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EU Blamed Muslim Jihadis’ Genocide of Nigerian Christians on Climate Change

By Catherine Salgado

The European Union (EU) Parliament finally acknowledged the horror of the genocide against Nigerian Christians—but blamed the fake climate crisis instead of the very real Islamic terrorists.

Islamic scriptures approve and encourage the killing of non-Muslims and militants in Nigeria have zealously carried out a decades-long genocide against Christians that has left over 60,000 dead and many more kidnapped or displaced. In fact, Nigeria is the most dangerous nation in the world to be Christian. The West usually ignores the violence against Christians in multiple African nations, but even when the EU recently took notice, its wokeness led to an utterly preposterous diagnosis of the genocide’s cause.

“The European Parliament has condemned the Christmas Eve massacre of Christians in Nigeria but attributed the violence to climate change and environmental degradation instead of Sharia law, Islamic extremist groups, and the dangers of blasphemy accusations,” the Christian Post reported on Feb. 11. Fulani (Muslim) jihadis massacred at least 195 Christians from more than 20 different communities in Nigeria’s violence-plagued Plateau state throughout the 2023 Christmas season. The militants also burned eight churches, inflicted over 300 injuries, devastated homes, and displaced 15,000 people. Approximately 14 Nigerian Christians are killed daily for their faith, Christian Post stated.

Fortunately, the ever-brilliant EU discovered the root cause! Its motion pontificated that “the conflict is increasingly described in religious terms, while the perpetrators are yet to be identified and several factors are to be taken into account such as competition for land fueled by rapid climate change and the failure of authorities to hold to account those responsible for violence.”

The conflict is religious, you elitist buffoons. Muslims have been slaughtering Jews and Christians under orders from their holy texts since the 7th century—this isn’t exactly new. Furthermore, the “climate crisis” is an unscientific hoax, with plenty of evidence to contradict it and not a single accurate climate alarmist prediction in well over 50 years. Yet the EU lectured Nigerian authorities “to take meaningful steps to identify and address all root causes of the violence in Plateau state, such as competition for scarce resources, environmental degradation and the disappearance of effective mediation schemes.”

It’s a joke, but not a funny one for the unfortunate Nigerian Christians bereft of any meaningful Western aid as Islamic jihadis continue to burn, kidnap, and massacre.


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