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Carbon Tracking Credit Cards

The ability to constantly digitally track and record what we do exposes us to the potential for monstrous abuse. Witness the use of “social credit” scores by the Chinese Communist Party to intimidate and control. Now they’re rolling out new CO2 tracking credit cards.  What could go wrong? Marc Morano posted to Climate Depot that: The new […]

Watch Morano Out-Debate Climate Guy on Bongino on Fox

Marc Morano took on Democrat political consultant Kevin Walling on Fox’s Unfiltered with Dan Bongino and knocked him out. Watch now at CFACT’s Climate Depot. Team Climate hates to debate in a fair forum.  The reason?  Experts like Marc Morano confront them with the hard data that serves as anti–venom to their propaganda. Here’s a […]

Biden Wrong On Fires and Ida

Hurricane Ida brought powerful wind and rain to Louisiana and drenched the Northeast. Devastating fires have consumed California forests and burned people out of their homes. Politicians and pressure groups, from President Biden on down, rushed to capitalize on people’s heart-rending losses, and exploit them to push the global warming narrative. President Biden said, “The […]

Afghanistan Climate Nonsense

Leave it to Team Climate to exploit the crisis in Afghanistan and get everything wrong. Marc Morano featured on Climate Depot a bizarre headline from Newsweek which implied that the Taliban might not be so bad after all.  This is because, apparently, the Taliban wants to curry good will with the world community by fighting climate change!  Pay […]

Biden Climate Change Policy a ‘House of Cards’

“It’s getting late early,” said that great 20th century philosopher, Yogi Berra. For President Joseph Biden, this nugget from the New York Yankees Hall of Fame catcher sticks like butterscotch as his policy blunders pile up and Americans increasingly feel their baleful effects. They include the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan, menacing inflation, the human tidal […]

Biden Clueless On Much More Than Afghanistan

The horrible tragedy in Afghanistan revealed a Biden Administration divorced from reality. President Biden and his people not only failed to validly assess the ramifications of their actions, they froze like deer in headlights and proved unable to adapt and respond as new information became available. Afghanistan turned the Biden team into a bunch of […]

CFACT Exposes Climate Quislings at Freedom Fest

 The gloves were off at Freedom Fest in Rapid City, SD last week when CFACT and the Heartland Institute squared off against representatives of the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) and the C3 Solutions organization in a climate change debate. At issue was how libertarians and conservatives should approach the climate change issue. CFACT and […]

Biden’s 30×30 Land Grab

A little-noticed provision buried deep in President Biden’s January 27 executive order (EO), “Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad, Create Jobs, and Restore Scientific Integrity Across the Federal Government,” has emerged as one of the gravest threats facing ordinary Americans, at a time when such threats are legion. The EO’s Sec. 219 sets […]

Calling Europe’s Floods ‘Climate’ is Unscientific Propaganda

“When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”  To the warming-Left, every natural weather event looks like “climate.” Europe has been hit by devastating floods with the death toll reaching 188 and rising.  Of course the usual suspects are exploiting this genuine, heart-rending tragedy to advance their climate agenda. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that […]

Cuba’s Freedom Protesters Face a Dreadful Police State Apparatus

  “We are no longer afraid!” In #Cuba, thousands took to the streets to protest against the govt, chanting "Down with the dictatorship" and "We are not afraid". Long food lines and critical medicine shortages have fueled anger. Another failure of Communism to deliver.pic.twitter.com/Y21fhX1cK7 — Steve Hanke (@steve_hanke) July 11, 2021 Thousands of Cubans took […]

Activists Panicked CFACT Will Correct Them On Climate

If there’s anything climate computer modelers and warming activists fear, it’s real-world hard data that corrects their exaggerations. CFACT’s Marc Morano is expert on just that.  Climate Depot puts climate claims in perspective through reliance on actual measured temperature and historical weather data.  All that objective reporting gives the Left the willies. Here’s a perfect example.  The […]

PODCAST: Secretary Pompeo Sounds Off On Climate Alarmists

“Former Secretary Kerry is driving the central thesis of this administration’s foreign policy. Ours was America First, we were unambiguous. When I met with my counterparts around the world, it was pretty clear Mike Pompeo showed up to make sure Americans were more prosperous and more secure and safer. When when this administration has these […]

Greens Invade Exxon Mobile: Foment Shareholder Fiasco

ExxonMobil took it on the chin as it suffered stinging defeats at the hands of radical climate activists during its annual shareholders meeting yesterday. Efforts by the green hedge fund “Engine No. 1” to infiltrate Exxon’s Board of Directors succeeded when two of the outfit’s activist candidates, Gregory Goff and Kaisa Hietala, defeated standing Exxon […]

Waking Up ‘Woke’ Corporations — CFACT launches counter punch to Big Business’ leftward lurch

For decades, big corporations were the liberals’ favorite boogeymen. They were vilified in the media, by Hollywood, and liberal politicians. How the times have changed! Nowadays, corporate America can’t seem to run toward leftist policies fast enough. If you turn on the television or watch any YouTube video, chances are you’ll run into some corporate […]

Biden Raves Over Expensive Inefficient, Electric Ford F-150 Truck

If inefficiency were a virtue, President Biden is its champion. Yesterday, President Biden test drove the new electric Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck which Ford will formally unveil at midnight tonight. The F-150 is the best selling vehicle in America, but is the American Everyman prepared to shell out $70,000 for an electric base model and […]

CFACT IN ACTION: Land Grabs, Solar Deserts, Turbines Cluttering the Coast

We have unfortunately entered a period of destructive public policy. Joe Biden may have campaigned as a moderate, but the people around him did not get the message.  Dangerously counter-productive left-wing ideology are the order of the day. CFACT spoke out on three looming Biden disasters last week. CFACT’s Bonner Cohen testified before the Commissioners […]

VIDEO: Grilling Down on the Left’s “Beef” with Cattle Ranchers

 America’s farmers and ranchers are under attack. While they tirelessly work to provide food for millions, the Green Left has demonized them as so-called “Destroyers of the Earth.” The EPA, DOI, and UN repeatedly identify meat producers as devourers of wildlife habitat in an attempt to punish them through regulation. And Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez […]