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Europe’s Farmers Protest Climate Alarmist Idiocy

By Catherine Salgado

Farmers in several European countries have engaged in mass protests against the agriculture-wrecking, society-destroying, unscientific “green” agenda.

Climate alarmists have been wrong for 50+ years, and there’s plenty of evidence to expose the climate hoax. Yet elites around the world continue to tout the fake climate crisis as an excuse to transform society and increase their power. Farmers in Europe, facing land grabs and burdensome regulations in the name of climate change, are fed up.

Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen posted on Twitter/X, “The Belgian farmers have now joined the protests against tyrannical climate policies.” He also tweeted, “The French taxi drivers have joined the farmer’s protest. All of Europe is standing up against Climate Communism.”

Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek also tweeted information about the protests on Jan. 29:

French Farmers are currently blocking highways all over the country and are currently working on a ‘beseige of Paris’.

German Farmers have brought the city of Hamburg and its harbor to a standstill.

Belgian Farmers are out blocking highways and are dumping imported Ukrainian food that’s been exempted from EU regulations.

Of course, as Vlaardingerbroek noted, the global mainstream media is trying its hardest to pretend the protests aren’t happening. 15,000 extra police have reportedly been called in against the French farmers.

Let’s hope the freedom enthusiasm galvanizes more American farmers too.

Breitbart reported last week:

“French farmers have vowed to continue their tractor protests ‘for as long as necessary’ while laying the blame for growing rural anger at the feet of the European Union’s green agenda and the globalist government of President Emmanuel Macron.

Building off the momentum of the political gains from farmers in the Netherlands last year and the recent uprisings seen across Germany — not to mention decades of tractor protests already seen in France — French farmers said that they plan to continue shutting down motorways with their tractors at least until the end of the week and maybe even longer if the government fails to heed their demands…

Principally, the farmers are calling for their way of life to be respected by elites in Paris and Brussels. However, in terms of concrete measures, they have called for a reduction in onerous green regulations from the EU and from their government, which recently raised taxes on agricultural fuel.”

The French farmers do have other complaints, but the climate nonsense is number one. From Germany to France to Belgium, farmers are leading the way in standing for freedom and common sense against Marxist, woke ideology.


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Image Credit: YouTube screenshot from The Guardian

This additional video is from a Jordan Peterson interview on the subject produced by Daily Wire and available on Rumble.


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