruptcy with 10K arriving monthly since the Spring of 2022.

Biden has TRIPLED Illegal entries, with 12 million illegals crossing our southern border compared to 1,832,086 under Trump for the same period; This is the result of POLICY DECISIONS, not an organic migration pattern.

In Mayorkas’s passionate appeal, he emphasized the need for congressional action citing Biden’s Amnesty Bill and highlighting the 12 million undocumented individuals as integral contributors to the nation’s well-being—neighbors, friends, and front-line workers. President Biden, on his inaugural day, presented Congress with an immigration proposal, signaling a commitment to reshape the nation’s approach to immigration. Mayorkas failed to mention any concern for the 1.5 million American workers who were displaced by 900K+ illegal aliens earlier this year, likely at much lower wages, and the finite number of unskilled jobs at risk in this country.

Critics argue that the proposed legislation lacks any provisions for heightened border security, a concern magnified by executive actions undoing significant measures like the effective ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. The bill’s eight-year ‘path to citizenship,’ coupled with exemptions for ‘Dreamers’ and others, raises questions about its impact on American workers, particularly the vulnerable unskilled labor force reliant on government subsidies. Moreover, skeptics express apprehensions about potential compromises to national security, including counterterrorism efforts, during a time of unprecedented illegal entries and unknown millions of ‘gotaways’, due to the lack of real border security.

Wouldn’t you run to a nation that guarantees you housing, food, necessities, education, and a pathway to citizenship, securing your government subsidies for life if you lived in a 3rd world country?

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