Movie Review: The Sound of Freedom

By Neland Nobel From seemingly out of the blue, an independent film about child sex trafficking has eclipsed some heavyweight Hollywood productions for the summer box office draw. In actuality, we learn the film was produced some five years ago and it took all this time and struggle to get it to the big screen.  […]

Gallup Poll Reveals Americans’ Plummeting Confidence in Public Schools

By Kerry McDonald Americans have soured on public schools, but there are alternatives. Americans have soured on public schools. That’s the takeaway from Gallup polling results released earlier this month showing that Americans’ confidence in public schools is at a low point, with only 26 percent of respondents indicating a “Great deal/Fair amount” of confidence in […]

Rules For Dealing With Crisis

By Ken Veit Editors’ Note: Ken Veit is a man of immense experience. A trained actuary, he managed an international firm for many years as well as a successful local business.  He has worked and traveled extensively abroad and is one of the most well-read people we have ever met. In a world that could […]

‘Sound of Freedom’ Rings: Jim Caviezel’s Sex Trafficking Thriller Punches Out Indiana Jones at July 4 Box Office

By Tyler O’Neil Angel Studios’ “Sound of Freedom,” an action thriller exposing the child sex slave trade featuring “Passion of the Christ” actor Jim Caviezel, sold more tickets heading into its opening day July 4 than the blockbuster wannabe “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” “As exciting that it is to hit the number […]

Hobbs Doubles Down On Executive Orders For LGBTQ Community

By Daniel Stefanski Unwilling to work with the Arizona State Legislature, Governor Katie Hobbs has again chosen to exercise unilateral power in the pursuit of her progressive plans. On Tuesday, Governor Katie Hobbs announced that she signed two Executive Orders to “restore rights and protect LGBTQ+ Arizonans.” According to Hobbs’ Office, the Orders “ensure the […]

Go See ‘Sound of Freedom’ for the Truth on Millions of Trafficked Children

By Catherine Salgado The movie Sound of Freedom will finally come to theaters the week of July 4, based on the stories of real-life heroes and their work to free children from the hellish and lucrative world of child trafficking. Toward the end of the trailer above, actor Jim Caviezel (who played Jesus in the […]

‘We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Coming for Your Children’: 6 Scenes From NYC Pride Events

By Gigi De La Torre Editors’ Note: There are uncomfortable scenes that we must share with you. If not, you might not know the extent to which sexual extremists are taking their argument. Otherwise, you might think we are mean and against gay people. Earlier, we had written about this subject (see Get Your Bedroom […]

Genital Mutilation for the Masses

By TT Exulansic The gory details and irreversible horrors of “gender-affirming” surgery laid bare. Gender identity ideology, the worldview surrounding the core belief that sometimes men are women and other times women are men, have gotten the foothold that it has because people naturally trust that medical authorities, especially surgeons, know what they are doing. […]

University Erases ‘L’ in LGBTQ, Redefining Lesbians as ‘Non-Men’

By Jarrett Stepman The woke well is bottomless. Johns Hopkins University recently updated the “LGBTQ Glossary” in its so-called inclusive language guide with a new definition for “lesbian.” A lesbian, according to the famed Baltimore university’s guide, should be referred to as a “non-man attracted to non-men.” A broad definition, right? The guide states that […]


By Bruce Bialosky Anyone who has previously read my columns will quickly conclude that I believe reparations (as being currently discussed) are a tragically stupid idea. You have probably read a multitude of opinions telling you why that is so. You are about to get a significantly different take on the issue. The first aspect […]

An Estimated 200K Babies Saved from Abortion Since Dobbs

By Catherine Salgado Once again in America do unborn babies have the right to life, as the Declaration of Independence said all men have. A recent estimate said around 200,000 babies have been born instead of aborted since the landmark June 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson decision overruling the infamous Roe v. Wade and Casey. That’s […]

Popular Genetic Testing Pits Unborn Siblings Against Each Other, And The Highest Scorer Gets To Live

By Jordan Boyd Technology that replaces the inherent value of life with a numeric placeholder makes the precious gift of living seem expendable. What would you say if you discovered that your parents chose to birth and raise you over any of your other siblings because they believed your genes to be superior? That’s exactly […]

Get Your Bedroom Out of My Government

By Neland Nobel Those old enough might remember in the early days of the sexual revolution, the common refrain was to “get the government out of the bedroom”. The thought was that the police powers of the state had no business involving themselves in the private sexual practices of consenting adults. This principle was applied […]

Katie Hobbs’ Office of Tourism and the Arizona Lottery to Sponsor ‘Child-Friendly’ Drag Show

By Jordan Conradson Katie Hobbs’ Office of Tourism and the Arizona Lottery is set to sponsor an all-ages drag show this weekend in Flagstaff, Arizona. The “Pride In the Pine’s Official After Party” event is at the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff on June 17 at 9 pm. AZ Free News reports, “The event is open […]

In Loco Parentis Gone Loco

By Peachy Keenan This isn’t your parents’ parental authority. You had a baby? Look at you—you’re the captain now! Or are you? The words on a poster taped to a teacher’s classroom door at a New Jersey public school expose the precarious corner American parents have been painted into. “If your parents aren’t accepting of […]

Target Makes Itself A Target

By Neland Nobel As we pointed out not long ago, we think we may be at “peak wokeness.”  Corporations are really beginning to get stung.  If you want to become a soldier in the culture wars, you must expect to take some incoming fire.  But for years, Conservatives sat on their weapons too confused to […]

WHO Says LGBTQ/Sex Ed Starts…At Birth?!?!

By Catherine Salgado The World Health Organization (WHO), which is beholden to and enamored of the genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and whose horrendous advice triggered the destructive COVID-19 measures such as masking and lockdowns, has more awful advice for you. According to the WHO, “sexuality education starts from birth.” It’s never too early to […]

Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology

By Mary Margaret Olohan Fox News employees are allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex, and are permitted to dress in alignment with their preferred gender. They must also be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns in the workplace. These are just a few of the […]

We Need to See Transgender Shooter’s Manifesto

By Josh Hammer A transgender lunatic named Audrey Hale shot up a private Christian elementary school March 27 in Nashville, Tennessee. The shooter, who tragically killed three adults and three children before being neutralized by well-trained Metropolitan Nashville Police Department officers, was a 28-year-old biological female who had “transitioned” to a public-facing male “gender identity”. Nashville […]

Weekend Read: The Four Pillars of Medical Ethics Were Destroyed in the Covid Response

By Clayton J. Baker, MD Much like a Bill of Rights, a principal function of any Code of Ethics is to set limits, to check the inevitable lust for power, the libido dominandi, that human beings tend to demonstrate when they obtain authority and status over others, regardless of the context. Though it may be difficult […]

WATCH: FBI Shows Up at Childhood Home of Pro-Life Activist

By Mary Margaret Olohan Two agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation visited the childhood home of a pro-life activist and told the woman’s mother that they wanted to speak with her, according to footage obtained by The Daily Signal. Elise Ketch is a member of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, a group of mostly left-leaning […]

Over 100 Behavioral Treatment Centers, Sober Living Homes Accused of Medicaid Fraud

By Cole Lauterbach Arizona State officials say dozens of behavioral health and sober living homes have perpetrated a years-long Medicaid fraud scheme. Gov. Katie Hobbs, Attorney General Kris Mayes, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System Director Carmen Heredia, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community President Martin Harvier, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy Stone announced the findings […]

Trans Inc.

By Kali Fontanilla I was recently on a Vice debate panel about education. If you aren’t familiar with Vice debates, it’s a series of discussions between conservatives and liberals debating hot topics in a controlled environment. The series has gone viral, receiving millions of views. I was chosen for this panel because I am a […]

Children’s Hospital Trained Schools to Help Young Kids Be Transgender

By Catherine Salgado The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) apparently wants to CHOP off more kids’ body parts. The Daily Caller did an exclusive report on how CHOP was training teachers to help elementary school kids and even kindergartners “transition” to the opposite sex. CHOP was previously caught referring “kids as young as 14 years […]

Here’s How You Can Fight Biden’s Crusade to Put ‘Transgender’ Males in Women’s Sports, From the Comfort of Your Own Home

By Tyler O’Neil Your teenage daughter is training seven days a week, going for that college scholarship. She’s worked her whole life to excel, only to come up short thanks to a biological male who claims to identify as a girl. This nightmare could be yours, courtesy of President Joe Biden. Every day, it seems […]

‘Why Doesn’t Anybody Talk About That?’: Bill Maher Says Most Shootings Are ‘Young Black Men’ Killing Each Other

By James Lynch Comedian and HBO Host Bill Maher discussed the perpetrators and victims of inner city crime and potential solutions during a panel on his late night show Friday. Maher talked about crime with Brown University economist Glenn Loury and international relations scholar Daniel Bessner in the context of Chicago electing a soft-on-crime mayor […]

Activists’ Harassment And Threats Force Venue To Cancel Austin, Texas “Identity Crisis” Film Screening About The Harrowing Stories Of Detransitioners

By Press Team Independent Women’s Forum AUSTIN, TX — An upcoming “Identity Crisis” film screening and panel discussion event faces a targeted harassment campaign being conducted by radical transgender activists. Identity Crisis documentary films, produced by Independent Women’s Forum, tell the stories of individuals who’ve experienced the harms of the gender ideology movement firsthand. Activists […]

Kansas Legislature Overrides Democrat Governor’s Veto of Bill Defining a Woman as ‘a Human Female’

By Debra Heine Kansas on Thursday became the first state to pass a bill defining a woman as “a human female,” preventing courts and government officials from redefining the word to include biological men who identify as women. The measure, which is being called “the most sweeping transgender bathroom law in the U.S.,” defines a […]

Maybelline Gets Burned by the Latest Round of Dylan Mulvaney Boycotts

By Suzanne Bowdey While Anheuser-Busch reels from the backlash over its partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, another brand is jumping feet-first into the fire. Over the weekend, media personality Oli London retweeted a post of Mulvaney “getting glam” with Maybelline, which has apparently joined the ranks of companies like Nike who think the best way to […]

Four Underused Tools to Stop School Shootings

By James D. Agresti In the aftermath of school shootings, media outlets often amplify calls for gun control while ignoring or spurning evidence-based ways to protect students. Here are four life-saving tools they are missing or dismissing. Shatter-Resistant Entryways As documented in the academic journal Victims & Offenders, an “immediate and economical” way to protect […]